One-Year Amazon Prime Membership $73 For New Members (Reg. $99) – This Weekend Only

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If you’ve been waiting for a deal on an Amazon Prime membership, I have great news! Starting tomorrow January 15th at 9PM PT through Sunday at 11:59PM local time, Amazon will be offering new members a one year Amazon Prime Membership for ONLY $73 in honor of the 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards – regularly $99! Everyone will also be able to get free Mozart in the Jungle streaming this weekend only.


Benefits of Amazon Prime include…

1. Unlimited FREE two-day shipping (no minimum order size) – my favorite benefit! 😀 And if you are not in a rush for your item(s), you can opt for no-rush shipping and score a free $1 credit to use for eBooks, digital music, or videos.

2. Amazon Family – If you’re a Prime member with young children, sign up for Amazon Family (previously Amazon Mom) to snag special offers including 20% off diapers subscriptions and freebies like free Gerber formula.

3. Unlimited instant streaming of over 40,000 movies and TV shows AND unlimited, ad-free streaming of over a million songs

4. Access to exclusive savings

5. Unlimited Photo Storage w/ Amazon Cloud Drive

6. 30-minute early access to select Amazon Lightning Deals

7. Free Kindle Book every month (see this month’s choices here)

Not ready to commit to an annual membership yet? Sign up HERE for a FREE 30-day Amazon Prime membership. Looking for a gift idea for the person who has everything? Give the gift of an Amazon Prime membership. Are you a college student? Sign up NOW to get a FREE 6-Month Amazon Prime membership!

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  1. Lauren

    Mine is due for renewal on the 24th, anyone know if the gift it to yourself trick will work?

    • jennifer

      I am wondering the same thing. My renewal date is in March.

      • Julie

        Couldn’t you just use a different email like your husbands?

        • Pon

          Try using diff credit card.

      • Hart

        I highly doubt it… They seemed to have caught onto that trick and fixed it over the last offering

    • Amy

      I’m wondering the same thing.

    • Jen

      We purchased a similar deal (discounted price for new members only) last year. We were sent a link to “activate” the Amazon subscription. We waited until our current account had expired (11 months after we had purchased the discounted subscription) and were able to use the link to sign up again. We did not have to switch accounts or email addresses (our kindles are tied to that account), but did have to wait for our prime subscription to expire. We’re planning to purchase this weekend when the sale is offered and will activate in December. There is some risk, but it has worked in the past. We won’t know until this weekend if they have changed the process to prevent this type of application. We were willing to set up an entirely new account if needed. We followed the guidance on to confirm the offer would work. Hope this helps!

    • Lisha

      I have had prime for years. Picked up this deal last year and let it sit until our prime expired 12/31/15. On 1/1/16 I used the deal. Still have all my photos in its cloud drive.👍🏻

    • Maggie

      Try sending an email to ask if they’d offer you that price. It worked for me a couple months ago when they offered a lower price when we were set to renew in a couple weeks.

  2. Mindy

    I’m having a baby in May and am considering doing this. Is it more cost effective to get diapers from here than at the store? I hear Pampers are great and plan to use that brand.

    • Katrina

      I don’t think you pay shipping if you sign up for a subscription to have them mailed on a regular basis even without Prime.

    • Angela

      It’s great just to have them come to your door and not have to run out and buy them! And with subscribe and save you never run out 😀

      I have 3 kids and after the swaddlers stage I switched to target brand diapers and they held more in 😉

    • Natasha

      I have 2 little ones myself and Amazon Prime’s 2 day shipping saved me before the kids were potty trained. When you realize that your running low on diapers, wipes, food etc., and you know it’s going to be hard to make a trip to the store 2 day delivery is a life saver. Especially when the baby is a newborn and goes through a million diapers a day and keeps you up all night, the last thing you want to do is schlep you and the baby up to Target. Plus, once Christmas time comes it pays for itself with one day deliveries for your last minute gifts.

    • Lindsey

      Having Prime is worth it’s weight in gold.

    • Vivian

      Personally I get the best deal on pampers from Target when I combine registry completion discount, free gift card with purchase of the big boxes, target coupon for free gift card when you spend $200 on baby items, and manufacturer coupons. When I price it out, it ends up being much cheaper per diaper. Amazon seems to have more deals for Huggies, which I don’t like.

    • Queenmum

      I love having it!!! It’s great if you have sick little ones and can’t drag everyone out to a store. My husband works out of town sometimes so I don’t always have someone to send to the store. You won’t regret it I promise!!

    • Stacy

      I liked Amazon for the warehouse deals on diapers. Got some great deals on damaged boxes. They don’t have them all the time but I would check my 2 favorite brands regularly and bought diapers when I saw them at discount.

    • MRB

      I found that having Amazon Prime with a new baby meant that I spent too much money. That was before Facebook Baby/Kids Buy & Sell Groups were popular. Now I buy and sell many items for my kids through FB. Target tends to have the best deals on diapers and if you have their RedCard, free shipping. But Cartwheel+Coupons+Giftcard back deals at Target are the best. Since getting the H2S app, I’ve noticed a lot more deals on Amazon and feel that it might benefit us again to have Prime. Unfortunately I received 50% of my items well past two days. So don’t count on that. I’ll use it for deal hunting and getting items that I just can’t find in my local brick&mortars. Congrats! Best Wishes!

    • Judy

      You can find much better diaper prices combing coupons / discounts in stores, the question is: are you really going to want to do that? If you’re already a big couponer and like doing the deals in store then you won’t be that impressed by the diaper deals on Amazon, if not, you’ll FREAKING LOVE the deals on Amazon

  3. Aileen

    Is it $73 every year or just the first year?

    • jennifer

      Just the first year. Then you have to renew at the $99 rate.

  4. Katrina

    Awesome. I wonder if you can use your account credit towards this?

  5. VickiL

    If you do the 30 day free trial, then do you have the option to purchase at this special reduced rate at the end of 30 days?

    • Chelsey

      No you don’t.

      • VickiL

        Do you think if I sign up for the trial today then purchase the deal for
        $73 tomorrow, that it would extend the membership? Or is this deal basically like buying 12 months and getting 1 month free from a 30 day trial that could be purchased at any time throughout the year. $73 for 12 months versus $99 for 13 months.

  6. Stephanie

    It says it is for new members.

  7. Pon

    I had a trial before but then didn’t continue. Am I a new member if I join now?

    • Ashley

      I was able to get a new member price the last time they offered it even though I had done a free trial about 10 months before that.

      • Amy

        Same for me. They actually had allowed me twice over a few years to do the trial. When they ran the promo price in September for new members I was able to do it. Have absolutely loved having it and will renew 🙂

    • Pon

      Thanks and glad to know this!!

  8. Heather

    Mine expires today and I didn’t renew. Maybe I can get this in my husbands name!

  9. shey

    My year was up this month and they let me try again for a month for free,guess they think I will get hooked lol

  10. shey

    I meant to say I only tried it for a month for free a year ago,I have never signed up for it.

  11. Kalissa

    Do you think this will work if you had prime before but let it lapse and now you are coming back?

  12. Oshea

    Signed up for the student account. Will renew for $49 after the 6mo. trial. Really awesome deal. Thx for posting.

  13. Diane

    This is timely! I recently asked here if there were any promotions! I sent Amazon an email, but I figured it would not hurt to ask here. I am currently on my cousin’s Prime membership. I get the Prime shipping benefit, but none of the other benefits, like videos or books. I wonder if I would be considered a new member and will be eligible since I currently use Prime. My cousin is cancelling his Prime membership next month, so I am interested!

  14. Jennifer

    I just signed up on Tuesday for the $99. Oh well, I was able to do a household account that allows my husband and I to both have access to the 2 day shipping, and video streaming. I cant share the music streaming with the other account but I have been able to get the coupon deals using both emails. I picked up 2 packages of the huggies wipes sent to the house just by logging into each account and I only paid for one subscription! Love AMAZON deals!! Thanks Hip2Save for putting the deals together!

    • Jen

      Send a chat or email to Amazon. They will likely credit you the difference. They’ve done it for me before 🙂 Good luck!

    • Pam

      Can you explain how you set up the household account? And do you know how many ppl can be on one household account? I’d like to add my husband & my brother (who loves with us) to my account. Thanks for any info!

    • Janice

      My husband’s free trial was up 4 days ago and he was charged for $99, I sent them a chat message if they could adjust the price since it’s too close to when we signed up. They are going to refund us $26! Woohooo

  15. Tracy


  16. SDshopper

    You forgot to mention what I think is the biggest benefit, Amazon Prime Now! The app gives prime members FREE 2 hour delivery on groceries (from Sprouts, Whole Foods, and other local stores), and other essentials (diapers, cleaning products, even toys)! I think it may be available only is select markets. I live in San Diego. Highly recommended!!! Spread the word!

    • Stefanie

      Where can I find out more about 2 hour groceries? Is it only select areas?

      • Stefanie

        Never mind I found it…only certain cities

        • S

          Except San Diego isn’t one of those cities! Did you say you’re using it there? It doesn’t look like it’s an offered city. Also, it can only be used in an android device?! That’s just crazy.

          • SDshopper

            I live in the city of San Diego and use it. I also have the app on my iPhone. Maybe you are looking at the wrong app? It’s called Prime Now.

  17. lindsey

    I don’t know if referral codes work for this deal, but if you want to try, here is my code for $5 off: LINDS7203N
    Download the app and enter this referral code for $5 off an Amazon purchase of $10 or more. I just got it today from someone else who posted on H2S. Thanks!

  18. Heather C.

    GAH! Just subscribed about a week and a half ago for full price. Wonder if they’ll refund the difference??

  19. Lee

    Can you use Amazon gift cards to pay for this?

    • lindsey

      Yes, I used an amazon gift card last time I renewed.

      • Amy

        Really? That’s nice! I wonder why that didn’t work for me in September. Maybe it’s only when you renew?

        • lindsey

          I have no idea? I had gift card balances on my account and it accepted them fine. Truthfully I wasn’t expecting it to work either, but it did!

    • Amy

      I don’t think so. You cant buy a prime membership with gift cards for yourself, but I had seen on a blog or something awhile back that you could gift one paying with gift cards and then just use the gift yourself. But I wasn’t able to get it to work when I tried it. Unless things have changed since I tried back in Sept. I had a huge gift card balance from doing this product trial and panel so i wanted to use that. I just ended up using my debit card

      • Pam

        I’d love to hear more about the product trial opportunity that you had! I’ve been looking in to things like that but I want to make certain I find one that is legit. Thanks!

      • jacqui0802

        My mother added a $100 Amazon Gift Card to my Amazon account to pay to renew my membership in December, and they told me to forget it that you can’t use Gift Cards to pay for memberships. It was a disaster, I was upset because they wouldn’t even refund her so it could be purchased with a credit card. In the end I renewed on my credit card and spent the gift card balance.

  20. Ashley C

    This may be a silly question. But, I’ve been a member since 2009 but have never had prime. Would I be considered a new member since I’ve never purchased prime?

    • Irina

      I’m wondering the same thing here. Would love to know since this sounds like a great deal!

  21. Sarah

    Prime is amazing for moms of little kids!!!! I don’t have to leave the house with two toddlers our use gasoline when stuff ships for free with my membership! One of the greatest inventions since sliced bread, lol.

  22. Amy

    Does anyone know if the Amazon Prime membership is per household, or per person? I have a current membership, but my husband has not signed up. Can I have him sign up if my membership is still active? My Prime membership expires on the 24th.

    • Mel

      You can add him to your account. I have one and have added 4 family members. Google Amazon Household.

  23. Anna

    Also, if you have an active student email (college) you get a free 6 month trial. Right when I signed up for that I was offered the option of upgrading to prime right away for $49 (half off !)

    • Bethany

      After 6 months it automatically switches to the $49 rate… least it used to. I locked in my student rate a few years ago and I have another year and a half to go before it ends…. (By then I should have a new .edu address so I hope the program doesn’t change! Lol)

      • J

        They require proof of enrollment in school now when it comes time to renew (beyond just a .edu address) and I think it’s a max of 4 years. Still a good deal though!

        • Jennifer

          I verified my .edu email in September and that was it. We’ve been on student prime for 6-7 years now. I was in school, then husband and now I’m back. We’ve had no issues.

  24. T

    I signed up for prime as a new member on Christmas Eve and currently in my one month free before I have to pay on January 24. Will they give me this price or would I have to pay the 99? Is there anything I can do to get the lower price since technically I haven’t paid them yet?

  25. Mindy

    Thank you!!! I was planning on signing up for Prime this weekend anyway! I’m so excited that this deal is available!

  26. Jenn

    I just renewed on January 2 and I did a chat session and they credited me the difference 🙂 Amazon has the best customer service. They ran this promo last year too so next year I won’t renew and just wait for the promo.

    • Maria

      I just renewed on 1/8. I will try chat .. can’t hurt.

  27. Ashley H

    What is the link to chat. I can never find it on my phone.

  28. Sadie

    Not sure if anyone asked this but are they still offering money back guarantee, as long as you don’t use it? I know in the past my account auto-renewed and I cancelled it after having it for a few months but not using it. Thanks!

  29. sexymeg

    Other than the shipping. Is there a benefit of prime. I don’t need amazing video as I use Kodi

  30. Chris

    They will refund the money with no hassle. The offer is only good for one year. I am happy

  31. Sanja

    It doesn’t let me select “gift” option.
    I’ve purposely created a new account just to try purchase it as a gift and give it to myself in October when my current expires. Help please 🙂

    • Pattil24

      It says on their website that the promotion does not apply to the gift of Prime. 🙁 I was going to do the same thing!

  32. Ros

    I signed up for prime this week and I had it in the past.
    I emailed them today and told them that I would’ve waited had I known it would be cheaper this weekend and they are crediting my account $26 !

  33. Shelley J

    Worked 👍, thanks Colin!!

  34. Alyssa

    If you buy this using a different email address does it activate immediately or can I wait till my current subscription expires? I wish they had a deal for loyal Amazon prime members.

  35. Susan

    I signed up for the 30 day free trial in December and when I go to purchase at the discount price it tells me I already have this in my cart but it’s coming up at the regular price of $99. Do I not qualify, I’ve never purchased prime before.

  36. Laura

    I don’t understand either. I am trying to buy but its charging $99.00 in the cart. Is there a promo code or something.

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