Reader Question: Share Ways to Save with Twins

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Check out this email from reader Jodi-

Hi Collin! Just wondering if you know of any deals or discounts for mothers of twins? My friend is pregnant (1st pregnancy) and she just found out today that she is having twins!

I just recently got her into couponing and have introduced her to your awesome website! She has already began stocking up on diapers and wipes, so now I’m trying to find out any ideas to help her prepare for the arrival of her babies. Thanks for all that you do!


How do YOU save on items for πŸ‘¬ twins? πŸ‘­

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  1. Emily

    When I had my twins 9 years ago I know quite a few places offered twin discounts. That was real nice on car seats and bigger items. Just ask!

  2. Denise

    I too have twins, though my girls are 17. I have learned to purchase things on off season. So summer clothes I buy this time of year and either buy them for the next year or a little big to wear longer. I live in Southern California so we can wear anything anytime of year. I always look at clearance first when looking for things, this has taught me to save extra and even substitute for a more expensive item that is similar. I can’t wait to see what all the genius hip2saveers suggest. Happy savings!

    • Julie

      No twins here- but I always looked at clearance first and bought every item needed out of season, saves you thousands over 18 years time with multiple children.

  3. Bremoeller

    I just had twins almost two years ago and many stores offer twin discounts if you buy two of the same thing. i.e. Babies r us, target, and even Walmart depending on your store. Also if you google twin freebies you will get a huge list of companies that offer twin programs for free coupons and products. Also your doctors office can give a voucher for a case of formula per child. You just have to call the company and it is shipped to your door.

    I hope that helps.

  4. hope2save

    I never comment, but that is the most adorable photo ever πŸ™‚

    • Rebecca

      I thought that about the photo too!

    • Shelby

      I agree. That photo is the cutest thing ever. Omg

    • MommySpendsLess

      Me too! My daughter’s 7yo so my baby-saving days are over but that picture was so cute I clicked anyway. Have a great Friday everyone! πŸ™‚

    • Wendy Tobias

      I don’t ever comment either but, my twin boys just graduated high school and will be turning 18 soon. But it made me remember so many things.

  5. wendy

    My boys are now in their mid teens but i found that if you contacted the companies that make everyday baby items like diapers, bottles, foods that they had special forms for multiples and they sent all kinds of free items and coupons. Check out their websites

  6. Michelle

    I was reading on the huggies website they give something special for multiples… Must send in proof but worth a try😊

  7. Jill marino

    You can write to ringling bros. Circus for free tickets. I got them for my twins 5 years ago. Check the website. Also, I believe babies r us has a 10% twin discount. I also wrote to companies and included birth certs. for coupons. Goodluck!

  8. Heather

    My twins are 13 months! I googled it and there is a lot of info Pinterest too! I wrote letters and called just about every baby company out there! Enfamil gives you 2 cases of formula! A lot of places said they don’t have multiples discounts but they will send you good coupons! Also our pediatrician gave us like 6-10 cans of formula every time we had an appointment!

  9. wendy

    Check your local area for moms of multiples groups some groups have clothing swaps

  10. amy

    You don’t need two of everything- but you do need two of the big stuff. Buy used for everything but the carseats and crib mattress. Cloth diaper, breast feed as much as you can (we couldn’t- talk about expensive, and we just used whatever the cheapest formula was!) and make your own baby food.

    Oh, and definitely invest in a good used baby carrying device. I used two, one baby on each side of me. It’s a life saver.

    • Crystal

      We had to use formula also, but luckily Costco’s generic brand worked for our twins which saved a ton of money!

  11. Ana

    Always check Thrift stores!! Especially Goodwill since Target usually donates there stuff to them!! πŸ˜€

  12. Laurie

    I just had twins and tried contacting several of the companies listed here:

    I already received free toys and sippy cups, free onesies from gerber and coupons from pampers (including a coupon for a free pack of diapers), and free tickets to the circus for when they are older. I did have to send proof of birth, though. But it’s been great so far!

  13. Simpleton

    I joined a mothers of twins club which gave me support, tips, and we had clothes, toys, car seats, strollers, high chairs. and everything exhanges and sales. This gave me a much needed break from twins who never slept and a chance to be around adults! We also had playdates with the kids, and you will make new friends. Only people who have had twins know what its really like, people will tell me their kids are so close together its like having twins, well no its not even close to the same. Working was not an option for me because daycare for 2 was too costly. Also buy the book Having Twins, it is full of valuable information. Most importantly eat a high protein diet which is discussed in that book with great lists of high protein foods as it will help her pregnancy go full term ( I followed it and went 42 weeks with twins who were a healthy 6.9 and 6.7 lbs. ) Start buying diapers now every time you see them cheap, diapers are a HUGE expense and make your own baby food and freeze in ice cube trays. Get them on the same schedule when one wakes up to eat wake the other one up or you will never get any sleep. Good luck and let me know if you need any other advice.

    • Cindy

      I agree on the same schedule! Make sure they know at the hospital to wake both when it is time to feed and be prepared to force the issue. I had to explain to my nurse that they could not eat an hour apart unless she was coming home with me and getting up every hour! Feed the hungriest first and the other will eat.

      • AG

        Same schedule is a must! Another twin mom told me that before my boys were born and is was the best advice. The first few years are hard but mine are almost 7. It gets easier!

    • Shannon

      Oh my! My twins are 9 now, but it was so aggravating when people said they knew what it was like having twins because their kids were close in age. You have no idea what it’s like to have twins unless you actually have twins. Get two of everything. Double stroller saved my life. Life is hell for the first year. Get 2 swings, you won’t be sorry.

      • Q

        E X A C T L Y!
        Don’t forgot the Nanny!
        And we did NOT receive any discount on their very expensive service!!!
        Money well spent! #blessed

    • Tammy

      I disagree about having them on the same schedule. I could feed them both at the same time, but I couldn’t burp them at the same time. Our girls both had colic so it took time to burp them and get them settled back down. At night, my husband and I both took one to opposite sides of the house so we would each only be up with one. That’s what worked for us. Also, we made enough bottles at one time to last 24 hours. The easiest way for us was to mix the formula was in the blender. Two blender fulls did the trick. The best advice I can give would be to make sure you take lots of pictures and VIDEO. I was so busy taking care of them and my 17 month old that now I can hardly remember any of it. We did take pics, but not so much video. And no matter how stressed you get, remember to cherish every minute.

  14. Angel

    My twin girls are 5 years old now. I wish I had known more about cloth diapering! I still can’t believe how much we spent in disposable diapers! I didn’t cloth diaper my oldest daughter so it didn’t occur to me. But now I wish I had.

    Also, I spent a lot of money on a really nice stroller. It could be used with and without the infant seats after babies could sit up a little. Well, I loved it with the infant seats but hated it without them. I ended up selling it on Craigslist for half what I paid for it (it cost over $500!) when my babies were like 6 months old. Would have been better to buy a used Double Snap n Go and then buy a nice double stroller to use later.

  15. Cindy

    I have 2 sets of twins now age 13 and 5. My advice is to not buy 2 of something if you do not need it. We got by with 1 crib, 1 pack and play, swing, toys,and many other things. All of these take up a lot of space which we did not have. Also, we did not use high chairs for any of our kids. We used the seats with trays that hook on to the regular chair. They took up less space and became boosters when they were older. I have 1 set of girls, and a set of boy/girl and clearance shopping is a definite. Also, accept hand me downs. If you want them to dress alike, use hand me downs at home and matching outfits when going out. My favorite gift was a twin stroller frame which fits any brand of car seats and is much smaller than a twin stroller. I was able to borrow 2 infant car seats from my sister and sister in law for my second set of twins and re use my double stroller. This allows you to pick a double stroller based on your likes and not on what car seats fit in it. We only had 1 choice of stroller for our older set of twins. Just remember that they are twins and will be used to sharing everything. When they are little is the best time to do it because they will not remember. When they are older this will change!

  16. Le

    I don’t have twins but I’m a mom of 3 under 4 πŸ™‚ always always always try craigslist first or any kind of swap site for baby equipment. You can save so much money buying barely used. Invest in a good quality double stroller like a City Select right off the bat, some cheaper doubles are a waste of money. And a good stroller will also retain a bit more money when you go to sell it when you’re done. You’d be amazed how much a quality stroller makes your life so much easier. Don’t go crazy right away buying every single little baby thing, so much is so unnecessary, having my third I look at half the stuff in stores and just kinda laugh cause really babies don’t need much and I wish someone told me that with my first baby lol

  17. sarah

    I don’t have twins, but I have Irish twins and i found getting to know the owner of your local consignment store helpful (for both buying and selling!) Also check to see if your area has a Buy/Sell/Trade page on Facebook. And check CHIP income levels for your state…the babies may qualify for free health insurance, even if you don’t. Lastly, resist the urge to load up on newborn stuff, and stick to sleeping gowns and pajamas. They’re comfy and easy to take on and off. Good luck!

  18. Rachel

    My twins are 4. I agree with not buying two of everything. The day that you need to buy two of everything will come soon enough. We cloth diapered all 3 of our kids 85% of the time. Definitely a money saver but not for everyone. We weren’t able to breast feed, all formula meets the same standards. Find the type that suits your babies best and find the cheapest deal. Our babies tolerated most formulas so we watched the clearance section at Walmart every shopping trip. Homemade baby food. We live on a farm and have a huge garden along with fruit trees so really saved $$$! But buy what’s in season and on sale and freeze.
    I’m not sure about where you live but we buy a lot of the kids clothes at garage sales and on local for sale sites on facebook. Save the brand new clothes for holidays and special ocassions.

  19. Steph

    Everyone thinks they need to buy two of everything, but that isn’t the case. 1 swing, 1 bouncer, 1 of each toy, etc. When you have the baby shower put in the invite please no doubles of items except clothing if you choose. I didn’t and why people thought I needed 2 of every book, every toy, 2 changing tables, everything came in doubles. I didn’t have the need for doubles of everything, but needed other items. I also had 1 crib, 1 pack and play, etc. I tried separate cribs and they never slept so I sold the one on Craigslist to buy diapers. O yea, cloth diapers! Invest now, seriously it would have saved us so much money!

  20. rebecca

    i agree with a lot of the comments about cloth diapers. i have 4 kids, and it DOES save money IF you buy them for the first pregnancy and then re-use. they can be a pricey investment initially, so it pays off if they are used for multiple children.
    i will also say that all my babies came preemie-sized, and they go through SO many diaper changes for those first 3 months, and cloth diapers fit terribly until they put some weight on and have some meat on their thighs, so they can be leaky at first if the cloth diapers are kind of large.
    so, for tiny twins, when you are getting no sleep and don’t have time for a lot of extra washloads of poop, maybe plan on disposable for the beginning months. as they get on a schedule and have fewer diaper changes, then you could do cloth.

  21. Jen

    Having the twins on the same
    Scheduled never worked for me, i was home
    Alone most of the day while hubby was at work and to feed two babies at the same time was crazy for me. Don’t buy two of the same outfits that way you can switch between the two.

  22. Tami

    I have twins that are now 5. In addition to all of the ideas here I used Craigslist and Ebay to trade and buy coupons with others. I signed up (and had my mom, sister, ect) sign up for both Enfamil and Similac coupons/checks. I would then trade with other moms so we both got the brand we needed. I also purchased coupons off of Ebay because if I bought $20 worth of formal checks/coupons and paid $8, I was still saving $12.

  23. candace

    I’ve heard that Pampers has some kind of rewards for multiples with proof. Anyone who can confirm?

  24. nin

    I am a mom of 4 kids age 4 and under and am also an identical twin. (Can you tell I loved having someone I was that close to?-Main reason I couldn’t imagine not having my kids so close in age)

    I agree that so many people have given such great advice. I think the cloth diaper is great and also agree that the first couple months very okay to just deal with disposable as you get used to everything. Often I would cloth diaper at home and use disposable for outings. My sister and I are very close, live 2 miles apart, and our kids at the same time, etc. and both of us were happy that our mom never purposely dressed us alike. We did receive some matching outfits as gifts, but for the most part always felt like we were treated as individuals from out parents and out older siblings which was very important because everyone outside your family seems to treat you as “the twins”. Our parents made a point to NOT compare us. Just a thought from my own experience, certainly doesn’t represent all twins

  25. Edy

    Wow! My twins are going to be 24 yrs old, and I wish, there was a website like this back then, but, a friend teached me to coupon 20 yrs ago, through that we had good food! But, my mother in law always would put clothes on layaway a size bigger, and thanks to good neighbors that would bring me diapers when, I needed them the most , I, agree one crib for both, one double stroller, mine were born premature and I thank the nurses at the ICU that made them a outfit , love to dress them alike , now there totally different πŸ’Enjoy this time!

  26. Lindsay

    I’m a mom of 4, and I think cloth diapering sounds exhausting!! I couldn’t imagine doing it with 2. Getting through the baby years in exhausting enough, you don’t need extra stress. When my children were in diapers I started out buying diapers in bulk at Costco and Sams, but later learned that stocking up and stacking coupons at CVS and Walgreens was actually cheaper. I would also make relatives do the deals too, then just pay them back.

  27. Jaimee

    My twins are now 5 but when they were born their pediatrician wrote something up verifying they were twins and enfamil sent us a whole case of formula and then kept mailing us coupons for 5.00 off. Also we bought their formula at target and ended up getting formula coupons printed at the register which you can use target coupons with manufacturer coupons for an extra discount. Target also would sometimes run a sale where if so much formula was bought u would get a 10.00 target gift card so we would ring our diapers up separate and use the gift card on that πŸ˜€

  28. tmr

    I have 11 year old triplets…you definitely do not need 2 of everything. Space becomes a huge issue and they outgrow everything so quickly. Buy different items like an exersaucer and jumper then rotate them. I never dressed them identical..similar styles but not the same. I always say I have 3 completely different kids just born at the same time. Keep a log book! We had one for the better part of 2 years..write down what time they ate and what/how much and every diaper change pee and/or poop. Once you hit your sleep deprived state you will need it to keep track. Plus then anyone can come in to help ck the book and not miss a beat. Also.. go disposable diapers. Yes it’s more pricey but enjoy the time with them rather than doing laundry. It goes by much too quickly (it won’t feel it..but it does). Put a jar on your counter with a notepad next to it to write memorable moments. It will give you a way to build a baby’s first year book when you have time to do it. Striderite does multiple discounts for shoes. Good luck! It’s an adventure!

    • Katie

      Holy cow, that jar of memories idea is THE best! I have 4 kids, my twins being the last. My oldest was 4 years old when the twins were born. I can’t hardly remember any of those sweet details you want to remember – first words, when they walked, etc – because we were so sleep deprived! Wish I had done that jar idea for sure. Maybe I should start now. πŸ˜‰

  29. Melissa

    Get a high quality breast pump if you plan to breast feed. Don’t bother with the cheap ones, which end up being as the saying goes, “penny wise but pound foolish”.

  30. Erin

    My twins are 8 now. I remember thinking everything needed to match. I could have saved so much money buying things on clearance or second hand instead of paying full price just to have matching things.

  31. BHocker

    You don’t really need two of everything! My twins (4yr old now) enjoyed just being cuddled together in the boppy. As they begin moving, I do suggest two Johnny Jump ups that connect to the door frame. It allows them to run off energy, but be contained if you need them to be. Sleep as much as possible now! Enjoy them as babies because it seems to fly twice as fast! Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Make a “Please do not touch” sign for your car seat or stroller because strangers for some reason seemed to try to touch my twins more than my first 3 singles. Be prepared for “Oh…are they twins?” and lots more crazy questions! Enjoy it!

  32. Crystal

    The biggest “splurge” was a Baby Brezza formula maker since our twins didn’t breastfeed! It is AMAZING-keeps the water the perfect temperature and mixes the bottle within 15 seconds. It was such a lifesaver when they were both screaming and hungry. They even got used to the sound and settled down when they heard that turn on to make their bottle!

  33. stef

    I would highly recommend the joovy twin roo stroller frame. it was one of the best purchases for our twins!

  34. Darcie

    For baby equipment like a swing, etc, just buy one at first. Then see if your twins like it. If so, you can get another, if not, then you don’t have 2 to return or are stuck with them both. Or better yet, borrow one from a friend to test out before you pay for 2 of your own. Not all babies like all those things. Having said that, try to purchase from places where returns are no hassle.
    My twins shared a crib the first several months- until they started really moving around at night. I’m shocked at how many people recommend cloth diapering for multiples. I did NOT want to spend my precious time doing all that clean up, but of course it is cheaper. I say go with disposable because that time is worth it!

    • amy

      Oh girl, it doesn’t take long at all to clean them! And no trudging to the dumpster in all sorts of weather or stinking up the house with poop! Give them a try next time.

      They actually super duper don’t recommend babies sharing a crib anymore, it’s gone out the way of bumper pads.

  35. TRHAM

    you can easily cut your diaper bill in half by sending me one of your twins! πŸ™‚ my 12 year has been begging for a little brother, and this mama says 4 is enough

  36. Lolap

    My twins are 6.5 now, and I don’t know what I would have done with out Amazon Mom. They gave me the first year free for the service and u got the wipes and diapers delivered right to my door once a month. There were amazing discounts on them too.

    Make loads of copies of their birth certificates!

  37. amy

    There are a lot of comments here about one crib, you need two cribs. One crib is dangerous.

    Just because your kids survived that doesn’t mean all did.

    -been there, seen that.

  38. Jodi

    Thank you all SO very much for taking your time to comment !!! This is all very good advise. I GREATLY appreciate it πŸ˜‰

  39. jodi

    Advice* 😊

  40. Penny

    I have 2 sets of twins, girl/girl (7) & boy/boy (3)! Be careful buying diapers, wipes, formula, etc. before the babies come. I once tried a different, cheaper, nighttime diaper and both were soaking wet by midnight! Same with formula, we had to try a few different kinds until we found one that agreed with their little tummies. I buy also everything ahead, clearance shopping at Outlet Malls! I also sell all their used clothes on Facebook in Moms of Multiples Groups. Great resource for selling and buying matching/coordinating outfits. Get two of the big things, especially if you have a registry. We just moved the boys out of their cribs to toddle beds, which uses the same mattress and all the same bedding.

  41. Elaine

    I had my twin boys (now 6) on two different brand formulas. I was able to use both company’s coupons that way. Also, I only bought 1-1.5X the amount of clothing. My hubby and I chose not to dress them identically, that way we did not have to buy 2 of each outfit.

  42. Mommaofsix

    Another thing is don’t stress if you don’t have time to coupon! You can start back when they’re bigger! I was a dedicated couponer, but when I had the twins my extra time disappeared or I needed to send someone else after groceries. After falling asleep cutting coupons and looking at sales a couple of times, I decided to push it aside. I still used coupons, but I stopped planning my trips around the stores and deals. I went to one store and used the coupons I had on what I was buying.

  43. Niki

    I recommend NOT breast feeding – but instead pump and then bottle feed. This way you can pump every 3 hours (yes, I set my alarm starting on night one while in the hospital!) to get your production going good and strong and freezing the extra for when they start taking in more. This, for me, also helped with the sanity of knowing how much they were getting as well, which was always a concern for me. I never had to supplement with formula this way and was able to provide them with breast milk for over a year (wanted to stop at 1 year old but ended up having all that extra milk and then needed to allow myself to ‘wean’ from the pump without breast pain!). I kept up with pumping every 3 hours for about 3 months then tapered it down to every 4 hours and when I went back to work when they were almost 6 months old tapered back to 5 times a day. It’s a lot of work but so worth it and it made me feel like I was really helping them be strong and healthy. (And Bonus – all that pumping helps take of any baby weight SOOO fast!). And with this system, also be sure to recommend to her that her husband gets up to feed one baby while she feeds the other so they are on a good schedule together. So if one wakes up hungry, then wake the other up to feed. This way she’s not always the only one getting up by herself and they can get on a good system. We actually woke them every 4 hours to feed for quite some time too so that, for us, they would be on a predictable schedule. The next thing I suggest is a her baby shower have a meal sign-up sheet there for people to sign up for a date to bring a meal with an extra freezer meal of the same meal along with it for them to use later. Talk to her about when she would want the meals to start coming – she may have her mother/mother-in-law there for the first few weeks helping, for example, and so have the dates for meal sign up start after she would expect extra help to not be as available for her. Or maybe when/if she plans to go back to work. Be sure to get the person who is signing up their phone number and email address to send out a quick reminder. Or you can use a website like But no matter when she would want the meals to start coming be sure to have them sign up and provide you with the information AT THE SHOWER – if you just tell them to sign up on-line at their convenience people tend to forget. Ask your friend before hand too if there are any allergies/food preferences/dislikes as well so you can let people know this when they sign up and request meals be brought in disposable containers so she doesn’t need to worry about getting them back to the people and remembering who it goes to!

  44. lori

    Our twins just turned one! Summer infant has a pretty significant sale twice a year (50% off). We stocked up on tons of stuff then. Also, join the facebook groups for moms of multiple resale (local and national). Sign up for the rewards programs for the major diaper companies.

  45. Amy

    I disagree about the single bouncer or rocker . I used both for my twins simultaneously. Both were fussy @ night . We had one swing. If both kids are fussy u might need two. Mine weren’t. Whether u need one or two depends on your own babies.mine were born premature and so for health reason two cribs were more logical to prevent disease cross transfer espwinters a twin stroller helps in outdoor work.

  46. Amanda

    There are several companies that will send you a new parent welcome package. The big ones I recall are huggies, pampers, luvs, similac and enfamil (both send a case per baby x3 months including preemie formula!), tomy, dr browns, triple paste (triplet program but worth checking for twins!) and seventh generation. I sent a letter requesting info on their multiples program and copy of birth certificates and received coupons and products in the mail. Try finding a local twin/multiples group to get secondhand items and local support. Get the babes on the same schedule and it’s totally manageable. πŸ˜‰ Good luck!

  47. Amy

    I use disposable diapers. Take it from someone who is still diapering their twins . Cloth diapering would add to the stress. You will be sleep deprived for quite a while. In my preemies case almost a year.

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