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How Do YOU Save on Travel Expenses!?

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If you’re planning an upcoming trip for Spring Break or starting to plan your Summer vacation, you may be looking to save on travel expenses and to find ways to make traveling go more smoothly.

Check out these travel tips from Susie and Roxy…

One tip is to download the Marriott app for great check-in and check-out experiences. The app prompts you to check in BEFORE you reach the hotel, as much as 24 hours before, and it asks your expected arrival time. I always get a notification that our room is ready by the time I requested, regardless of how much before actual published check-in time it is. Also, upon arrival, skip the entire check-in procedure at the front desk. Just pick up your room keys at the designated area. You also check out in the app as well. Room type request like top floor, away from the elevator, etc. can be entered into your account and they honor them when assigning your room.

I don’t know how many of you use Priceline when you look for a hotel, but if you’re not familiar with it, it’s worth checking out. Whenever we travel, we bid on hotels and we get better rates than we would any other way. The downside is you don’t know what hotel you get until your bid is approved and you pay, but you can pick the area and number of stars and we’ve always been satisfied. We were in Destin this summer and every hotel was asking for $100 a night but we got a room at Marriott for $80 and one year we stayed at a super fancy 4 star hotel for $50 a night.

With that being said, how do YOU save on vacations, hotels, car rentals and other travel-related expenses? Share your tips below!

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  1. Jamie

    Airbnb, Kayak, and travel rewards credit cards!

    • Jamie

      Oh, and if you’re looking for airfare, make sure you check separately. They don’t show up on sites like priceline, cheapflights, etc. But they are often cheaper than what you would find on there.

      • Angela

        And southwest flights are usually cheapest if you fly on Tuesday!

        • dblD-amber

          And free 2 bags per person

    • Jane

      I agree! I’m an 18 year old deal blogger, so I usually focus on the smaller things, but my mom LOVES to manage all the airline mileage credit cards as has probably signed up for like hundreds of them! It really comes in handy for a big like ours with NINE people because otherwise the travel expenses would rack up quite quickly! The key really is the mileage credit card programs that are out there – spend a certain amount when you open and get mileage to use towards airfare – like money you might already spend anyway! Also, be sure to sign up for hotel rewards and all that!

  2. abbychristiansen

    Subscribe the The Flight Deal’s daily newsletter. Fare Deal Alert also has one! I have gotten the best deals through here! Last summer I flew West Coast to Europe for $400 on a major carrier because of those websites!

    • Gretch

      That is a really good deal!!!

    • Shawna

      Thanks for the tip. I signed up.

    • Naomi

      Thank you! I’ve subscribed!

  3. Mary

    Great post, looking forward to reading helpful tips!

  4. Megan

    Chase Sapphire – hands down the easiest I’ve found. Plus, they have pretty fantastic sign up bonuses.

  5. H

    Kayak and chase sapphire preferred credit card is good to make those tickets purchase. Collect rewards and they don’t expire!

  6. Michelle Foister

    We use credit cards like cash and constantly pay them off so hardly ever pay interest but get free gift cards, checks, statement credits or onboard credit with our cruiseline credit cards etc also do other rewards clubs like kelloggs, coke rewards, etc and then redeem gift cards for places we know we will eat at on vacations

    • Maria

      What would be the best credit cards for rewards? I feel like I’m hardly getting anything good with my one percent on my chase freedom card

      • Sk

        Chase freedom has 5% for certain categories quarterly make sure you activate those, in December they had 5% cash back for Amazon and I got a pretty good chunk back with holiday shoppings on there 🙂 I also have Amex because of those special offers they have those are the two main ones I use.

  7. K

    Hilton also has an app where you can check in early and even pick your room based on a map of the hotel. I’m picky about my room location so I love that feature. Also they are having a point sale right now so if you’re close to a free night you can buy what points you need. They also offer some half points half cash options I got a nice hotel in NYC for $69 a night by using points/cash combo.

  8. Jen

    We always fly allegiant. Even with paying for seats and baggage it’s always been lower then every other airline, plus cheap rental cars when added on. Four years in a row to Florida!

  9. Jess

    My mom and I have a mother/daughter vacation to Las Vegas every year. She saves up points given to her at work and orders food gift cards. Last year we ate nearly free at Ihop, Hard Rock Cafe, Bubba Gump, Tony Roma’s and Maggianos!! 😆 Every little bit helped and we got to try new places!

    • Rose

      wow how nice is that mother-daughter vacation every year and that too vegas 🙂 real fun

  10. Michelle Foister

    Oh and we book hotels and airfare seperately normally when we put airfare and hotels together or do vacation packages get a crappy motel and/or mediocre flight but when book seperate normally get a great deal and check both options several times before booking and both ways.

  11. DealHunter

    Check groupon now! We buy deals early and base vacation around that!

    • Tori

      We also try all of the deal sites like Groupon and LivingSocial. We also buy the Entertainment or similar book for that local area. Sometimes you can find out who is selling the local version on Craigslist ( I look for fundraisers like boy or Girl Scouts or a local school – for a few extra $$s they’ll mail it to you). Also don’t forget eBay. There are a lot of certificates being sold there by people who can’t use them.

  12. Kathy

    Allegiant is awesome for cheap airline tickets… But like southwest they don’t show up on kayak, Priceline, etc. I always check groupon for hotels and activities wherever we are headed, I’ve scored some amazing deals this way. Also, this may sound silly… But on vacation with the kiddos we take peanut butter and jelly to save on eating expenses since there are so many of us. Saves a TON! I’ve also used Airbnb, and often where you stay the host will give you lots of good tips for the area you’re in.

  13. Denise G.

    Travelzoo, Groupon, Living Social and Amazon local deals for discounted restaurants, attractions, etc

    I usually always check those sites when planning a trip and have done a brunch cruise in San Francisco, saw a Cirque du Soleil show in Portland, etc all thanks to purchasing discounted tickets on those sites.

  14. A

    Anyone have suggestion on how to save on a driving trip? We’re planning on driving 8+ hours to the UP this summer. Also anyone been to the UP and have any good camping suggestions?

    • Maryam

      I second this!! We are wanting to go the the UP this summer, but have never been up there ourselves. Any info would be great.

      • Kimberly

        Which side are you going to? I grew up there 😉

    • Maggie

      Check out you can find the cheapest gas stations on your route. Pack plenty of snacks or sandwiches so you don’t have to spend much on food on the way.

    • Katie

      When we drove from Chicago to Minnesota we used our costco membership to fill up on gas in both states.

    • Katie

      Eat pasties, too! Meat (or veggies) with veggies in the crust. Great on the road food and usually inexpensive. Check out radio and local tv deals, too. (I live/work at Mackinac)

      • liz

        Katie, as we speak, I am online looking for a place to stay on Mackinac Island! Can I please pick your brain for a sec?

    • Kimberly

      Where is your end location? I might be able to suggest some places along the way. I grew up there.

      • A

        We haven’t decided anything yet. Lol. Coming from northern MN.

    • Katie

      I have no idea where the “UP” is but we’ve done several cross country road trips with our 4 little kids. I pack food for breakfast and lunch. We usually stay with friends along the way as we travel; the best part of traveling like this is getting to see friends we haven’t seen in forever. They often feed us as well, or we’ll treat them to a meal out or leave a thank-you gift for them. My best tip is to stop every 3 or so hours at a rest stop to go to the bathroom and then RUN AROUND for 10-15 minutes. It shakes our kids’ grumpies out. Then we eat in the car while driving, having gotten exercise instead of wasting time sitting in a restaurant!

    • Jeannie

      A, I have been going up to Drummond Island In the UP for the last 5 years. It is so beautiful, you have to go. Gas up before crossing the bridge. Gas prices jump once you go over the bridge.

      • K

        Thanks! I will check it out!!

  15. Shelly

    I read travel blogs like Boardingarea for ways to get more points and great deals on flights and more.

  16. Denise G.

    Oh also if you (or your partner) is a member of a union or even works for a large employer they usually have a discount program for attractions, hotels, etc

  17. Stacey

    I purchase groupon and living social offers to cut costs on dining and entertainment expenses. This has allowed us to save a ton and enjoy some “finer things” 😊😍 We also book package deals through Priceline to save money on the airfare, hotel, and rental car.

  18. Kristina

    I second the comment that mentioned travel reward credit cards. Google “the best travel reward credit cards Jan 2016” and read up on all the benefits. Last year, my husband and I both opened Southwest CC’s and got 50,000 bonus miles each after meeting the spending requirements. The annual fee was waived and since we paid off the balance at the end of the month, we never paid any interest so it really was a free 100,000 miles for our family to use. All 5 flights we have taken in the last year have been paid for with our points, probably saved us over $1,500. I just booked another round trip flight for 12,000 points when Southwest had their special. You can also watch credit cards through Marriott and get free nights through those credit cards. If your a Verizon Rewards member, keep your eyes out for the Carnival Cruise gift cards. They sell out within hours of being released on the site, but if you can snag some you can save 10% off the price of the gift card, so great! We drive when we can, even taking a 14 hour road trip all in one day in order to get down to our FL condo. Pack a cooler, have the Ipads charged up, and be prepared to change diapers in the car while driving! We have a 10 year old, a 1 year old and 1 on the way. Traveling is a must to escape the daily grinde. This is since we are having a baby, I arranged for my daughter to take a cruise with my sisters so she doesn’t miss out on her travel experience this year. Also, if you want to travel more but can’t seem to afford it try eliminating a discretionary monthly expenses (like cable, eating out, paper products, or start making your own detergents,etc) and put the money you save into a travel savings account. When we took our trip abroad a few years ago to Ireland, we rented a car and stayed at the Dublin Generator Hostile, which saved us $100 a night for similar hotels in the area. We also stayed at B&B’s instead of the chain hotels, much more personal experience that saved us money as well. Book international travel and cruises during the off season. I would rather pull the kids from school for a week and save 40% on airfare/cruise than travel during the crowded peak summer season or during spring break!

    • gater

      Not to be THAT person, but please don’t change your baby’s diaper while in a moving vehicle. Pulling over for 5 minutes to change a diaper safely won’t set you back too much.

    • Maria M

      Hi Kristina!

      I would love to hear more about your planning techniques on the Ireland trip! Also places you stayed (B&B), places you saw and must see places! Please email me at TIA

  19. Kristen

    1. I always save my money that I earn through Shopkick, Ibotta, etc. for vacations. Cash them in before and get free gift cards!
    2. I buy discounted gift cards on Raise, which I highly recommend. You can actually get a FREE $5 now for signing up.
    3. I book hotels online and always check for package deals and coupon codes. I do the same for tickets and such.
    4. I am super organized on how much I plan on spending that way I know around how much to budget.
    5. PENNY CHALLENGE!! Starting January 1st, I put .01 in a jar. Day 2, .02, and so on. By the end of the year I have over $660! Helloooo vacay money!

  20. Dany

    La Quinta first bank credit card is great for accumulating free nights fast. And they allow dogs for no fees. Flights, I use my United Chase card. I get free checked luggage and yearly free United Lounge airport passes.

    When you do find a cheap room on Travelocity or similar sites, call the hotel before booking. Marriott likes to beat those online prices because the commission stays in house vs Travelocity keeping a portion of the sale.

    And the best thing for travel is checking prices constantly, even after you booked. If the price drops days later or even weeks, some airlines honor the discount.

  21. me

    Make a list of all the places you’re going.
    I’m going to Iceland in the fall to see the northern lights and there is a new airline that is flying directly into the capital. Woot.
    After I figure out where I’m going to go I make a list of all expenses. Taking a bus to get to the airport and taking the train or driving. Remember time is money. And airport food is a rip off. Haha.
    I’ve gotten good deals on hotels by calling the hotel directly. Do your research. Also AirBNB.
    When I travel breakfast is at home or included at the hotel.
    Every meal doesn’t have to be a big adventure. If I’m staying at an air B&B I will go to a grocery store close by and get a few things. Lunch is a simple local place. And dinner as well I like to spend my money. Also consider buying an Entertainment Book for the area if you are going to be there for a couple of days. Check Groupon / living social. Also each city most big cities have a sort of chamber of the Arts that can tell you what’s going on. And a lot of these will have discount coupons where they can tell you where to go. In Chicago where I live you can buy a city pass that makes attractions like the shed and the observation tower and the museums cheaper. Happy travels

    • Katie

      FYI…I just went to Iceland in November. Great trip and really amazing. I got hotel and airfare and taxes through Icelandic air for 4 days for under $800 each! What a deal! And got great trips through (used coupon codes when they came up)…still great deal! Please be aware that food and other things are VERY high priced in Iceland! We did the supermarket a few times to save on money. I knew it was expensive, just not that expensive. We had a wonderful buffet at the hotel each morning and took full advantage. Enjoy, we saw great northern lights, too!

  22. julilarson

    I contact the Chamber of Commerce and request information of the city that we will be visiting. Many times they will send a local city magazine with different coupons for restaurants or local attractions. I also research websites, facebook and other travel apps to find information on restaurants and local events or attractions. These resources will also have coupons and discounts.

  23. Happymama

    We rent a mini van using a discounted rate. That way there is no added stress on our cars. Also, we use all those free samples as travel size products, And this year I gathered up b1g1 free coupons for McDonalds (from the receipt) and Chipotle for when we ate out.

    • Jess

      Yes!! The beauty boxes that Colin tells us about come in handy! They always include trial sizes and those are great for traveling!

  24. Jess

    I don’t fly. I drive everywhere. I look for discounted gas station gift cards. Often I am able to get 10% or more off cards and then I use them while on road trips. I’m in FL and Publix’s offer $10 off $50 gas cards with a purchase of $50 on groceries. That’s mostly where I get my discount gas cards.
    I also keep an eye out for discounted restaurant gift cards, too.
    Safe travels everyone!!!

  25. Paul Teixeira

    If you are going to do “Name your Price” on Priceline or use Hotwire, then check out the website which tracks what people have managed to win. I’ve used it to great success to identify before booking what I’m going to get. BetterBidding does ask that you click their hotwire/priceline link so they can get commission but you don’t have to.

    If you use Hotwire then learn how to get multiple bids in by adding a zone that doesn’t have the star-grade you want. For example if you want a 5 star hotel and 4 of the zones in the area do not have 5-star hotels, then you can first bid with just the zone you are interested it and if you fail add one of the other 4 zones try bid again and repeat.

    Also don’t be afraid to ask your friendly neighborhood travel agent; they often have access to consolidators inventory which may not appear on online websites.

    Finally a plug in for my wife, check out her travel blog at

    I’m not affiliated in any way with the web sites I mention except for my wife’s of course 🙂

  26. Laurie

    We use groupings and when we go to Las Vegas we play we play my Vegas each of us. We can each get 3 things so we ended up with a lot of buy one get one free meals and activities

  27. Brittany

    Groupon, I have gotten resort stays and restaurants

    Work wellness programs- we used to have a really awesome wellness program through our health insurance. With “healthy points” we got a 3 day resort package at Marriott with restaurant credit for 2 people (our one dinner was over $220 with no alcohol) for under $300 or stay at a Ritz Carlton for less than $100/night.

    Priceline, you can pick what level of hotel you want. I have done this for an out of state half marathon and stayed in a 4 star on the race route.

    Sign-up for airline credit card. For a cross country flight last year for 6 of us, I signed up for a SouthWest credit card. I got a credit for the flight that was much more than the per year fee and I will just cancel before the year is up.

  28. TD

    Oh, what a great post idea! I could use some help with my own travel “problem”…I just got engaged and we are planning to elope (just the 2 of us!) to South Africa. Because the flight is SO long, we are talking about splitting up the trip (we are on the West Coast, and the flight is over 22 hours!). Any advice on eloping to another country? Tipping? Ways to ship things back home? How to pack? Where to lay over on plane trip? We plan on staying at a lodge that offers all-inclusive with safaris, etc…any advice is great!

    • Paul Teixeira

      I’m actually from Cape Town, South Africa. My wife is from the Philippines, the first time I took her to visit SA we stayed at a private lodge in Kruger Park and I would say well worth it; so yes do follow your plans to getting a lodge. It’s been almost 10 years since that first time but I think the lodge was this one: . Pretty much best viewing times of the animals are out at dawn or dusk and into the night and that makes staying at a lodge in the park important because the “gates” close at 6PM. You can look at which is the SA Park’s official website and they do have accommodations at cheaper but not as luxurious as the private lodges.

      When in the year are you planning to go? Just remember our US summer is SA’s winter. The north of SA (where Kruger) is at is relatively dry in winter but places like Cape Town and Durban are usually much wetter then. Travelling in the fringe months (Spring and Fall) are also fairly safe bets.

      • CountrySomethin

        This is great information! Thanks to you both!! Hopefully headed there in September if all goes well 😉

    • Kat

      I highly suggest getting a wedding planner. They do elopement packages all the time. They also get deep discounts because they’re in the industry. Just be up front and tell them exactly what you want to spend and what you have in mind. I planned my own very small DW in the Caribbean. My officiant’s wife was a wedding planner and they booked so much for us at a fraction of the cost the same vendors quoted me. Also try posting on a trip advisor forum for South Africa.

  29. Sara

    We have had success in renting cars off airport site. Sometimes taking a cab is lees expensive than city airport taxes!!

    • Sara

      To clarify we take the cab to the off site car rental office…

    • Kat

      Yes, never rent at the airport. Take an uber or taxi to the next closest rental place. There are crazy high drop fees and taxes if you rent and return from the airport.

  30. Emily

    Airbnb has been amazing for my family to travel on the cheap! We’ve been able to stay in large apartments for less than $50/night. If anyone wants to sign up through my link, I’d be super grateful! You’ll get $20 off your reservation, which makes many of the places much cheaper than hotels:

  31. Maggie

    I also use Priceline for hotel and car deals. Don’t forget the hotel express deals. Easier than name your own price and you get more about the amenities for the hotel. I can actually usually figure out which hotel it is before booking (or narrow it down to a couple). Just FYI. The downside of priceline deals is that the rate is for 2 people so often times you only get one bed. This has worked okay for us in the past when we traveled with a pack n play for our youngest and can sometimes get a roll away, but now we are at the point where we need two. Express deals you can sometimes choose the bed option.

    Spirit air is also a cheap airline. And they charge for everything, but if you are on a short weekend trip and can pack lightly to just use the space under your seat and don’t mind the lack of leg room and possibly fly red eye, it can save you loads of money. We had to fly from Chicago to Portland when my husband’s grandma passed away and flew for like $175 each rt at last minute. Every other airline was more like $400 each and I wouldn’t have been able to go with at that price so I was very grateful for a low cost no frills airline.

    • Carrir

      Hi Maggie,

      My husband and I book a room via Priceline “Name Your Price” and then call the hotel directly to find out how much it is to upgrade to a suite. We find that its usually about $30. You might be able to try that if you guys need two beds, but still want the Priceline express or name your price deals. 🙂


  32. Jessica

    Costco travel website! They saved us a TON on a week long trip to Disney – plus extras! And when I saw that their prices had dropped, they credited my card the difference – NO questions asked!

    • Heather C

      YES! My husband is a Costco employee &’we are going on an upgraded cruise to the Carribean for an inside cabin price! LOTS of extra perks onboard, too. Combine that w/ our free Southwest flights & we’re one happy couple!

  33. Sandra

    My family of 5 is going on an eastern Caribbean cruise with carnival this summer. This is ours first cruise. I would love if any one could give me tips on how to save while on the ship and at the ports.

    • Kim C

      I use for tips on shore excursions, etc….. Passengers review the cruise line, ports of call, crew, etc… it’s very helpful. You can often purchase shore excursions from third parties instead of going through the cruise line and his website lets you know which ones are reputable.

    • Callie Graham

      Hi Sandra. We took the Carnival Magic to the Caribbean 2 years ago. On the ship there are a few nicer restaurants. If you eat in the Steakhouse on the first night of your trip, you get a free bottle of wine.
      Also, the Italian Restaurant charges for dinner, but not lunch. Thats the best time to eat there.
      Each adult is allowed to bring on one bottle of wine, and that cut down on alcohol expenses. Also, you can bring on a case of water. We used that during excursions.
      On board we met other ppl and even shared cab fares to some of our activities.
      In my opinion…the fastpass wasnt worth the extra money we spent.
      Have fun!!

      • Sandra

        Thanks Kim and Callie I appreciate your tips.

    • Melissamom2one

      Also keep checking and comparing your price of original booking. Carnival kept doing price adjustments because the price per person kept coming down in price. Once we paid the cruise in full they couldn’t do any more adjustments but when we stepped on the ship we already had close to $500 of on-board credits which we used towards our excursions. This of course means you have to keep checking every week but we had a great rep to deal with at Carnival and was happy to extend the savings for my family. Enjoy your cruise! I hope your family gets some extra savings too!

  34. Sarah

    If ur going with people u know rent a house out for the week instead of paying $100 a night for a 1 bed one bath u can find house for like 1,000 a week that has like 4 times the space split it with people to make it really cheap!!

  35. Katie

    Orbitz orbucks is good along with using their coupon codes, too. For certain areas of the world, check out We went to Greece and Turkey for a week in February of 2011for $1000 each, all hotels, airfare and taxes and fees included. We’ve used them 3 times and theyve been great!

  36. Katie

    Also, for Vegas, Cruises and Allegiant, try My Vegas For points on Facebook. We got 2 nights free at Luxor with it, along with food. You have to plan ahead a bit.

  37. yvonne

    I recently discovered i havent used it yet, but i looks super easy to use.

  38. ba

    I love collecting credit card points. My favorite after the Chase Sapphire card is the AMEX SPG platinum card. You get 25,000 points after meeting your threshold, and once you get like 60,000-70,000 points you can redeem those for 50,000 airline miles (2 domestic trips; 1 international round trip) and 5 nights in any Starwood property (categories 3-5 I think?). Anyway, I signed up, my husband signed, and the after meeting the minimum spends we were right at the 60,000 or so needed. If anyone wants a referral link or has any questions, let me know. I love the points game just as much as I love couponing.

    • Shotsee

      I’m going to a wedding in Vegas in October and I’d love to ask you some questions Ba about gathering up some airline miles to help me with the trip! My email address is thanks!!

  39. Julie B.

    I always groupon and living social places to eat, and experiences to enjoy, wherever we vacation.

  40. Rebecca

    This may sound a bit crazy, but if you are a Verizon wireless customer, check tour account online to see if Verizon automatically enrolled you in their rewards program. I had no idea they enrolled me and “back dated” the enrollment to when I contracted with them several years ago. The program gives you TONS of points for paying your bill, different plans, etc. you can then use the points to “buy” coupons for restaurants, activities, services etc. For example, last summer we went to Orlando. Prior to our trip I used Verizon rewards to buy coupons on the Verizon site for half off an oil change (we drove to fla), 25% off our bill at a local restaurant, BOGO pizza, half off admission to a local tourist site… It saved us a ton of money. The best part is that you can search coupons by location, and choose how many miles away from that location you want to see coupons for. This enabled me to pick coupons right around our hotel so we didn’t have to drive far to use the coupon.

  41. Jen

    Hilton honors reserve citi credit card has amazing benefits including no foreign transaction fees and the ability to earn free bonus nights. I absolutely swear by it! We also combine that with earning airline miles (Alaska is our program) through credit cards, online shopping portals and something called e-miles that we can earn free miles on for taking surveys (I believe this is by invitation only) even better we can “double dip” when we stay with Hilton hotels and we can earn both hotel points and airline miles! Before you fly always check your airline website to see if they’re offering bonus miles for the flight you might be taking. You usually have to opt-in for the offer but you can easily double your miles or more for your trip by taking advantage of this. We’ve gone to Europe several times for nothing more than airline fees and I’ve lost track of the thousands we’ve saved on traveling at this point.

    Another thing I always like to recommend is doing a comparison with reward flights and purchases, especially if you’re traveling multiple times in a calendar year. For example we will be traveling by to both Belize and new Orleans this year. Belize is only 30,000 miles round trip plus roughly $50 in fees while the ticket is $560 but leaves you with the potential of earning well over 8,000 miles for your trip (if they’re offering bonuses you could easily double that number). A trip to New Orleans actually cost more ($580) but uses less miles (20,000 round trip) and a lower fee ($12) with less potential miles to earn. With this in mind we will coupon a little more to save for our Belize flight and use those miles towards our trip next year and get our flights to New Orleans for next to nothing! You really can travel the world if you learn the system 😊

    One final resource is a blog called The Points Guy. He has A LOT of information for those new to free and discounted travel. Look for your specific travel partners and sign up for his mailing list, you’ll find all sorts of great info. Good luck everyone and enjoy!

  42. Melanie

    Check out the website (they also have an app). It finds flights for you that you get off at the connection. In other words, we booked a flight from Tampa to DC that had a 6 hour layover in NYC – the cost was only $74. We were actually heading to New York, so we booked the DC flight and got off at NYC. If your final destination is a “hub” where there are a lot of layovers, it’s always worth checking and a great way to save! We’ve used it several times – the only thing is that you can’t check your luggage or else it will continue to the next destination without you!

  43. kristie

    We travel around our museum and zoo memberships with 5 kids ages 5,5,6,7,8 reciprocal admission saves us a ton on entertainment. We also travel off season and always get condos so we can cook. We are going to Williamsburg in april, 200 condo for a week, and 3 museums within a 45 min drive covers half the week, we will fill the rest of the week chilling by the pool, total cost for a family of 7 to travel by car 6 hrs each way will be around 600-700 for food/lodging/transportation….

  44. Patricia Lavenz-Goff

    Flying I recommend signing up for the airline rewards cards (free). I usually get half price seats cause I have an american express card through delta. I usually pay it off in full before the due date but I still collect reward points. I don’t like the annual fee so I cancel the card before the due date and then the next year I usually go online and re-apply for it.

    • Dany

      Doesn’t that ding your credit score in a negative way?

      • Libby

        The ding comes from the application, not the closure, and will drop off your report in a few months. All accounts, whether open or closed, stay on your report for 10 years. Your credit improves as your ratio of old open accounts compares to other accounts improves. The only way opening new credit cards hurts your report in the long run is if you close them AND your oldest accounts.

      • K

        Yea, it does. They considered the credit limit you were approved for to be available credit and when you close the account you now have less credit. Financial advisors recommend not doing this for that reason, even department store cards! Keep them open and only sign up for cards with no fees for that reason.

  45. Joanne

    You just have to diligent in your search – my friend and I are leaving on Sat. – one week ago she found an all inclusive to cozumel for 7 nt. for $629. Includes round trip non stop air fare, ground transfers, all you can eat – all alcohol – all taxes and tips at a 4 star resort. We’re so excited!!!!

    • Karin

      What website did she find that awesome deal on?

  46. Sarah

    We usually rent a house/condo using It is usually a better deal than a hotel. Plus, we can cook all of our meals since there is generally a full kitchen, which saves a lot of money on food.

  47. Tiffany

    The simple thing is “ask the cashier” worst thing is no. We went to Ruby Tuesday and for some reason I could a coupon. I asked the server and she told me about one on “Retail me not” website.
    I also refer to groupon! Always a great site!

    Google promo codes!

  48. Kat

    For some hotel stays I don’t book ahead. Just walk in and tell them you have $x amount to spend and they’ll work with you if they have vacancies. They’re in business to get every room occupied. We also ask for upgrades when we get there and several times they have upgrade us for free. I don’t have any other tips besides that. I am lucky to have married into an airline family. We fly United for free because my IL’s are retired airline employees.

  49. Jenna

    Southwest credit card by far is the best thing ever! They had a promotion when I first got my card where you’d get 25K points for spending $1,000 in your first three months of having the card. I paid all my bills, paid the card off so I had no interest AND got my 25k points which is good for about 3 round trip flights. I went to Orlando and Nashville for free from Providence, RI and have around 10k points left for one more free flight!!

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