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Mattel Releases 3 New Barbie Body Shapes…

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Who knew that the world’s best-selling Barbie Doll would be taking a new shape… or two… or three? In hopes of offering new products that feature more empowering and imaginative roles for young girls, just released a line of Fashionista Dolls with THREE new body shapes, including petite, tall, and curvy dolls.BarbieThese dolls come in four total body types (including the original Barbie), 7 skin tones, 22 eye colors, 24 hairstyles, and countless on-trend fashions and accessories. Keep your eyes peeled at your local store as they’re expected to be released in-stores over time throughout this year. Or, you can opt to purchase select dolls online now.

Click here to read the Times magazine article- here’s a snippet:

It’s a massive risk for Mattel. Barbie is more than just a doll. The brand does $1 billion in sales across more than 150 countries annually, and 92% of American girls ages 3 to 12 have owned a Barbie, thanks in part to her affordable $10 price tag. She’s been the global symbol of a certain kind of American beauty for generations, with brand recognition that’s up there with Mickey Mouse. M.G. Lord, a Barbie biographer, once said she was designed “to teach women what—for better or worse—is expected of them in society.


As someone who struggled with an eating disorder for years, I definitely think this is a step in the right direction. What are your thoughts on these new Barbie dolls?

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  1. Meredith

    Lol so many complaints about a doll coming in more varieties. If you like the original Barbie just buy the original! For those of you saying it’s just them trying to be more PC , perhaps, but they’re just as likely merely trying to sell more Barbies! 😉

    Personally I see nothing wrong with having more variety of Barbies to (try to) represent how more little girls look. How can this be a bad thing?
    Honestly people that say things are “too PC” are sometimes people that are kind of rude and/or unkind (in my opinion) …under the guise of not being “politically correct” they are sometimes just jerks. 😬💗

    • Bets

      Its a real head scratcher because the traditionally sized barbies are still available so people who prefer those can still get them.

      Are they’re disappointed that other people now have the option getting what they want too?

  2. Hillary MacCready

    I love this! It’s a huge step in the right direction towards teaching our daughters that we are all beautiful, regardless of the package we come in.

  3. DonnaDB

    Yes. When I was a kid throughout the 70’s, I worshipped Barbie but not because of her look. Barbie was every dream you could have. I worry that with the new dolls that the clothes will not fit every doll. That in itself is to much reality for any little girl. With the Disney Princesses no one is disappointed. I have 3 daughters and each have chosen their favorite. The fact that they have no resemblance to the character doesn’t seem to bother them or me. I respect Mattel with their decision in adversity, I just hope there isn’t more heartache when the outfits available don’t come in every size range. Dolls are pretend play not reality.

    • Erin

      Barbie is really a “dream you could have”? Most women I know aren’t rail thin, blue-eyed bottle blondes with giant breasts, but those are the images we as a society are hammered with, whether we consciously recognize it or not. Dolls may well be pretend play, but what message are we sending girls (especially those who aren’t blonde, blue eyed Caucasians–i.e., most) if we offer them only blonde, blue-eyed dolls? Diversity is a good thing, and if the clothes don’t fit, well, disappointment is a part of life, and I’m happy for it to be such minor disappointments. Goodness knows my daughter owns a variety of dolls (princesses, Barbies, Equestrian Girls) and the clothing is not interchangeable, though it’s not for trying!

  4. Maori

    I am not a politically correct person at all, and i love celebrating the differences between men and women. BUT, I am excited about more natural looking barbies. I remember me and my friends looking at her “bust” and wondering if we would ever look like her ( we didn’t)! It is fine by me if they want to even out her bust/ waist ratio. I always thought she looked over sexualized– kind of like all the women in video games (which are designed by men :P).

  5. 78Brownie

    I never had an issue with the body image of a body but I know there are little girls out there that would appreciate this. A lot of people are in their feelings right now. This is a beautiful thing.

  6. Jill

    Love it!!!!

  7. Christie

    I really like the Barbies, representing more of how WE actually look, shapewise and skin tone.

  8. CarrieB.

    Totally agree with comments saying, when we were little we never thought about Barbie’s body image. I honestly never did it until it was pointed out to me. I think that’s how most kids are. I think that’s because barbie is 11.5 inches tall, and as a child I don’t think in my mind I was translating her body into real life proportions of what a 11.5 inch doll would be in real life. I was never sad that I wasn’t 11 tall like her. I was more worried about sneaking the plastic disposable top of the bakery cakes into my room (upside down filled with water) without getting yelled at. Because cardboard box Barbie house needed a swimming pool for her back yard dangit!! 🙂

    • jennifer e

      Love it! Cardboard house with a pool. That’s awesome! Why didn’t I think of that?? I didn’t care for her looks either. I loved changing her outfits and playing with her hair, but my most favorite… the endless shoe options she had thanks to “Santa” giving me over 20 pairs!! 🙂

  9. chilichant

    I love the original Barbie. What is wrong with loving fashion and looking beautiful as a little girl. It is just play. The frumpy Barbies are fine, just brand them separately. Barbie is supposed to be beautiful and a chance fire little girls to just dream.

    • SweetMamaTee

      So the new dolls aren’t beautiful, so the new dolls aren’t worthy to be labeled Barbie because they’re “frumpy”, so little girls can’t dream if they so happen to get one of the new diverse dolls… WOW… really?? Talking about shallow minded!

  10. Mom

    I think they are great just like ppl we all come in different shapes ,sizes and colors. Love it about time .

  11. Melissa

    Please please don’t judge me, I respect everybody’s opinion but to me “My childhood memories are ruined” (not really but sounds good) honestly my happiest childhood memories were playing with my Barbie dolls and never thought that I had to be as pretty as her. Good for people that don’t feel the same way, but being glamorous and “perfect” is part of Barbie. God Bless everyone 😉

    • jane

      Well said

    • Bets

      How does this change your childhood memories in any way?

  12. Natoli

    They should put some cellulite on those Barbies.

    • chilichant

      Ha, ha…And give ’em big feet too. My make friends played with Tonka dirt movers when they were Kidd. Not one of them grew up to work on the construction industry…it’s just play & fantasy. Leave Barbie alone. Has anyone heard of Skipper? She was the homely one.

  13. Mary

    The only think I ever noticed about my Barbie as a kid was the strange way her foot was shaped. It breaks my heart to think of little girls comparing their figures to these dolls, hopefully these new dolls will help with that. Now if we can just get them to stop caring about how many “likes” their latest silly selfie got…that would be progress.

  14. Julie

    If you want the dolls to be available in various sizes, where are the obese dolls? I mean, we shouldn’t leave anyone out as to make them feel bad. Right?

    • saverjes

      Or if we’re using a doll for body confidence what about all the other insecurities? Big nose, unibrow, pimples? Lol

  15. Annie Backscheider

    I love Barbie, and while I, personally, never noticed the differences in our appearances growing up, I think this is a great step towards body confidence and body peace in young girls!

  16. Stacey

    I wonder if they will make a ‘Beer Gut Ken’ because lets be serious not all guys are as fit as the ‘Original Ken’.

    • saverjes

      👍 yeah! Not that I agree with a doll being a roll model for body image but if it were, what about chubby boys? Lol

  17. Seren

    I think society is making a big deal out of it not the kids. I asked my 7 yr old if she thought Barbie was beautiful and if she wants to grow up and be/ look like Barbie, she said ” u know she’s a doll mom” who would want to look like a doll when their big… It’s just like the easy bake oven years ago, as soon as society claims something has to be a certain way/ color to play with it, that is what contributes greatly to kids feeling things have to be a certain way to play or participate…

  18. AMH

    I played with Barbie as a kid (I still have a Barbie collection) . I love making a Kentucky Derby dress and accessories for Barbie annually .
    I have body insecurities but those weren’t caused by a DOLL!! They were caused by my being more unpopular and pudgier than a lot of girls in my class. And seeing perfect looking women in my day to day life. If I’m downtown running errands and see some woman looking perfect in her shorts or skinny jeans am I very jealous? You bet. Celebrities have never made me insecure because I don’t live in the same world with them ( for example Jessica Alba isn’t my co-worker-if she was I’ve be nervous and insecure around her). I know some girls/women do compare themselves to stars and Instagram/ social media pictures.

  19. Angela

    i forsee people buying the wrong “barbie” clothes as gifts. But other then that i dont care.

  20. debzeppelin

    I’m glad I was raised in the 50’s when a doll was an object, not a role model.

    • saverjes

      👍I was raised a bit later but agree

  21. saverjes

    I don’t feel like Barbie effected my body image at all especially in comparison to all the other things out there. I don’t so much see this as a huge step as I see mom’s having to buy more outfits for each Barbie body. I do like this idea but it’s not a substitute for parent telling their daughters they are special and pretty.

  22. ih8uglyshoes

    The joy of playing with Barbie as a child is different for everyone, in my neighborhood a group of us girls would play together trading clothes, shoes and accessories, the problem with the new Barbie shapes is with the sharing and trading aspect, one child whose mom bought her a curvy Barbie goes to her friends house to play but her friend has only Petite Barbie. In my case I grew up to be a curvier girl (as I have always been) and my best friend grew up to still be petite – we never thought a negative thing about it our differences but this brings them into the spotlight and can result in some negative thinking if they can’t share each others things anymore. Don’t know if anyone else feels this way its just my opinion that this can bring bring it up even earlier that one is perceived as better than the other because of the difference in the availability of their “things”. Its my hope that the same clothing lines and accessories will be available for all the new types of dolls. What a headache for the grandparents trying to buy the right outfits! While I love the idea of embracing individual uniqueness for every child and teaching every child how special they are, I’m not sure Barbie will be able to pull this off.

  23. aq

    Anyone who sees this as anything but a marketing strategy is delusional

  24. Donna

    I think it’s great. With so many people with wheelchairs n Moms Dads n children with prosthetics we will understand how it all functions. Great idea. Love it.

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