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I LOVE Walmart Grocery Service! I Scored 27 Items for $20.04 Delivered to My Car… and You Can Too!

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Walmart Grocery

UPDATE – The code in the post below is now expired but you can use the code WOWFRESH for $10 off a $50 purchase, valid through 1/31/2018 (may only be valid in select areas).

If you lead a busy life and don’t have much time for grocery or school supply shopping, this post is for you! Now through July 31st, new Walmart Grocery customers can save $10 off your first online order of $30 or more with promo codeΒ GETITNOW at checkout.

How does it work? Walmart Grocery is a pick-up and delivery service available at select locations with no service fees or markups! Simply place your order online, choose a time slot and your order will be delivered directly to your car (some areas even have the option of home delivery)!

Here’s what you’ll need to do…

Walmart Pickup 1

Head on over here and register to schedule your first Walmart Grocery order. Browse around and add $30+ worth of qualifying items to your cart – including school supplies, grocery products and more! Once you’ve added everything you want to your cart, head to checkout and choose your Walmart location and a day/time slot for pickup (you’ll have an hour window).

Walmart Grocery

Be sure to add a debit or credit card payment to your account and use promo code GETITNOW at checkout to save $10 on your first order of $30 or more. You’ll pay just $20 for $30 worth of items (see the goodies I snagged above)! About 15 minutes before your pickup time, you will receive a phone call from Walmart letting you know that your order is ready for pickup.

Walmart Pickup 3

Then, head to Walmart and follow the signs to park in the Grocery Pickup lot. Once you’ve arrived, call the number on the sign and let them know which parking slot you are in and within a few minutes, a Walmart delivery person will show up at your car with your groceries and even load them in the car for you! Just sign your name on the tablet to accept your order.

Walmart Bags

You may even receive a FREE Goody Bag with samples!

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Comments 74

  1. Julie L

    Is this available at all locations???

    • IRead

      The article says select locations.

    • Elizabeth M

      You’ll have to check your zip code, not available in mine

    • Sherry

      No. I live inCincinnati area and first store to offer pick up service is not available till August 8th.

  2. Hope

    I’m wondering the same

    • Jkinz

      The answer is in the article. It says select locations.

  3. Bill Janssen

    Did they provide you with a receipt with your order – or did you receive it online? I am thinking for iBotta purposes

    • Amanda

      I’ve been using this service for almost 2 years and have never been able to get Ibotta to work. They do give a printed receipt, but it’s a computer print out on 8×10 paper. Last week the delivery guy said they’ll only do email receipts soon.

    • pandoraaddict

      Does not work with ibotta – they need a register receipt, not a regular piece of paper nor reprints..question has been asked on their fb page πŸ™‚

      • Bill Janssen

        Thanks all – love my iBotta – but at least worth the savings of the first time order of some “essentials” 10.00 free is 10.00 free πŸ™‚

    • Tracy

      I order online from Meijer and when I pick it up, I get a regular receipt printed right at my car.

  4. Sara

    We got this in our area 2 weeks ago. I’ve used it once and am working on another order now. Got the goody bag and a dozen glazed donuts. I had two substitutions which they did but did not charge me anymore. You don’t leave car. They show you all produce, meat, and bread so you can approve. Will go in and get more if needed.

    Here is my code that’ll get you and I both $10 off.

    If any other questions ask and I’ll try to answer from my experience.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks for sharing your experience Sara!

  5. rcvmeg

    I got this message after logging into walmart grocery account:
    Save your friends $10
    (and get $10 too!)
    It’s simple: share with friends who have never purchased groceries online at Walmart. Once they complete their order, you’ll receive a $10 promo code.*

    Thats awesome πŸ™‚

  6. rcvmeg

    Save your friends $10
    (and get $10 too!)
    It’s simple: share with friends who have never purchased groceries online at Walmart. Once they complete their order, you’ll receive a $10 promo code.*

    • rcvmeg

      I got this message after logging into walmart grocery site:

    • Christy

      Can I apply coupons to the online order?

  7. C

    Friend of mine did this and said it was great. Service was excellent and she saved herself from buying extra things she doesn’t need. I might have to try it out since I hate going in there. Oh and we are in the Baton Rouge, LA area.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Oh cool! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Denise

    Not at mine either. Our local Walmart doesn’t even have self check out registers. I love our local targets so easy to use!

  9. B.

    I live in South Dakota. Nothing convenient will ever be in my area! πŸ˜‚

  10. Kellie

    Will you be able to use Savings Catcher with these receipts?

    • Sara

      Yes on savings catcher

      • Elizabeth

        Which date do you use for savings catcher? Date purchased or date picked up?

  11. Sheela

    How about the coupons

    • rebecca

      i am thinking it would be good for items that you don’t have a coupon for? i don’t know if this service can work with paper coupons. but for those types of things that rarely have any coupons available, it could be worth the $10 off promo.

    • Sara


    • pandoraaddict

      No to using coupons.

  12. Daphne

    I’ve done this once and planning another trip tomorrow. I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan of Walmart but I think this is the best thing ever! I live in a small town in NC and have to travel to VA to shop so this is a huge time saver for me! Now, if my Target would do this for us, I would be set! πŸ™‚

  13. Laura

    I used someone’s referral code, I’d be most grateful if someone would use mine. We both get $10.
    Thanks in advance!!

  14. Brianna McDonald

    I typed in my zip, and got the message, “Good news! Walmart Grocery serves your area. Register now to schedule your first order.” I filled my cart, headed to check out. When it came to selecting a store, the closest one was 60 miles away. Drive 60 miles for groceries delivered to my car? No thanks, I just wish I new that before I searched for stuff for my shopping cart.

    • parkerspantry

      I’m glad you mentioned that. I quickly filled my cart with random stuff to see the nearest location and it wasn’t anywhere that I would be going near. Thanks for the tip!

    • Jennifer

      Same exact thing happened to me :((

  15. lenalalal

    How do you know what items qualify?

  16. Becky

    I loooove this service. We just got it in my area and have used it severs times. Such a lifesaver with 2 kids and a busy schedule

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Happy to hear how much you like it! Thanks for the feedback Becky!

      • Pamela

        Thanks Collin! You rock!
        I just ordered $30.25, got it for 20.25. It saves me so much time. I have an Autistic son and a 9 year old son and going to the store altogether is hard . Thank you!

        • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

          You are so welcome! Glad you could save money AND time! πŸ™‚

  17. Tracy

    I use this service at a local Meijer here! It’s awesome. Spend some time online shopping and than pick it up. Saves me time, saves me money ( I am big impulse buyer), and I don’t have to take 4 kids into a store! I love this service. I do drive to the town over to use it, but totally worth it. Walmart would be closer for me! It would be great of that was offered locally!

  18. Kelly

    I have been doing this for about 6 weeks and it’s been life changing with a newborn and 3 year old! I also find that I stay in budget because I am not tempted by last minute items.

  19. Mindy

    I’ve done this almost weekly since last October, when it started in my area. I LOVE it! It’s worth it to me not to have to unload my three little ones and take them in the store. You can still use the Walmart Savings Catcher program with the receipt they give you πŸ˜€

    • Elizabeth

      Which date do you use for savings catcher? Date purchased or date picked up?

  20. Lola

    I have done 3 orders already. I looove this! I love the substitutions, always bigger and better πŸ™‚
    I would love it if you want to use my link
    (you save 10, I save 10 )

    Also, you can go to the order after you have picked it up and they have completed it and get your Savings Catcher TC so you can get money back as well!!!

    • Lola

      For Savings Catcher:
      I click on My Account
      Then Orders
      Then I click on the order for which I want to get the TC ID
      I copy the TC ID, go to Savings Catcher on the Walmart website and paste the TC ID, select the date and submit. Easy!

      • Elizabeth

        Do you use date ordered or date picked up when entering into Savings Catcher?

  21. Elizabeth

    Is there any way to use coupons before you check out or when you pick up?

  22. Rob

    Meijer has a great service like this too; I love curbside!

  23. Nikki

    The earliest time slot they had available for me is August 18th. Lol

  24. Jenn

    I did this and ordered $80 worth of groceries, they got me the wrong items twice. I also didn’t get two things which totaled out to be more than the $10 coupon but I got random free corn on the cobb which I did not order. For the time I spent waiting to get the wrong stuff plus not get stuff and have to drive back its just easier to do it myself rather than drown in all the stupid.

    • Edie

      Maybe you should go in and get your $80 worth of groceries yourself. The employees have enough to do without having to be personal shoppers now as well. This is such a ridiculous idea.

      • Elle

        Edie, why so rude? Walmart is offering this service because they want people to use it. Nobody is asking for special treatment. If you want to use it, great. If you don’t, that’s fine too. Personally, small children can make grocery shopping stressful and I can use the time I’m not wandering the aisles to have quality time with my kids.

    • Kelly

      They forgot all of my frozen items one time. Their customer service is great. No questions asked, just refunded all the items plus tax on them.

  25. Lana

    What happened to the old shopping style? People get off your couches, move your body, and go shopping, its good for your health.

    • MommySpendsLess

      My local stores are all VERY crowded this time of year. The blood pressure increase from wading through crowds, looking in 3-4 different spots to guess how Walmart has categorized the items I need and waiting in line is bad for my health! LOL Not to mention the fast food we end up eating for dinner when we realize we finally escaped from tthe store at 6:30-7:00 and we’re starving.

      I think I’d rather get my exercise at from a stroll through my neighborhood, a walk in the park or swim in the pool.

  26. Christine

    Not in Philly yet πŸ˜‘

  27. Tonya Vives Lockamy

    I was all excited only to visit the site, have it tell me it’s available in my area then when I get to check out, I find out the closest store is an hour away! Typical WalMart :/

  28. DixyAnn Smith

    I am planning on using this service when I have a newborn this winter. No exposing my baby to unneccesary germs and I don’t have to go shopping newly postpartum.

    • Elle

      I’m with you! i know a lot of people have ugly things to say about curbside pickup or Instacart/Shipt but for people who can’t or don’t wish to go to the grocery store, I’m sure it has come as a huge blessing! Not having to haul a new baby around the grocery store…PRICELESS.

  29. love2deal

    Please don’t post your referral link here. Colin shared this info with us and the least we can do is to click HER referral link so SHE can get the $10 credit. This is her job and and how she makes a living. Posting your link takes money away from her. Share your link with your family and friends, don’t steal from the person who gave you the info.

  30. Melissa

    Just a heads up for anyone that didn’t have a Walmart nearby for this service. Target is offering five dollars off 30 if you do order pick up. Not as good of a deal but at least you don’t have to go in and do all the shopping!

  31. Allie

    I would be so grateful if you would use my link!

  32. Kate

    Received email from Walmart to try their pickup service AGAIN for another $10 off, but on a $50 order. Code is TRYAGAIN and at checkout it stated the code never expires. Worked like a charm and picking up my groceries tomorrow.πŸ™Œ

  33. keri50

    I am super excited about this. I just placed my first order. Got all of our school supplies and I don’t have to leave the car? This service was created for working momma’s with little kids! Lovin it.

  34. Shauna

    Check your local grocery store also for this service. The Walmart closest to me doesn’t offer it yet but Smith’s has started and a local grocery store also does.

  35. Laura

    So, I am trying to use the Walmart site – it is so slow that I could have driven there and picked up these items by now. When I did finally fill my cart and went to reserve a time slot – first available is tomorrow…how is this helpful to anyone? I don’t yet have anything positive to say about this “service” even with the $10.00 off. I’m disappointed.

    • Elle

      I had issues with the site too. Searches not loading, having to click multiple times, several tries to add payment method πŸ™ I look at it like this though, I could sit down with my grocery list and add everything at 10:30 at night when my kids are asleep and just go pick it up the next day and that’s way easier. For a short trip in the middle of the day, you’re better off just going to the store.

  36. Hayley

    Do y’all tip for the service?

  37. Shelli

    Can you use manufacture coupons when ordering for store pickup?

    • Tangent Erine

      My local manager says there’s currently no way, except to bring coupons and emailed receipt to customer service desk after purchase to be reimbursed. ;(

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