What are YOUR Price Points for Baby Items? Please Share!

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Reader Question

Check out this email I recently received from reader, Christian…

“I have a couple of questions for Hip2Save readers. I’m almost through my first trimester of my first pregnancy. I love a good deal and can’t imagine buying baby items at full price. When should I start stocking up on baby necessities like diapers and wipes? Also what do you considered a good deal for diapers? My second question is what baby items do readers feel are must haves and what baby items are not really needed? Thanks for any help.”

If you have a baby or toddler, please help Christian and other new mommies out by sharing your stock-up prices and any other money-saving tips/advice that you can offer a first-time mom. Thanks much!

I would also love for you to suggest must-have baby items (i.e. for me, it was my Sling and a Bumbo Baby seat) and baby items that you may feel are totally unnecessary.

Congratulations to Christian and all the other expectant Hip2Savers! 😀

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  1. Kmc1021

    Nose Freda is a must. Sounds gross but amazing. Like others have said the rest will depend on you and your baby. I have an ergo and used it 2x. Hate the bumbo but love the sit me up. My first hated the swing, this one loves it. I do love the Rock and play for the first few months. My first had brain surgery at a few hrs old so having her next to me with her head elevated was reassuring. This one has reflux so it worked wonders when she had multiple middle of the night feeds. I’m a minimalist so I did without a lot. If you plan on more kids I highly suggest the city select baby jogger that you can convert into a double. They grow so fast I suggest consignment stores and sales for the clothes.
    Congrats and good luck.
    Oh and watch what to expect when your expecting and bad moms! It will make you feel normal!

  2. Lakshi

    Congrats! For NEWBORNS – diapers ($0.10 to $0.15/diaper, wipes ($0.02/wipe), onesies ($1.50 each. Buy at kohls sale – $10/30 baby items + 30%+ free ship), few outfits, blankets, saline ( for congested noses), simethicone ( gas relief drops. My kiddo used to cry passing gas. This helped a lot), gripe water ( thank God for this!), pacifiers, burp cloths, socks, Atleast 8 bottles with microwave sterilizer ( if bottle feeding. If breast feeding, then get a nursing pillow)and nose Frida ( don’t get too many filters). Don’t buy breast pump. Contact your insurance and they will pay for it. First time, I got a broken Hygeia brand pump and the company was asking me shipping money to replace it. Worst experience. I contacted my insurance and explained everything and they paid for another one. As far as baby gear – we used fisher price auto rocker. Saves battery and you don’t have to rock it! . Also, you can buy the graco pack n play set with newborn napper and changer. It will also grow into a crib when you kiddo is past 3 month. My kiddo is very picky, she hated swaddling, swings, bouncer and the list goes on. So don’t buy too much of one stuff or save your receipts for unused ones. I got so much free stuff from my hospital during delivery. We didn’t have to buy any diapers for one month. They gave us baby hair brush, blankets, disposable bed mats, lotions, soothe pacifiers, body wash,etc. Don’t hesitate to ask them as you are paying for all those anyway. Sorry for the long post.

    • april

      My son had awful reflux and spit up constantly. My husband & I both felt like gripe water helped ease his discomfort. I’m pregnant with my second now and I definitely plan to keep some on hand incase #2 has tummy troubles.

      As far as my price points, I wrote down the price per diaper for various generic brands (so like if you shop the most at Walmart, cvs, and walgreens, write down what the price is of the big boxes and figure the cost per diaper for sizes 1 – 4). Basically anytime a sale price falls below generic price, I buy. Use up generic brand diapers before name brand ones. That way you can exchange the name brand diapers later on if needed.

      I never tried a carrier with my first, but I wish I’d had one. I’m so paranoid about spending the money on an ergo & having baby #2 hate it, so I haven’t purchased one yet. My son never liked pacifiers, and I exclusively breastfed so he never even used the billion bottles I had from my baby shower… or the bottle cleaner… or the drier/spinner thing… I wish I had kept those in the package to return them. With my son and baby #2 here, nearly all their clothes are hand me downs from family & friends from work. That helps tremendously. I won’t pay much for clothes, so garage sales are my go-to.

      Also with diapers, my son used sizes 1 – 3 for quite awhile. He reached a chunky phase where he fit in 4s for awhile, then he grew & slimmed down & needed 3s again.

      Every child and family is different.

  3. Em

    Every family and baby is so different, what worked for my first didn’t necessarily work for the second. However, I invested in a good carrier for both (beco and Tula) which I needed to do pretty much anything out of the house or around the house! We do cloth diapers, did cloth wipes for a long time, reusable breast pads, all that really saves money.
    We got a single stroller as a shower gift for my first, but we needed a double after my second. I found a sit n stand for $15 on Craigslist! It was in great shape, just dirty. If I had known I would need a double stroller when I had my first, I would have gotten the baby jogger city select from the start and have only one stroller.
    I have gotten good deals on car seats on Black Friday. Other baby stuff I’m all for buying used, but not a car seat.
    Baby clothes I won’t pay over a dollar because either we get given stuff or I get clearance clothes at once upon a child. We were handed down SO much baby stuff, a swing, pack n play, tub, toys, it saved so much money.

  4. Laura

    Hands free pump bra, good breast pump(medala double electric), bottle warmer, Dr Brown bottles, Dr brown dishwasher caddy for bottle parts, video monitor ( love! Love! Love! My summer infant), hooter hider, Halo sleep sacks, two water proof mattress covers with at least two sheets (double make the crib mattress/sheet so you can strip a layer in the middle of the night in case of a leak) , wipe warmer, Costco for Huggies natural wipes, white noise machine, city mini stroller, graco car seats, summer infant brand in bath mesh seat,….I could go on and on…

    • Linda

      You can actually make your own hands free bra/ tank top. Buy a cheap Cami with the built
      In bra and cut 2 holes out to slide the pump flanges in and there you go a cheap easy hands free cami. Those hands free bras are so expensive.

  5. Valerie

    $0.01 per wipe, $0.10-$0.12 for sizes N-2, $0.12-$0.15 for sizes 3-6. Highly suggest the infantino mei tai wrap!! Don’t buy a ton of bottles/nipples until you know what babe likes.

  6. Kelly

    Best advice I got was to buy those Gerber cloth diapers and use them as burp cloths. The burp cloths they sell in the store look cute but are too small and not absorbent enough for all the baby messes. Also, don’t buy any clothes I know it’s hard and Collin posts SO many great deals for clothes but people will give you tons clothes new and old. And baby will outgrow them really fast. Now I have tubs and tubs of clothes that I need to get rid of.

  7. Lynne

    Clothes I wont’ pay more than $1 per piece. Yard sales, clearance racks, second hand stores all are great places to find very gently used baby clothes. They only wear each size for a few months at most that first year that it just doesn’t make sense to pay much more.
    I love my little bouncer/vibrating chair. Its small enough I can take it from room to room.

  8. Melissa P.

    Don’t buy too much of one diaper until baby comes! Different brands work for different babies. The only brand that didn’t give mine a rash was pampers. Figure out what works for your baby! Things you need for baby IMO.
    Car seat
    Baby carrier (wrap/sling)
    Rock n play ( saved my life with #2)
    Boobs or formula related things (again, different bottles work with different babies, don’t buy too much of one until you figure it out)
    Blankets for swaddling (I shelled out money for Aden and Anais because they’re worth it for summer babies)

    Buy whatever you can find second hand. The only exception I made was a car seat. As a paramedic, I know the importance of car seats and refused to risk buying second hand. I paid money for the highest rated in safety.
    Congrats mommas!

  9. Mella

    Must haves: Boppy Pillow. Buy More than 1.
    Rock n play
    Pack n play with bassinet option
    Forehead thermometer
    Bouncer seat
    Starbucks gift card

  10. Marie

    I couldn’t have gotten any sleep without the Fisher Price Rock and Play. Love it! Mine was a basic model, worked miracles. My price point for diapers is 9 cents each for name brand. I use Target up&cup during the day and Huggies for overnights. Also, I used formula and invested in the formula pro (it’s like a Keurig for formula) That was a great help, all my bottles were warm, identical and ready in seconds. The sterilizer came with it and was very useful as well. Good luck !!

  11. Amy

    oh there are so many! Fisher price sleep bouncer and swing for new borns are a must…life savers!!!!! My son LoVED them and so did I! Sophie the giraffe teether….expensive but babies love them so much. Boogie wipes….im a little embarassed to admit, I didn’t think.if ever be the mom with special wipes but when my little guu had a cold it really helped gently clean his nose and face. Noise machine for the nursery just to drown out noises in the house and a travel noise maker, we have the cloud b giraffe stuffed.animal, we still keep it on his car seat (it velcros) and it helps him sleep on the road and calms him down when upset! Also, it’s super cute and cuddly, my son often plays with it too! Hope that helps a little! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Babies are the best!!

  12. Stacykay

    I have a 5 month old, and two things I feel have been invaluable are one the Fisher Price rock and play. I’ve used it everyday since her birth. She loves it. She sleeps in her crib at night but still naps in this. We also use the Fisher Price Sit me up. This is good from about 3 months on. So much better than the Bumbo (which I have too). It sits them up but has just enough recline for when they get tired they don’t fall slouch over. And I second the muslin swaddling blankets!

  13. Tktravels

    We use cloth diapers. They easily paid for themselves with baby #1, and we’re on #2 now.

    95% of baby products are unnecessary. Aside from clothes, a few child-proofing safety items, a carseat, and a stroller, the only other really necessary thing has been a soft structured carrier. I * love* our Ergo!

    • Allie

      Yes!!!!!! I have used mine for all 3 and I wear them everywhere!

  14. Stephanie

    I only buy pampers or huggies out of preference.
    Good price $.15/ diaper.
    GREAT price $.11/ diaper.
    Wipes $.001/ wipe.

    I know off brands can be around these prices without sales/coupons, but I havent tried them. I just wait for sales on pampers or huggies and then I stock up. I feel like I get more because I utilize the rewards program for free things!

  15. Ola'k

    Baby tubs are too pricey! Puj sink tub is the best! Easy to store, clean, use and does not take much space!

  16. alicia

    I am am EXTREME COUPONER and if u have a kroger, king soopers store they have mega sales like buy 5 save $ 5 and they always put wipes in on the s as le. Match with a coupon and you get wipes free!. I don’t ever pay for wipes anymire…. but no mater what Kirkland brand wipes are the strongest, bigest and best wipes ever.. I also run a daycare so compared all the different wipes by tugging and pulling, comparing sizes , it’s unsented too

  17. aroaden1983

    Congrats Momma to be! First time mom here with an almost 6 month old! For me Parents Choice formula worked as well if not better than Similac and much cheaper. Go on Parents Choice and sign up and get high dollar coupons. A Diaper Genie was amazing…some people say not necessary but totally love mine. Second hand from a friend! Feel free to email me and i will share all i have learned along the way. couponqueen1983@hotmail.com Good Luck girlie!

  18. StephB

    One thing I would highly recommend is to breastfeed if you can. I understand that it’s not possible for some moms with work, etc. Number one its FREE warm milk at the ready for your little one anytime! A big plus. No getting up in the night fixing bottles of formula. Your milk is always ready for baby when it’s needed.
    Number two is it’s amazing bonding time with your baby. Words can’t describe the feeling of nourishing your baby natures way. I have a close friend who was unable to nurse her first baby and now is breastfeeding her second baby and she said she can’t believe the difference and closeness she feels with this baby. Not that she didn’t love and bond with her first child but there is something special about breastfeeding.
    This is just my opinion but I think it’s worth giving some thought. I know many people that didn’t breastfeed because nobody talked to them about it or its benefits. I could go on and on ….☺️
    I’m not trying to cause any controversy just giving my opinion.
    Congrats to all expectant moms!

  19. Wendy

    For Christian and any other expecting families I can’t live without my Tula baby carrier. I still “wear” him in it and it is very comfortable even though he is now at 30 pounds. I tried Baby Bjorn (hurt my back) Ergo (squished my chest and baby didn’t like it). It made getting things done around the house and out and about even after my emergency c section. I even bought a toddler one that my 5 year old still likes to be back carried in and he is 42 pounds.

  20. t.cooper

    Definitely start buying diapers now and in bulk when you can get them free or very cheap. The most i have paid for diapers is $12 for a 333 count box of huggies on amazon. My daughter will be a year old in 3 weeks and i have not bought a single pack of diapers since she has been born. Also a car seat that transitions from infant to up to 110 pounds will save you more money in the long run. My daughter outgrew her infant carrier by 5 months. I have enjoyed her urbini bassinet combo stroller. When she falls asleep while we are out i just let it down into bassinet position and finish up my shopping. So those are a few things to look into before spending a lot of money on buying 3 car seats as your child grows.

  21. Ana

    Stock up price for me on Diapers has always been .10c a diaper no matter what brand! wipes .001c a wipe…. I’m on baby #3 and still stick with the same stock up price it definitely can be done!!. especially those CVS ECB deals! :).. I usually keep inventory of the diapers I buy, I make a excel table worksheet with each size,brand, and how many are in a pack….and everytime I buy them I write it down or type it up to keep track of each size! …

    I usually buy about 10 Packages of Jumbo newborn
    about 20-26 PKGs (JUmbo) of Size 1
    20 Jumbo packs of size 2
    and 20 and up size 3

    Of course this will range but if you see that they no longer can fit into that size I would take it to a store and have it exchange for the next size you need! 🙂 HTH!!

  22. Kiwi

    My must have is My Breastfriend. In have 2 and even took it on vacation. If you can breastfeed then it is amazing. It is far better than a boppy for feeding purposes.

  23. Meaghan

    Go with the Nuby bottles! I had the hardest time with both my girls trying to find the right bottle after nursing, and for each, I swore by the Nuby brand. You can get a 3-pack at CVS for ~$5. I tried every single type, starting with the most expensive /popular, and the Nuby ones were by far the best for us!

    • Meaghan

      Another thing: we like the arm and hammer diaper pail much better than the diaper genie brand – cheaper and easier to use!

  24. Sara

    I started stocking up on diapers when I was 5 months pregnant at CVS. Once you start buying you get a bunch of coupons and can combine them all, like $5 off $25 diapers with $3 off $20 Huggies, with your manufacturer coupons and roll your Extra Care Bucks each time. I find that’s the cheapest way to go. I just found a box of wipes on clearance at CVS for $9, used a $1.50 CVS wipes coupon and $0.50 Huggies coupon, made them $7 for a giant box of wipes.!!!

    I agree with the others sleepsacks are essential!! And swaddle blankets, not receiving blankets, they’re not long enough to swaddle. I read about the fisher price rock n play sleeper and bought one and thank god!! My son loves it! He loves the vibration and coziness, the crib was too big and scary. He’s 6 weeks old today, he was scared of or didn’t like most things at first. He’s gotten to love his swing and bouncer, but it depends on your kid, every one’s different. And the diaper genie is a must, my mom was like oh you don’t need that, you do!!!

  25. art

    For cloth diapers never more than $10 a diaper.

    For formula never more than 80 cents an ounce. We just use whatever brand happens to be cheapest but obviously that’s not always possible.

    We make our own soaps and creams and such so I can’t comment on price on those. We buy all clothes used at garage sales for less than 25 cents each.

  26. Lauren

    My Kinderpack baby carrier is a life saver. For diapers, my goal is always $0.10 or less per diaper. The SAMs club members mark wipes are my absolute favorites followed by Amazon elements wipes. Both are $0.02/wipe. I have found that I HATE pampers wipes bc they leave “fuzzies” in my sons pee pee and huggies wipes literally tear apart.

  27. Beth H

    Best advice I have is open as little of your baby items as possible until you actually need to use them. We ended up returning several things from our registry and getting something different as we discovered what we actually needed and would use. It is so hard to know what will help you get through the day. I do tend to get most new moms a paci pouch. It is a little thing but made our life so much easier while out and about.

  28. Candice

    I only pay 0.50 for Huggins wipes Smith/frys they go on sale for 1.00 then I can always find a coupon for them. The number o e be y thing I could not live with out is the Binkey strap holder that clips to the car seat or baby. My kids loved there Binkey and this made it so much easier to find them and lose them less often

  29. Jenny

    If your baby has thicker thighs you’ll LOVE the target up n up brand plus it doesn’t make rashes on baby like name brand diapers. It also doesn’t leave a red mark around their thigh part because they are wider. Get wipes from Costco. Last thing is you’ve spent so much on your crib so leave baby to sleep throughout the day in crib. Or else they won’t want to sleep in it later.

  30. Carla

    #1:Buy in mind of the toddler years! (Don’t spend a lot of $ on quantity and quality items that you will only use a few months unless you don’t mind blowing a little money)

    #2: usually, you get what you pay for (if it’s cheap, expect it to not last or be inconvenient in some way or not function as great, etc)

    Spend the $ on the items that you get the most use out of!

  31. Kathryn

    Baby items must haves: nose Freda, little remedies saline nose drops, bulb syringe (hospital may give you one), car seat (love chicco key fit 30), extra car seat base if you have two cars, thermometer (one for arm and one for rectal), footie pjs (great for daycare!), the book “the wonder weeks” (helps explain why baby is fussy)

    Breastfeeding must haves: bamboobies nursing pads, extra pump parts, Extra bottles with the slowest flow nipple (love Avent #1), nursing bras, nursing tank tops, pump bra, insulated lunch bag (for work to carry milk)

  32. Luna

    I found onesies with mittens which they give in the hospital very helpful, ask if you can get extras if possible, the pads for moms are the best from hospital too and the cream to heal after stitches. Diaper rash cream varies from baby to baby and so do diapers but I’ve found amazon mom to be very convenient. You can register for 50% off first 3 months. Bouncer or rocking chair was helpful but I’d hesitate to buy used for safety reasons the same for car seat. I always bought new. As someone mentioned bottles are also picked by the baby, it’s trial and error so won’t spend much on them before hand. Congrats to you!

  33. GiulianasMom

    In my opinion you should stock up from the third trimester on out. There’s always a chance your baby won’t be able to use a certain brand so I wouldn’t say stockpile too high. You also shouldn’t buy too much of the same size. Because my daughter had an overly sensitive umbilical cord (bled constantly, even when cleaning) I used 2 small packs of newborn size diapers. As soon as it feel off I switched to size 1. My point is, you don’t know how quickly they will grow or what things will come so if there’s a really good sale, get a couple different sizes, if not there will always be a sale later.

  34. GiulianasMom

    I use Pampers brand diapers and Huggies brand wipes. With my coupons and cartwheels there is always a sale. They wind up equal to or sometimes slightly pricier than Up&Up. However, i can buy that brand anywhere and I get rewards from them. At the end of the day you have to go with what’s best for your baby as well as your pockets. Do the math and research. I think up&up is made by pampers company but is of lesser quality. As is JOY by Carter’s.

  35. Lexie

    Shop consignment sales! You’ll find a lot more variety of cute clothes than the stores and so much cheaper! I don’t pay more than $1 for onesies. You can also find a lot of baby equipment like Bumbos and swings for a lot cheaper than stores and if your baby doesn’t like it, you’re not out a lot of money and you can always sell it back. We only used the bumbo a handful of times, but paid $12 for it and and sold it for the same price. We love our Ergo Performance carrier. We use it all the time when we go hiking and shopping at the store, especially when she was young and wanted to cuddle more. I found we didn’t use the tummy time mats much, nothing beats a soft blanket and you on the floor, and much less to store! Invest in a couple good nursing bras if you are going to breastfeed. I’ve lived in mine the past 12 months, so it’s worth investing in some good ones. I found some on the Bravado website when they were clearanced. Target and Amazon are great places to get diapers. I think the Target brand works great. Under 12 cents for diapers and 1 cent for wipes. Amazon Prime is worth investing in for the discount on diapers and saving a trip to the store. And always watch Hip2Save for deals! Good luck!

  36. Sarah

    I would recommend not opening or tearing off tags and saving receipts even for the small stuff they grow so fast at first u may not even get a chance to let them wear all their clothes… Also one thing I payed a little extra for that I don’t regret is getting a good baby monitor with video it just makes me feel better being able to see my baby in the middle of the night I feel that if ur in a bind or don’t have much room u could go without a changing table they’re nice to have but u can always put a towel down on the end of ur bed and use it or a couch or whatever! Also I was gave one of those deluxe 3 in 1 (bassinet changing table and pack in play) they are pretty expensive and not at all worth it in my opinion unless ur a traveler! It’s so big it took up so much room I would have rather had a basic small bassinet because that’s all I used it for anyways the changing area was so low and flimsy I winded up throwing it away and I’ve never had a need for a pack and play if I need a minute of baby free time (like to go get a shower) I’ll stick him in his crib with some toys it does the job just fine! I have his monitor so j can keep and eye on him without him being right there with me! And when he was smaller I would just bring his bouncer in the bathroom and put him in there while I showered! I loved having a baby swing when he was stuffy it helped him to sleep sitting up a little!

  37. Sarah

    Also if u have a friend with a child older see if u can buy clothes off them or even share the basic stuff like onsies pjs socks etc. me and my SIL do this we both have bought a few and let each other use our stuff! That stuff adds up so fast!! Plus they go through stuff so fast at first u just get a few wears out of so it still nearly looks new when they’re done with it!

    • Sarah

      One more thing I wasted money on big time was a pump and baby food maker! I was able to stay home with my child and so I didn’t really need a pump I thought I would use but when u find out how much work it is u change ur mind lol and making my own baby food seemed like a great idea at first but then I was so worried I wasn’t doing it right and it was so much trouble I went with buying if ur a couponer its really not much difference after buying the stuff u need to make and store the food!

  38. sudha

    I delivered 3 months ago and below is the list. hope it helps you :

    1. Bassinet/Play Pen/Crib/pack n play


    If you buy something like in the above link you don’t need to buy changing table and stuff. I have the same but old model and I can move this easily from room to room or upstairs and down stairs. If you buy crib you cannot move(My daughter did not like and not sleeping in crib). Pack n play will be very useful for outdoors too. Easy to carry. But do you’re research too.

    2. Mattress and mattress protector (if you buy crib)

    3. Baby monitor (I have digital audio monitor. But now a days you do see the latest video monitors too)

    4. Car seat and stroller (travel system)(I bought chicco brand. Britax is also good one)
    5. Car window shade
    6. Wash cloth(these are so soft on baby skin. You use it to wipe the baby)
    7. Burp cloth
    8. Bath tub

    9. Nail clipper
    10. Blankets

    11. Receiving blankets (we can swaddle the baby with these blankets. Hospital ppl will teach you how to swaddle. You can bring few blankets from the hospital)

    12. Dreft (infants laundry detergent)

    13. Glider/rocker

    14. Swing (the best swing I love it. Its not battery operated.)

    15. Baby towels

    16. Baby carrier

    17. Diaper changing pad. https://www.amazon.com/Summer-Infant-Contoured-Changing-16-5/dp/B009EDSWJA/ref=sr_1_4_s_it?s=baby-products&ie=UTF8&qid=1468354936&sr=1-4&keywords=diaper+changing+pad)

    18. Diaper Changing mat ( usually comes with most of the diaper bag)
    19. Diaper bag
    20. Do not buy many newborn clothes ( 0-3 months should be good).
    21. Socks
    22. Mittens
    23. Electric Breast pump
    24. Milk storage bags
    25. Baby activity gym (used when baby is 3 months old)
    26. Nursing pillow

    27. I use Dr. Browns feeding bottles
    28. Oh I forgot to add most important Diaper champ. I have this which is the best. with this you can use normal plastic covers that we get from grocery stores.


    For diaper ginnie you need to buy refills(which would be expensive). See below for diaper ginnie(I would prefer Diaper champ).



  39. Sarah

    CVS is a great way to get cheap diapers!!! I will not pay more than $5 for a jumbo pack (around 20 diapers depending on size) and usually can get them for around $3 a pack. Consider borrowing big/bulky items like swings, exersaucers and other hard to store items or things that are only useful for 6 months or less, I would include bumbos in this. They are great but expensive and hard to store. I love loaning out my stuff, I help a friend and get more space!

  40. SJ

    My biggest tip is to buy USED!!! kids grow out of stuff in the blink of an eye. I’ve probably only bought my son 4 or 5 onesies/outfits full price from a store. There are always baby/kid stuff Facebook groups. I bought his bouncer used, swing, changing pads, crib and mattress, TOYS, baby bath tubs or rings (for when they can sit up pretty well), books, clothes (as mentioned above), diaper bag, bumbo, high chair, feeding utensils, and decor for his room. I’ve also gotten good deals on formula ( because I couldn’t meet all his needs through breastfeeding or pumping alone), diapers, wipes, and baby carriers (Tunas, lille baby, ergo 360’s)

    The only things I’ve bought brand new for him were his car seat and stroller combo and a jumperoo (only because I couldn’t find the one I wanted used haha)

    I prefer pampers and if I can get the big packs for half price, I’m happy! So if I can get a $35 pack down to $17-18, I’m happy. I also prefer the sensitive wipes and getting those for 2 cents.

    I use Gerber gentle for formula and can find them half price ($8-9 for the 12oz can) on the garage sale sites and even eBay!

    I loved the halo sleep sacks when my guy was under 4 months old. After he could roll over on his own, I stopped using them for fear he couldn’t roll to his back. Again, find these on Facebook! Some people will sell them dirt cheap ($1-5 a sack).

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