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Do YOU Have Missing Money?

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Missing Money Hip2Save

Have you ever heard of Established in 1999, is a national database that enables you to perform searches for lost assets required by law to be turned over to the states – like money due from past employers, utility companies, stocks, mutual funds etc. What does this mean in plain English… you can search for money owed to YOU!

Steps to search for YOUR Missing Money:

*Click here, enter your name and state and click on “go.”

*If you find a match, you must complete a claim form. Most states and provinces require a specific form to be completed which asks pertinent information about the property and proof of ownership, such as copies of checkbook, passbook, bonds, etc.

*Follow the instructions to complete the specified form and supply any necessary documentation and identification.

*The claim form and ID are then mailed to the state for review. The state will respond to you directly after they have reviewed your submission and verified that you are the rightful owner.

*Most states send you an acknowledgment letter after receiving your claim. Claims processing time frames vary between states and provinces and property to property based upon claim activity. Click here to view the list of participating states in MissingMoney.

Check out comments left by Hip2Savers on a previous post…

I have found missing money in three states. All in the states unclaimed funds. A total just over $5000. My tips are regularly check the states unclaimed funds, and fill out paperwork properly. For me this is a fun and rewarding hobby.

I searched my family members names and helped my Grandma recover $180 from her CVS Caremark account.

My husband had over $100 last year from here. All we had to do is print off a couple simple forms to fill out, send copy of drivers license and SS card, and get those papers notarized then send in. Easy peasy. Then we got a check about 2 weeks later.

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Comments 58

  1. art

    I had some money from a pay check (that I’m still not sure why I got) from an old place of employment I was in the process of obtaining. One of my coworkers from my current place of employment I barely know emailed me and told me I had money….she was just searching everybody she could remotely think of. I was farther creeped out.

    • Julia L.


    • sophie

      Maybe she’s hoping you will give her a finders fee.

    • Amani

      Don’t be creeped out. Lol. When I go on the site I get excited and when I’m done checking family names I look for whoever is around. I know it’s a little weird but the people I’ve informed have been pleasantly surprised.

    • jlgclassof2000

      I did the same thing for cousins, old friends, & my roommate, etc…not sure how somebody that is actually employed ended up bored enough to look up other peoples’ unclaimed $…i thought it was just my bored unemployed butt that did that! it’s addicting. go try looking up your name & close family memebers’ names, then come back & tell me u weren’t then compelled to look almost every name u can think of when it was all said & done (kinda reminds me of my first experiences on Facebook, looking up every1 I can think of!)

  2. Amanda

    I just checked last week and had $1300 from a state I haven’t lived in since 2006! i have checked occasionally over the years, but it just recently showed up. So be sure and check every state you’ve lived in because you never know!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Wow! That’s awesome!

  3. aj

    I wish but no none

  4. Stephanie

    Except California doesnt post anything…HA go figure!!!

    • Alli

      California’s can be found under the CA state controllers website. That’s where i found mine and some for family members. Good luck!

    • Amani

      The California site is I frequent the site. I just got a payment of $951

  5. Patricia

    I received $63 in the mail from money that was owed to me. The process take 9-12 weeks. Worth it ๐Ÿค—

  6. Cathy

    On a side note, I just received my RedBull settlement…$4.25!

    • Patricia

      I didn’t get my red bull check womp womp lol

      • m

        me too I thought it was suppose to be 10.00 but happy with anything ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Linda

      I just received my $4.25 settlement check a few days ago.

  7. 4Ella

    I made a claim about three months ago and just got my check in mail. It was from the library for $1.40 now i have a dilemma how to spend it lol

    • Dany

      Pay it forward towards a Sunday paper hahaha.

  8. Amy

    Thanks for posting this. I always check when you post this and although I’ve never found any money for me, I have found money for my sister and my brother-in-law’s stepmom.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome Amy!

  9. Shannon

    I did this last time Collin posted and I got back $300 from an uncollected paycheck and $20 from a hospital overpayment from a long time ago. So awesome!!

  10. Wvwfufan

    I love this post! I’m the Deputy Treasurer for Unclaimed Property for the State of West Virginia. We are thrilled to be able to return people’s money. I would just caution readers, don’t pay a locator to collect your property if you can claim it directly from a state for free! Carolyn Atkinson

    • Kidsallgone


  11. ihearthip

    Keep your eyes peeled for a complimentary gift from Lilly Pulitzer if you ordered from the after party sale a few months ago. I got a card in the mail for a free gwp. Ordered the $6 drink cozi and shipping is free. Not sure what the mystery gift is. Can’t wait to find out!

  12. Stephanie

    Last time you posted this, I searched for a bunch of family members when my name came up with nothing. My sister and her husband had a total of 4 different unclaimed cash entries. I told her about it and she later sent me a picture of some checks she had just received in the mail totaling almost $1000!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      That’s wonderful! Thanks for sharing Stephanie!

  13. m

    No Washington state on this list ๐Ÿ™

  14. Jeanna

    I did this and found out there was an old unemployment check I hadn’t cashed ($200). They sent it to me within a week! I was told that most of the money belonging to people are from deposits put on phone, power and gas services. People cancel those services but fail to provide those companies with forwarding addresses. Easy money!

  15. Kasey

    I have some in VA but I will never be able to get it because of all the stipulations on the claim. Kinda annoying!!

  16. Brandy

    Does anyone know the missing money site that lets you look up money for Illinois? They don’t have IL on missing Thanks in advance.

    • Kidsallgone

      Go to the state’s government home page and look under treasurer or comptroller or similar. Good luck!

      • Brandy

        Thank you! I was as to search didn’t have any money but at least now I have pics of mind ok looked. Thanks!

  17. Kayla

    I have $620 but gave to submit proof of that address, social security, and copy of drivers license. Has anyone done this and can verify its legitimate

    • Kidsallgone

      Read comments above for proof. And good luck!

    • Shannon

      Yes it’s legit I had to do the same thing to get old money from PA. Some states want more info than others to give you the money back.

  18. gilly

    Go to you state government to be linked if not listed

  19. Jennifer

    I’ve never found my name but I did find my brother in-law, he had a couple hundred. I also found my brother who had over $2000 in an old bank account from when he lived out of state.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Glad you could help them find their money!

  20. Gloria

    Last time you posted. I called and got $300.00. Thanks

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      That’s great Gloria! You’re very welcome!

  21. Colleen D.

    I checked the nys comptroller’s the last time you posted . Thought I might have maybe $25 from an old disability insurance check , from 30 years ago. I lived in an apt so it was 126D they had typed in 126O . Anyhow imagine my surprise when I received a check for just over $800 when I needed it most. Thank you Colin!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      So happy you were able to find that Colleen! You’re welcome!

  22. Barb

    My daughter found my name, and notified me. Thank you Hip2save

  23. Hot momma

    Wondering about New York!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Celi

      Me too

    • Colleen D.

      For NY go to the NY state comptroller office, from there it is very easy to find out if you have missing funds. Most claims are also very easy and can be done on-line. My experience a few months ago was that I spent less than 5 minutes finding the money and filing my claim. It took about two weeks to get my check in the mail. I hope that helps!

  24. Kate

    I’ve found money for 6 different people in my family! ๐Ÿ˜ณ

  25. sue

    I found $10 from I placed I lived back in the 70’s. They wanted SO much proof it was me I gave up. I don’t have anything with that address on it from then. I sent them drivers license, marriage license ss# and they still wanted more!

  26. Kalynn

    Has anyone saw who the money who listed from and just called them to find out about getting it? My husband came up and he mentioned about just calling the company directly to ask them vs going through the other steps like sending SSN.

    • Michele

      After a certain amount of time if a company can’t pay somebody the money owed to them the money has to be turned over to that state’s treasury office. That’s where it sits until somebody claims it.

      The money could be from payroll check, utility deposits, closed bank accounts, over payments insurance, over payment hospital, and even rebate checks.

  27. mochi

    I did it & said I’m owed some revenue $100+, filled out & passed verification, will get a check in a few wks. My mothers name came up also stating ins. premium $100+, filled out but did not pass verification, she has to send in a signed form w/ notary! Thanks!

  28. mochi

    Fyi: state website gave the same link Collin has posted here. Thanks again! CanT wait to see how much over 100$ it is ;-D

  29. Bethany

    My grandfather had missing $$$. He died in ’99. I wonder if it’s even worth it to try and get it. The executor of the estate has since passed on, too. It would probably cost more to get the money than the actual amount that is unclaimed.

    • Colleen D.

      Do you have a copy of your grandfather’s death certificate, a copy of the will, ( that states you are to receive your grandfather’s cash etc.) a copy of the executors death certificate? In other words a paper trail showing that you are entitled to the missing funds? Perhaps it is doable.

  30. Melissa

    My husband has a $100 Dell rebate but his last name is spelled wrong and since we have a PO box, he listed my sister’s address to mail it to so how in the world am I going to prove that?

    • Colleen D.

      Has he had other things sent to her address? Perhaps a copy of that and a copy of the receipt from purchase or even if you had made a copy of the refund request?

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