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Looking for Seasonal Work-From-Home Opportunities? Check Out These Companies…

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If you’re looking to earn a little extra cash for the holidays, there are some great seasonal positions out there that don’t even require you to leave the comfort of your own home! Check out some of the current opportunities available…

Amazon Work From Home Opportunity

1- Amazon (Select States Only)

One way that you may be able to earn extra spending money from home is to apply for a work-at-home job via Amazon’s Virtual Contact Center! Amazon is currently hiring for seasonal, part time customer service associate positions. In order to apply, you must have a home residence in Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin or Virginia. Click HERE to see the requirements and to apply.

*Base compensation is $10/hour.

2- Rev

Rev is currently hiring for Transcriptionists, Captioners, and Translators to work from home on a freelance basis. You choose when to work, from a list of available projects. All you need is a computer and reliable internet!

*Compensation varies, and is paid per audio minute for transcriptions, per video minute for captioning, and per word for translating. 

3- Hilton (Select States Only)

Hilton is currently hiring a Reservation Sales Specialist. In this work at home position you will need to be available to work 20 to 29 hours per week. Your hours will include weekend hours and some holidays. Click HERE to see a list of requirements and to apply.

This role is 100% virtual. They are currently hiring candidates who reside in the following states: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

*Base pay for this position is $9.00 per hour.

4- U-Haul

U-Haul is hiring for Reservations Agents. You must be available to work M-F, 5 AM-5 PM. For more requirements, click HERE.

*Base pay for this position is $8.25 per hour.

Work from Home

5- Skullcandy (Select States Only)

Skullcandy is currently hiring Part-Time Brand Ambassadors (AKA Customer Service Reps) to work from home seasonally, through Jan. 2017. In order to apply you must live in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, New Jersey, Ohio, Texas, Utah or Virginia. Click HERE to see the requirements and to apply.

*Base pay for this position is $10.00 per hour.

6- iSoftStone

iSoftStone is hiring for Part-Time Online Ad Evaluators to analyze web advertisements and determine the relevancy of results based on a rating scheme. Click HERE to see the requirements and to apply.

*Pay is not listed.

7- Williams-Sonoma

Williams-Sonoma is currently hiring Full-Time Customer Service Representative (Seasonal) (In-Center & Work From Home). **Training takes place onsite in their Oklahoma City customer care center.**  Click HERE to see the requirements and to apply.

*Base pay for this position is $11 per hour.

8- VIPKid is looking for teachers who are high-energy, great with children, and motivated to work with a promising company that is growing at a fast pace in China. Qualified teachers will be able to work 7.5+ hours per week teaching English to young students online and will make between $14-$22/hour. Note that a bachelor’s degree in any field AND 1 school year of traditional teaching experience or the equivalent in mentoring, tutoring, or alternative education is required.

Or, if you love your field and want to share your knowledge all while working from home and earning extra money, you’ll love being an online tutor with You can help students of all ages—from K-12 to college to adult learners—gain a better understanding of your favorite subjects, while keeping your skills sharp. Plus, there are no fees or costs associated with applying to become a tutor!

Written by Danielle for Hip2Save. Danielle is a proud mom to 5 amazing kids in Utah, who lives for coffee and baking. She’s dedicated to balancing her own interests and passions, while encouraging her children to follow their own paths in life.

Danielle is a proud mom to 5 amazing kids in Utah, who lives for coffee and baking. She’s dedicated to balancing her own interests and passions, while encouraging her children to follow their own paths in life.

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Comments 66

  1. Amanda

    The Amazon job is no longer available.

    • Natalie

      It’s now listed under a different Job ID: 160007312

  2. Krista

    Has anyone had any experience with Rev? I would be interested in your thoughts about it!

    • Keri

      I have worked for Rev for almost a year, and I love it! I work when/how much I want to and the pay is decent for a work-from-home gig if you’re fast. 🙂 One pointer if you decide to go that route: Revver+ members get first dibs at transcription files, so you’ll want to be sure to keep your grading metrics and total minutes transcribed above the threshold so as to get access to the best projects. It’s fairly easy to do, just don’t let it slip or you’ll find yourself sorting through harder files. Since you’re paid by the audio minute, it’s better to transcribe files that are easier so you spend less time transcribing them.

      • Suzyq

        Do you do the transcribing or captions? Just wondering the difference in time it takes to do one over the other

        • Chrissy

          I am also wondering the same thing. Also I am just curious is this something that can be done with little kiddos around or do you do it at night?

          • Keri

            I have a toddler, and I sometimes do transcription when she’s awake, but mostly I do during her nap time or occasionally when she’s watching a show. It’s easier for me to dedicate time to doing a file so I can get it done without being interrupted.

        • Keri

          I just do transcription, so I can’t speak to the captioning.

      • JH

        Does Rev provide the transcription equipment?
        Thank you

        • Keri

          All you need is a computer and an internet connection to get started. I’d also recommend a foot pedal as they help you work faster. Rev does not provide this, but you can find them on Amazon for $50 or less.

      • Michelle M

        Thanks for sharing, Keri!

        Been looking for a job 2 months now since relocating to Florida from Chicago. I didn’t think it would be this difficult. The Rev opportunity would really help out, I’ll give it a shot! Thank you, Collin, for always helping out your followers!! You rock!

        • Misty

          Michelle, How is rev working out? Have you gotten paid? Are you making enough to make it worth while?

          • Michelle Manuel

            I just applied this evening. If you do decide to apply, set aside more than 60 minutes and provide yourself with a quiet space. They ask you to type up a few paragraphs about your home town (to see how you punctuate and form sentences, etc.) and they also give you a 2:30 minute transcribing session. The transcribing session took me longer than I expected as it was new for me and I was unfamiliar if I type verbatim or fix it along the way. I definitely feel comfortable that it is a secure company due to the testing.

            Perhaps Keri can answer your questions! Good Luck!

          • delvsl

            I worked for Rev for a very brief period (stopped w/ Rev after I got a 9-5 -which stinks, bc I’m out of the house for way longer than that – anyhow …)

            They are legit, you do get paid based on the job you complete. As a beginner, your work is reviewed so that they can offer tips to help you complete the jobs as they want them completed (specific formatting, etc.)

            They are serious about the confidentiality – there was an email that was sent out that they let a transcriber go bc the person had leaked some big news that was typed up. It wasn’t a major leak, if I remember correctly, just announced something on their private fb or something like that, but it’s a big no-no.

            They have every type of transcription job imaginable: interviews, police, educators, you name it.

            One of the tips that I liked was to slow the playback speed down a lot on initial type through – get it all in, and then re-listen to do your edits. Allows you to get through the job MUCH faster.

          • Keri

            They pay weekly (Mondays) via PayPal for work done the previous week. They also launched a new option for immediate payment via direct deposit, but I haven’t tested that out. I prefer a weekly payment.

            • priscilla

              I went through the application thing for Rev the other evening but today I got an email saying:

              Thank you for applying for the transcriptionist position with Rev. We have rigorous minimum standards and unfortunately your application did not meet those.

              Please do not contact Rev regarding this decision, as we are unable to further elaborate on our reasons.

              Again, thank you for your interest in working with Rev. You may re-apply in six months.

              And I thought I did pretty well. Oh well. Maybe I’ll try again in 6 months. It would be helpful to know what was not good enough for them.

  3. LaTaja

    When you live in Maryland, the pickings are very slim.

    • Maya

      I agree! What’s everyone got against MD?

  4. Tina

    Anyone worked for U haul? They want SSN hopefully its safe?

  5. Michelle

    Has anyone worked for u-haul? Was wondering what your experience was? Can you pick the days and hours you want? Thanks.

    • Nicole

      Wondering too

    • Kay Xiong

      I never worked there but I did apply and got two interviews (all done over the phone) with them. Everything seemed really good.

  6. Jess

    Can anyone tell me what do u do when working for amazon. I am new to this working from home jobs..

  7. laureen

    I wish I had an office setting. I would love to work for skullcandy! I’ve been a fan and product buyer for years!!!

  8. Padma

    Does Amazon provide insurance for the above job?

    • Matthew Alisha Snell

      No they do not, it is seasons! With Amazon. I was gonna wk for them last year and ended up my son got pneumonia and put I. The hospital the date of my I service😣 Trying again this year though

  9. Rebe

    Thank you for this post Collin. If anyone knows of proofreading, translation and/and editing jobs please share. I am bilingual with a Science background, but I havent found any opportunities of these kind that are worth it. TIA.

    • Kay

      Hi Rebe, I work for an online nursing tutoring service at as an RN tutor. I know they have different departments like English, Math, and such. You might look there to see if there is something that is a fit for you. We are under the parent company of Pearson. I know that Pearson has a large online community. If you want to focus on Education, it might be worth checking into. 🙂

      • Sarah

        Hi Kay! What kind of online RN tutoring? I’m an RN, recently moved to another state, quit my part time job at hospital, and now stay at home because my husband travels. This sounds interesting! Any job openings?

        • Kay

          Sarah, email me at socalangelbabe at gmail dot com 🙂

    • Julie

      The Rev post has translation openings.

  10. Brittany

    If you are interested in another work from home opportunity and are in the education field, I may have something you are interested in! $14-$22 an hour. Great for stay at home moms!

    • happymom

      Just sent u an email.

    • ewillgohs

      I also work for VIPKID! They are awesome!

    • dhale

      emailed you too! 🙂

    • Laura

      Brittany, I am also interested. Thanks!

      • Ashley

        I also emailed you 🙂

    • Tarechia Price

      Hello Brittany, I’m very interested and I just sent you a email please provide me with further details. Thank you! – Tarechia

  11. Kristen

    So basically nothing near me nor even Close, in the same state 😞 bummer…

  12. JH

    Does Rev provide the transcription equipment?

  13. Michelle

    Hi Brittany, I’m in the education field. What type of work from home opportunity were you mentioning? TIA

    • Brittany

      Hi Michelle! I teach students English from my home. I get to make my own schedule and all materials/lessons are provided. The students are typically 5-12 years old. Email me if you would like more information! 🙂

      • Michelle

        Thanks! I sent you an email. 🙂

      • Larissa

        I sent you an email as well! Thanks in advance!

        • Padma

          Brittany, I sent you an email too

  14. kathleenincalifornia

    Does anyone have any experience working for iSoftStone?

  15. Denise

    Brittany…I am interested as well. I sent you an email.

  16. Kristen

    Has anyone ever tried being a mystery shopper? Curious at the results

    • cc

      There are a lot of scam out there if they pay you big checks. (fake checks of course) Just be careful!

    • Allie

      I did it a few years ago, I stopped because the only two assignments in my area seem to be HP printer ink and Boarshead deli. For the latter, it was a lot of work and awkward secret questions to grocery staff whose name and looks you have to report, for a couple of dollars of grocery money reimbursement.

    • Cheryl S

      I have done mystery shopping for almost 10 years now off and on. I currently pick up for about 30+ companies. You can find legit company info at You won’t make a ton of money, but it’s fun work, you pick the shops you can do when you want, and sometimes you can ask for mileage or they offer small bonuses to meet a deadline.

    • Caran

      I used to do mystery shopping and felt the pay was too low for the work required.

  17. LL

    How can they pay less than the minimum wage in some of these states?

  18. Amy

    Just got on with TELETECH. Great co pd training, pt 25-30 hrs, some benefits. They hire quite a bit. But no kiddos home while working.

  19. Leslie R

    I wonder if you get discounts on hotel stays if you work pt for Hilton. 🙂 Great post, thanks for sharing all tge opportunities!

  20. Mauri Dickey

    Almost every job I’ve seen for at home work, they don’t hire in Nevada. Does anyone know why? Seems odd to me. Would appreciate any insite you might have. Thanks!

  21. Anna

    This is not “work from home” kind of deal, but it pays well. I am a tester for my local housing authority. If you have an anti-discrimination organization near you, check if they do this kind of tests. It is volunteer work and they pay you a stipend that far exceeds the minimum hourly wage.

  22. lee

    I have a Panasonic Microcassette Transcriber model # RR-930 with headset & foot controller if anyone is interested. I was just going to list it on Ebay or Bonanza.

  23. Christy

    I have my bachelor’s in accounting (been doing non-accounting office work though for the 3 years since I got my degree). Does anyone know of something that might be a good fit? Thanks!

  24. Jenna

    iSoftStone anyone worked for them??

  25. celestew25

    I work for as a Full Time Virtual Bookkeeper. It’s a great company and we just won the gold Stevie award for Best Employer. If you are looking for a great full time work from home position and are QuickBooks Savvy this one is for you. We are hiring. Apply and read more about the position at the link below.

  26. Salome

    Thanks for the tips !

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