Victoria’s Secret: 7 for $27.50 Panties (+ No Longer Selling Clothes, Shoes, Swimwear & More?!)

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Need new panties!? Starting today and running through May 30th, Victoria’s Secret (in-store and online) is offering up 7 pairs of select panties for just $27.50 – no code required. That makes each pair under $4! If shopping online, shipping is free on $50 orders with promo code FREE2DAY at checkout – valid today only, through 5PM ET!

Are you an Angel Cardholder? Tonight from 7-9PM ET, Cardholders can score 8 for $27.50 Panties – just use your Angel Card and enter code ANGELPARTY at checkout!


AND, rumor has it that Victoria’s Secret is soon discontinuing their clothes, accessories, shoes, swimwear, and all categories that are only sold online and in specialty stores. This change is an attempt to focus primarily on Victoria’s Secret Lingerie, Pink, and Victoria’s Secret Beauty brands.


With that being said, Victoria’ is offering up an extra 40% off all Swim Styles and Cover-Ups (excluding PINK) with promo code SAVE40SWIM at checkout. Remember- shipping is free on $50 orders with promo code FREE2DAY at checkout – valid today only, through 5PM ET!

What are your thoughts on this change?

(Thanks, Brandice, Jessica, Pamela and Kawanda!)

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Comments 76

  1. Mary

    Ok, I’m looking forward to the sales then!

  2. Bnsr6140

    I will be highly unhappy if they stop selling bathing suits. I love them.

    • dblD-amber

      Agree. Pricey but well worth it. Hold up very well too

    • Bethany

      Stock up now. The rumors about swimsuits are true! I didn’t see anything in the sale bins in stores that I liked so I’ll be getting my stuff online.

    • SoxGirl1029

      The manager at my store told me they were discontinuing bathing suits. I’ve heard people saying that they’ll still have Pink bathing suits but I don’t know if that’s true.

  3. hazel

    I went to the store yesterday and their mist and lotion are 2 for 10. Have to buy 2 get the price.

    • Cbeths

      The regular size mist? Or small travel ones?

      • hazelia

        It is the regular size because the regular price is 18.00. I bought a bunch.

        • Cbeths

          Regular size price is $25. $18 is the travel size. Thanks!

          • A

            The $18 ones and $25 ones are same ounce size-18.4 oz.

            • A

              Oops I mean 8.4

          • hazelia

            I don’t think it is the travel size. This is 8.4 fl oz.

    • candy

      it’s full size ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Towana

    The semi-annual sale will start next month.

  5. thecents2save

    I can’t speak to the most of the clothing, but was formerly an avid purchaser of the hi-leg brief underwear (10+ years). During the last 4-5 years the quality has declined so badly that I was forced to switch to another brand entirely. Keep in mind, I bought new pairs from VS annually during sales for almost a decade. I did not want to switch brands at all, but I got so sick and tired of my underwear falling apart after literally 2-3 washes OR my finger going right through the flimsy material. If you read the reviews on the briefs (sort by lowest rating) and you will see hundreds of people with the same complaint. After that ordeal, I refuse to give them another dollar. People have been complaining for YEARS about the poor quality and they just didn’t listen.

    • Karen

      The best quality of panties by far are Soma brand.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Sorry to hear they began falling apart! ๐Ÿ™ Thanks so much for the honest feedback!

    • Sarah

      What brand did you switch to? I completely agree with everything you said and am curious about what alternative you found!

      • thecents2save

        After buying and returning what feels like 20 different styles/brands I finally settled on some by Bali. Search “Bali 4-pk. Luxe Briefs K882” on They are cotton/poly and I actually like them so much better than VS. They sort of “snug” you in, in the belly region. Fabulous!

        • Sarah

          Thanks so much!

          • jess

            Holy GP !!!!!!!!!!!

      • thecents2save

        Many apologies. I listed the wrong style above. This is the actual style I switched to. Bali Active Performance Brief 2A61 (@Kohls).

    • rachel

      Ditto for me with the cheeksters. That was my cut and I adored the high quality until about 4-5 years ago. Then I bought a batch and after washing (delicates! in Dreft!) the lace would tear, my fingers would poke through the material, it was ridiculous. I stopped purchasing my unmentionables there.
      Maybe if they drop their clothing they will step up their game on high quality intimates again. Fingers crossed.

      • Hms1030

        Agree. I started buying American eagle

      • dblD-amber

        I only wear their vstrings and they have held up well for many years. I wash them along with my normal clothes and have never had an issue.

      • Lauren

        Totally agree with you. I have been shopping at Victoria secret since they came out with the pink line, 15 years later I still have sweatpants that have held up great and still look new. Now, I buy a pair of yoga pants within 6 months they are ripped on the seams. This has happened to probably the last 6 pairs I have had. Underwear the lace all rips and has holes everywhere. I’m sorry but for what they charge it is crazy. The quality has declined so much it is sad.

    • keliann

      I agree – the quality of the panties has definitely gone downhill.

    • Emily

      Yes I agree! I have never minded paying more for them because the quality was so good but now they fall apart after a few wears. Very disappointing!

    • Mouy

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed this! Granted, a good number of my panties from VS were free from getting the coupon in the mail (which stopped) but I was getting really frustrated with how almost every single one fell apart. I stopped buying their panties even during the semi annual sale. It just wasn’t worth it. I switched to a different brand as well.

    • Suzanne H

      Agreed. I used to buy their panties exclusively for years but they moved the manufacturing overseas and started using cheaper materials. I’ve literally had pairs fall apart before I’ve been able to wear them (as I wash them all before I wear them). Pitiful. I get the freebie pairs when they come up but don’t buy anything otherwise.

    • Vee

      Yes, yes, yes. I too have the same complaint. I won’t buy from them anymore. I’ve been searching for a great brand now but most are also the really thin material.

    • Roxy

      It’s not just those. I’ve had problems with anything with lace waistband. Ruined after wearing them just a couple of times.

    • happyciocio

      What brand did you switch too?? I am in need of a new brand.

  6. Karen

    They are also stopping the catalogs as well. That’s where I got the majority of my free panties was from the catalogs ๐Ÿ™

  7. Preston

    That’s so disappointing, I love their swimwear.

  8. Michelle

    I think I will start caring when they sell plus size… A lot of other stores have gotten on board not sure why they can’t…

    • Suzanne H

      Yea, sister!

  9. Judy

    after all the underwear from the Secret Rewards promotion, I may never need to buy underwear again! I have 42 pairs of underpants waiting to go into the rotation…. love it

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Awesome! ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. erica hall

    It’s funny how these companies how no idea what the consumer wants. I’d like to go into the store and have high quality, tasteful products like they used to be known for. Now it’s just cheap, tasteless garbage that teens like and the sales people are more concerned with talking to each other on ear sets than helping the customer. They have the best concept for sports bras but in reality my daughter and I have quite a few we have thrown out because they fall apart quickly. I hope they get it together soon.

    • Lyubov

      I recently had a bra come apart at the seams between the cups, I took it in to the store and since it was in good condition other than the seams coming apart, the manager did an even exchange for a new bra:) So, don’t throw away something if it falls apart, take it in to possibly get a replacement! Also, I got my first pair of VS sport crop pants. The second time I wore them, I noticed a little hole next to the seam! Will be taking them back for an exchange… hopefully I get a good pair this time, it’s sad to see that the quality of VS has gotten worse!

  11. Denise

    Such sad news! All I buy is VS swimwear every year. ๐Ÿ˜ž

  12. Emily

    Meh I have always thought their clothing was overpriced for what you get. And luke the other comments, their panty quality has gone way down in the past few years. I have always been a loyal customer but its just not worth it to pay their prices for something that will fall apart so soon. Hoping this change will actually make them focus on good quality stuff in their stores now but I am doubtful. I wonder if they are having to stop those lines and do so many promotions due to business being down. Bring back the high quality products and you will have customers again!

    • Sara

      No they had good profits last year.

  13. Jennifer

    I love their clothes, especially the school stuff, so I’d really hate for them to stop selling the online-only things. It’s so soft and comfortable.

  14. debern

    I loved their clothing sales and have lots of VS shirts and tops especially that I will never part with. I’m smaller and it was difficult finding sexy clothes that fit, without shopping in the children’s section, lol, which I’ve done. Only so much Hello Kitty that I care to wear! Sorry to see it go if true.

  15. A

    The article also says they’ll be cutting back on promotions ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  16. Paige

    My favorite place to get lingerie is at Dillards. I quit buying bras and panties from VS, because they were not good quality. I found better quality for much better (even than VS annual sale prices) prices. I really like Jockey panties and Warner bras. Both of which can be found for great prices.

  17. sarah

    When they kowtowed to China for animal testing all their beauty products, they lost my business. It’s just not necessary in the 21st century, but cheap product is more important to some companies than quality and ethics.

    • masmics

      Agreed Sarah, that was hugely disappointing!

  18. Julie

    NOOOOOO!!!! I love their leggings and I wear then EVERY DAY. I’m sad about this.

    • Alea

      Leggings are sold in store – I’m going to guess they will continue to carry all their active wear.

    • Sara

      They are keeping those.

      • Wehaf

        Phew; I love their yoga pants.

  19. Tiffany

    I do agree with the quality declining but, I love the way the swim suits just fit! It’s hard to find a good fit.
    The clothing I’ve had some of my favorites t-shirts from vs and I do love wearing their leggings!! I wish they would keep doing it all but, I get it…. Too many irons in the fire

  20. mommyx4

    Seems I’ll be saying good bye to my vs credit card since I really only but their clothing now

  21. Flgr

    It’s not a rumor. The company has confirmed they are discontinuing all these categories. I’ll miss swim.
    I’ve also heard no more secret reward cards. I’ve only had their associates confirm that. The company hasn’t made a statement that I’m aware of.

  22. Mona

    The thing about the panties is they still have the higher quality ones they are just selling the 3/$35 ๐Ÿ™ and the ones that they have for 5/$27 normally are the low quality almost one time wear ones! That’s the problem with companies these days, quality, packaging, ect goes down but the prices go up.

  23. Kim

    I use to by there sweaters and shirts but noticed that the label switched from “Moda” to VS. When it switched, so did the quality. Every thing pills now within a season. I stopped buying their clothing a couple of years ago.

    • Alea

      YES!!! Completely agree – I noticed that switch too and quit buying their tops too. I loved the old ones.

  24. Alea

    I wondered if they were heading in that direction, since the selection has been shrinking the past few years – I remember when they used to carry jeans, denim shorts, cords, etc.

    As lots of people have mentioned already, their quality has gone way down – maybe they thought people wouldn’t notice with all the promotions and secret reward cards. I am pretty surprised to learn that swimwear is being discontinued though, because that’s a huge market for them. I know a lot of people who only buy their swimwear.

    Maybe they should quit wasting money on things like the fashion show and start investing it on returning their clothing (bras, underwear, pjs, etc) into high quality merchandise worth the money. I rather pay $10 for underwear that lasts more than 2 washes than get a free pair that just falls apart on me.

  25. Jill

    That makes me SO sad – I love their bathing suits!

  26. Sara

    Has anyone been getting free panty and 10 off bra coupons in the mail? I haven’t and was wondering if those are stopping too.

    • Bethany

      No—- I haven’t gotten any in awhile. VS is really cutting down on codes. No more tiered discounts. ๐Ÿ™

    • Heather

      They are eliminating catalogs all together and the mailed coupons. The only exception is birthday rewards & angel card holder promos. ๐Ÿ™

  27. Carol

    I remember a time, about 15-20 years ago, when the majority of my wardrobe was from VS! I had the London jeans, the cutoff shorts, a ton of really soft t-shirts, a few blouses and dresses….that was before online shopping was such a thing, and I would typically place my orders over the phone shopping from the catalog. I still buy their sweaters from time to time but had noticed the reduced selection and quality of the clothes. I hate the I wish I still had a few of those old t-shirts and the hook-and-eye long sleeved shirt. They were so comfy! I agree that it all seems like cheap teenager stuff now.

  28. Shop624

    The quality of underwear is really poor. I still do buy – but disappointed because they won’t last you long. VS will always be in business !

  29. bernadett

    I font think their beauty line is great. I think ppl bought the bathing suits. It’s not year round I get it.. but they could keep it online and just get rid of store ones… cloting… it’s way over priced. I only get it on clearance. But I love it.

  30. Roxy

    I thought their swimwear looked good, until I ran into the amazing clearance last year at JCP. They had really cute bikinis for $1-$2 and with my $10 coupons I got quite a few.

  31. Jen L.

    Am I the only one that wants to see VS disappear entirely? I get that we all love a deal, but I am SO disgusted by their in-your-face advertising. Just TOO provocative, TOO young. Raising two girls over here and I do not want them seeing this stuff. I cringe every time I get a catalog in the mail (not even sure why I am on their list!)


    This really SUCKS!!! In store they should sell Longs in their pants!!! The only place I can buy them is online! This really takes the cake! ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก

  33. Kim

    I thought I was doing something wrong when mine constantly fell apart…glad to hear it’s not just me.

    I’m surprised they haven’t done a nursing bra. I went to Soma, and just bought some undies there (and I don’t think I’m ever going back to VS now)

  34. Tarri

    I went today thinking the 8 for 27.50 started at 4pm in CA but found out that was online only. I left and did not go back, had other plans. But I did notice all the cotton panties were gone, only rely cotton ones I remember were boy shorts. It all almost look liked PINK panties.

    And I agree with the panties, some of my cotton ones hot holes quick, now I know it was not something I was doing at all and it was the quality on all that did it.

  35. Laura

    Their clothing (besides pink & workout) and shoes have been gone from their site for awhile. I remember before I had kids and had an office job (10 years ago), the majority of my clothes where from there, it’s sad. Agree with everyone else about the panties! I only get the free ones, as I’ve had so many get a hole as I’m pulling them on, your finger just goes right through the material and I don’t even mean the lace. ๐Ÿ™

  36. Molly S

    Just ordered two tops (have to figure out which size will work best) and a cute bottom for the summer and one of their workout bras that I love on sale as well (plus free shipping if you buy a bra). Total came to $67 plus tax for two swim tops, a bottom and a sports bra. That’s as good as Target’s retail pricing or better! Thanks for posting!

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