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Dairy Products Class Action Lawsuit: Eligible Consumers to Receive up to $30 or More

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class-action-dairy-productsHave you purchased milk products (milk, cream, half and half, yogurt, cottage cheese, cream cheese or sour cream for your own use – not for resale) from 2003 until now – AND, do you live in one of the following states – Arizona, California, the District of Columbia, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, West Virginia or Wisconsin?

If so, and you do not have receipts, you may qualify for up to $30 or more in the “Bought Milk” class action lawsuit.

To submit your claim, head here and complete the form no later than January 31st, 2017. You can also print the claim form here (scroll down to question #2 under the FAQs section) and mail it to:

Claims Administrator
Fresh Milk Products Antitrust Litigation
PO Box 43430
Providence, RI 02940-3430

Are you wondering what this lawsuit is about? This suit has been brought against major U.S. dairy producers (including Land O’ Lakes, the National Milk Producers Federation, Dairy Farmers of America and Agri-Mark) following accusations of slaughtering more than 500,000 cows to reduce milk supply, therefore artificially inflating prices.

(Thanks, Rita!)

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Comments 89

  1. Chris

    Absolutely appalling. This is another reason to not support the traditional dairy industry or go vegan. I know this isn’t the purpose of your post but I appreciate the heads up from a consumer standpoint.

    • nydia

      One of a million reasons to do so. Cows milk is for cows, not for humans.

      • Jen

        Completely agree!

      • Laura

        i don’t know about you, but I stopped nursing about 38 years ago. I still enjoy the taste AND health benefits of milk, so let me enjoy it. I still haven’t broken a bone in my body–even after falling down a flight of marble stairs.

        • Deb

          You stop nursing for a reason, no animal I can think of nurses forever. I’ve never drank milk and also have never broken a bone. Knock on wood because you should never say never.

          • Laura

            There are a lot of things we consume that no other animal consumes. I always think that is a silly point people make. Europeans began drinking milk about 7500 years ago. It boosted their vitamin D, something people they were short on when they didn’t see as much sun. Over time, these humans evolved into producing lactaid. There are many health benefits from drinking milk. I feel bad for those whose bodies cannot tolerate the lactose. Whether you drink milk or not–I do not judge you. But please don’t criticize the farmers who produce milk or any other food for that matter. Even if you don’t consume milk, they are providing food to not only America but other countries as well.

  2. Cari

    So sad 🙁

  3. MLP

    that is truely beyond horrid. shame on them for mass slaughtering just to up their prices. 😩

    • Laura

      Did you not know that it is common for dairy cows to be slaughtered for ground beef regularly? When a dairy farm retires, the govt buys them & puts stipulations that they can’t milk there for so many years. This is not a new thing.

      • Deb

        It doesn’t make it right. The over “production” (and yes that’s what it is) for consumption is out of control. We kill millions of animals on a daily basis and it is not needed. Ask yourself why a can of refried beans has meat in it? I just want a can of beans.
        Many things that were common are not anymore because as we evolve we learn. Let’s hope everyone thinks twice before taking the way we get our food for granted. I doubt you’ll notice if you switch to a plant based cheese for instance, but the cow will 😉

        • Gina

          Right on Deb

  4. kim

    I agree. So sad and disgusting that they would do that.

  5. vicki

    The slaughtered cows would have went to market, been slaughtered and the meat sold to consumers. This happens every day with dairy cows that no longer produce enough milk. Like it or not dairy cows are a commodity like any other farm animal.

    • Steph

      Exactly, just another way for people to try and get $30 for products they would have purchased anyway. Just ridiculous!

      • Dee Dee

        But they were buying the milk at inflated prices. This is money they are due.

        • Laura

          does that mean that I am owed money from every other commodity that was raised? Eggs were extremely expensive this last year bc of so many chickens slaughtered bc of the bird flu.

          • Dee Dee

            If they killed hundreds of thousands of healthy chickens to do so, then yes. They were unlawfully manipulating the market. And they killed diseased chickens, totally different scenario.

            • JenT.

              Agreed. The bird flu was for health purposes, they COULD NOT sell sick chickens/eggs to the public. They had no choice but to cut their losses and raise prices. However all of those cows that were slaughtered was for absolutely zero reasons and just to make the companies more money. Big difference, and illegal.

      • JO

        Sounds crazy. If milk prices are too low to afford to feed then you ship. It’s a business.

      • Laurie

        Ridiculous?!? I’m a single parent with 2 kids. At times it’s hard to buy groceries. If anything – they owe me more than $30!

        • Anita Usher

          Pam- I do you know Laurie wasn’t married and separated/divorced later? Things happen you know, don’t be so rude w/ comments. Think before typing.

        • Laura Lou

          I’m sorry – my husband died when the kids were 3 and 9. Cancer. Hope that helps to explain my situation

        • vanessa

          Pam, that was a totally uncalled for comment.

        • Sara

          Let’s all work hard to continue supporting one another! 😉

        • Sue

          I agree with you. Don’t at all feel bad for your comment. Parents should be able to take care of their own kids. I know not everyone is blessed with bunches of money. I think its the grandparents responsibility to provide something (not all) for college. I have 4 children. Dinner can be as little as 5.00 a night for everyone. It’s called spaghetti, or ham beans with cornbread. I feel bad for the people that struggle with legitimate reasons, death to cancer etc… my father lived through that. But people need to over come these things. Work harder, be stronger etc.. Farmers should be able to slaughter the dairy cows, milk prices went up but I bet beef prices went down. Farmers have a right to make money from the products and services they provide. Maybe you should visit a farm before anyone posts on this page. I’m looking out my bedroom window right now at 11 beef cows that I have seen from the day they were born. They have had a beautiful life hanging out in my neighbors field for 2 years. I have no idea the plan for them. I’m guessing slaughter house. But that’s the farmers business. I have 6 chickes that are so old they no longer lay eggs they have become my pets. I could never take them to the butcher. I would like my own mini dairy cow it would never become meat just a pet that gave milk. Is that wrong? Farmers need to make money also or they will be on food stamps, and we will be supporting them for sitting on their butt doing nothing like lots of other people. I have never seen a wealthy farmer from where I live. I doubt I ever will. I’m sure some exist. But I’m thinking they are far and few between. Everyone have a nice and beautiful day.

  6. Julia L.

    That’s terrible. Thank you for sharing. Those poor cows.

  7. Andrea

    I filled it out before I realized the state I live in doesn’t qualify. What do I do now?

    • Dorothy

      There were quite a few steps to the form. Just wondering how you missed that your state was not included, since it was listed a few times.

      • Andrea

        I thought it said excluding the states listed.

  8. Dsanz

    This makes me so sad and it’s just another reason why I’ve gone vegan . Well , make those guys pay I say , I do remember when dairy was so expensive and now we learn this was the reason ? Sad .

    • Serena

      Vegan here too…better for the animals and better for our health too. I thought I’d miss dairy, but I don’t….not at all.

    • Gina

      Vegan over here too, and I agree with you 100%….no pus for me

  9. Ella

    Reason #1,453 to buy organic and local. Corporate farming and big agriculture is unethical and does not have our health or best interest at hand. The masses are waking up and things are starting to shift. Thank you for shedding light and sharing this important topic.

  10. Becky C

    Kansas use to have laws against this. I wonder when they changed.

  11. katy

    What if you used to live in one of those states and purchased products but have since moved to one of the excluded states?

    • ❤️my_lineman

      I was wondering kind of the same thing! I live in Kentucky (a state not qualified) but do all of my grocery shopping at Target in West Virginia (a state that is qualified) does anyone have any answers? (Also I do not have my grocery receipts proving this 😩)

      • rebecca

        if you go on your CC website, i wonder if you can print old statements that show Target located in a qualifying state. it would not show that dairy was purchased, though, or grocery items, so i don’t know if it would help.

    • Dorothy

      In the fine print, it says “while you were a resident in one of these states”. So, if you used to live there and bought milk there, I’m pretty sure you’re ok to submit a claim.

      • rebecca

        thanks for noticing that. i lived in AZ for 12 years, then we moved away this year. i am certain our dairy prices were among those affected. i was wondering if they would not send the rebate if they see my return address is not among the included states. but i should qualify.

  12. Lisa

    Was wondering the same thing…used to live in one of the states.

  13. dontjudge

    We go thru 12 half gallons of lactaid milk and 6 gallons of regular milk in 2 weeks it was horrible when milk prices were up to $5 a gallon and i would wonder why it go up double the price over night now i know

  14. Holli

    🙁 so so sad…

  15. Alice

    Just another reason to grow our own cows for meat and to support local dairy farms.

  16. Chickavegana

    Human is the only species that drinks milks that belong to other specieses. Wake up and go vegan folks. Please do your research about how the horrible meat/industry impacts the earth. The images of those innocent tortured souls from their birth to last breath are forever etched in my brain. Compassion is beautiful!

  17. Farmer

    Do any of you realize how much farmers get paid for the milk they produce?? NEAR NOTHING. These people work to produce a product so big companies can make a crap ton of money. Farmers take good care of their livestock

    • vicki

      This is so true. I am a dairy farmer.

    • Queenmum

      Thank you!!! My family has been in the dairy business for nearly 80 years. Some thinner than others. It’s getting harder and harder to keep the business alive. I don’t know why ppl act like they are entitled to milk at a certain price. Feed, water, fuel, hourly wages etc. all go up for the farmer.
      For those who don’t know… There are not dairy cow retirement communities. Slaughtering these cows is nothing new.

  18. Christy

    It just asked for name and email. Will they be notifying us that way? I was surprised they didn’t ask for the address.

    • Jojo

      Asked the same of me, just first and last name along with email. I wonder if we’ll get an email?

  19. Cody

    I can’t believe people are freaking out about this. These are businesses making decisions to try and stay afloat while the uneducated continue to rant and rave about how cows milk is so bad for us. Research people. It’s all about research. And researching in the correct place. If you want to know more about why we produce dairy products and what farms have had to fight so hard to make money, then go visit them. Don’t just read some crap online about how “innocent” cows are being “murdered”. First off, they’re animals. I do not believe in animal abuse but I do believe that humans are above animals. Its been that way since we came to this earth. And why is it when any other business downsizes or tries to make themselves better everyone is ok with it? But not agriculture. Oh no! They are terrible people for providing good quality food for other people. How dare they try and make a living keeping everyone else alive. Get over your self righteous onions and go and actually visit a farm and be educated. It makes me sick to see so many people upset over this. They didn’t just gather up 500,000 cows and shoot them and leave them in a field. They sent them to a meat packer where those cows could continue to provide food and sustenance for us. That is an animals purpose!!! They aren’t just meant to run around aimlessly. They are food for humans.

    • Sarah

      Cody I absolutely agree with your statements regarding humans being top of the food chain. We, as such, have a responsibility to raise and slaughter these animals humanly. That being said unnecessarily slaughtering good, milk producing cows solely to create false demand is extremely unethical. Raise the prices slightly if you’re not making ends meet, price wars happen in all markets of business, more production drives prices down. These are basic business principals. Being unethical is not the solution.

      • Urvi

        Why are humans at the top of the food chain?
        I’m not vegan but his feels a bit superior. God created all living things but you think s/he decided humans have the right to life/death decisions as Gods proxy?
        Lions are carnivores- they have sharp teeth and the appropriate digestive system to break down meat. Humans do not have either.
        *End soapbox*

        • Sarah

          Because a food chain exists and we are smart enough and strong enough to be top so we say we are top. Lions dont debate whos top with hyenas, thats how food chains work. It exists in every ecosystem. You can disagree all you want, you can disagree the earth is round, dosent make you right.

        • Marti79

          What about chimps? They are the closest relatives to humans and are known to kill and eat other animals. They even kill other primates and eat them. Most strictly herbivorous mammals in nature have digestive systems capable of fermenting plant materials in order to better extract nutrients; humans do not. We have a middle-of-the road digestive system that is capable of extracting the appropriate nutrition from both plant and meat food sources. Contrary to what you stated about our teeth, we do indeed have sharp teeth. We have sharp tearing teeth in the front and flat grinding teeth in the back, indicating that we were designed for an omnivorous diet. There was a huge leap in human development around 2 million years ago once our distant ancestors started cooking meat. Ancient Alaskan tribespeople survived in such a harsh climate due to diets high in animal meat/fat. Science, anatomy/physiology, and nature prove that we have been designed for an omnivorous diet; I do not believe there is a scientific — unbiased and impartial — source of information that can prove otherwise.

          What does that mean? It means that the choice to be vegan/vegetarian is one of personal morals, ethics, and feelings/opinions about the environmental impact, and feelings/opinions about the treatment of animals. In the great United States in which we live, we are all free to do our own research and make our own choices. It would be nice if we could all respect those choices, however, even when others’ choices differ from our own. Don’t you think there’s enough division as it is? And don’t you think you might, just maybe, win more folks over to your respective cause — whether it be a vegetarian or omnivorous diet — if you use a little bit of courtesy and engage in respectful dialogue? You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. You won’t convince anyone to change his/her choice of diet if you continually beat him/her over the head with heated, emotion-filled, anger-infused words.

          • Lindsay

            Marti79… you worded that perfectly! I completely agree with you… that was one of the most intelligent comments I have seen here. Thank you for sharing the facts.

    • Deb

      Farmers can make a living from farming. There are plenty of ways to do so without animal involvement.
      We do not need animal products to survive.
      So any slaughtering or in humane treatment of animals is for nothing but the almighty dollar.

      • Gina

        That’s right Deb!

    • Gina

      Sounds like two more people who need to continue doing research

    • Chris

      Sorry but I don’t agree that that is an animals purpose. Your purpose on this earth is not to be a meat source for another animal higher on the food chain…. And Mass tortured in order to do this job at the lowest possible cost to animal above you. To think that way is in my opinion uneducated and simple minded.

  20. Thoushaltnotkill

    On top of food chain lol. Trying to discuss compassion for animals with meat eaters are so pointless lol. Humane meat is oxymoron. Newsflash: No sentient living being wants to be killed. There is no right way to kill a living being. The End.

    • Sarah

      But all meat eating living being kill each other. It’s ignorant to the freedoms of others to insist that there’s no such thing as humane slaughtering. Not everybody is going to be a vegan please don’t push your beliefs on other people and insist that they are uncompassionate because they don’t agree with you.

      • Serena

        Actually, you are pushing your beliefs on the animals when you force them into a life of slavery and misery only to ultimately kill them. I’m glad that someone pointed out to me that there was a healthier way to eat that didn’t involve using animals.

        • Chris

          100% agree. Thank you for saying this!!!!!

  21. Lisa

    100% vegan here and so happy that I don’t support this industry and their terrible practices.

    • Laura

      Terrible practices? Do you regularly visit dairies?

  22. Laura

    Wow! Reading all these comments brings to light how ignorant people will jump on a band wagon–whether it be for a quick $30 or just to “fight” for humane treatment of animals. I think it is ironic that the 500 slaughtered cows could have been part of the meat some of you are last year. Are you ALL vegan? Or do you think you may have eaten some of that meat? That meat wasn’t wasted.

    • Deb

      There is no need to call people “ignorant” that is just rude among other things. Once you do that anything you say becomes irrevelant wether or not you have any valid points.

  23. Amanda G

    When you filled out the form …did you just enter your name and email too? I thought it was going to be a longer form. Nothing has come to my email either. Just wondering.

  24. Mary

    Seems like if you disagree with a vegan you are evil and uneducated. I truly feel sorry for those that can’t comprehend the life cycle, food chain and simply want to push their ideals onto everyone without even being open minded enough to think about the other person’s point of view. We raise animals and put their needs above our own daily. Yes, their purpose is to provide food. Yes, I can and have harvested animals I have raised. But I am compassionate, I have put my life in danger to save my livestock. I work hard everyday with days off few and far in between. I work in the heat , the cold, the rain and all hours of the day and night to provided the best care possible for my livestock. Yet I still believe that animals are food. I need protein to stay healthy. It does not make me an evil or uneducated person, in fact I am rather proud of the fact that I am a rancher. If you don’t want to drink milk or eat steak, that is find by me. Just be considerate to those that do, and maybe grab a cheeseburger and you’ll be less cranky and angry on hip2save! Lol!
    I know this is off the topic, which is not really about farming and ranching anyway. It’s about corporate greed.

    • Sarah

      I wish there was a like button here!

  25. Sarah!!

    Wow I was wondering why milk had went up so much 😞 I don’t live in those states but milk jumped up a 3rd of the price

  26. Karla

    The so called farmers are complaining about how hard they have to work without enough days off. Do you think the cows care about your days off? Do THEY get days off? Why not get a real job, and stop stealing body fluids from innocent creatures? Or at least grow something that doesn’t require tearing babies away from their momma’s? You don’t have to visit a dairy to understand the concept of why a cow is producing milk, and why the milk is going to a human and not a calf. Demand is slowly but surely going down as people wake up to the facts- time to find a new line of work. Reminds me of the complaints of tobacco farmers when people stopped smoking.

    • Marti79

      Get a real job? That was incredibly rude and extremely ungrateful. Farmers grow the food you eat, whether it is meat or fruits/vegetables. Someone plants and grows the food you eat everyday, but you don’t think that’s a real job? Do you wear cotton clothing? Yep. Farmers grew that cotton, too. Pets? Farmers grew their food, too. The US is the number one exporter of food. Do you realize how many foreign countries would STARVE without US farmers?

      I normally don’t get involved in such disputes, as I don’t believe they serve any real purpose (not to mention the fact that people can just spew any ol’ hateful thing they want while safe behind their monitors), but I simply cannot believe the attitude you are displaying toward the people who help keep you alive. Unless you are completely self-sufficient and have never seen the inside of a grocery store or the underside of a tent at the Farmer’s Market, you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself.

      • Susan

        Kudos Marti79! It’s tiring being around the self-righteous!

    • Laura

      I guess we should we should all just get our food from the grocery store like everybody else.

    • Sue

      Have u ever been on a farm?

  27. Laura

    If you are filling out that form, obviously you purchased milk–or you are lying to get a measly $30. Nobody forced you to buy milk.

  28. jan

    Thank you to all the farmers out there!! Few work harder than them

  29. Susan

    I have no problem with someone being vegan, but wouldn’t the world starve if we were all vegans? Just wondering. I appreciate the hard work of American farmers. I’m grateful I have a choice to eat how I choose, and have food of my choice on my table everyday. I’m really not following the disagreement with the food chain, seems as if that was one of the things we learned about in 5th grade science, and it makes sense to me. Just because mature animals don’t drink milk, why would that mean that humans weren’t meant to drink milk? Regardless of our differences, one thing we all have in common is we enjoy the benefits of Hip2Save!

    As a side note, in Oklahoma our milk is cheaper than it has been in a decade or more, 2 gallons for $5.00. Less than a year ago it was nearly $4 a gallon.

    • Gina

      They are starving people in the World because we are not Vegan

  30. Kathy

    Oh my, I do believe this is America and everyone has the freedom to live as they like. We all have opinions and I guess we can express them freely as well. I am however heading back to the savings Hip2Save offers us all .

  31. Susan

    I guess we are all supposed to be the same……vegan, gluten free, non-GMO, soy free, antibiotics free, raw, organic, fat free and low carb. What does that leave for dinner you ask? How about a nice plate of frozen spring water in cubes of course! Sorry Collin, couldn’t help myself.

    • justme

      Susan that is sooo funny and you totally made me laugh today! True! I’ve had both Paleo and Vegans tell me how unhealthy my family is. Okay I’m going to give everyone the truth! We’re all going to die one day. Our diets aren’t going to save us and keep us alive forever. My meat eating cats sadly died when their time came as well as my vegan guinea pigs. It’s just life folks.

  32. Karla

    No, I’m not filling out the form. Yes, I very much respect those who farm plants- in fact I am involved with the operation of a small organic farm whose produce is sold at market. But dairy “farming” is not farming- it is something else entirely. I agree we should simply get back to saving money; however, for those who not know why some of us feel so passionately, and wish to learn more, here is a link to a resource:

  33. Corina

    Ummm, thanks Collin(?) LOL. I appreciate you posting this for those that want to fill out the form, like myself. I also appreciate that you take the time out of your day and help us save money by posting sales, discounts or ways that us consumers can be reimbursed for money that may be owed from previous purchases, rebates, etc. And I am sorry there are not happy comments posted on this thread.

    • Luz

      Same here. Thanks, Collin!

      • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

        You’re welcome!

  34. myra brown

    The states mentioned weren’t the only ones who used the dairy products I am a consumer of Land of the Lake dairy products. Think about it the products are sold all over the United States this class action needs to be altered we all consumed the products.

  35. Chelsea

    So all there was to fill out was your first and last name and e-mail? Do they email you something else to get your address?

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