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How Do YOU Save on Cable TV?!

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Cable TV

Are you looking for a Cable TV alternative that is cheap or better yet, free? Or are you tired of paying an expensive cable bill just so you can watch one or two of your favorite shows or sports channels? If so, you likely relate to Hip2Save readerΒ Katiria who recently sent me the following email…

I am looking to cut my cable and I have been going crazy with all the options. I see Netflix, Roku, Apple TV, Sling, Hulu, Amazon Prime or Fire stick…I am lost. Most of these need internet, so how can I watch it on my TV? We only have 1 laptop. Will it increase my internet charges if I suddenly have all this activity streaming on my laptop? I was wondering if you had any recommendations or a website that I could check out that would explain the benefits/setbacks to each or the differences.

With that being said, how do YOU watch movies or your favorite TV show without breaking the bank? And, if you don’t pay a monthly Cable TV bill, what option do you use? Please share!

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  1. Kristin

    I work for a cable company so I am able to give deals on tv & internet. If you’re in San Diego area let me know I can hook you up πŸ™‚
    For those who want to lower their bill- call your provider’s customer service line & ask for a promotion! Tell them you’re planning to switch companies to give them that extra push to lower your bill.

    • Wendy

      Hi Kristin! I’m in San Diego too and would love to hear about any deals!! My email is….thanks!

    • Louise Steward

      Hi Kristin,
      I live in the San Diego area and would love the hookup as well. My e-mail is
      Thank you so much.

    • Ellen

      I wish you were in NY. I have called my cable company after my year of $99 a month promo ended. It included cable, internet and landline. Now they want over $200 a month. I asked if there any promotions avail, they said no and transferred me to their disconnect dept.

      • Chrissy

        You must have Time Warner – exactly what they told me

    • Kristin

      I have emailed those who commented. For anyone else my email is πŸ™‚
      @Ellen wow thats crazy they wouldnt try to keep you as a customer! Maybe disconnect and re connect so you qualify for the “new customer promotions” just a thought!

  2. Mrs. Waller

    We use an HD antenna, which allows us to watch ABC, CW 21, NBC, CBS, FOX, and other random local channels. We also have Netflix, Amazon, and use Redbox often. We got rid of cable about 3 years ago. Wish we’d done it sooner!

    • justme

      I 2nd that ! We got rid of cable and have an antenna taped to our wall. I have Hulu and we get Redbox whenever we get codes. It’s actually made us spend more time together and I don’t miss all the time watching the shows we used to watch. I have to laugh because that commercial with the pioneer people where they are trying to get them to switch from their cable makes me laugh so much! I just love his voice! I joke with my husband that it’s us!

    • me

      What kind? Idk what to buy.

  3. Suzanne H

    We quit cable almost 3 years ago. I wish we had done it earlier! We did buy Roku boxes b/c the remotes and set up are so user friendly. We used a gift card a family member gave us to Best Buy for our 1st Roku. Loved it so much, we bought 2 more (one for teen son for Xmas and 1 for our bedroom). Husband found a great deal on used ones on Amazon. Their interface allows you to group together your services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc. We actually canceled Hulu as we found we weren’t using it a lot even though it has the more recent shows. We like shows that have run fully. No problem with cable although you can sometimes tell when everyone is on Netflix – it will sometimes take a while to load.

  4. Janette

    We haven’t had cable tv in almost 3 years, we have Netflix and Hulu plus and it is so much cheaper then cable ever was.

  5. ercin13

    We cut cable years ago. We use a Winegard outdoor hd digital antenna for about 40 local channels, cost about $150. Free Netflix codes. Free amazon movies and shows with amazon prime account. .Stream movies and shows from laptop to TV through Chromecast.. Used to pay for Netflix and Hulu but we cancelled that when we bought an unlocked Firestick which has about every movie and tv show ever made in it’s data, plus many live channels and sports, paid about $75 for it. So I paid about $250 for up front costs on antenna, chromecast and firestick. Internet ($50) is the only fee I pay to watch TV I want but I would have internet regardless so my monthly cost for cable $0……

    • Simpleton

      Where did you get your unlocked firestick? I noticed their are a few different kinds, which one do you have?
      please email me at

      • ercin13

        Ebay is the only place I have found them

    • Kabree

      Hey Ercin13, I have had a few people tell me I should look into a unlocked firestick. What do you get with it? Do you get any local channels? I tried to look into it online but could only find ads from people selling them. No independent reviews or info. Thanks!

      • ercin13

        Just about every movie ever made, full episodes and seasons from tv shows from past to present. Live sports, music and concerts, live channels, there isn’t local channels though.

      • Ebro

        Firesticks that are hacked eventually become paper weights. They are very difficult to update so unless you know what your doing stay away or flush your money down the toilet.

  6. Alycia

    We have roku on our smart tv and steam through the Playstation 3 on the other tv. We pay for Netflix(everyday shows) , hulu (recent episodes) ,prime(movies) , and Internet. It’s about 55 a month. But we can watch what we want with no commercials and no contract.

  7. Crystal

    We only have the antenna here, but are looking into getting internet. Does anyone recommend a good, affordable Internet?

    • jim

      Go to and see what is available in your area. Its not 100% accurate but a good start. For instance where i live it leaves off Earthlink which i know is available.

  8. Gail

    I have dish network and have been a customer since 2007. I threaten to cancel every 6 months and only pay $29 +tax a month and we have the sports package and the kids get to watch Nickelodeon and many other shows. We live in the country and don’t have Internet other then our cell phone for tethering.

  9. Jaime

    No cable here! We cut cable about 7 months ago and wish we would have done it way sooner!! We have a smart tv and use Hulu and Netflix .. We get local channels. Don’t miss cable one bit or the $100+ bill every month!!

  10. Susan Crawford

    I have a regular antenna for the over the air channels and I purchased Amazon fire tv stick. I already have prime and the fire tv stick gives me a lot of options. They have an app for HBO Go and other apps, if I want to pay for them. I do not need cable at all.

  11. Kati

    We love sling! $20/month no contract and a good selection of cable channels including Disney channel for our toddler. We love that we can restart programs that have already started. If you prepay 3 months you can get a free roku stick.

    • Jacqueline G

      Is cabled needed for the the sling box? I want to cancel my cable but concerned about local channels and bravo.
      First time I have heard about slingbox/

      • jim

        Need highspeed internet.

  12. Shirley

    We have not had cable since 2004. Now we found Sling TV. There is no obligation to subscribe every month ($19.99). We only watch Sling TV when there are games that we want to watch.

  13. Renee

    Like many other hipster, we use a digital antenna to get the local broadcast channels free! We get ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and FOX, plus or local affiliates have some bonus channels with syndicated re-runs, old movies and such. We will occasional rent movies from Redbox, but we generally check out movies and DVD box sets with complete seasons of our favorites show for free from the local library!

  14. Angie

    We have been cable free for about 6 months. We have a Chromecast in the bedroom, Roku in the living room and an Xbox downstairs. We have an antenna for the local channels and subscribe to Hulu, Netflix, CBS All Access and Sling TV. When we subscribed to Sling, they had either a free Roku stick or 50% off of a Roku 3, so we saved money there. We pay $50 a month for internet, $20 for Sling, $6 for CBS and use my mom’s Hulu and Netflix πŸ™‚

  15. Amy

    This is easy to do unless you’re a sports fan, which we both are. We tried sling tv and it wasn’t bad, but had some issues with trying to watch certain popular shows like The Walking Dead. Im guessing it was overloaded. We ended up canceling it after 2 months.

    • Amy

      We ended up back with cable just due to sports, but while we were trying to be without it we didn’t want to miss The Walking Dead and purchased the episodes on Amazon.

  16. Jessica Y.

    Right now we have Directv but I looked at my bill a few days ago and realized that I pay $69.40 per month and $38.00 of that is for equipment. Which I think is crazy I pay more for the box than I do for the actual service. We also have Netflix and Amazon Prime so this is the direct we will be going when my contract with them is up. With everything out there now cable is just not worth is anymore.

  17. Laurie

    I pay basic cable $49 month. Then I automatically get Amazon because I have prime. I’m paying for prime so my sons each pay for a service then allow use access(Netflix’s & Hulu). You can use on up to three devices. Therefore it only cost us each one option.

  18. Des

    I have an Apple TV and Netflix, I also take out movies and shows from my library. My mother has cable so I use her login to watch abc, fx, fox, and other channels on my Apple TV.

  19. Tracey

    If you have a smart tv you can watch Netflix from that. I watch my Netflix from my wii too and it’s great!! But being a prime member, you also have prime movies and that is free as well.

  20. Michelle

    We haven’t had cable or satellite for many years!! We bought an antenna to get our local channels (about 30 channels with more being added all of the time) and we have Roku’s that run on our WiFi. The Roku’s are great because there are tons of free channels that you can add through their website to watch movies or TV, most show some commercials but not a big deal when you don’t have to pay for a subscription. you also have the option to stream the subscription channels (eg: Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc) through the Roku. I have Amazon prime right now also but I’m really disappointed in the streaming choices – they still charge you rental fee’s to watch a lot of the movies, and not just new releases, some are 20-30 year old movies that they still charge to watch even with the membership! Roku is definitely the way to go! πŸ™‚

  21. Whitney

    Cable and Internet prices are always set to go up ever six months or a year. We call the month before it’s going to go up and talk to retention services to continue getting the same great deals.

    • Ellen

      I tried after my promotion ended, they wouldn’t do anything. Went from $99 to $205. I think I need to cancel. Any advice is appreciated! TIA!

      • jim

        Call to cancel but be prepared to follow through. If you have internet through the cable company but can get it elsewhere tell them you are switching that too. See if they will play ball then

  22. Diana

    Does anyone have experience with Feeln (Hallmark) or Pure Flix?

    • Holly Lynn

      I have used Pure Flix and I am not a fan. It is not worth it to us!

      • Diana

        Thank you, Holly! I was curious. We just do Netflix and Amazon, but it’s always nice to have some more family friendly options.

    • jim

      Looked into feeln, price seemed high though, might add it arroind the holidays

    • Heidi

      Hi Diana, We use Netflix and Amazan & have just started using Feeln the last couple months. I personally love it. I love all the choices including the Hallmark Hall of Fame Movies, Family movies, and all of the Holiday movies have been especially great!

  23. Sandra

    We have the antenna and pay $8 a month for Netflix streaming

  24. Kristy

    We’ve been cable free for a year now and I love it! We use Apple TV we watch mostly Hulu+ and I pay for the CBS All Access to watch my primary favorite shows.

  25. Deanna

    T. V. Free!!!! And have been for years. We occasionally rent movies but that maybe runs like 40-50 bucks a whole year.

  26. sowj

    I use kodi and this takes care of many of my entertainment channels at no cost. This is not an easy setup like roku or apple tv and rather its not impossible either. Needs little bit of work and time. email me at and can provide whatever help I can with instructions. I don’t want to share all details here.

    • Jamie

      We use Kodi too but my son’s like watching hockey. We just got cable back for the season for the first time in 3 years but I’m thinking of cancelling it early because since we are used to not having it, no one watches it!

  27. Carolina

    I hate My self , I Pay 145 per month

  28. Melissa

    We have two tvs – both connected to Apple TVs so that we can stream Netflix. We also have an antenna that was $99 out of pocket so that we get all local channels (abc, nbc, pbs, etc) total monthly cost is $8 for Netflix and we do not miss cable AT ALL πŸ™‚

  29. Anna

    I have Internet and cable is only about $10 per month for basic. So I keep it just for news and food network. The question from me is how do you save on Internet??!

  30. RayAnne

    I haven’t had cable in over 7 years. Netflix, Hulu, & Antenna for regular channels. I don’t think I will ever pay for cable/satellite again!

  31. Val

    We use an antenna attached to our roof to pick up local stations and it works great! The picture is awesome and it’s free every month. For movies and other TV entertainment, we have Netflix and Sling. The Netflix is $7.99 a month and Sling is $20 a month. It can be more if you elect to have additional channels. We currently pay an additional $5 to get all the sports channels. At the end of football season, we will cancel those channels and be back to $20 a month. The great thing about Sling is that there is no contract, no tax and you can cancel it at any time. I love that we can watch History Channel and HGTV among a few others. It streams from our roku player. The only downside is that we can only watch it on one tv at a time unlike Netflix which gives us two users per account. We highly recommend Sling.

  32. marie00615

    -I pay for Netflix and share the login with my friend.
    -My friend pays for Hulu Plus and shares the login with me.
    Apple TV streams them all in my bedroom and roku stick streams in living room.

    -To watch shows on roku or Apple TV that require a cable login, I just borrow a family friends login. It doesn’t matter whose login you use. They just want a paying cable customer login. With this I get access to every cable network. Haven’t had cable in almost 5 years.

    -I also use Sling Box which I love.

  33. Michelle

    I want to drop my cable (direct tv) sooo bad!!! But I cannot find a good sports options. My husband loves football and we only keep direct because of the NFL ticket! any suggestions???

    • Val

      Look into Sling TV. It’s $20 a month, but the sports package is an extra $5. At the end of football season, we drop the sports package and just pay $20. It streams over your Wi-Fi. No contracts so you can cancel it whenever you want. I recommend making sure your Wifi router is in close proximity to your streaming device to help with signal (same room, not opposite ends of the house).

    • Stephanie

      The sports was what was holding us back. If you know of someone who has the Sunday ticket, you can split the Sunday ticket with them if they only use the direct tv box to watch the Sunday ticket. The ticket also comes with free streaming on a phone or streaming device. So one person can use the directtv device and another person use the app which can be installed on roku etc hope that helps!

  34. denise

    I want to get rid of cable and have been bugging husband about it. but he doesn’t want to in fear of missing his basketball games and other sports channels

  35. Mar

    Chromecast and Netflix. Chromecast is a streaming device that costs between $25-$35 that you plug into the back of your tv. It lets you stream from your phone, laptop, tablet, etc. You can stream Netflix, YouTube, even, Pandora. You can stream a TV show in the background onto the TV while using your laptop to do other things like search the web.

    Netflix let’s you watch a variety of things including movies and top rated shows for $9 a month and can have multiple users on one account. I have my account and my man has his but we share the same subscription.

    Whats great about Chromecast is it allows you to watch multiple shows. My man and I have different tastes. While he’s in the bedroom watching his Netflix show on his laptop, I’m in the living room streaming my Netflix show from my phone and neither of our shows get interrupted. So no butting heads over who gets to watch what :). For $9 a month you sure can’t beat that!

  36. L.

    I bought a Roku from Big Lots before Christmas at a big discount. I get Netflix for $7.99 a month Hulu for $7.99 a month and I have Amazon Prime. I also use Vudu for hard to find shows (Bravo and E! Shows). I was paying $89/month for cable with Comcast. Now I pay a fraction of that. I only wish we had cut the cord sooner. I also get to avoid all of the annoying political commercials this election year. Bonus!

  37. Cookie

    Cut the cable for almost a year now, after the promotion ended. Hooked up a $25 flat antenna from Best Buy to get local channels (just for news & weather). Subscribed to Netflix and pay monthly using a credit card from Bank of America that gives $30 the month after the quarter ends for paying bills on time and full. Just like getting Netflix free! Got Amazon prime movies through Amazon prime membership. If we miss shows we want to watch, we just make sure to watch it on Hulu while its available.

  38. Anna

    What a GREAT posting, lots of terrific ideas to save us money!!! Thanks everyone.

  39. Shannon

    Apple TV, Hulu, Netflix and an antenna. Cut my cable a few years ago and couldn’t be happier.

  40. Brian

    I purchase a google nexus player for around 50 dollar, then install kodi then from there install genesis. From there you can watch any movies and TV show.

  41. Stacykay

    We live out in the county and have limited internet. So we just use antenna on top of our house. We get all the local network channels. Other than that just watch old cheap movies. You can get VHS movies for dirt cheap. A lot of times 10-25 cents at yardsales or FREE. It’s really awesome for kids too. πŸ™‚

  42. ihearthip

    We have refused to pay for cable for about 10 yrs now. We watch netflix and Amazon prime through our Nintendo wii u. But, you can also watch these through some bluray players i believe. We do miss out on some shows. And for others we must wait for the season to be over before it’s on Netflix.

  43. mirna

    Roku #1

  44. eyez1998

    Can u stream sling to your tv

  45. Crafty Bargainista

    I have the most amazing husband who set up a media server in our house! We haven’t had cable for about 2 years and I don’t miss it one bit! If you had asked me 3 years ago to get rid of my TiVo or cable, I would’ve thought you were crazy. But we found a system that works awesome and I’m about to sell my TiVos! Our media server runs software called Plex on all our TVs (1 does it via a Roku, 1 via a Smart TV interface, and another on a thing called a Raspberry Pi). My husband downloads anything I request and then I can watch it on demand via Plex. We love our system so much that now both of our parents use it as well! Oh! And the basic Plex system is FREE! πŸ˜€

    • dblD-amber

      Oooh. I’ve been looking
      Into that. Any way too get us more details

      • Crafty Bargainista

        Sure! I’ll email you and answer any questions you have! πŸ™‚

    • Angela

      haha! my husband did the same thing! πŸ™‚ we love it. We also have a Roku in the main rooms and stream our cable channel live tv from it.

  46. Amie

    We put an antenna up in the window which gives us the local stations-PBS, CBS, NBC, ABC, and a few other random stations (free after cost of antenna which was $7.99). We also stream Amazon Prime ( which I got in on a special deal and only pay $7.99 a month) and Netflix ($9.99 a month) through our Amazon Fire Stick and we’ve recently started using Sling TV ($24.99) which is great! We went from paying over $125 to paying about $43!

  47. dblD-amber

    Been using Firestone with Kodi and now have access to endless tv for free

    • dblD-amber

      Meant been using amazon firestick with kodi

  48. Abby

    We have an antenna, really only for football on Sunday – it’s literally packed away in a drawer after that because I think it’s ugly and hate the extra wire – I know, I know πŸ™‚ We also have super fast unlimited internet. My husband was able to get a discount through his work so it’s only $25 a month. Then we have Netflix, which we like for movies, and the non commercial Hulu, which we like for TV shows. We also have chromcast, which my son uses to watch youtube gamer videos on our TV – plus it’s easier to monitor what he’s watching as he’s only 7. We don’t watch a lot of TV to begin with, so for under $45 a month, we’re more than covered.

  49. dblD-amber

    I called my Internet provider and asked them for any promos. They had a promo with local channels and it also included on demand with access to endless tv. The promo they gave me ended up being $3 cheaper than I was paying for Internet alone. Big score

  50. Mizzhazeleyez

    If Anyone Is Looking For Cheap Internet Go To And See If Is Your area & See If You Qualify For $9.95 a month + tax Just Found Out About It And I Got Approved Fast! Its By Comcast But Ofcourse They Don’t Tell Anyone About It!!! GOODLUCK

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