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Reader Tip: Share Amazon Prime Benefits Among TWO Adults

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Amazon Prime

As I mentioned a few days ago, Amazon has raised the minimum FREE shipping threshold for NON-Prime members from $35 to $49 πŸ™ … which means it’s a perfect time to sign up for Amazon Prime (if you haven’t yet) since Amazon Prime members receive FREE 2-day shipping with NO minimum purchase! As you can see from the photo above, I definitely take advantage of my Amazon Prime membership! πŸ˜‰

Also, check out this reader tip:

Amazon HouseholdAmazon Household lets you add an extra Adult to your own Prime account (details here)! My sister will be adding me to her Prime account next month, when my own Prime expires. She signed up last month for just $79. So that’s two adults using all of Prime’s benefits, movies, etc. for the price of one.

Here’s what Amazon states about Amazon Household:
Setting up a Household allows Prime members to share select benefits of Prime with another adult. If adding an adult, both adults must be present to create a Household. Both adults must agree to share wallets (i.e. credit/debit cards) in order to share the Prime benefits listed below.

(Thanks, Laura!)


Are YOU an Amazon Prime Member? If not, now is a great time to sign up for an Amazon Prime membership! For just $99 per year, Amazon Prime members get to take advantage of the following offers…

1. Unlimited FREE two-day shipping (no minimum order size) – my favorite benefit! πŸ˜€ And if you are not in a rush for your item(s), you can opt for no-rush shipping and score a free $1 credit to use for eBooks, digital music, or videos.

2. Amazon Family – If you’re a Prime member with young children, sign up for Amazon Family to snag special offers including 20% off diapers subscriptions and freebies like free Gerber formula (no longer available).

3. Unlimited instant streaming of over 40,000 movies and TV shows AND unlimited, ad-free streaming of over a million songs

4. Access to exclusive savings (like this previously available deal on a rice cooker) AND exclusive offers (like these free magazine subscription offers previously available)

5. Unlimited Photo Storage w/ Amazon Cloud Drive

6. 30-minute early access to select Amazon Lightning Deals

7. Free Kindle Book(s) every month

Not ready to commit to an annual membership yet? Sign up here for a FREE 30-day Amazon Prime membership. Looking for a gift idea for the person who has everything? Give the gift of an Amazon Prime membership.

Are you a college student? Sign up NOW to get a FREE 6-Month Amazon Prime membership!

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Comments 64

  1. J

    Yes! My mom and I split both Prime and Sams Club! It works great!

  2. Casey

    I used to split it with my mother-in-law. It definitely helps if you feel you cannot afford it.

  3. Adrien

    My best friend and I share prime. We split the cost of it and it’s been amazing!

  4. Isma

    Isn’t it supposed to be shared between an actual family that lives in the same household? While it may work for now, I feel it is abusing their TOS which will probably then lead to an increase in price to everyone else…

    • A

      It says no where that the adults have to reside together.

      • Isma

        “Sharing Select Prime Benefits
        Select Prime benefits can only be shared between the two adults in a Household.”

        • K

          Amazon Household can contain up to six members:

          Two adults, each with their own Amazon account.
          Up to four child profiles (children aren’t enabled to shop on Amazon through their child profiles).

    • Adrien

      I contacted Amazon before I bought it. They said as long as my best friend and I didn’t mind being able to see each other payment info it didn’t matter if we lived together or not. Thanks but we’re not abusing their terms of service.

      • heather

        i’m just double checking — i can share my membership with someone who doesn’t live in my house, but we can use two seperate credit cards, correct? i don’t care if they see my card info, but i’d like to be able to pay separately.

  5. Vivian

    My mom and I split- but it was back when we each could have our own account/wallet, it’s great! Eases the cost and you can double up on great deals/ coupons

  6. Summer

    Can you have two shipping addresses ?

    • HEA_THE_R

      Honey, you can have a lot more than two

      • A

        Yes I have 4-send stuff to my extended family all the time.

    • Me

      Oh geeze, I seriously have at least 10 addresses! I order stuff for my brother in PA, the school my mother in law works for, my parents, my own among others!!!

  7. mweyler

    I thought I had heard that with sharing, the second person does not have access to all the main benefits…like movies etc…
    Can anyone confirm?

    • Cara (@ceeleeleo)

      This is a recent change, but as long as you share payment information, you will get Prime Video. From my experience, you cannot borrow 1 Kindle book a month as you can with the primary account though.

  8. Erika

    My Mom does this with my sister and I. She called Amazon about an order and the representative actually told her about sharing prime and sent both me and my sis an email allowing us to link our accounts to our Mom’s prime. Sharing prime allows us to enjoy the free 2-day shipping but does not include the free shows/movies prime members get.

  9. 4Ella

    I have Amazon Prime for Students and is $49 a year, same benefits. I think first year is free, I know my son has it also.

  10. jessica

    does the main account holder have access to my orders? will they be able to see what I buy?

    • K

      My hubby and I share an account and we can’t see what each other orders.

      • Irish Lass

        Thank you for that, I’ve been looking for that answer everywhere before adding my adult son!

    • Emily

      Yes, new prime accounts that get shared will be able to see what you buy and they will have access to your credit card info. Old prime accounts can still share separately.

      • K

        It must be very new. I just added my hubby 2 months ago.

  11. Sue

    Funny story. My daughters teacher allowed her son access to her prime Account to purchase his books for college and she wasn’t thinking about it when she purchased the majority of his Christmas. He knew everything she purchased for him from Amazon.

    • Fran

      My sons on mine and I can’t see what he buys?

    • Amy

      That is why my kids are banned from my Amazon account in December!

  12. TS

    My mom has prime and has no problem letting me use it but she was wondering if I can put my debit card info into her account under payment methods so I can use it when I want to? She thinks no because she thinks you can only get the free prime shipping when u pay with the credit card that you used to pay for the prime account. Does anyone happen to know this? Thanks

    • Monica

      TS, we share ours with my brother-in-law and his wife. We have 8 different credit/debit cards saved as well as many different addresses because we’ve shipped stuff to other family members with no problem.

    • Emily

      No you can have multiple payment methods.

    • Memightymo

      Yes, you can add your debit/credit card info on the Prime member’s account.

      • TS

        Thanks everyone! πŸ™‚

  13. Rochelle Clark Waggoner

    I have been sharing Prime for years with my family. I always thought it read that must be members of your household. I am the Prime holder though and only I get all the extra benefits, they just get the shipping. The family does not share a wallet and we do not see what see what the others order.

  14. Ashley

    Didn’t realize I was above the cuff. I added my sister as in when I got the deal, was it $59?

  15. Heather

    Does anyone know if you can both stream music from Amazon Music at the same time? My husband and I both use the same account (with the same login info) and only one of us can listen to Amazon Music…if the other person starts it kicks the first person off!

  16. Deepa

    Ok let me explain everything…i’m a Prime member for over 5 years…any doubts , ask away
    1. This is a recent change(around 4 months or so) you can add an extra member who shares all the benefits of prime..not just the 2 day shipping..earlier you could add 4 people who were supposed to be in the same household.Now no such restrictions.So splits the cost by half.

    2. 2 day shipping means 2 days…as in, if i order on the 13th it should be here by 15th…in case it is not(and 50% of the time it is not) i immediately contact CS by mail and they extend my prime for 1 month.
    I took prime membership in oct for $70(during the Oscars Promo) and i have already got a 6 month extension.

    3.Once i reach a 1 year extension..which i always have so far, i will take the no rush shipping whnever im not in a hurry and i will have quite an $ amt of video credits

    3. Amazon CS is AWESOME
    So $70 split between 2 families for 2 years…super duper cheap !!

    • K

      The credits usually expire within a couple months.

    • Katherine

      Regarding the dates… it depends on the time of the day that you order on the 13th, for it to arrive in two days, the 15th. Right before you ‘submit order’, the dates come up on when an item will arrive within the 2 day prime or the 3rd day. It is important to pay attention to the “delivery dates” before hitting submit. If my toilet paper or sandwich bags show up a day late, personally, I do not feel the need to call and complain just to expect a few month.

      • Katherine

        *FREE month

        • Deepa

          @Katherine if the product says prime, then it doesn’t matter whether the dates don’t reflect that..its possible that they don’t have the product in stock and they will ship out when they do..however u are eligible for a 1 month extension..thats all…and this link explains it

          Its ok if you are fine with not contacting the CS..thats your prerogative but your definitely entitled to an extension. I dont call..i just send a mail. They respond back within 1 hour.

          • Katherine

            @Deepa Yes their CS is great especially thru email, no issues at all in 6yrs. Entitled or not, it’s not always necessary. Just a personal preference on when or when not to ‘complain’.

            • Deepa

              @Jessica, we all have our opinions on when its necessary to ‘complain’. I paid for 2 day shipping and i expect my order, whether big or small to be here in that time yes i complain…and the maximum extensions are only for 12 after that your big orders can be as late as possible and there is nothing that we can aim is to get my 12 month extension asap.

          • Emily

            That link mentions expected delivery date, I didn’t see anywhere where it says 2 days specifically. I tried to contact them once and they told me that it is two business days (so weekends and holidays aren’t included) after the order is placed, and if you order past a certain time, it is like you are ordering the next day. For example if you order something weds night, it counts as placing the order on Thursday, and so your first day is Friday, and your second day is Monday, which is when the expected delivery day is. I hate ordering things on weds night or Thursday because then you have the max waiting time! This has just been my experience and customer service won’t do anything about it if it is delivered by the expected delivery date given at checkout.

            • Deepa

              If you are a Prime member, then one of the benefits is 2 day shipping.. you should expect delivery on Sat…my post office delivers Amazon packages on Sat. If you are confused, my suggestion is to check other products which show ‘guaranteed delivery date by.. if you choose 1 day shipping’ So calculate the next day as you are entitled to 2 day shipping. Sometimes they cannot offer the product for whatever reason on time so they write’ Prime shipping when in stock’. Dont get fooled by that…ur package should reach in 2 days…or contact CS.

    • Jessica

      I’m so glad you said this. I’ve been going around and around with Amazon since early January because a few days a week my 2 day shipping is actually 4-5 day shipping. And I don’t mean it’s late. I mean the expected delivery date given is that far out. I’ve even contacted the Bbb bc Amazon refuses to help or fix it. They said 2 day shipping means once they get the item from the seller, so depending on how long that takes, depends on the total time. But once they get it, it’s two day shipping. That’s never how it was but they say it’s always been that way. I’m so frustrated. I ordered 6 separate orders on the 17th, 2 showed a 5 day delivery date and 4 showed a 2 day delivery date, all prime items. Makes no sense.

      • Deepa

        @Jessica you should not bother about the expected delivery date..unless its something urgent just contact CS..tell them that you placed an order on so and so date and its been over 2 days..and according to the terms of prime shipping you should be eligible to 1 free month…thats all…don’t bother calling..just email..they will respond within an hr…and they will give u an extension.My hubby once needed something in a he paid for 1 day shipping…and it reached after 2 days(!!) and we contacted CS and they refunded the 1 day shipping charges. Amazon CS always makes it right.

      • Katherine

        Jessica good luck.. that sounds very frustrating! Typically their CS is very quick to respond and will offer a refund of the original shipping etc.

    • mweyler

      does this include weekends? I just ordered something with prime on Wed night hoping I would have it by Saturday. They didn’t send it until Monday. But I assume it was my fault because I ordered late on Wed and they don’t deliver on weekends. Did find that curious though that didn’t calculate Sat. as part of 2 day.

      • Deepa

        @mweyler Amazon delivers on Sat…i have received a 1 month extension when i place an order on thurs and it is not delivered by Sat..Contact them…

  17. Kim

    Ahh yes lots more than 2 lol… As long as you trust them πŸ™‚

  18. Marge

    It has my price to reenroll as 99 dollars not 79.

  19. Julie

    We signed up when it was $79 and It was a pain. Since I do all the amazon shopping and bills I naturally purchased from my account. My boyfriend was interested in subscribing to a music streaming company and I convinced him to just let us get prime instead. Little did I know that only the primary member got to stream music. We had to spend hours on the phone with customer service because no one knew only one member got it and kept trying to trouble shoot our account. We finally had to cancel and repurchase just to make it work. Just thought I’d point it out incase no one else realized. Now I see it doesn’t list it as a shared benefit but I didn’t research enough before purchasing and wish I would have known.

  20. Heather

    Does anyone know if you’re able to be a reviewer if you’re the added adult? My sister does the reviews and I really would like to as well- but I’m not sure how to get that started

    • Jessica

      I have two friends that share an account and both are reviewers. But technically I’m not sure if there’s a rule against it.

  21. yluthien

    I did this with my dad. Last year when amazon had the prime membership deal for $72, I used my fiance’s account [the account that we use] to purchase it and send the ‘gift card ‘ to myself about 3 days after my anniversary. I set up his account so it didn’t auto deduct when the annual fee was due and told him we wouldn’t have prime for 3 days = NO ORDERING. I talked to my parents [they live in ct] and cancelled their prime acct immediately my anniversary came up, waited the 3 days then used the gift card to purchase the new prime account for us on my fiance acct and then added my dad’s account for it. So it ends up $36 per house per year! We have our cards saved and properly labeled and we always check before checking out, but it hasn’t been a hassle. I am glad I was able to save $28 on our end and $99 on my dad’s side. The cool thing is that we both get our individual amazon mom discounts so i could put 2 orders of diapers and wipes for my nephew when they had the sale =)

  22. Tonya

    My DH has Student Prime and it cannot be shared. Guess I’ll have to continue to sign in to his acct to get 2 day shipping!

  23. Nora

    I don’t get what you guys are talking about here! Since I became a Prime customer years ago, my entire family uses my account…entire as in me and my husband and 3 grown kids that no longer live at home, my family in NY…sister, brother, niece, nephew, …etc. They log in using my user ID and password and all of them have their credit card info stored to pay when they check out! Like I said, we’ve been doing that for years!

    • K

      It used to be you could share with more than 1 adult. You’re probably grandfathered in.

      • Sandra

        Sharing Prime means that you can keep your own user id and email address and have a separate login. Your family is just all using one account.

  24. Niki

    Really pimping Amazon Prime πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜•

  25. Kristine

    Thank you! I just added my name to my husbands account lol

  26. Di

    Did anyone else notice that they charge you tax on your membership? So my $99 membership actually cost $106.92. Kinda lame. Maybe it’s just some states (i.e. California where we get charged for everything?!)

  27. Michael B

    Are you sure that you get access to music when you are added as an adult household member? I just was added to my brother’s account and I still do not have access to Prime Music and it says I must join Prime for $99 to get it.

  28. Kathy Jones

    Can the Prime “primary” member see the added adults info…i.e address, ordering info? The Prime account is more than 5 yrs old by the way. We aren’t in the same household, have different logins and such. I’d love to know what info the Primary account holder has access to. Thanks

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