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Is Online Grocery Shopping Worth It to YOU?

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Online Grocery shopping

If you lead a busy lifestyle, you may find grocery shopping a challenge – especially when you throw coupons, kids and/or jobs in the mix. With that being said, do you take advantage of online grocery shopping for convenience? Many online sites likeย Amazon PrimePantry,ย Peapod, Safeway, andย Hannaford (just to name a few) offer online discounts, fresh & frozen food options, and/or curbside delivery, making grocery shopping from home much more convenient than before BUT…is it worth it?

Check out this email from reader Amie –

Online Grocery Shopping

I wanted to share an awesome service I found. It’s available at certain Hannaford grocery store in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hamphsire, and New York. Hannaford To-Go lets you go on Hannaford’s website, order all your groceries, and then drive to the store and your order will be loaded into your car and you can pay and go! You can use all your coupons just like you would if you went into the store. I find it great because I can see what’s on sale, search online for a coupon, print it out and bring it with me.ย 

I’m able to find the best deals while sitting in my pj’s and drinking coffee. As a mom of 4 which includes 10 month old twins, grocery shopping is a challenge. I rarely get to the store without the kids and I find that I spend more then my budget because I’m to busy making sure my kids are not touching anything, aren’t fighting with each other, etc to actually pay attention and make sure I’m getting the best deal. There is a small fee – $5 or less depending on the size of your order, but the first time you use the service the fee is waived so it’s worth it to check it out. I also notice in my Bank of America cash back offers that they are offering 10% back on a Hannaford To-Go purchase!

Is it worth it to YOU? Share your thoughts!

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  1. Jessica

    I was ordering from peapod. For new members they give you free delivery for 2 months $ off your first delivery. They have great sale items plus there own online coupons and they except coupons. You just give your coupons to your driver.

  2. Colleen

    Definitely. I am a full-time working mother to two kids under three. Life is hectic enough and I hate having to drag myself out at night after they’re in bed to grocery shop. In the winter I rely on Peapod and grocery pick-up services to survive. I don’t find it difficult to stay on budget as it forces me to meal plan and buy my groceries with particularity. It’s a HUGE help to my family!

  3. Cindy

    No local options in North Atlanta and I can hardly buy bread and milk from Amazon without paying 10x the cost! Plus Amazon doesn’t take coupons!! A few stores have tried it here but have all dropped the program in the end for a lack of business. One major grocery store here (Publix) charged you $7.95 per purchase as a “convenience fee”. For that I will park my car and walk in. Even they dropped the program after experimenting in a handful of stores.

  4. Beverly

    I love this service. It is convenient and allows you to stay within a budget as you see the grocery total while you shop. It is totally worth the small fee thy charge especially since I make up for it with coupons. In addition many stores offer coupon codes for this service. It’s awesome!!!

  5. Sam

    In Des Moines Iowa our local grocery store hyvee will shop and deliver to your house if over a 100$ purchase, but they are the most expensive store around. I’ve done it once, but I can get so much more from Aldo for the same price. It does keep me from making impulse purchases though

    • Kasey

      I use a lot of coupons and recently heard about Hy-Vee’s online shopping where they prepare the cart for you but you pick it up in the store. I was hoping there would be a way to order online but then just pay using my coupons when I got there. But there isn’t. Bummer :-/ I understand why because it would be a big waste of their time if someone ordered and then didn’t pick up. I wish there was a way they could at least do like a price adjustment for the coupons though. For our family of seven we can’t afford to grocery shop without using coupons so for now I will have to keep doing regular grocery shopping! We shop in Osceola and Hy-Vee is actually probably the cheapest option here. Lol

      • MammaAG

        There are online, digital coupons through Hy-Vee that you can use. They are linked to your FuelSaver Loyalty card. The coupons are typically similar to what is in my local paper insert. -not always, but some is better than none. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • April

      I live in Nebraska and I love Hy-Vee’s online shopping. Hy-Vee can be pretty darn expensive, but if you shop the sales you can get really great deals. I hate driving in snow, I have a 3 year old & I’m currently pregnant and dealing with morning sickness, so I will definitely pay a little extra to save myself time & sanity.

  6. dblD-amber

    We love it. Currently pregnant with 3rd so it’s a hassle for us to pack them up and go. Hubby was going by himself for a while and that worked great but he’s been working and then coming home to finish our basement and baby nursery so there is no time. It’s been so convenient and handy. Not sure if I’ll ever go back to regular shopping even after baby. Plus you don’t get the impulse purchases while you’re shopping hungry lol.

  7. jl

    It’s totally worth it if you can take advantage of the same sales as in store. My local vons used to give out coupons for $off total and free delivery. And using shopping portals give a lot back.

  8. Anna

    I found Amazon fresh very expensive. I used to order from peapod and I like it. Now we are using Boxed and Instacard. They deliver from Costco. Very helpful. Instacard has delivery fee but sometimes is worth to pay. Both of course charge more for items than Costko does.

  9. alicia

    We use the to order then go to our local store and pick up our groceries. I love it. Being on bed rest sure makes life hard but this helps so much and it only costs 1.99 to use.

    • 4pookas

      Our local high end grocery store also used Rosie. It was great! Now I use a delivery service for produce that’s local and I’m going to give Peapod a try. (We moved)

  10. Lesomom

    Pea pod and shop rite from home here in ct are great. They always have promos for free delivery and accept coupons. As a mom of 2 and disabled it has been a godsend!! The delivery people are so pleasant and customer service for both companies have been amazing when dealing with the rare problem..(broken eggs, etc)

  11. Erin

    Kroger is starting a similar service. Sounds great–except for the fee! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Can’t justify the fee while I am freelancing, but if I get a high-paying, high-powered job, I’d try it. Right now, my best deals are found in store–unadvertised deals, managers’ specials. But I hope everyone else takes advantage! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Rachael

      I don’t like paying the fee either but I found that I ended up saving money by doing Kroger’s Click List shopping because I wasn’t putting impulse buys in my cart. When I go to the store, I usually spend $140 a week. When I do the ordering online, I spend $100. That’s a big difference. Plus, I love that you can use coupons!!

  12. Julia L.

    I’m sure it’s since I don’t have any kids, but I actually really enjoy going grocery shopping. It is part of the cooking process for me which I find therapeutic. My boyfriend would probably appreciate if we online grocery shopped because he for one can’t handle how much I enjoy roaming the aisles. You shoppers are lucky that are able to use coupons with online grocery shopping, I haven’t found a grocery store here that’s as coupon friendly!

    • Luz

      Same, Julia. Except I would never drag my husband along while I “leisurely” browse (and occasionally chat overlong with a random shopper or clerk) -lol. My hubby always offers to do the groceries, and sometimes if I’m beat I take him up on it. Most of the time though, it’s just not the same if I didn’t get to choose that avocado or whatever ingredient.

    • Stephanie

      I have two kids (4 and 5 months) and I love shopping. Its never been an issue to get to the store and shop. They know how to behave and they are really great at it. To me society just gets more and more lazy

      • Kate

        I have 3 well behaved kids but to be honest, I can think of plenty of other fun things to do with them than grocery shopping. It has nothing to do with being lazy. I’m a full time stay at home mom, work part time, go to school. My husband retired from the military and now works full time. There is nothing lazy about our family. Occasionally I order my groceries online and pick them up on my way to get my kids from school. I don’t use this service every time I shop, but I have, when my youngest was sick over the holidays or when our week is busy and full of activities. Not only did it save me money and time but I didn’t have to drag my kids to the store. Your comment is insulting to me, and I wish you’d try thinking outside the box.

      • sara


      • melissa

        I remember how much easier it was to grocery shop when I only had 2 kids.

        Not wanting to take kids to the grocery store (whether 1 kid or 4,5,6,7, etc) is not lazy. I would say most kids are well behaved in the store, but even so it doesn’t mean that it is easy. It definitely doesn’t mean that a parent is lazy for not wanting to go to the store with their kids.

        There are so many other things that we have going on, why not take advantage of a service offered every once in a while? I found your comment rude and very unhelpful for this conversation. I like to think that Hip2savers are kinder and more thoughtful than this.

      • Jen D

        My grandma hung up her keys this year and stopped driving (she is 86 and it just isn’t safe any longer). She relies on Safeway delivery to get her groceries each week – my aunt orders them online for her. Grocery delivery can be a great option for many different kinds of people. We are very thankful it’s available in our area.

      • Amie

        I really don’t think it has anything to do with being lazy, and I’m the Amie who shared the Hannaford service with Collin. Because I have twins, I have to take a stroller into the store. Have you every tried pushing a double stroller and pulling a cart through a grocery store while juggling a list, coupons, and 2 other children? Lol :). My older two children are 7 and 5 and while they are usually well behaved, they don’t like grocery shopping, especially if it takes a long time. Grocery shopping for a family of 6 can take awhile and they get restless and the babies get tired and restless. Children aside, I’m saving my family money. I’m able to search for coupons to pair with items that are on sale that week and compare prices on items from other grocery stores by checking their online sales flyers. Parenting is hard work and we are all in this together. No need to pass judgement just because you do something differently ๐Ÿ™‚

        • melissa

          I’m in your same boat! 7 year old, 4 year old, and 20 month old twins. The whole double stroller, wear a twin, hope the store has one of those “car” carts that seats 2 gets pretty old. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Sarah

          It’s not lazy at all! Plus get avoid all the extra germs floating around, no need to bash my comment, I have an immune compromised kiddo, so gross grocery carts are a concern for some. Anything that lends a helping hand is a win-win!

        • Rachael

          Well said!! Parenting is hard and if we can do one thing to simplify our lives- it’s worth it!!

      • Vivian

        I wish I could be “lazy”!! But I have a toddler who’s in school and a baby who won’t take a bottle, and both my husband and I work full time- he works late hours since he’s in sales- so the more he works, the more he can make. I drive home to nurse my baby on my lunch break then after work it’s a marathon to pick up the toddler, make his food, prep the baby for bed. Do dishes, wash pump parts, clean around the house, bath the toddler- shower myself, prep lunches, maybe prep for tomorrow’s meal, then put the toddler to bed…. There’s no time for anything extra, so maybe I will look into grocery delivery- but I just love trader joes so much! I used to go on my lunch break several times a week- now I only can do once a week. Weekends I sometimes work and we have to make some time to enjoy the kiddos, work the house and go to Disneyland!

      • Si

        Ladies and gentlemen it’s Stephanie aka SUPERMOM and her well behaved 4 and 5 month old!!! Look at the 5 month old grocery shop!! It’s really great at it!!! Give it up for them y’all!!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป hey do you think that you and your well behaved 4 and 5 MONTH old could go grocery shopping for the rest of us?? Seeing how we’re all lazy.๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

        • Brooke

          Hahaha!!! I love this comment.
          Seriously, moms are rarely lazy. Me included. It’s been about 5 years since I even got to sleep all night zzzzzzzzz

  13. Jennifer

    I just found out that if Amazon Prime Now delivers to your area, it is included with your Prime membership! There is an order minimum but so far it has worked great for me! I was confused before since Amazon Fresh is so expensive but Prime Now is a different service.

    • Lindak

      Thanks. I’m going to check on that.

  14. Jen Dean

    I’ve been using Amazon subscribe and save and Prime Pantry for a few years and find it saves money and time, especially with their coupons. I started using Peapod around the holidays when they had a $20 off first order and 2 months free delivery offer. I LOVE IT! Never going back to a grocery store again…lol. Even though I’m out of my 60 days free delivery, like Amazon’s Prime Pantry, Peapod offers free delivery for the purchase of specific items. For example, right now the offers are $25 of Unilever or $25 Pepsico or $25 Nabisco and you get free delivery. The Peapod service in the Baltimore/DC area is a joint venture with one of the big grocery chains in the area and they offer the same specials that they do in-store. For additional savings, they take all manufacturer coupons (and double up to 99 cents), AND I can use Savings Star for cash back offers, too! I work a full-time job and have my own business on the side, so to be able to still get in-store sales, use coupons, get cash back, and free delivery = 2+ hours saved from doing in-store grocery shopping and more time to generate income from my business! Oh, and I find Peapod’s selection of meat and produce to be far superior to what I find in-store. And, another thing…I do zero impulse buying on Peapod = more savings!

  15. Natalie

    There are times when instacart came in handy but it’s kinda pricey so I don’t do it too often. Just when I’m in a pinch.

  16. elise

    Just looked and my closest Hannaford isn’t offering this yet, but the one about 15 mins away is. Can’t wait to try it out. Defiantly worth $5 to not have to spend 2 hours in the store w/my 1 yo. I always forget something too.

  17. Brandi

    Some walmart stores are offering this service with pick up for free, it’s wonderful!

      • Brittany

        Bummer … turns out when they say that there’s service in my area, they mean there’s service 40 miles away! I think by the time I drive the 40 miles I probably could have done the grocery shopping ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Nel

    If you have to drive any distance to get to the store, I would think a $5 fee would be totally worth it. Living in the midwest, I’m all about getting all the online deals I can. My husband can stop by our QuikTrip and grab fresh fruit and milk and we bake our own bread so I only shop once a week or less and love it!

  19. Jamie

    I do order online from Walmart about once a week. Its so nice….the “pick up” is kinda like a fast food drive through. Its nice because I can sit on the computer and do my meal planning for the week and add things to my cart as I go. Twice I have gotten produce that wasn’t so nice, but a quick e-mail, and my money was refunded. Obviously things are not always as you would pick them (especially produce), but for me its worth it. You can also enter your receipts into the walmart ap, and they will check local stores for lower price and then match it. Additionally, they are so good about substitutions if needed. Love it!

    • Jamie

      I forgot to mention its free! And they don’t accept tips! So even better!

    • Jamie P.

      Do they accept your coupons too?

      • Amanda

        They don’t accept coupons, but I’ve found walmarts prices to be very reasonable and I’ve saved quite a bit by ordering online where I stick to my list and avoid impulse buys ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Renee

    HEB is my favorite grocery store with the best deals but it’s a bit of a drive to get there and in the summer I have to bring all my kids. If they did this and you could use the same coupons as in-store I would do it in a heartbeat!

  21. Jamie P.

    Oh my gosh, I had NO idea about this! If I could save my family a trip to Walmart and we could use that time together to do ANYTHING else it would totally be worth it. I’ve got to look into this!

  22. Nicholas' Mon

    Unfortunately, these types of services are never offered in my area (Baton Rouge, LA). I’d just about do or pay anything if it meant not having to go grocery shopping! LOL

    • Dana

      Ugh. Yes. We are in Lake Charles and I was just thinking , looks like most of this is offered elsewhere.
      (I am a Nicholas’s mom , too :))

  23. Casey

    We did this one vacation at Lowe’s for groceries and it was the best thing ever. Totally worth the five dollars not to have to fight vacation crowds. I’d do this all the time if it was offered in Eastern Ohio.

  24. Angela

    I am in NC and Harris Teeter and Lowes Foods offer on line shopping. You drive up and they load in the car. You give them your coupons and they put a credit towards your next purchase. They both have 4.95 service charges but for $99 you get unlimited shops for a year. This week – Lowes Foods is offering a full year of shops for $49. It saves so much time and allows you to plan ahead.

  25. quira628

    Thank you Collin for the tip about Hannaford will definitely be looking into that…

  26. Marly

    In New Jersey, our Shop Rite (Shop at Home Service) is fantastic! I am able to place my orders online, and schedule a time I will pick up. There are reserved parking spots at the supermarket for online orders pick-ups, and the rep comes out to your car, checks off your name and collects your payment and coupons! They then go back in store, deduct my coupons, and bring the cart with groceries out and load it up in your car! The service fee is $5.99, but since they always have a online deal, like buy $20 worth of Superbowl snacks, and get $10 off your order, I always manage to waive the fee off that way. Even the amount of coupons I hand in, it justifies the fee.

    • Cristine

      I love our SRFH here in NJ! It is so easy ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Kat

    A new HEB in our neighborhood is opening and will have curbside pickup. I will absolutely use it for grabbing extras of meat deals that have a “limit 2 with an additional $10 purchase” and add on things like eggs and milk that I rarely have coupons for. I don’t see it replacing my weekly trip though because I use so many coupons otherwise.

  28. sara

    Does anyone know of one in the Chicagoland area that takes coupons? I would love to try this. (Could you imagine if target did this, cartwheel, store text coupons, coupons, what would we all do ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  29. Laura

    I used a delivery service last winter when our pediatrician advised us not to take our preemie baby out for the first couple of months. It was a Godsend when my husband and I were both exhausted. The last thing we would want to do at night was go food shopping after a long day of work (in or out of the home). If it makes sense financially, I say “why not?”

  30. Spring

    Is walmart just recently offering this kind of service? I remember having this service around 8 or 9 years ago in Vietnam so i thought every store has been doing this for many years already

    • Traci Anderson

      I have seen something advertised at our local Broken arrow, ok walmarts recently. Order online and curbside pick up. Not really a need for me as mine are now 6 and 4 and I am mostly stay at home but would have been great a few years back or if I went back full-time.

  31. Jaclyn

    I love Amazon prime now. So easy, prices are great, and they usually offer a free product with purchase that off sets the tip. The last three orders I’ve received free family size Oreos, free family size Doritos, and free boxed chocolates valued at 24.99. Plus I find that I spend less money because I’m not tempted by impulse/sales/clearance.

    With two small kids who have staggered nap times it’s not easy to get to the store. I love it. Amazon is number 1 in our household.

  32. Liz

    I haven’t tried the Hannaford online ordering yet but I know a lot of my friends have and they love it! I do use Schwan’s though – my boyfriend and I got hooked after utilizing the 50% your first order promo that H2S advertised. In my head, I always thought of Schwan’s as for “old people” and that they likely had “gross frozen food” – I was TOTALLY wrong. I place my order online, usually with a promo code, and the truck comes every other Friday. I’ve found that it’s a great way to supplement fresh food and always have a meal to throw together from the freezer. Now that I’ve been ordering for a few months, I’ve been keeping track of what will last us two weeks vs. one month so that when it comes time to order, I know exactly what I’m getting. I also make sure to try one “new-to-us” thing every week, which is fun.

    To be honest, their frozen vegetables are far superior to any other brand that I’ve ever tried! The 1.5 lb bag of broccoli florets ($5.49) lasts for 3-4 meals for the two of us and is amazing. Same with the green beans and asparagus. The meat we’ve tried has been really great too; he especially loves the Philly Sliced Beef Steak for a late night snack (there are 6 vacuum-sealed “patties” that when cooked, fall apart into shaved pieces). The Special Recipe pizza is likely the best frozen pizza ever and I’ve tried pretty much every brand available. It might be a little expensive but when I broke it down per meal per person, it was very cost effective and nothing beats the convenience of having it dropped off and available for those nights when we have nothing planned.

    I highly recommend trying them out if you’re looking for something convenient and tasty. I’m not sure how cost effective it is for a family, who might eat the whole bag/package of something in one meal, but for singles or couples, the service definitely works out well. Even better if you’re like us and one person eats a lot of meat but the other doesn’t; or one person hates green beans but the other doesn’t – everything is resealable or portioned for 1/2 making cooking multiple things really easy.

  33. Ashley C.

    I live in too rural of an area for any of these services I guess. But I’m not sure I would use it even if it was available. We have five kids five and under so I have to meal plan, go at 6 am on Saturday morning while the kids and hubby sleep and that seems to work for now.

  34. Adriaddiemom

    Your posts are always so timely. My coworker recommended to me today. I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet but she said they deliver fresh organic produce to her house once a week and she’s been very happy with them. Just sharing in case anyone else out there shops mostly organic.

  35. Lynne

    Yes! I used Hyvee’s pick up option after I had my last baby. My csection recovery was rough and I could barely manage to walk from the car into the store for the first two weeks. i could order what we needed and stop and they would load it up for me. The few dollars fee was worth it.

  36. Sara Newton

    I used to do this with Shop Rite when my husband was working in Manhattan. He worked 80-ish hours a week and I did everything at home. It was super helpful and is the thing I miss most about New York! I loved it! I’m currently pregnant with baby #3, and wish we had it where we live now. I make so many impulse purchases while pregnant! It’d help me stay on budget!

  37. Michelle

    No online (grocery) shopping for me!! I’d much rather go into stores to squeeze the tomatoes, smell the ripe cantaloupes, thump the watermelons, and pick the best/shiniest apples there I can find. Oh and not nearly ripe/brown/bruised bananas, please! Not to mention, I like to pick the longest expiration date (as far back as I can reach) on most things I buy. Yep, I’m that lady who takes my grocery shopping seriously. My time is saved by no hunting/clipping coupons to buy useless things.

  38. Amy

    I recently started using an online grocer called Door-to-Door Organics. We are really happy with it! It’s like a CSA and a grocery store had a baby. The delivery is free. It’s not available in all parts of the country, but a quick visit to their website will tell you if it’s available in your area.

  39. ToriSC

    I wish! Working 12 – 16 hour days 7 days a week from now until Tax Day is grueling. I get by mostly on frozen meals and takeout. When I worked in a larger city, I loved just pulling up & having them load my car, especially so late at night.

  40. Debora

    Hi everyone! some of these sound great unfortunately I live in Nebraska and it would seem that most are not offered here. Anyone else from around NE that has found a great service? Especially for organic produce.

  41. Angela

    It’s also great because you save a lot of money by not going into the store and picking up all of the extra things that are not on your list!!!

  42. Amanda

    I’ve been using Walmart’s delivery service for the last year and LOVE it! Their curbside pick up is free, or delivery ranges from $6-10. They don’t accept coupons, but I’ve found Walmart’s prices to be very reasonable and I’ve saved quite a bit by ordering online where I stick to my list and avoid impulse buys :). New customers can get $10 off their fist purchase

    • s. baret

      Thanks Amanda.
      And I’ve used your referral link.
      Good Luck.

  43. Bambing Dela Cruz

    Funny you should post this, I was just thinking of ordering fruits and vegetables from a local farm since they are having a promo :). I have Subscribe and Save for certain things from Amazon. I probably could get them cheaper if I buy on sale and use a coupon with it, but, for the convenience and peace of mind of knowing it’ll be delivered like clockwork, it is worth it for me. I am learning to put a value on my time. The way I look at it, I get paid $Xx.XX at work. Looking at how much time I would spend cutting coupons, looking at circulars and then shopping, is it really a saving?

  44. Angela

    I used hannaford to go for a while. Unfortunately hannaford is the most expensive store in my area so I had to give it up. But it’s great to know its there in a pinch!

  45. Beth

    Have wanted to try this but I am picky about fruit/vegetable quality. Please share a few experiences or recommendations.

  46. 4Ella

    I saw the sign at Walmart that they are doing the same thing.Order grocery online and pick up in store.

    • shawneen

      This service is amazing! All I had to do is drive up to the designated spot and two very nice women came out and loaded up my car! Use my referral code RRYHYFCJ and we both get $10 off a $30 purchase!

  47. Yoojin1008

    Depends on where you live. It was great in NYC since high turnover and lots of ppl get groceries delivered. Most often food was fresher than the store.

  48. shawneen

    This is amazing! If you know me, you know I HATE Walmart….but…I had to try this. Walmart now has a curb side pick up…so I ordered about $200 worth of groceries and other products, that I usually buy it bulk, online last night. All I had to do is drive up to the designated spot and two very nice women came out and loaded up my car! Use my referral code RRYHYFCJ and we both get $10 off a $30 purchase! I bought just a few produce products because I like to pick out my own fruits and veggies but I was pleasantly surprised! I don’t like taking my 2 small babies into any grocery store because it is cumbersome. I much rather spend time with my precious babies at home ๐Ÿ™‚ good luck, ladies!

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