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Reader Question: Where is YOUR Favorite Place to Purchase Leggings?

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Check out this email I received from reader Erica –

With legging season still in full swing, what is your favorite store to purchase leggings from? My favorite leggings I have ever worn EVER are from Sam’s club! 🙂 I am so obsessed with them, they fit so good and do not fade! And, not to mention they are pretty affordable!

With that being said, where is your favorite place to purchase leggings from?

(Thanks, Erica!)

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  1. Kristen

    TJMaxx!!!! In store & online

  2. Jenn

    Loft and Lululemon. I’ve tried buying cheaper ones, but the quality just doesn’t compare!

    • Ashley

      So true lululemon is amazing!!

  3. Bailey

    LuLaRoe leggings are the absolute best. Once you try them you will be hooked! They are so soft and comfy and have a yoga pant waist band that doesn’t squeeze you. Never shows panty lines and they come in styles and patterns for everyone like classic solids, simple patterns and even crazy patterns like flying pigs, chuhuahuas, unicorns, and cupcakes. They have children’s s/m and l/xl, tween, one size (adult 2-12) and tall and Curvy (10-22) I’m 5’10 and wore a 14 pre-pregnancy. I’m currently 8 months pregnant and my tall and Curvy leggings have grown with me the whole way and always looked fantastic!

    If you want to know more about them, join my Facebook group (LuLaRoe Bailey Gates VIP group) I’m a new consultant and will be having my first part next week 🙂

  4. Missy

    Only Lularoe!!!

  5. A

    TJMaxx has a few different brands for under $5

  6. Chrissie

    Lauren Conrad brand from Kohl’s! I own at least a half dozen!

  7. Sara

    I splurged on some Athleta leggings (not workout ones, just regular ‘lifestyle’ ones) and they’re AMAZING. Worth the price! I’m obsessed now.

  8. jen

    Lu La Roe! I just got my first pair the other day and LOVE them. .. and I’m a legging connosouir! !!

  9. KP

    I like Zella “live in” leggings the best. They have lots of sizes and hold up well. You have to buy them during a sale at Nordstrom and they hem for free so you can get them just right.

    • Hannah

      These are my favorite too! I like them way better than Lululemon and they are cheaper too- especially during an anniversary sale!

    • Karen

      Agree. I love my Zellas. They’ve ruined me for most other leggings.

    • S.ann

      Me too, I like that they are thicker so you can’t see through them. Also they have so many different styles. 🙂

  10. Bluewatergirl

    My favorite pair I bought at BCBG a few years ago. They are thick, comfy, but they were expensive. I think I paid $80+. I normally won’t even pay that for actual pants but they were the first pair that fit like a glove and thats I loved.

  11. Kelly

    Oh my goodness they’re amazing!!

  12. Tiffany

    I get my leggings from
    They have all been great quality!

  13. Monique

    Lauren Conrad leggings from Kohl’s. I literally wore them throughout my entire pregnancy. No fading, thick, and super comfortable.

  14. alyssa

    Lularoe fan…..

  15. Breezy Brie

    I found these leggings on amazon that are comparable to Lularoe (I owe a pair of both) AND they are half the price!! WINNING!! Search VIV Collection or try out this link Fun patterns too!!

  16. ellie

    uniqlo and whatever my family bought to me -.-

  17. Sarah G.

    My favorite tights are by Heather Thompson’s Yummie Tummie. I typically buy off eBay or check places like Marshall’s/ TJMaxx. I am a bigger girl and they work perfect for me. They are thick and really suck you in. They have wide waist bands and are high waisted. When it comes to tights, the more high waisted the better, IMO.

    For workout/active tights, I love 90 degrees by Reflex. I’ve purchased them through Amazon and have also found lots at, again, TJ Maxx/Marshall’s.

    I also like the wide bands from Hue (they are just a tad thin).

  18. michelle

    This is the best. Post. Ever.! I have learned so much! My favorite legging is a blue jean leggings from Walgreens. I own three of them and love them so much! They are about $15 apiece but typically go on sale. I’ve even found them on the clearance aisle for $6 before. They suck you in and are a nice dark wash and look really well done. 🙂

  19. KimNell

    My college age daughters only want high waisted leggings with some shaper to them and I found their faves are Vera Wang on line only

    • Tori Molloy

      check out legging army. They are high waisted with an elastic band. very affordable too.

  20. Bethany

    Apparently I missed the legging fad, lol. But honestly this kind of clothing feels sloppy/lazy to me and I won’t wear leggings for anything other than running. Same reason why I won’t wear yoga pants in public. To each their own I suppose!

    • Erin

      Me, too! I lived in leggings in high school, but at forty, not so much.

  21. Maggie


  22. Lydia

    Splendid! Quite pricy, 80.00..but WORTH. Every. Penny!

  23. Heather

    Lularoe 😍😍😍😍

  24. AG

    For black- Sweet Nothings brand ( Maidenform) they are the same as Flexees ( also made by Maidenform) but half the price. Sold at Walmart. Fit great, wash like a dream, no show through. For denim and chino. No Nonsense, made by Kayser Roth -who also makes Hue at 1/4 price. Can be bought at Walmart and other stores. THeir website is great and sends you discounts.

  25. Lisa

    Assets by Spanx! They are sold at Target. I have three pairs, all different styles, and love them all.

  26. kcmiami88

    Why are people posting so much hatred towards leggings?? Geez we get it u dont like leggings so how about go hate on them in some “we hate leggings” forum lol… This is about where to find good ones for those of us who like them!

    Now back to the REAL topic…. I recently bought nice ones on amazon, also taget has thick ones, but im still in search of the perfect fit ones too! I love them, as a mother of a busy toddler jeans are too hard to run around in, go down slides, climb equipment, play ball, etc etc so i spend most my days in them! Thanks for the inside tips ladies i will be trying some new leggings soon now 😊

    • Bethany

      Or maybe you could go to a “we hate on people who hate on leggings” blog? I don’t understand why people feel justified in hating on hating? Why so self righteous when you’re hating, too?

  27. debra

    Please stop wearing leggings. They are not pants

    • R

      I wear them under dresses instead of tights not as pants.

  28. f

    I picked up some random ones from dsw a couple of months ago for $5. Wasn’t sure if they’d fit when I bought them, but they turned out to be just the right length (I’m short at 5 ft) and just the right thickness! They’re lucky brand.

  29. Tay

    I am 5 months post partum (6th baby) and leggings might not look that wonderful on me but they are just so comfy to be in and they work for me right now. I am still wearing mostly pregnancy leggings (eek!). I need leggings that will stay up when my pooch wants to push them down and won’t create a muffin top. Also– will allow me to “breathe” and not reveal “things”– even though I try to wear longer shirts if I leave the house. Any recommendations?

    • Bailey

      Lularoe all the way! I’m 8 months pregnant and I live in their leggings right now. The great thing is that I can still wear them all after baby as well. The yoga pant waistband doesn’t cut into you or cause pooches and they are thick enough not to show panty lines. I typically wear longer shirts with them, but I’m not self conscious about something showing if my shirt rides up. I’m a preschool teacher and always on the floor and moving around with the kids and these leggings keep me comfy and looking great!

      I just decided to become a consultant because I love them so much and want to share them with everyone. Join my Facebook group (lularoe bailey gates vip group)

      • awlrain

        would love to join your group but can’t find it?

  30. D

    Lularoe! Not see through. Great quality and super soft. You won’t be disappointed I got a pair as a gift and was hooked.

  31. Ashley

    As women, why do we feel compelled to tear one another down? Let’s build each other up! It’s so much easier to be kind and supportive.

    • ph

      It’s your money buy what you like and wear what you are comfortable in. Those who don’t like leggings or jeggings don’t comment here. This is not the place for haters. Ladies enjoy life tomorrow isn’t promised to us. This world is crazy enough without the mean rude words spoken about what your not comfortable in. TJMaxx Marshalls and don’t forget Ross great brands to choose from

      • Cherryluva


  32. ph

    All three ladies look good in them IJS

  33. Barbara

    Lularoe hands down. While they are a bit more expensive, once you put on a pair you will never go back! They are the most comfortable, soft pants ever! I love them.

  34. cindy

    I’ve appreciated the suggestions My 19 year olden has found her favorite. My 15 year old is still in search of a brand that works well for her. I now have some ideas from many price points to try. Thank you!

  35. Judy Trac

    How come I haven’t seen leggings at SAMs when I was there

  36. J

    Heheheh I understand the arguments! It’s cracking me up cause I was not into legging before for those reasons.

    I found leggings at Uniglo that are actually called “Leggings Pants.” I really like them a lot! They are thick and they don’t look like your pants are spray painted on your legs. They are more like skinny jeans IMO. Even has a button/zipper stitching so you can’t tell it has an elastic waist!

    They are my first pairs. My gf took me to the store to get me to buy leggings and all I could tell her was “I just don’t want to wear leggings and wonder ‘am I wearing pants?'” 😜

    Iirc I spent $20 because there was a sale.

  37. Kim

    Where do I buy Lularoe leggings?

  38. jennifer lien

    was looking for the lularoe and am very confused by the whole thing! i want to buy some leggings and amelia dress! joined some facebook pages but sellers seem not to have what i am looking for. this business model is very frustrating. If you sell lularoe please email me. i almost am about to give up. see some shops with leggings and tops but no one has the dress! i am in the los angeles area.

    • Cassiopiea Kitchens

      Hi Jen. Are you still looking?! Just found this blog. I would be happy to show you a few people I know who carry the Amelia, and talk to you a bit about the styles. I am not a consultant myself, I just am a superfan!!

  39. Taylor

    Since this post was written, I bought my first two pairs of Lularoe leggings. They are very comfortable, but they do not hold you in, if that is what you are looking for. If you want leggings that will gently hold you in– I will suggest my new favorites: go to Kohl’ and search for Vera Wang Shaper leggings– they come in three colors and are not the cheapest, but they are my fave leggings now!! Just need more colors! :). They are high waisted and do not roll. No bulges– just gentle but firm support!!

  40. sara

    Lularoe are my favorite. I don’t like other leggings.

  41. mybirthmomlife

    Don’t waist your money with Lularoe they’re cheaply made. You can buy leggings with the exact same fabric content and feel just as soft and comfy from Walmart for $5.97. They’re in the juniors section and called super soft and sueded by no boundaries. I also found a pair with the same fabric at dollar general for $8. The waist band is different but just as comfortable. The pair I found at Walmart even has foxes and squirrels on them. I’ve always found MLM or direct sales companies to be overpriced and poor quality and Lularoe proved it to me once again.

    • Swinssis1970

      Agree! I bought a pair and sadly I was disappointed. Buying them was complicated and I felt I had to rush. I’m also on the border of there sizing. I’m at the top of their one size and the bottom of the tall and curvy size. So the one pulls down on the waist and the other is baggy. The OS can be see thru depending on the print. At $29 ($25 plus shipping) it’s a pretty good chunk of chain to throw away. Wal-Mart didn’t work all that well, but $6 isn’t such a bad loss. I have found Buskins and Legging Army to be awesome. They have the same double brushed “butter soft” poly/spandex blend as Lularoe. They are much easier to purchase online. Very cool prints and many solid colors. If they sell out of a print it’s likely it will restock. No “unicorns” to speak of. The OS fits up to size 14 and the legs are longer. The waist is elastic instead of yoga, but I didn’t feel any difference. Same butter soft fabric and most importantly they start at $16-$17, no tax or shipping. I think there was a small handling fee on the Buskins.

  42. Jenna Krause

    Does anyone know where I can find the leggings in the middle in the pic above?

  43. Lou Perera

    Nice post. I learn something more challenging on different blogs everyday. It will always be stimulating to read content from other writers and practice a little something from their store. Id prefer to use some with the content on my blog whether you don?t mind. Natually Ill give you a link on your web blog. Thanks for sharing.

  44. Karen Weaver


    Buttery-Soft 92% Polyester + 8% Spandex

    AFFORDABLE! $14-20 Fleece/Fur-linded $20-24



    Leggings, Capris, Skirts, Dresses, Tops, Tanks/Camis, Cardigans/Jackets, Active Wear for Gym/Sports/Leisure, 1-Piece Rompers & *Romper Dresses, Shorts.

    ***10% OFF 1st ORDER!!!

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