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How Do YOU Save on Area Rugs?

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Area Rugs

Check out this question from reader, Shea –

I am completely redoing my entire living room and am looking to purchase an area rug; however, they are SO expensive. Maybe some Hip2savers will know ways to save on area rugs?

Please share your tips in the comments below! Thanks!

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Comments 138

  1. Lr

  2. Sam

    We have a habitat for humanity RE-Store that sells brand new rugs at reasonable prices. I got a 5×7 for 74$ and a 8×10 for 120$
    Not sure if it is just my local restore that sells them though.

  3. Kristen


  4. Carmen

    Not sure where you are but if there is a Christmas tree shop by you try it nice selection and good prices. Sign up for online promotions and get a $10 off coupon.

  5. Cara

    I have a good one for this- buy a remnant from a carpet store and have them bind the edges! You can get custom sizes- bigger or smaller than you can normally find in area rugs. Granted, they won’t be as decorative as some area rugs, but you can still find some neat textures and textured patterns.

    • Amy

      Great idea!! Thank you.

    • David

      I did this! I got a remnant cut into 2 leopard skin rugs about 6×10 each for a total of just under $100 and sold one real quick for $80.

    • Sarah

      We did this! Except, we were lucky enough to find a remnant being sold in our local buy-and-sell. We were able to get a huge 12’x12′ for $40 and binding was around $100. It was a berber carpet remnant which we’ve used for the past 5 years. Definitely try this one out, especially if you need a specific size or a very large rug.

    • Peachalida

      This would be my suggestion too. We just did this last week! I like this option because the sizing is more customizable than the standard sizes usually offered in stores and the cost isn’t bad. πŸ‘

    • LaurieW

      I was going to suggest the same. I’ve had them bind the edges to keep them from fraying.

      • Kelly

        My cousin did this too! They needed a large area rug and this was the cheapest option. She bought the padding and had it cut the same size too and it’s so soft and plush!

    • Cara

      I should also mention I have a printed area rug I adore from, which is a division of Wayfair. They’re a flash sale site though, so you can sometimes find things from Wayfair a little cheaper on Joss and Main.

  6. Tina

    Find a local auction. I go to an auction that always sells beautiful, expensive, large area rugs for very reasonable prices. Most are in good condition or can be cleaned and fixed up for very cheap. I’ve had some great and inexpensive finds at auctions for area rugs and for furniture.

  7. Alison

    Wait for the friends and family coupon at World Market… They are usually on sale 30-50% off + the coupon!

    • rachel

      FYI – The friends and family coupon just arrived in my inbox in the past 24 hours. 30% off almost everything πŸ™‚

      • momof6

        I need one of those coupons! Hope mine comes! Thanks for the tip!

      • Jen

        How do you get one of those coupons? Mail or email??

  8. Aim

    Find ollies store near you.

  9. Becky

    I was pleasantly surprised by the selection and prices of area rugs at Lowe’s.

  10. Julie B.

    We go to our local Peak Auction at the fair grounds. We get $400 rugs for $110.

  11. Anna

    I found a 8×10 rug from my store in northeast ohio called “home store” and it was $80. Beautiful and fit perfectly in my “rustic room”. This place is a mix between value city and marshalls. Plus i know too u can find reasonably priced rugs at home depot for $123?!? 8×10

    • Anna

      Its called “at home”

  12. Heather C


  13. Maureen

    Christmas tree shop or Ross I have found have great selections at VERY reasonable prices.

  14. natalieweaver

    I actually work at a carpet sales warehouse, and we sell remnants of carpets at a great discount. You can take a pre-cut remnant to a person to do binding on the edges and, voila, an area rug for a discount πŸ˜‰

  15. NN

    Homegoods stores!!

  16. Myranda

    We bought a nice 10×12 at Sam’s Club for $99. That is the cheapest I’ve come across for a nice rug that size.

  17. Whitney

    I got 2 rugs at and got very good deals on both! They are always offering coupon codes and have great items on sale.

  18. Janet

    Sometimes, when you go to the store itself, you can find bargains otherwise missed. Yesterday I found a beautiful rug at Pier 1 marked down to 99.99 from 499.99! I also like looking at Pottery Barn sales.

  19. Ana


  20. Betty White Lewis

    Well easy peesy! I wait for my neighbors to leave to work then I break into their houses! I resell them at flea markets for low prices. I look elderly, never would of suspected an old lady to do shananogans! I also steal yard figurines from other towns and add them to my yard! It looks so adorable

    • Laura

      Lol what???

    • alef


    • Shannon0921

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I’m laughing way too hard at this.

    • countrysomethin

      Hahaha…this conment just made my night. betty white. Ha!

    • Ren


    • Kelly

      Omg is she for real?!?!

  21. Hip2saver

    This is not a trade but I need some information. How long do you wait for a person to reply for your trade? I recently done trade via paypal. I sent my part of paypal but havent received her reaponse yet. When we were trading we exchanged the email quite a few times but I was receving her reply in every 20-30 minutes.I know she might be busy or any other reason but direct me what should I do?
    She even responding my email but not my money. I sent her $70 in paypal.

    • daisy

      Let us know what is the person’s email address, so we all know. Contact Collin and give her person’s information, she will block the person out from this wonderful site.

    • Anna

      Sounds like a scam

      • Hip2saver

        Her name is Ashley. Her email address is Please please ladies watch out. I talked to my sheriff’s neighbour he suggested me to report on . She is very popular on internet too. So it wont be hard to reach to her but I am requesting to you all please please. Anyway Karma is always going to pay off. I am just letting everyone know because I dont let my fellow friends to go through same which I am going through right now.

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        Thank you for your time reading this.

        • Natasha

          Report them to PayPal as well.

    • Elaine

      Did you pay as goods and services ? If so, you are protected if you do not receive the item. You can file a claim with them. You do not say trade in your claim because you are buying something when you give someone money and receive something back whether it be an egift or physical item. Give her 48 hours imo.

    • llc

      call paypal and ask them to do an investigation. They will ending up doing a chargeback if there is not proof you didn’t get what you paid for. They take about 3 weeks to finalize.

      • Hip2saver

        She finally has came and gave me my $70 back . Thank you all hip2savers for reaching out for me. I am a full time stay at home momma . Needed to buy luggage set from macys so thought I will save some money here but I received a pain instead. I am not trading here anymore. Thank you again.

  22. safia

    I bought from amazon at 75 is 8Γ—10 .light weight and beautiful.

  23. Elisabeth

    Amazon has good prices

  24. Brynn

    Tuesday Mornings. It’s a home store and they have amazing rugs and sooooo much more at discounted prices!!! Also Burlington coat factory has some too. Good luck and have fun redoing your living room

    • llc

      I second Tuesday Morning. All my rugs come from there. 5X7 Wool are $80. 8X10 are $120. They also have an awesome selection of jute rugs which hold up really well. Plus they have great dΓ©cor items (lamps, pictures, chachkis)

    • Michele

      I like that store! Will have to check out their rugs.

  25. Lisa

    Lowe’s/ Home Depot have remnant/clearance sections. I always check those for special order returns. They’re special orders that people have returned for whatever reason. The store usually marks them half off just to get rid of them quick.

  26. Cat

    Craigslist! I know it sounds crazy but you can get Karastan rugs for so cheap on Craigslist. We got a huge rug for 400 that would usually retail for at least 2,000. We had to put work in cleaning the rug, but it cleaned up beautifully! Keep an eye out and be ready to hunt. If you’re willing to put in some work, you can rescue gems from Craigslist.

  27. Victoria

    I bought a display area rug from a furniture store for 75% off. It required a cleaning, but was much cheaper and better quality than I could find elsewhere.

  28. Colleen M.

    Wayfair has excellent sales!

  29. Jara

    If you have a Menard’s nearby check there. Their quality is surprisingly good; you can either watch for a sale or buy during a 11% rebate promotion.

  30. Laurie H.

  31. Bleau

    I found mine during the Black Friday sale that Home Depot just had. I got a great deal on an 11×13 foot rug delivered with free shipping

  32. Bianca

    I find good deals at Marshalls for rugs. Also our Costco in Southern California will send them to a store called GTM usually when they don’t sell from the regular Costco or are returned.

    I also can sometimes snag a good deal on the app Offer Up, but it’s hit or miss

    • riss

      Is this the one in San Diego? Where it’s like a Costco outlet store? I heard about it, and had plans of checking it out in the past, then I forgot.

  33. ksr

    Menards in Wisconsin has good prices, some untextured single color rugs are like $30 for a 5*7 rugs, with great quality

  34. Ashley

    Overstock, IKEA and Amazon has some great prices on area rugs.

  35. Carolyn

    Home Goods and Kohls have great rugs!

  36. Mark

    I’ve heard of several people who have gotten cheap area rugs for all rooms in their homes from hotels in their area that advertise going out of business sales or remodeling sales, you also might check thrift shops, many times stores that sell expensive area rugs donate to thrift shops, especially towards the end of the year for the charity tax deduction. I’ve heard several independent production companies pick up rugs and furniture for up coming projects that way also, as some furniture stores also donate for the same charity tax deduction.

  37. Torishuler


  38. Tiffeny

    I think has some really good deals.

  39. lz

    Target has some on clearance, just bought three and love them!

  40. Silva_car

    We bought a small runner area rug for $20 at target. Lowes had a xlarge outdoor rug of the same color for $20, easy to clean, great for a boys room. 😜

  41. Happy

    Chech QVC. I got a very nice one 8×10 for $50 & they also offer 3 easy payments. Good luck!

  42. samira

    BJs has 8X10 area rugs around $80

  43. 4Ella

    Home Goods, Ross, Christmas Tree, Ollie’s, also I got a outdoor rug the other day from Overstock, I have their credit card so it ships for free and also purchased Livingsocial deal $20 worth for $8 so that helped too, also combined some points I had and used Ebates… at the end a VERY great deal πŸ™‚ and unique rug from Turkey that my sister in low for ones will not be able to copy everything I own…priceless

    • Angie

      I work with a girl that copies a lot of things I do. It used to irritate me, but now I consider it flattery. Try to think of it as an admiration of your sense of styleπŸ˜„.

      • Em

        I agree, it just shows you are worth copying! πŸ™‚

        • 4Ella

          That is so sweet of you guys to think that way, but it is scary and annoying when someone wants to have everything like you have, hair style, clothes, shoes, bags, furniture, accessories, and everything in same color grrrrr %#@&%#@* sometimes I want to pull my hair out.
          I started ordering everything online and telling her that I got it from daily deals and that they are sold out, at least that way she does not get anymore exact sale thing but similar. And don’t take me wrong but I personally just hate having something same like someone else.

  44. Emily

    I bought one of mine at Kohls and another one at Home Goods. I LOVE them both. While they were still expensive they were cheaper than others those sizes and I know that I got a good deal on them.

  45. Cindy

    I got some real nice rugs at Old Time Pottary

  46. Margie

    We bought a beautiful U.S. made area rug on costco’s website and had it delivered to our home. It is big and plush – perfect in our living room!

    • Margie

      We also bought a lovely vintage look rug for our computer room at Marshall’s. It was made in Belgium and has a unique faded look which works fantastic in the room since we have it decorated with some family antiques.

  47. Brittany or Cost Plus World Market. Both have sales and promotions frequently!

  48. Betty has an enormous selection!!! Sign up for their emails and they send you coupons all of the time for 12% off. I just bought a large rug for my living room and I love it!

  49. Jeannie

    Costco online…delivered right to your door

  50. Krista G

    There are nice deals on Overstock. I also check craigslist and often find things 90% off retail, that are practically new. Its crazy the high end things people decide aren’t quite right for their home and sell them for cheap. I.E. a brand new $1800 liquor cabinet for $80.

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