Seven Ways to Save BIG on LEGO

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Lego store

If you have a LEGO fan in your household, you likely know how expensive those little building blocks can be (not to mention how fun they are to step on in the middle of the night). 😳

However, the hours of intense, creative play, and educational benefits that these blocks provide make them a parent’s top choice and a child’s favorite – especially with so many popular styles and themes available. So if you wan to save a few bucks on LEGO items, check out the following tips.

1. Shop the Pick & Build Wall

Lego 2

If you live near a LEGO store and are just starting to build your LEGO collection, their in-store Pick & Build wall offers a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors of LEGO bricks at bulk pricing and you can buy a large cup-full for $15.99 or a small cup-full for just $8.99. This is a great option if you’re not quite ready to invest in the larger LEGO sets!

Lego 1

To maximize your Pick-a-Brick cup purchase, be sure to fill the small rim at the bottom of the cup with tiny pieces, then add the larger, expensive pieces and then then add smaller pieces again. Top off the cup with the tiniest LEGO pieces so they can shake down into the crevices and you’ll have a HUGE cup of LEGO pieces at a great price!

2. Get Free LEGO Mini Building Sets

LEGO BrickHeadz Go Brick Me2

Your child can add to his or her LEGO collection completely free by attending various events at local LEGO stores! The LEGO store offers a free Monthly Mini Model Build for VIP customers (it’s free to sign up and is highly recommended to sign up or register your VIP card at least 2 days before the event).

3. Join the Free VIP Loyalty Program


The LEGO store also offers a Free LEGO VIP Loyalty Program that allows your to earn rewards just for being a member! You’ll earn 1 VIP point for every $1 spent (100 VIP points equals a $5 VIP reward), access to exclusive member-only gifts, special bonus and double point offers, access to member-only LEGO Store events (as mentioned above), exclusive news about hard-to-find sets and more!

4. Order the Free LEGO Club Magazine


Did you know that you can score free LEGO Magazine subscriptions for each child (age 5-9 years) in your household? The magazine is mailed out 6 times a year and each issue is packed full of LEGO news and behind-the-bricks interviews, comic adventures, games and puzzles, building challenges and Cool Creations built by LEGO fans, as well as sneak peeks at the latest sets and themes. Also, rumor has it that these magazines may include occasional coupons to your local LEGO store.

To sign up, go here and click “Sign Up” and create a LEGO ID using your child’s date of birth. You will receive an email from LEGO Club to activate your account as well as an additional email with a subscription link to sign up for the magazine! Please note that if your child fan is age 7 or under, you will automatically be signed up for a Free subscription to LEGO Club Jr. magazine.

5. Shop the Online & In-Store LEGO Sales

Lego 9

Occasionally, offers great bundle deals where you can purchase multiple LEGO-themed sets at a greatly reduced price, especially during the holidays! Plus,, Amazon and even often offer deep discounts on LEGO buckets, bulk pieces and sets. Also, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Clearance LEGO deals at your local Walmart store!

Barnes and Noble has clearance events throughout the year where you can save BIG on various items, including some LEGO toys. In the past, we’ve spotted select LEGO Creator sets and LEGO Chima sets priced at just $2 each during a previous Red Dot Clearance Event and hereawesome savings!

Target also offers awesome deals on LEGO sets, especially around Black Friday (with the Toy Catalog) and during their in-store Toy Clearance Events which take place every January and July! Plus, in the past there have been rare LEGO Target Cartwheel offers that can be stacked with store coupons for increased savings. Also, note that Target is rumored to mark down their toys on Thursdays.

6. Check Clearance Deals Before Heading to the Store

Lego 10

Target or Walmart shoppers – wouldn’t you love to confirm that your local store has a rumored LEGO Clearance set (or any other item) in stock before you make a special trip?! Well before you spend time packing up the kiddos and spend money driving over to your local store, consider using the Inventory Checkers detailed in this post.

As an example, this LEGO Star Wars Construction Battle Pack was rumored to be on clearance at Target for just $17.98 (regularly $59.99) – which is a crazy price! BUT, before packing up the kids in the car and making a special trip, you can save time by checking the inventory at your local store.

7. Shop the Thrift Stores

Lego 8

If you’re looking for miscellaneous LEGO pieces and are okay with incomplete sets, you may want to browse through your local thrift store or yard sales to find deals on secondhand sets (remember, you can bargain at yard sales!). If you choose to purchase pre-owned sets, be sure to sanitize the pieces before letting your child play with them. Just set the pieces in a sink with hot, soapy water OR put them all in a mesh bag on the top rack of your dishwasher (if they don’t need scrubbing).

If you’re not wanting to purchase used LEGO sets and are just needing to replace a few missing pieces from various sets, you can also order individual LEGO bricks, elements or minifigure pieces on starting at just 10-15¢ each.

How do YOU save on LEGO items?!

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  1. Jaci

    Legos i find to be such a hit or miss hopefully #3 will be in to them. I have a hudge plastic container i saved from #1 who literally just looked at them.

  2. Emily

    Actually, there is a “used” lego store called Bricks and Minifigs (various franchises) where you sell and buy all lego stuff. Its like a kids second hand store, but for Legos. Way cheaper and sell back for store credit. Google them.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Oh awesome! Thanks for the tip! πŸ™‚

      • Emily

        You are welcome. Saw them on the news couple weeks ago.

    • Kim

      I love bricks and minifigs our local one is owned by a retired biliary family (just like our family). I love supporting local businesses and it’s always a great experience they have rare older sets for sale, models by the book and just plain awesome for sale, new sets like the starwars one that everyone complained sold out in minutes (they had enough to last the whole day best kept secret πŸ˜‰). For Halloween they even had a party free drinks snacks AND a whole gallon Halloween bucket for anything non minifig that if you could get it to stay in the bucket you could have as much as would fit stacked over the top for $30! 😍😍😳

      • Kim

        *military I love auto correct πŸ˜‚

      • Susi

        I was racking my brain trying to figure out what you meant by that!!! LOL auto-correct can come up with some crazy words for sure

  3. Sarah

    I’m also found Lego sets at stores like Ross and Marshalls. They usually are priced significantly lower than regular retail stores.

  4. Karen

    If you go for the Lego wall keep hand sanitizer handy to clean your kids and your hands clean….after shopping at one store, since everyone can put hands inside all our boys got the bug and when we went to store to let them know several employees got it as well…from that point on that specific store had sanitizer handy…

  5. Julia L.

    I don’t buy Legos but I had to comment because whoever came up with the idea of how to properly (and strategically) fill the cups with loose Legos is brilliant.

  6. Cindy

    For new sets where there is no other discount, I at least shop at Target using my Red Card for a 5 percent discount.

    But my favorite deal avenue lately has been Sears/Kmart. They often have sets on sale for the same price as Amazon and you can use SYWR to buy them. In addition, you can often use the dollars-off and points coupons available through SYWR. Just recently I was able to use a $10 off $35 toy purchase coupon to get a nice discount. Pair that with the 6 percent Ebates often has at Kmart and you can get a relatively good deal.

    • retta

      I second kmart/sears. Whenever i have general surprise points i usually put them toward Lego sets. I’ve gotten some really cheap Lego’s through them.

  7. Tracy

    I just use this blog to find the good deals. This week I bought 3 big sets, one for each kid, and each set besides being marked down and free shipping came with a smaller set for free. All deals were found by reading hip2save :). I don’t usually buy them unless they’re at least 40% off. Around Christmas at Meijer I have matched a toy reward, with an mperk coupon and a sale.

  8. ILuvH2S

    I’ve never seen regular Legos at the thrift shop, but have had tons of luck finding duplos there. Even the Disney sets!!!!

  9. Laurel

    Does anyone know where to find Lego minifigure packs? Toys R Us has them on sale this week 2/$5 but every store near me is sold out. I have never seen them at Target, either. Is there a place that carries them that might price match the Toys R Us ad?

    • Michelle

      I just got some of the minifigure packs at Target yesterday on an endcap for $3.99.

      • Laurel

        Do you have a DCPI I could look up on brickseek? maybe from your reciept?

      • Joy

        5 Below sells the mini figs

    • mel

      Mine has some mini sets in the seasonal area. Around the main toy area they’re hanging on an endcap and also between the bigger lego sets in a cardboard box.

    • mom23

      I just bought them at walmart today and price matched toysrus

  10. Liz Ob

    I love toysrus! Price match from amazon or Walmart. Then they have gift card deals and always mini sets to give away then use rewards to pay. Also !always! Look at clearance at the store. Target and miejer the first section I go to is toy clearance! Got so darn lucky one time at meijer. The employee was halfway down the aisle marking them down to 90% off! I literally grabbed the big boxes first then medium and smalls and went to her after to keep marking them down. I was NOT shelf clearing! There was a whole wall full! I got sooooo lucky! That was at 9pm. I told my mother and she went at 12 am. Nada left!

  11. Lisa

    If your kids get sick of the sets, you can also try It’s like Netflix but with Legos. Then you don’t end up with billions of Legos that no one plays with anymore;)

  12. Kristen

    My son loves the Lego Jr magazine subscription. Does anyone know if it actually expires after two years, and if so, can you request it again?

  13. Colleen D.

    Thank you all so much for the tips! One of my children that I adopted through foster care, has a tremendous mount of metal health issues( he just spent several days in patient at a children’s physiatrics unit😒) He is 12 and so amazing and intelligent , he was recently IQ tested and his perceptual acuity is 127- almost genius level) this was no surprise to us because he spent from age 3-6 only playing with k-nex and for the last 6 years has been obsessed with Legos. He spends all of his free time building , building, building. Thankfully I have been able to get him a few mega block sets( much cheaper, great sales on Amazon)that he feels are not inferior in quality that also build together with his Legos, kreo transformer sets were also a big hit few years ago. He would really like to get a Lego mind storm set after being involved with Lego Robotics for a year, before being overwhelmed by the interaction of the other children. So any tips for getting a Lego mind storm set would be greatly appreciated as well!

    • Kelly

      Lego has a program thru schools for STEM education. If you can get with someone who is a homeschool teacher, they can purchase one at an educational price. (You get more pieces than the retail one, I believe?) The most important part of the EV3 is the brain. You can buy it separately ( at 190, half the cost of an educational set. If, you can’t afford it, my other suggestion is to speak with the school and seeing if you can borrow one for the summer or If they have an extra set not being used at the moment. (I help run a summer camp with Lego Mindstorms and try to mentor during the school year). Also try to find a local FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Team (, they might have an extra set lying around. We use our during the summer months and it stays in the closet or if someone (mostly our students and some adult mentors) wants to use it till we need it back. The only thing you might have an issue with is, if your child will part from it. We have a lot of elementary and middle school kids who dislike taking their robots apart. Good luck.

  14. Andrea

    I don’t see where it asks for your address to subscribe for magazine?!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Hi Andrea! After you create your Lego account, you will get an email with the subscription link to sign up! If you are already a member, login, click on Subscribe, Or Merge Or Manage your account to get the link emailed to you. Hope that helps!

  15. Jenny

    Another tip is to watch for the deals that Collin posts on Toys ‘R’ Us gift cards. Sometimes you can get a $100 card for $80-85, then you can use that on Lego sets. Toys ‘R’ Us doesn’t have the greatest prices in-store, but you can watch for a sale or online deal or try price matching with or Amazon.


    Toys R Us has a number of Lego sets for 40% of right now. The sale began on Sunday. Great deals!! Also, if you’re looking for parts as well as new and used Legos go to That’s where I find LOTS of minifigures for my son and we buy LOTS of parts. It’s like an eBay for Legos…especially for Lego parts. I agree that Target also has good deals. Especially after Christmas.

  17. Pat Hovanetz

    I saved my kids (3 boys, 1 girl, now 46-36 years old) Legos. (I saved the good Fisher-Price toys, too.) My 4 older grandkids (18-13 years old) still play with them. I’ve added mini-figs, but nothing else. The 2 younger Grands (4 and 3) have started building. I will be passing the Legos on for the next generation. I’m just mentioning this because Legos are something so easy to store and have available for the grandkids.

    • Lisa

      My grandma saved her childrens (my Mom, Aunt and Uncle’s) good Fisher Price toys and I remember loving to play with them as a little girl. My other set of grandparents saved my Dad’s Legos which my sister and I played with too. Thanks for the memories πŸ™‚

  18. Danielle

    I used to spend a ton on Lego sets.. and my son only wanted to put the set together once and then lay up on a shelf. I recently subscribed to where for $25 you subscribe to different toys and lego sets. We have done this for one month, and he received three pretty large lego sets . One of the sets we kept for about 5 days, so we may have even received 4 within the month. We really love it and it is environmentally friendly. Note: if you want the bigger sets such as the Death Star and such.. you need to become a premiere member which more.. I think $50 for a single month. If you plan on doing more than one month the price goes down. So far… very happy with the company.

  19. Conrad

    Don’t forget Bricklink, largest selection of Lego in the world (yes, even more than and more often than not at incredible prices. Example, Lego Agents hurricane heist. RRP $69.99, a BL store has it for sale at $32.99. I buy a lot and sell on bricklink as well, and I will say it has been a great experience.

  20. Camille Barker

    i just buy the no name stuff from china. it all looks the same and is a fraction of the price

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