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How One Reader Saved $120 in Less Than 10 Minutes

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Junk Mail OfferSo you know those nondescript white envelopes that flood our mailboxes – the ones that we all consider “junk mail” that come preprinted with our mailing address and typically go right from the mailbox into the shredder or trash can. Well, hold your horses before you toss these away as sometimes this “junk mail” can contain amazing offers and big potential savings for you and your family.

Don’t believe me? Check out this email from reader, Lindsay…

Hi Collin! I opened my mailbox this afternoon and quickly shuffled through the catalogs, bills and junk mail that often come my way. I was just about to toss everything into the recycle bin when I happened to open and read a preprinted letter from my current internet company – and I am so glad I did! As you can see from these pictures, the letter stated the following:

So I literally grabbed my phone, dialed the number, waited on hold for about 5 minutes, talked to a representative for about 2 minutes as she reviewed my current account and she then said “OK! I have reviewed your account and will put in a request immediately for $10 off your monthly bill for the next year!” Umm – seriously! I am so excited that I took the extra 7 minutes out my day to read this letter and to make the call as I just saved my family $120!

How about YOU? Do you have any “junk mail” savings stories to share?
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  1. P

    My internet provider did something similar. My discount is about to expire and sent me a letter asking me to call them to see how they can help. So for the next 12 months I will get 20 dollars off and then the following year I will get 10 dollars off.

    • Jes

      I cancelled our Comcast tv service for a few months (about August to December). They just kept raising it(it reached about $170). And when we’d call they’d say there was nothing they could do. So we said bye. In December I just decided to peek and see what they would offer – they brought it down to $90/month with Internet service.

  2. Ana

    I wish that Comcast would send me something like this. I’m paying about $125 per month for cable & internet

    • Jessica

      I don’t think comcast will ever do anything like this :/

      • Mel

        Comcast is the worst😂😂

        • Alice

          I’m sorry to see this. My husband works for Comcast. They do offer promos. I don’t know where you live but keep your eyes/ears open and maybe you’ll be able to get one. I hope your customer experience improves. Enjoy your weekend!

        • Cathy

          Comcast is awful and the customer service is even worse.

    • Lisa K

      Hahaha I just keep getting increase with Comcast. I just spoke to them because they reduced our plan (yet again) for the same price. I asked if they preferred I switch providers and the answer I got was you need to do what’s best…have a good day.

      • maura

        My family tried an antenna and we got no reception so I did some research and found Comcast has limited basic service(local channels only) which is $7 a month plus $2.18 for each box. My total for internet and limited basic is $86 a month. I also read that they are coming out with an app this year for Roku which will make the boxes unneeded so that will save 4.36 off my bill.

        • Lisa K

          Thank you for that information. I need to look into their basic plans more. And we do have a Ruko. We currently have a triple play with comcast (Internet, tv and phone). I thought we already had their basic plan? But they recently decreased the channels as well as took us off HD channels as they were no longer part of the plan. Now we can’t watch movies on demand since they are only offered in HD. We can still watch tv shows on demand because they are offered in SD option.

    • maura

      The last time I called Comcast I down graded to their limited basic plan. It is $7 a month and 4.36 for two boxes. I am in Massachusetts. I have never seen it advertised, but I found it on the web and called in to change to it. My total bill for local channels and internet is $86. We tried an antenna but we get no reception in our area.

    • Liz Ob

      I always call them when my bill increases and spend an hour arguing with then to keep it at $19.98 a month for basic Internet. It always works. Been doing this for 3 years now. I don’t do cable. Only antenna. Don’t care to watch too much unrealistic tv. I like to go to library for shows I really want or documentaries.

  3. Jess

    That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome Jess!

  4. pandoraaddict

    With CenturyLink just call the loyalty department and ask if there’s anything they can do for cost, they usually add a discount. Don’t need a mailer for most companies.

    • Laura Gaither

      Yes! I have an annual reminder in my phone to call the CenturyLink retention dept to ask them to apply the discounts back to my account. I’ve been paying $30 a month for internet forever that way.

  5. Heather

    If you have children in your home and they qualify for free/reduced lunches, Comcast offers Internet for $9.99 a month. I just signed up for it last month. No hidden fees. Free installation.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks for sharing Heather! Good to know!

  6. Jaci

    Not to mention rip off at&t

    • ohiogirl

      I second that. ATT is a rip off. They forced us to drop our DSL and go to Uverse. We barely use the Internet, but use it enough we need it.

    • Susan

      Yes I agree!! They are the worse they

  7. Kim

    That was rude. Many people with paying jobs still make less than the national poverty level and many qualify for free or reduced lunches. I’m grateful this program exists so their children can have hot breakfast and lunch at school and focus on learning with full stomachs. Just because someone qualifies doesn’t mean they don’t work.

  8. Summer

    We recently dropped cable completely , got Roku boxes and have Hulu and Netflix – $18 per month total. Also channel pear gives you 5 free live tv channels — any that you choose – and you can change them out as often as you like. And they have every channel including movie channels like HBO and Cinemax

    • TXTornado

      Summer, thank you so much for the Channel Pear recommendation! We just cut cable last week and it hasn’t been pretty. This is a huge help!

    • Erica

      Summer, Thank you so much for the Channel Pear recommendation as well! I just signed to it and found out that I can watch channels from my country, Brazil. I am so happy! Thank you so much!

    • Jen S.

      Thank you! We only use roku for tv so this is a huge help and works great!

  9. rebecca

    twice i have gotten things that looked like junk mail that had a $1 bill inside with a request that i could fill out a brief enclosed survey and mail it back.
    a couple times i received free return address labels that were a gift with a request that i could make a donation to some cause.
    we recently moved, and i have gotten things that were marked to previous residents that the address label said, “or current resident” that were local coupons. including $10 off $10 purchase at Lane Bryant, and free panty at VS.

  10. Nicole

    Comcast is the WORST! I will say that their customer service people are very friendly (at least a nice change from what that experience used to be), but they only offer deals to new customers (to try and rope them in) and then offer NOTHING to their
    loyal customers (apart from rate increases). :(. Countless times I have called in to see if they could lower my bill to the newly offered rate, only to have the nice customer service people tell me their hands are tied! Argh!!! A Roku might be my next purchase!

    • L.

      I cancelled Comcast for cable and internet and got Roku last year and I’m never looking back. We have saved hundreds. We got Hulu, Netflix, HBO Now, and Amazon Prime Video. I wish we had switched sooner.

      • Megan

        Does the Roku actually give you internet? I assumed it was just for tv.

        • katie

          No, you still need to have internet to use a Roku or any other streaming box. Roku, apple TV, streaming blu ray players, fire stick/box and Chromecast all just basically turn your TV into a smart TV and give you access to streaming services like Netflix, hulu, amazon prime and the like. You still have to have an internet connection and you still have to pay for those streaming services (though there are free ones as well).

  11. Haley

    We have centurylink and have been talking today about our probability of dropping cable with them and getting Roku. We do need awesome Internet connection, so we are unsure how much we could save by dropping cable only…as i think its bundled with internet. Regardless, do you think we need to have that letter to get the discount? Or if i just called to give my review of services could we get the discount, too?

    • Laura Gaither

      (866) 270-7498

      ^^^ That is the phone number for the Century Link retention dept. Save it in your phone to avoid their horrible automated phone system! We have internet only, the fastest speed available for our area which I believe is still only 10mbps but is fine for streaming television via Roku boxes and running multiple wifi devices, and we pay a total of $31 a month with all of the taxes and fees. I call every year and have the discounts reapplied. Always call the retention dept directly, no one else has the authority to do anything.

      • Haley

        Thank you so much!! It is in my phone now! 🙂

  12. Jackie

    COX is THE worst! They increase my bill almost every month. I’m not getting anything and still pay $140/mo. We don’t even have a DVR (don’t even know how those work since we have never had one). We just have the basic. We called them and asked them to get us a better plan and that we were actually considering going with something else and they said that our plan was the most basic and didn’t encourage any discounts. I just want to get something like roku but have no idea how those work and if I should make the switch. We have been loyal costumers too. We have only had COX since I was a college student 20 years ago.

    • Katie

      My cable bill was insane so I dropped it and got a smart TV. Even with netflix, hulu, and Amazon prime subscriptions I’m still saving a ton of money vs cable. If you’re unsure of what Roku boxes or other streaming options like Apple tv, fire stick/fire TV, streaming blu ray players or Chromecast do, let me explain. Any of those streaming devices are going to basically turn your TV into a smart TV and allow you to access streaming services like Netflix, amazon prime, hulu, and tons more. You still need to have internet to use them, and services like Netflix cost around $8-$10 a month, but they give you access to thousands of tv shows and movies. And if you still want local channels you can get an HD antenna to pull in the local channels available in your area. Depending on how old the tv you’re using is you may also need to get a converter box so that your tv can access the digital channels, but all together you can get a streaming device, antenna, and converter box under $150 depending on how high quality you’re looking to get. Hope that helps! (I work at an electronics store)

  13. ❤️Grandma ❤️

    At one point I was so addicted to dvr and prime time tv….. now… we cut cable ( paid $7 one time for local tv- from Amazon- for 10 local channels) plus we have the fire stick (again-one time sale price- from Amazon) and with Apple TV, Netflix, Hulu and redbox….. we can wait a few extra weeks and watch all we want for a fraction of the price of cable!! 😬

  14. ❤️my_lineman

    Anybody know any good deals or discounts or have prior experience with Armstrong ? Mine just went up from 24.95 to 53.95. This is for Internet only no tv or anything like that 😩

  15. Elvira

    If there’s two adults living in the household, an easy way to save money with Comcast is to just make an account under one name then once the discount expires, cancel that account and open a new one under the other adult. We’ve been doing that for years based on a suggestion from a Comcast employee and sometimes we had to pay a new account fee and other times they’ve waived it. But we’ve haven’t paid more than $30 for Internet only. Also a few times I’ve gotten some good offers when I called to cancel so we would stay with the same account for two years.

    • Pat

      Great idea. We do that with the newspaper to get a discounted price when they want us back after the subscription expires.

  16. Wendi

    Any suggestions for cutting cable costs but still having access to sports channels like ESPN, Fox Sports, etc.? Would love to switch to a streaming device but afraid my husband would lose all the sports channels he loves so much.

  17. CP mom

    I had Uverse for years and after being so frustrated for years on rising rates I finally cut ties when the retention department would not lower my bill after a few increases. We cut cable got an attenna and Netflix. We did not like it and soon after got a xfinity offer in mail for 69.00 for cable and Internet locked in for 2 years. Best deal around. We cut net flicks and our last internet carrier and are paying only about 15 more a month for the convenience. Also the best thing we did was purchase a streamline tv device at a county fair. You can get any tv show and movie out there for free streaming. It has a large learning curve but the company is great and there help is fabulous. It was the best 199.00 we spent.

  18. Pat

    We have suddenlink and pay $90 for internet, basic channels (cbs, nbc etc), and extended channels. They won’t lower the bill either. You can threaten to leave but nothing. I can’t use the other ones cause I am surrounded by trees and I will not cut down trees that are over 100 years old. I haven’t found a cheaper way to get tv and internet either. I am lucky that my brothers don’t like sports or movies so we don’t pay for other channels like that.

  19. barb

    This information is great. Thanks to everyone for their helpful ideas. We have had Century Link for years
    but pay $69.95 for the slowest–no landline or cable included just internet–I guess we need to call them.
    Thanks again Collin and contributors for the terrific ideas! Have a great weekend all.

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