Walgreens: Better Than FREE Aussie Hair Care Products (Just Clip Digital Coupon)

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Walgreens Shoppers!

Through September 17th, Walgreens is offering up a $2 Register Reward when you buy 2 select Herbal Essences or Aussie Hair care on sale 2 for $5. If you haven’t already, head here to digitally clip this $4/2 Aussie Shampoo, Conditioner or Styling products coupon to your Balance Rewards Card (choose “beauty” category to find quickly). Then score some better than free hair care products!

Walgreens Deal Idea: Aussie (Thru 9/17):

Aussie Hair Care Products 2/$5 (regularly $3.79 each)
Buy 2 = $5
Use the $4/2 Aussie coupon available to clip to your balance rewards card here
Pay $1
Get Back $2 RR when you buy 2
Final cost FREE + $1 moneymaker!


Walgreens Deal Idea: Herbal Essences (Thru 9/17):

Herbal Essences Hair Care Products 2/$5
Total = $5
Use the $3/2 Herbal Essences coupon available to clip to your Balance Rewards Card
Pay $2
Get Back $2 RR when you buy 2
Final Cost FREE!

Want to take advantage of both of these deal ideas? Just be sure to do separate transactions!

NOTE about Digital/Clipped Coupons: You may want to let the cashier know you are using a digitally clipped coupon so that she/he can make sure the coupon is actually deducted at checkout. Also be sure to check your receipt to make sure the value of the coupon was deducted correctly.

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Comments 71

  1. Sharina

    If both are clipped which will it take first?

  2. Beverly

    I have trouble with Wags clipped to card coupons. The store coupons get taken off my bill but the manufacturer coupons do not. So make sure to check your receipts! Personally I find it too time consuming to get the manager to take the digital coupons off so I am starting to skip the deals that use these coupons.

    • sweet

      I just tried using the Herbal Essence clipped coupon at the store and it would not go through. This was my first time using a clipped Walgreens coupon and I don’t think that I will try it again. It was such a hassle. The cashier had to get the manager involved. He ended up doing an adjustment for the coupon, but he lectured me the entire time about all the people that abuse it and “say” they clipped a coupon even when they didn’t. He said that they will never do it for me again. It was not worth the time or the humiliation!!

      • ND

        This would be something I would bring up to corporate! Such rude and condescending attitude when you did nothing wrong and it was their system that wasn’t working.

      • Misty

        That is horrible! So sorry you dealt with that.

      • Laura

        You must’ve gone to my Walgreens! I had the same issue a few months ago. He ( the manager) told me he’ll only do this once- as the store doesn’t get reimbursed when they do it manually. I told him that wasn’t my problem. Showed him my phone so he could send I did actually clip the coupon.

      • Nichele Bergmanis

        Well, shame on him. I have the app on my phone just so I can show them that it was clipped. Good thing he wasn’t lecturing me. I don’t do lectures very well. I get very defensive.

    • Jana

      Same here, I’ve noticed every time i have a manufacturer digital coupon I have to ask the cashier if I have any coupons on my card that can be used then they’ll take them off. It is a bit frustrating when I forget to ask. I’ve never had a manufacturer digital coupon automatically come off.

    • sweet

      My Herbal Essence clipped coupon did not work either. Does anybody know why a clipped coupon wouldn’t work? It is showing in my account under “Clipped Coupons”.

      • Denise

        I had the same thing happen last week with irish spring coupon. The cashier handed me the RR and said here’s your coupon. I then showed him my clipped coupon on my phone and manager had to come refund me the $1. Not sure why tho.

      • Campanita

        My clip to card coupons were working last month, but this time they do not come off, there must be something wrong with their system. I bought a Starbacks refresher and my $.50 did not work. I also wanted to buy the Herbal Essences but coupon did not work either, luckily I had my paper coupon and $.25 is not a bad price.

        • thehenrydthoreau

          I just returned from wags. I loaded the Aussie coupon which did not show up at check out. I called Walgreens cs number. The rep only found it after refreshing the page. He loaded 4,000 pts to cover the coupon so i could check out at the store. I picked up 2 Aussie shampoos, 2 sure deodorants and a 2l Coke for .54 total

    • Nahony

      I had it with Walgreens, not going back for this deals again, not worth the humiliation they put me thru, I felt my face red as a tomato, like I was stealing or something, the cashier thru my merchandise because he had to cancell it all after the coupon did not work, then he called the manager I was speechless and there was a customer after me watching it all.

  3. Mindy May

    Yay! Was about to head to Wags with my clipped paper coupons…These are an even better deal! Thanks 🙂

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome!

  4. Phyllis

    Would I be able to buy both and get 2 $2 RR back?

    • K

      Yes, as long as you do separate transactions.

  5. Denise

    Manager told me today they ALWAYS have trouble with Aussie and Herbal Essence paper coupons when mine beepes. Then my RR for Aussie did not print but she offered me 2000 points instead.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks for the feedback Denise!

  6. Amy

    My experience with the digital coupons is that I have to tell the cashier. When I do they will apply the coupon.

    • Elle

      Same here. I always have my Walgreens app with the clipped coupon showing in case the digital coupon apply. I wish Wags used the same system as CVS where all applicable coupons show up highlighted and the cashier simply asks which ones I’d like applied.

      • kay

        Same as soon as I asked the cashier he hit something and then the coupon came off… It was asking me to pay before he hit whatever he hit….

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks for sharing Amy!

  7. Cindy

    I have given up on Walgreens. On a scale from 1 to 10 for coupon friendly, they barely register a 1 for me. I have moved from NC to GA and decided to give them another whirl thinking that it may be an area thing but it’s the same here. Even their own coupons in their monthly coupon book rarely scan. They do a good job on their free 8×10 prints that they offer and I can just go in and pick up my print that I ordered online and walk out without having to do a transaction.

  8. Lexy

    I tried using this coupon and unfortunately didn’t go through. And I NEVER have problems using Walgreens digital coupons. So I was going to return them and try to do the return but miss placed my Receipt

  9. Lel

    Someone needs to paste this thread of comments or most Walgreens threads and email it to Walgreens corporate. They offer great digital coupons but they never work smoothly and the managers always have to get involved. How could corporate not know this?

    • Lynn

      Agree with Lel. Someone needs to let them know beyond the local level. This is so frustrating.

      • Mindy May

        Neither the Herbal Essence $3 off of 2 nor the Aussie $4 off of 2 worked at Walgreens this afternoon.
        On the Aussie, the cashier said that if “the coupon would work (or be applied),” it would automatically do so.
        She was sweet, and called a manager over to see if he could get it to apply the coupon.
        He came over and asked what the coupon was, and I told him for $4 off of 2 Aussie products, and he immediately said “well it’s not going to work because they are $2.50 each, and on sale and we cant give them to you for free.”
        This is my first time even trying to use the digital coupons at Walgreens due to my fear of this happening…and I didn’t wanna argue with him because I could tell it would be pointless. I just paid with my paper coupon and points as I had originally planned, and left. Then I went to another Walgreens and had the same problem with the Herbal Essence digital coupon. The cashier there acted like he had never even heard of a digital coupon. Pretty frustrating, but thankfully I had the paper coupons to use as a back-up method. Unfortunately, Walgreens is less than accommodating when there are issues such as these. Even when a digital coupon at Kroger hasn’t worked before, they always have given me cash back in customer service. CVS is my FAV for a reason!!

      • Dev

        Post to their Facebook page.

  10. Rochelle

    I think it depends on the store. My local store has some issues with the coupons but they are great about it. They will even have you verify before you pay that all your coupons came off. And if by chance you miss something they adjust it or give you points for it.

  11. Rochelle

    Oh and I was just there to get the Aussie and Tide and both worked no issues.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Happy to hear you were able to snag the deals! 😉

  12. Jtsimmons426

    My Walgreens manager was awesome when my digital coupon didn’t work, she returned the product, reran me up and then gave me 5000 points. A second $2 reward coupon printed and she gave me that as well. I can say it all managers are that easy to work with.

    • rebecca

      i will say that for my digital coupons, at walgreens they seem to work about half the time… it is hit or miss. i have to carefully check the receipt to make sure it all rang correctly. but the last 2 times i was there and the digital coupons did not work, the manager was really helpful also, and corrected for me. but i know that is not the case at all stores.

  13. Sarah

    Just did this deal. My digital coupon didn’t come off. The manager came and asked if I was sure I had clipped it. He then said he could take it off by doing a price adjustment but made sure I understood that they ‘weren’t making any money’ because of what he was doing for me.
    It’s not my fault their coupon doesn’t work. I did my part by clipping it to my card. They need to fix the system. But I am glad that he made the price adjustment for me.

  14. Kay

    Just pulled up Walgreens online coupon and the value coming up is $2.00 off of $2. Wonder why no $4/2?

    • Leah

      There are a few Aussie coupons. Keep looking 🙂

  15. Leah

    This makes me grateful for my Walgreens! They are so coupon friendly. If you buy beauty products they even send you to the beauty counter where they have a file of tons of coupons and bonus points. They will spend a very long time with you on each transaction to make sure it all evens out. I had a digital one not apply the other day and didn’t realize until I left so I ran back buy and the manager offered money back or points to my card.

  16. Carmen

    None of my Walgreens are coupon friendly. This is such a great deal but I’m not going to bother now. It won’t be worth it, I’m sure.

  17. Mey

    I tried this deal earlier and the ecoupon didn’t come off my transaction. I asked the cashier and she was like did you expect us to pay you and get the item for free? So rude! In addition, my register reward didn’t print for the crest mouthwash. When I brought it to her attention she claimed it was because I use a coupon, paid with points and etc. This is why I don’t ever bother with Walgreens anymore. Most of the time the cashiers are uneducated in their own store policy and are rude to couponers.

  18. LISA

    Is the 2 dollar Aussie RR just for mousse or spray or can you get shampoo too anyone know?

    • Laura

      I just bought the shampoo. It worked

      • LISA

        Thank you

      • Dev

        What kind?

  19. MIchelle

    I just got back…clipped the coupons for Aussie and Herbal Essance products….did 2 separate transactions….had problems with both!! I had to show the cashier and then they had to call the manager over 2x….ughh….and it still didn’t work for the herbal ess…I will go back tomorrow with my receipt…for the refund of the money they owe me…I was frazzled from hassle and long line behind me…they charged me $3.99 each for herbal ess…they were 2 for $5 !

  20. Yesenia Juarez

    I am so dissapointed this the first I’ve tried it but it did not work out for me they did not give me the discounts

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Darn! Sorry to hear that! 🙁

    • Mindy May

      Same here! 🙁

  21. Laura

    Did the Aussie deal – no problems. Coupons were deducted
    So strange why it doesn’t work half the time

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      So happy you could score the savings Laura!

    • Dev

      What kind did you buy?

  22. Jessica R

    I can only say I’ve had problem with coupons not coming off from my card only a few times, and if they don’t they manually adjust it with no issue when they see proof. Sucks to see so many Walgreen’s are not coupon friendly because both of mine in the area never have problems!

  23. Dora

    My Walgreens was great but not lately!!new cashiers very young and very arrogant And a new very tough manager !! There is just one very nice cashier but they’re like want to eat him the poor!! And they know nothing about how things work!! A cashier ask me to tire off the coupon from the ad !!!!

  24. Debbie

    I had to scan my Walgreens card through the Walgreens app to get the coupon to go through

  25. Dwilson19

    I tried both deals today: herbal essence first time bought color me red shampoo and conditioner coupon did not apply but did get my rr. Called customer service they gave me my 3 dollars back in points for the coupon.went back for the Aussie deal and got a shampoo and conditioner tried both kinds that my store carried neither of them worked with the coupon. Called customer service to get my 4 dollars back in points. Aussie deal did print the 2RR. Tried herbal essence deal again bought the hello hydration kind of shampoo and conditioner and the coupon worked and got my 2RR. Hope that helps some of you having trouble.

    • Dev

      Thank you

  26. jhnicole

    Oh man i’m sorry to read so many of you had trouble.I’m drooling over these products because i love conditioners and these could be a great deal.I think i’m still going to try it.I will report back thanks H2s.

  27. Becky

    Glad I’m not alone with the $4/2 hassle! Ah well. It’s hit or miss whenever I got to Wags and the last two times were a huge hit, I shouldn’t be surprised today was a miss. 🙂 There will be more deals to be had, so no need to stress about it!

  28. doedoegyrl

    i was able to get both deals as listed. great find! i have had trouble with these coupons the last time, but luckily no problem this time.

    • Dev

      What kinds did you buy?

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Happy to hear that!

  29. Kellissia Arnold

    Are they hitting the “finalize” button, because you will not see the discount until they hit the button right before you pay. I had the same problem, looked like it didn’t work, then right before I slid my card, she clicked the button to finalize the transaction and poof, the discount came off.

  30. Kellissia Arnold

    …and I’ve had to scan my phone rather than my card.

  31. Anum. A

    Thank you Mrs. Collins 🙂 got the deal at walgreens here in Fayetteville GA. The manager was super nice and really helpful thank you 🙂 PS: my husband was also happy lol…

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Oh good! You’re most welcome! 🙂

  32. Rachel

    Tried doing both today. Neither coupon would go through, and then the cashier had me try to unclip and reclip the coupons. Turns out if you do this you lose access to the coupon and can’t get it back. My Walgreens wasn’t willing to make the adjustments either, said they always have this problem with their coupons and were no longer going to honor the coupons when this issue arrises. So frustrating.

  33. tati

    Are the register rewards account specific or can someone else use them? Thanks!

  34. carol

    I found out that I add the digital coupons on at home on my computer and have them scan my Walgreens card. The digital coupons go thru. If I punch my phone # in at the register, the coupons do not work.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks for the feedback Carol!

  35. Knorman

    Just a heads up. My mobile coupon didn’t work and I figured when I went to check out I typed in my phone number and turns out the phone number and my app are two separate balance rewards. I called corporate and they linked both accounts so now it works. Just a though for those that are having trouble.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Glad you were able to get it straightened out! Thanks for sharing your experience! Definitely good to know!

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