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Happy Friday: It Never Hurts to Ask…

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Hapy Friday Diapers

Sent from reader, Sarah:

Hi Collin! I have loved and followed Hip2Save for many years and I tell everyone I know about it! I just wanted to share with your followers that it never hurts to ask, especially politely!

I have a 19 month old son who is big for his age and we’ve been having trouble with his diapers leaking at night time (this photo sums up how we all feel about this and the increased laundry!). This week, I contacted both Huggies and Pampers to share with them my frustrations with their nighttime diapers leaking, and both of them are reimbursing me for my recent purchase of diapers! I’m very thankful for their excellent customer service. (On that note I would love any suggestions for diapers that can actually go 12 hours without leaking.)

It’s amazing what can happen when we take the time to give feedback to our favorite companies.

Malem Alarm

NOTE FROM COLLIN: On another note, If you have an older child who struggles with bed wetting, be sure to read this post. I had an older child who struggled with bed wetting for years – I had tried everything from limiting liquids at night to waking him up at night multiple times to use the bathroom with absolutely no success. It was disheartening, frustrating and expensive (I was spending tons of money on GoodNites Underwear and was having to wash his sheets literally every day!). If you’re currently struggling with this issue, please read this post and watch the video.


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Comments 115

  1. Camie

    Overnight pull-ups

  2. Allie

    My son had the same issue. We used diaper doublers from Toys R Us, and they worked great! They usually run a Bogo 50% off deal on them. I found them in the regular diaper aisle. We would also go up a size – but it looks like you may have already tried that. At our local Walgreens (Wyoming), I saw that they actually carried size 7 Pampers! If only I had known in sooner! Never hurts to ask your closest store if they can order them, right? 😉 Good luck!

  3. Casey

    I recently had an issue with a pack of swaddlers and pampers sent me 2 vouchers for diapers. Each 13.99 in value. I was so impressed.. I can get a box for free now!

  4. Rose

    As a Mom of 7 All I use is Huggies Ultra which I buy from Walmart. Lasts about 11 to 12 hours mine sleep through the night as they got oldder. Having 2 on Diapers now Still use this brand luv it I put them to bed and lasts them all night. Huggies Ultra are the Best for me but everyone is different.

  5. Nb

    Diaper bumper pads worked great for my boys at night. They are essentially a maxi pad you put inside their diaper for extra absorption. You can get them at Toys R Us

  6. Jen

    My little one is now potty trained and I never thought I’d miss diapers but this post made me miss them 😩

  7. Erin

    Mine leaked through everything too, even when they seemed to be dehydrated and were put to bed crying from thirst. :-/ I think some kids are just heavy wetters, though the milk idea is not something I had heard of trying before. My kids, like yours, would completely saturate the diapers while they slept and wake up crying, soaking wet from the big puddle of pee. Huggies overnight and pull-ups overnight, both a size up, sometimes two sizes up, and/or doubled up is what worked for us –usually lol. It gets pretty expensive though. Good luck!

  8. Marianne

    Have you tried the Goodnites brand?? They are available at Target. They are expensive and you don’t get many in the box, but they worked for me. I used them for my daughter but she was a bit older. I know those were the only overnight diapers that would not leak.

  9. Bethany

    Not a parent but seriously it’s kinda gross to think about making a child live with urine and feces against their skin for 12 hours! Just yuck! Change your kids more often. I think if you googled it you’d find that making a child be in a spoiled diaper for that long is abuse!

    • Kate

      As a non-parent your comment is honestly irrelevant but since we’re googling things, google how long a toddler sleeps at night and you’ll understand the 12 hour thing. SMH people are so quick to jump on someone else when they don’t know what they are talking about.

      • luvtnco

        Wow! You choose to say a comment is irrelevant because someone isn’t a parent? I would imagine there are many things only someone who is a parent could FULLY understand, but this topic surely isn’t one of them. If reading something which was found by Goggling would provide enough comprehension that would make a non-parents comment relevant, than I would think you, as a parent, should have been able to explain it. I’m not a parent, but I am capable of understanding and the understanding I take away from your post is unkindness.

        • Jess

          I would classify a non-parent accusing people of abuse for something they don’t understand irrelevant as well.

          No sane person wakes a sleeping baby to change pee.

    • Krista

      That is a very harsh assumption that someone is abusing or neglecting their child because they don’t wake their child in the middle of the night to change their diaper. This is one of those subjects you can’t fully comprehend until you are a parent.

    • luvtnco

      I’m not a parent, but I have taken care of enough children to have learned a little bit. I would not leave a child in a diaper if they had a bowel movement. Feces against skin can cause a number of different issues and girls can develop bladder infections. It might seem to you leaving a baby in a wet diaper is neglectful, but it really isn’t. Parents need to take into consideration the best interest of the child and waking a sleeping baby to change them is really not necessary. Babies need a lot of sleep for their wellness.

      • Crystal

        Since your not a parent, you shouldn’t be commenting at all.
        My baby’s were always to bed by 7 to 7 thirty and all 3 slept though the night by the time they were a week old.
        Neither I nor anyone I know is going to wake a child up in the middle of the night to change a diaper. This is 2016 and diapers don’t feel wet to a child’s skin.
        A child sleeping though the night is truly a blessing!

    • Kara

      1) Please Google the benefits of a good night’s sleep
      2) Please Google what happens to a child’s body when they hit certain stages of sleep
      3) Please Google what happens with the brain during certain stages of sleep
      4) Diaper leaking is not uncommon and she is not saying the baby sits in feces
      5) Diapers are a sponge that pulls the liquid from the skin but they can become overfilled

      Sometimes a parent has to decide which is better for the child, the benefits of sleeping or a dry diaper. After your additional research, I am pretty sure you will conclude that a child needs to be able to hit all stages of sleep and a dry diaper isn’t as important

      For the mom
      1) switch from a night time bottle to a bowl of rice cereal mixed with fruits at night
      2) double up use a cloth diaper system at night with double the padding or use one and cover it with a disposable diaper

  10. Raegan Remington

    Sarah, though I’d share what worked for me which was to use overnight diapers a size larger and also do a ‘sleeping’ diaper change between 10&11 before I went to bed. My daughter barely noticed because I didn’t wipe and just switched out the diaper while she was in bed, and then she was hardly wet in the morning. Good luck!

    • Emily L

      This is exactly what I did with my son, and we all slept better and the laundry load was massively reduced!

  11. Jenna

    Pampers nighttime diapers always leaked for my heavy wetter. I found Huggies overnights with a combo of limiting to a couple ounces of liquid max between dinner and bedtime to work most of the time
    I also started putting a waterproof mattress pad on top of his sheets so I had less laundry (the ones that feel like fabric, not vinyl).

  12. Jen

    Every baby is different of course but I use Luvs during the day and Walmart overnight diapers at night, both work amazing on my 14 month old.

  13. Nicole

    I had the same problem with my son when he was 4 years old. Every night we were washing his whole bed. I tried inserts at first and he still managed to wet right thru. Then i found tranquility x-small adult type diapers (i found them on amazon). He hated them so much…lol. I only used them for a week and the night wetting stopped!

  14. Happymama

    Have you tried the Costco brand? I’m very brand loyal to Huggies, but the Costco brand was as good if not better in terms of absorption! The best part is, Costco will refund your money if they don’t work for you. Good luck! Your little one is adorable!

  15. Olivia

    Though my son is thankfully out of diapers I’ve heard that sams club brand diapers are great, not 100% sure about heavy wetters.

  16. Megan

    Line the diaper with maxi overnight pads its double the leakage protection

  17. Mrs. B

    My son also had trouble at night where the diaper when wet, would loosen up and leak out the top. We went to a plastic diaper cover and this REALLY helped. We didn’t have to change clothes or bedding that often.

  18. Li

    Impacted bowels can cause the bladder and bowels to leak. We treated with help from Western medicine and Traditional Chinese medicine.

  19. Tara

    My daughter always leaked through her diaper at night. I purchased diaper liners from Babies R Us and put them in her nighttime diapers. Now at 4.5 years old, she had to wear diapers again while in a spica cast this summer. I lined the diapers with nighttime poise pads. Sounds silly but they worked!

  20. Beth

    When my kids were toddlers they wanted sippy cups at night. We always gave them water but we put ice cubes in the cup so they did not drink too much water at one time. If they woke up during the night they could always take a drink and go back to sleep

  21. rebecca

    put a cloth diaper AIO over the outside of his disposable diaper. (AIO means it has a waterproof barrier in addition to the cloth absorbent part.) don’t wash cloth diapers with fabric softener or dryer sheets, it affects the absorbency.
    and/or, if your child goes to bed at 8, but you go to bed at 11, change the child right before you go to bed. maybe even don’t put his pajama pants on him, so you will hardly have to disturb him, and he might not even wake up. or put him to bed in a gown so you can easily change during sleeping. (i know, i know he is a boy, i am just trying to think of ways to make this easy and disturb the child less. no haters telling me boys shouldn’t be in a nightgown, please.)

  22. Susanne

    Pampers Baby Dry were the best diapers for our son. They are made to last 12 hrs and we never experienced overnight leaks with our son. They also helped him sleep longer because they pull the moisture away & keep your baby from feeling wet.

    • Ginamarie McCarty

      Agreed! Pampers baby dry!!!!!

  23. Anna

    Well I think u get what u pay for. So I use pampers swaddlers. They Never leak on me. I tried pampers cruisers that was terrible. And the baby soft pampers original. Non work like the swaddlers. Tried luvs and target brand up and up. Both leaked less then cruisers but still leaked. I would highly recommend pampers swaddlers. You pay more but you do laundry and stress less!!!!!

  24. Melinda

    My first son was a heavy wetter at night. I always had good luck with Huggies Overnights. If they started leaking, I would always go up a size.

  25. justme

    I had purchased 2 malem bed wetting alarms. I was able to resell each of them on ebay and re-coop most of my original funds. Best 2 purchases hands down I’ve ever made. If your child is peeing constantly and also constantly thirsty get in to see your pediatrician immediately. One of my kids started bedwetting again out of the blue and it turned out they had type 1 diabetes which was why they were bedwetting again. So definitely check with your dr. to make sure nothing weird is going on.

  26. Amber

    This will probably be unpopular, but my daughter was a super heavy wetter at that age (about a year ago), and the only thing that worked for us was cloth diapering. We did it around the clock, but for night, we still use Sloomb obf fitteds (Google it) with a cover or wool. I would also recommend Twinkie Tush, and Truly Charise (she has a money back trial). They all run in the $20-40 range, but will obviously be reused. Wash in Tide powder and no more leaks! Good luck!

  27. angel

    Pampers all the way! I am brand loyal and for good reason she never leaks through them even when she sleeps 12 hours at night. They are great and I know sometimes they are more expensive but also sometimes you get what you pay for.

  28. Lily

    I’ve had lot is success with cvs over night diapers, very thick and no problem with 12 hours of sleep

  29. Ginamarie McCarty

    Pampers baby dry diapers worked very well for us!!!!

  30. Jessica

    Every parent has to make their own decesions. I do not want my 18 mth old sleeping in a soggy diaper all night. Swaddlers do not leak but a wet diaper is not comfy. I set an alarm and nurse her at around 1:30 AM and change her. She night nurses and sleeps through the diaper change and goes right back down. This has worked well for me. And trust me I need my sleep as I work full time. But this I feel is best for her. No one way is right or wrong.

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