Where Do YOU Sell Outgrown Baby Items – Garage Sales, Consignment Stores, Craigslist?

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Check out this email I received from Liz…

As a mom of 2 preschoolers, I know all about where to find good deals on baby/toddler/preschool items, but what about selling of all the baby goods that we’ve outgrown? I do plan on donating some items, but for other items, it would really help us out to get a little something for them.

For big ticket items (strollers, high chairs, etc), are garage sales, consignment stores like Once Upon a Child, Craigslist, or big, seasonal community consignment sales the most successful? What about for smaller items like clothing, board books, and toys?

Please share your tips in the comments below! Thanks!
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  1. Brittany

    Better question: how do you decide what to keep and what to get rid of? What do you do you want to to try and grow your family later-again, how do you decide? I have a toddler and I haven’t gotten rid of any of his stuff because I can’t decide what to keep.

    • Sarah

      We got rid of big ticket items with my first son. We kept all of his clothes/shoes/crib/toys but got rid of swing/stroller/car seats/etc because of space and expense. With my second, a daughter, I went girly with some things and I was more choice with others. I went full girly with the clothes and tried to get gender neutral big ticket items so we can keep for expanding our family (example-black stroller, little lamb bouncer and swing). I have passed on and sold some of her clothes-keeping special outfits/dresses/clothes I would dress another daughter in or want to hand down to her.

  2. Tiffany

    Facebook! Local online garage sale groups. Buy and sell – so easy!

  3. kassidy

    I’m part of Facebook garage sales sites in my local city….I’ve sold soooo much this way!!

  4. Jenn

    Facebook garage sale sites. Set a price and either meet the interested person somewhere or they come pick the item up at your house depending on your comfort level.

  5. Bremoeller

    I sell my stuff at Once upon a child, give away to friends, or donate.

  6. EconomicalBear

    Where I live, there are baby/kids consignment sales. You register as a consignor, pay a consignor fee, and then you get to choose the prices. You usually receive 60% of the sales price and then when you volunteer, it goes up 5% with each shift you volunteer to work typically. I can price items higher than a garage sale, make more than a garage sale and a consignment store. Often times, they will take donations for local charity for items which do not sell. I don’t have to worry about the weather of a garage sale, the sales are targeted to parents looking for these items, so it’s a win/win.

  7. erica

    I am curious myself, as I have not had much success selling anything locally as where I live is very rural. Nowadays I just give it all away. I spend more time getting deals than earning. As I have personally found it is more blessed to give than to recieve.

  8. Sarah

    I have had good success on Kidizen. It’s a great resale app. It’s for all things baby/kid…clothing (including maternity), accessories, shoes and books. I have seen toys, diaper bags, bedding and handmade and unique items as well. Keep in mind you are responsible for taking the pictures, packaging and shipping the items. You do charge shipping fees so that is covered. They have a great FB support group with lots of tips and tricks as well. It’s kind of fun to have your own little shop and pass on the items you have loved for your children to a new family to love! (Referral link if your interested: Join Kidizen with my referral code (ggq6h) and we’ll both get $5! http://get.kidizen.com#ggq6h)

  9. Angela

    Big items go on the facebook baby & kids resale and trade site. Smaller items get sold as a lot on the site or at a church consignment sale. For us, a lot of the people on the site want quality or name brand items but you do have to go through the hassle of finding location and time to meetup.

  10. Mgat5

    I use Mercari… Use my code “QRYFEW” to join Mercari and get $2 off your first purchase!
    https://www.mercari.com/dl/ 🙂

    • Sarah

      Thanks, I used your referral code!

  11. Sara

    I use Craigslist and love it! The profits are much higher than at a resale shop, and it’s nice to be able to make your own prices.

  12. MrsD

    Mercari is an awesome app for selling stuff. They don’t take a commission. You can make the buyer pay shipping and you print a label at home. I use it all the time. Id be thankful if you used my code to sign up. We’ll both get credits —> RWVSPH

    • Sarah

      Thanks for letting us know about this one! I haven’t heard of it. I use Kidizen but they do charge a commission. I’m going to try this one when we get settled with our move! Using your link;)

  13. Brittany

    Ebay! So easy once you get the hang of it

    • kei

      I’d like to do that but what I don’t understand is the shipping process and the fees.

      • Robyn (Crafty Bargainista)

        My rule of thumb with eBay is this… Find out what similar items have sold for in the past with the shipping cost added in. Take that price and multiply by 87% (the fees for no frills listings on eBay and PayPal are usually about 13% of the winning bid PLUS shipping… which sucks, I know). Then subtract the shipping cost. That is (on average) what you would make. It doesn’t make sense to sell things on eBay that are heavy but aren’t worth much, because by the time you pay fees you could end up being in the red. 😕

    • Becky

      eBay is too complicated. You make a lot more using the Poshmark app and it’s straightforward. Use my code for $5 JYPKP they just started buying and selling kids clothes

  14. Facebook

    Facebook has “Buy and Sell” groups in towns all around

  15. psk

    craigslist! i have sold many kids stuff on it and also bought so many of them.

  16. Jen

    I usually donate all of my daughters clothes . I leave them at donation bins.
    But I don’t know how they work.
    Do these donations go to some organizations for needy people or thrift stores?

    • Sarah

      Some are for profit so you’ll want to look in to hit specific one. We will drop off bags occasionally at those buns but for the most part try to donate to local thrift shops/shelter shops that give back to the community or Salvation Army.

  17. Johnnie

    I have 4 kids….. 12,5,2, and a 5 month old. Hubby is military, so he’s at work long, various hours. I don’t have time to post items. So I’ve been taking my items to a private owned consignment store. Just faster for me to do it that way.

    • Lynnette

      Does your base have a Thrift Shop? That is where I used to bring my kids’ clothes and they sold very quickly. Often there is a limit on how many items you can bring in daily so check ahead of time.

  18. Casey

    Little off topic, but I’m looking for recommendations on a good convertible car seat if anyone has one they like!

    • Bremoeller

      Britax bsafe is a great brand and very highly rated.

    • Bremoeller

      Oops that was an infant car seat. Brutal in general is a highly rated brand.

    • Bremoeller

      Seriously sit correct is not my friend. I meant Britax.

      • Amy

        You cracked us up, though!

    • Linda

      We have the britax advocate, can’t complain at all. The advocate is the highest model of that brand, where as the marathon I believe is the middle model and was listed as top pick from consumer reports.

    • laureen

      I LOVE my chicco nextfit. My son has been chunky and tall since he was 6months so he out grew his seat. My family is a chicco family. I loved the car seats for my little brother and love it for my son. I will be using a keyfit again for my new baby due in December. The only thing is they are pretty big. My husband made a joke about it being a space ship. So I suggest trying them out at BuyBuyBaby. They should let you take it out. They let me take out 2 double strollers and try and fit them in my trunk.

    • Vivian

      I second Britax! They are all very highly rated. They have several lines of convertible car seats

    • art

      We use the Cisco Serena Next. It’s $42. We dig it

    • Nicole

      Britax and Chico – you can’t go wron with either if those brands.

  19. Renee Keeney

    I like to give them away…pay it forward…..I have been blessed many times with garbage bags full of clothes that I like to share that joy with others. It’s fun to make someone happy!!!

  20. kei

    Poshmark! They started kids clothing just a couple weeks ago. It’s so easy, The only thing is that they take a 20% fee but after selling a while the money you get back adds up! Get a credit if you download the app and sign up with code BMLYD!

  21. Nilo

    I donate them instead of selling.

  22. Liz

    Local mom swaps check your area on Facebook there are tons of them and have had much success!

  23. Tina

    I use Facebook’s garage sale for my area, I also use an app Called “Offer Up”.

    • Jenn

      Yes…love OfferUp.. easy to post and sell..
      Oh and LetGo too.. 🙂

    • Molly

      OfferUp is the best! I have sold almost every single big ticket baby item I had. You just have to be patient because you will get a lot of low offers and people who don’t follow through.

  24. Katie

    Facebook buy/sell groups and a few items on Craigslist. I kept everything from baby 1 since we knew we’d have a second. We are unsure about a 3rd so I’ve gotten rid of the big hard to store items and will get used if we do. (Swing, exersaucer or jumper, baby bath)

  25. SJ

    The Facebook groups I’m in are great! I have never had a problem with buying or selling anything. Some of the moms I’ve met through there are now good friends of mine!

  26. megan

    Facebook b/s/t groups.

  27. Amy

    I usually try Mercari first (use code VZQBUK to get a free $2 Credit) because there are no fees like eBay. If it doesn’t sell fairly quickly on there (I have had some stuff sell within minutes of posting) then I will list it on eBay.

  28. Amy

    I bring most items to local kids resale consignment shop called “All Things Kids”. I don’t want the hassle of selling on my own or worrying about the safety of selling on Craigslist,etc.

  29. Jessica

    I love the website Mercari! I’ve made over $400 this year just selling random stuff I have around my house.. They don’t take any commission fee, and you don’t have to pay shipping out of pocket because either the buyer pays shipping, or the shipping just comes off the total amount you make.. All you do is print a shipping label and drop it off at the post office.. Simple! If you want download the app! Or you can use my referral code and get $2 off your first purchase.. NZSEWQ
    Happy buying and selling!

    • Jessica

      Use my code “NZSEWQ” to join Mercari and get $2 off your first purchase!

      That makes it easier to get to the link 🙂 thanks in advance if you chose to use!

      • tipaye

        Am getting ready to use your code. 🙂

    • Sarah

      Your mail carrier will pick your package up if you schedule a pick up at usps.com.

      • Jessica

        Awesome! I had no idea, good to know!

  30. Renee

    Local consignment sale for sure!

  31. angela

    Another vote for Facebook local selling groups. You can put a face to the person buying.

  32. Jessica

    I sell everything on the Varagesale app.

  33. michele

    I love Poshmark AND they just added kids clothes!! All you do is list, sell, print label and ship!!! Fees are minimal and you will earn $5 off your first purchase with my referral code!!

    Sign up with code JZCJF.

  34. Jenn

    I use Just Between Friends consignment sale in Delaware twice a year. You get 60% back (or 70% if you volunteer 4 hours.) I sell usually 95% of my stuff! I use to sell lots of stuff on Craigslist and Facebook pages but too many no shows, issues and started to worry about my safety. Look into a local consignment sale, as a consignor you also get to shop before the public sale which is a great perk!

  35. Mandi

    I like to use the local Facebook buy and sell sites but hate having to run all over to sell/buy. To get the biggest bang for my buck I participate in my town city wide rummage. It takes a lot of work up front but it saves the hassle of running around selling a few items here or there. You can make a good profit in one weekend. If your town doesn’t have one start your own with your neighbors!

  36. Nichole

    We have in our area a consignment sale at the local national guard armory. It helps moms who have gently used baby and kids items sell and buy plus part of the proceeds go to local charities.

  37. Rachel L

    I would be interested in knowing what everyone does with their car seats. I used the same seat for both my kids but now it is expired so most places don’t want it. Will donation centers still take it?

    • Jane

      If it’s expired, you need to cut the straps and trash it. It’s unsafe for anyone to use, even through a donation center.
      Or wait and see if Babies R Us does their trade in event again and get a store coupon.

      • Lynnette

        I second the idea of using the BRU trade in event. If you don’t need the coupon, I am sure you can post somewhere and someone will need it!

    • Brianma

      I took the cover off of mine expired one and washed it and sold it. I had a GERD baby as my first and I would constantly have to wash the cover and finally bought and extra. There is a market for them. The car seat itself can be recycled when broken into its components……foam, plastic, metal, etc.

  38. Jenn

    I use Yerdle. The best way to describe it is an online garage sale. There are new and used items posted. You post items and the amount you make can be used to “buy” other items. Basically, you pay a flat shipping fee (I’ve never paid more than $6) for items you buy. When others buy your items, Yerdle emails you the shipping label, you print it, and ship your item. It’s free to be a member and I recommend watching the introduction video to get more details as to pricing because items are marked with the $ sign but that is the cost you pay in Yerdles, not actual dollars. So, if the cost of an item is $25, it’s 25 Yerdles, NOT actually $25. I have gotten designer purses, leapfrog items, a keurig, lots of designer clothes, and expensive makeup for the cost of shipping, always less than $6! And it’s nice to be able to sell my unused stuff without leaving the house. I use my phone to post items because it is so easy. Btw, this site is awesome to find vintage items too! I’ve seen toys that I grew up with, such as Popples, trolls, etc.

    My referral link is posted below; thank you in advance if you use it to sign up.

    I love swapping on Yerdle! Use my link to get $35 Yerdle Dollars when you sign up (plus Free Shipping when you give away your first item!): http://yerdle.com/i/jenna-harper

    • Jenn

      BTW, the $35 Yerdles that you get by using my link will be enough for a free item, if not a few. You’ll just pay shipping. However, it looks like you’ll get free shipping too if you donate an item, according to the referral link they gave me. Happy Yerdling! 🙂

  39. Cool

    I give every single thing to charity and it feels good 😀

  40. Amb

    I love the seasonal consignment sales by Kid’s Closet Connection. You can transfer your unsold items to multiple sales in your area each season (my area has 4 that are within easy driving distance) and you don’t have to retag your items. I’ve met some ladies that have become great friends through volunteering.

  41. Scarlett

    I used to love and use ThredUp religiously, then they changed. You would get the rectangle flat rate shipping boxes from USPS so the shipping price was always the same, and you would give away the things your kids outgrew, which would give you points to get a box of free stuff for your kids. All you paid was shipping and this was a great way to help each other out! I wish us moms could get that started up again especially since I have a baby girl due in Jan as well as a 5 yr old son and a 7 and a 9 year old daughters

  42. Laura

    I use the TOTSPOT app. Use code XBHTMG for $5 off😊

  43. Eleanor

    Trying to sell on mercari! Haven’t made a sale yet though 😫 GSKEXQ is my referral code

  44. Lisa

    I’d like to comment on two things:

    To the original question: Find out if your area has a clothing closet where you can *trade* your children’s gently used clothing for sizes that you can use. 🙂 Churches host these type of things.

    There was a comment about what to keep/get rid of *IF* you *might* have another child:
    All of my bigger items are gender nuetral. When it comes to clothing, I have found that it does start to kind of… age in the garage over time. It’s hard to know what to do sometimes, and this is my dilema as well. The clothing can become dated/yellow etc. over time. I think it’s just a judgement call of keeping it like 2-4 years or so.

    Just my thoughts after 7 kiddos. 🙂

  45. m

    i live in a little rural town, and have no patience for yard sales (i have one kid so my yardsale has never drawn a crowd) so i do once apon a child, for the ease of not storing items and easy selling, then whatever they dont want i donate/giveaway.

  46. Angela

    If you live in the Bay Area, there is a fair twice a year called outrageous outgrowns that you can sell anything related to kids at (toys, books, maternity clothes, costumes, strollers, cribs, etc! They can be new or used (must be in good condition though). I haven’t tried selling anything, but as someone purchasing things, I absolutely love this fair! I am a behavior therapist and go twice a year to stock up on toys, books, puzzles for my clients. I have seen many families buy the clothes and big items and they always look great. The toys are really awesome too! They also have half price Sundays where select items (based on seller’s preference) are half off.

  47. Kerry Haney

    I love Swap.com. I’ve made $200 this month! I’m certainly not going to quit my job, but hey…the extra cash is nice! If anyone would like to check it out here’s my referral link http://referral.swap.com/240565714086281216

  48. Em

    Easiest is once upon a child, but they can be picky about what they take of clothes. They’ve taken almost all the toys and bigger items we brought. I also have sold tons on facebook groups. We have also donated lots and I gave lots of my son’s baby toys and clothes to a friend.

  49. Sam

    I have been on a cleaning /donating/ trashing spree lately!! Living in a rural community, not much traffic for yard sales and I have donated a lot! Then I found Poshmark and have had some real success with it! The commission is steep but it provides protection in case of problems! Try it with code NZJES and you’ll get a credit for your first purchase! I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much fun it had been! 🌼🌼🌼😍

  50. Crista

    I’m curious as to how much everyone prices items at yard sales? Especially clothing. I have tons of boys stuff from newborn to 4T and I don’t know what to charge. I would be using the money to buy clothing for my new baby (girl). All items are in good shape and stain free. Thanks!

    • candace

      That’s hard to answer because I would bet it is totally different depending on your location. I gsale alot so this is what I would expect to see when buying boys clothes…most things $1 and under. The majority of what I see for tops is 25 or 50 cents/piece but can go up to the $1. It depends on how badly you want it gone vs. Making money back. I just did 2 great sales for a pregnant friend…1 I spent $4 for 40 nice name brand items and the other I loaded up at a bag sale and got almost 200 items for $2 because they just wanted it gone (those are not normal). If it’s too high priced it verges into the similar pricing on clearance clothes.

      Unless I love something anything over $1 is getting high for tops. Shoes and boots are usually $1-2 unless its a nice name brand in good shape and then maybe $5 (if you have a nice pair of Nikes or something sell on ebay to get more). Jeans would be $1-3/pair. Something like 3 piece dress up suit might be like $5. Once you get above 4t (or if theres some kind of special item or good brand) I would say those rules start to bend a bit if its in nice shape. Boys are generally rough on their clothes and nice gsale items are harder to come by and you can charge a little more. You can sell for more per item in a lot on your local facebook buy/sell/trade but it doesn’t mean someone is willing to pay it. Hot or miss.

    • Laura

      Has to be $1 or less per item. I can’t stand when people try to charge more for kids clothes at a garage sale since you can often get new stuff on clearance for $2-$5 at target, kohls, etc.

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