NEW Phone Number Authentication Feature (No More Coupon Printer Software)

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Have you heard the news?

If you have trouble printing coupons because of the coupon printer software, you may be happy to hear that is now offering a phone number authentication feature! This feature is more secure (no software, downloads or updates), takes less than 2 minutes to complete and will make coupons more accessible for everyone and from ALL devices (desktop, tablets and mobile phones)!

Coupons.comOver the coming months, will be phasing out their coupon printer software, which means that eventually ALL users who want to print coupons will be required to use this new phone number authentication feature.

How does it work? On a device that does not currently have the print software installed, you’ll now be able to enter your phone number to have a verification code sent to you via text message. After selecting your coupons, click the “Print Now” button and enter the verification code that was sent to you. You’ll then be taken to your print settings to complete your print session! That’s it…SWEET!

A Few Tips…

Are you getting an error after entering your mobile phone number? Please note that your number must be a valid mobile number from any US based wireless provider that is able to send and receive text messages. Prepackaged prepaid mobile phones from third party wireless providers are not supported – such as Tracfone, Net10, Consumer Cellular, or any Government issued prepaid phones.

NOTE: If you meet all the above requirements and still are not receiving the verification code, it’s possible that you may have entered an incorrect number, had a typo, or have a new mobile number using the same mobile phone. You will need to clear your cache and cookies in the browser to see the field where you can submit your phone number again. You can follow the steps in this article.

As another option, you can still install the Coupon Printer to your desktop or laptop if you don’t wish to provide your mobile phone number.

What are your thoughts on this new change?!

(Thanks, Ben!)

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Comments 135

  1. Donna

    I can’t believe they are requiring your cell phone number to print. The old way worked for years. There isn’t any reason they need my cell phone number. They will not be getting my cell phone.

    I’ll go back to clipping the Sunday paper coupons. They can shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

    • jamie

      I cant use me cellphone either and so i googled “ printer download” and the 2nd link down lead me to a download for the coupon printer.

    • Carole King

      If you have more than one device, (I have three) if you use the same cell number, it will not allow you to print two coupons per device. Only two total from however many devices you have. It sucks.

    • Carrie Storey

      I have a feeling they are doing this so that we can’t print coupons from multiple computers in the home.

  2. JO

    I have a Go phone that I found out is not supported. I requested the landline verification which took a long time. I was not home when they called and they did not provide a code but said to call their 888 number. When I called back I got the same leave your name, number email and they will call back. I don’t know why they can not verify with an email. I find it frustrating.

    • jamie

      I cant use me cellphone either and so i googled “ printer download” and the 2nd link down lead me to a download for the coupon printer.

      • Gail

        Jamie, thanks for the tip. I will try that. 🙂

    • Gail

      I don’t have a smartphone or a landline. I have an old flip phone with NO text (and a laptop computer). They did call my flip phone but did not leave a code on the voicemail message they left. What? Do they think that they are the only ones who have a job? We are not allowed use of our cellphones during our working hours. (Too many people seem to want to play on their smartphones instead of do their job). Of course, they happen to call my cell during my working hours. Guess they think that our life should stop until they call (lol). I agree with you, Jo. It is FRUSTRATING!

    • Linda

      What is their 888 number. I have found it in the past, but can’t locate it now.

  3. Marrah Myst

    I hate it. I do not get cell service at my house and there is no alternative, such as email. I am extremely annoyed.


    I HATE this new verification process. What difference does it make that I provide a number? I use the public library to search for my coupons. My phone number has NO connection to public PCs anyway.

    FYI: The link that you provided to install the old Coupon Printer software no longer works.

    I’m VERY disappointed with

    • Couponking

      Because it keeps you from printing many multiples of coupons, does not matter that you go to the library, work, home, you need to enter your phone number, or don’t print coupons

      • Mom of 5

        Yes, you nalied it. No more printing at home AND the library. By using your phone as an ID you get 2 prints max. Ofo course if you have multiple cell nos, you get 2 prints per number. But WHY would I want to give my cell number only to have it resold to all kinds of spammers. No never.

        • GC

          Well said, Mom of 5! Absolutely!!!

  5. Line Mongrain

    It does not print anymore – very disappointed with your com

  6. Den Tak

    Couponking…shame on you…many of us do not wish to give out our cell numbers but that does not make us “fraudsters”. Grow up.

  7. GC

    Well, completely RUINED it for me. We do not have a landline and we do not use smartphones. We use those old-fashioned flip phones that ACTUALLY just make & take phone calls. We had the texting capabilities turned off because we kept receiving UNWANTED texts. I guess I will make it a point to NOT buy from companies that advertise with (as much as possible anyway .. lol). I resent the fact that refuses to use my email to validate (instead of insisting on a phone number). I also resent the fact that they think everybody has a smartphone and/or should get one. A smartphone may be convenient for, but it is NOT convenient for me.

  8. mikeB

    it stinks. I clean my browser regularly, so it always asks for me to get a text. very annoying and lame.

  9. Jeanne

    I hope their .com fails, and I hope someone else starts a coupon site. Everyone nowadays seems to be in cahoots to make everything more difficult, more complicated, and more invasive. Keep it simple! It has become “not worth it” for me to save a few cents.

  10. Tammy K

    I am unable to print coupons anymore because I don’t have a cell phone. I’ve requested the code via landline numerous times, but when they do finally call back, they don’t speak English, so I was only able to successfully get the code once. When I cleared my internet history, which I must do often with an old computer, It wiped out my validation, so I’m back to square one. I’ve been contacting the companies that use, and asking them to look into an alternative way to provide coupons for those without phones. I hope if enough people speak up, they will rethink this new policy.

  11. Heather Ward (@catslove83)

    not one positive comment here. seems no one cares what we think. looks like just lost a lot of business. i won’t be back.


    I get spammed enough. I don’t need to give out my cell phone number. You know they will. They say they won’t without your consent, but as soon as you click that you agree to their terms, you will see that they share your phone. No coupon is worth that.

  13. James

    I’m right with the other people here. The ONLY reason they have implemented this stupid “validation” process is to prevent the printing of coupons from multiple devices in a single household. They have also made it impossible for people without a “major carrier” mobile phone to print coupons at all. This BS about “for your security” is a boldfaced LIE and a smack in the face to all who use their site. Of course, they don’t give a rats %&#$ about what the users think, since they get their revenue from advertisers. So much for trying to help people save.

  14. Crystal

    I’m completely lost with all this as I am a beginner. I can’t get my coupons I’ve printer to scan at a store. It’s been a huge inconvenience like you wouldn’t believe. I don’t even know where to begin to fix the problem as I have no idea why this is happening. If anyone can help please email me thanks

  15. not happen just lost another customer. They have no right to ask for my phone number. I do not own a cell phone. Cant afford it. Manufactures if you read this, understand why you are loosing business.

  16. Nana Donna 2 6

    Count me in as another customer dropping the site. I went to print a coupon today and was asked AGAIN for my cell number for a “ONE-TIME VERIFICATION CODE”. Not going to do it again. I’m done. There are other sites and products or just get the item via Amazon.

  17. jessie

    I actually like it because my library didn’t allow the software and neither did my chromebook.

  18. Ny Mill

    how can I start couponing and to yall have a number because I can not find the number

  19. Jud U

    I am in agreement with the above consensus , the new printing system STINKS. I have 4 devices and always used my printed coupons legally. I cannot believe how they have taken away from us respectful couponers the right to save money, especially when finances depended upon those savings. I’ve even encountered my local chain grocery store (HyVee stores in the Midwest) as well as some Walmart stores, they will no longer allow multiple transactions. Needless to say – I do VERY MINIMAL shopping at those stores. I will go to a small town grocery store that still offers double coupon day!!!!! I am to the point that I am removing from all of my devices and go elsewhere to get my coupons. Also, I love Hip2Save website, but you as well use – so I maybe rethinking this site and any site that continues to use I have emailed as well.

  20. Marie

    I was able to print coupons once, why is that?

  21. KO

    does anyone know how to get the site to “forget” your cell phone number? on my second computer, i tried to print additional coupons, but entered my same cell phone number. I should have entered my husbands cell phone number, but now i can’t get it to forget the first one i entered. any thoughts?

    • tou

      just clear the cache, internet data on your browser or try a different browser.

    • Nana Donna 2 6

      Try searching for the stored cookie files as well and delete those that reference the site.

    • msycoupon

      KO – Just use your husbands phone number…get the code from him and put it in another device and you’ll be fine.

  22. jg

    You can also you the Walmart site to print coupons without providing your phone number:

    • Nana Donna 2 6

      Sweet! Thanks for sharing this!

    • AM

      Not any more!! A telephone number IS needed for walmart

    • Bob McBob

      Walmart now uses coupons dot com ( Quotient Technology) for their coupons as well.

  23. Kim

    I HATE it!!! It asked 4x to validate, I did and it said print and verify, I did and it said sending your cpns… They never came , could not print. So tried again and it made me validate again, this time when I put my number in it said it couldn’t be used. So whatever… I’m done with

  24. Felicia Forte

    I signed in and put my phone number in and it keeps telling me my phone number is in use. And I had this downloaded on my phone set up and ready to go. Until I actually tried to get my money back for my eggs and it keeps saying my number is already in use. Now what the heck is going on?

    • Nana Donna 2 6

      I wouldn’t be surprised if your phone number was hijacked by a scammer. I’m constantly getting phone calls from scammers with numbers that look “local” and/or very similar to family/friends’ numbers. Someone I know even got a scam phone call from her own number!

  25. MeAngry

    Well,I guess no more coupons printing unless they get rid of their cell phone number requirement.I get this error
    Clip your coupons

    Enter your mobile phone number

    Verify your account

    Save more!

    Great, let’s start printing!
    We need to verify this device before you can print by sending you an SMS text message with a verification code. We will not use or share your number for marketing purposes without your consent.

    Your mobile phone number could not be accepted at this time. Please use another mobile phone number or contact us for assistance.

    By submitting you agree to the Quotient Technology Inc. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Your mobile carrier’s standard text messaging and web access charges may apply.

  26. Ruth

    My phone number is no longer accepted either It worked fine last week

    • Kim

      Same here. Ive been at it with customer service for a month. I use mobile devices to print and iphones to be specific. Now sometimes i run into issues that the browser crashes forcing me to remove history, cookie. & cache. The problem is when you do that, you are forced to verify your number each time. This flags your nimber to as multiple attempts to print the same coupon. Here is what i dont understand, 1. They have no way of removing your number, 2. Why is it their technology can tell whether or not ive printed already before i clear everything and not after if the reason my phone number is flagged is due to “multiple attemps”? Makes no sense. Now my husbands number isnt working but i have no idea why. It flagged it last week first thing in the morning. I was told that too many code requests is what causes it but how then the first time i try to print newly listed coupons, does it flag it? Like which is it? I dont accept they are unable to remove the number because technically its not an option. Wrong, even if they cant, whichever company they use to issue the codes can not to mention if their system flags it then it means they have the capabilities of unflagging it. Ive explained the crashing issues to them several times with no luck. They should and need to be offering other methods of receiving a print code. Mambo sprouts requires an email address to which it sends your printing code. Bam! How hard is that? It then remembers how many times the email address associated with the code prints the same coupon. Bam! No worry for fraudulent printing. To add one more step to further verify its a real email address, require verification by embedding a link into the email sent to verify then send the print code. How hard is that? Its all about simple coding. And if they dont want to use email verification then why not allow voip (virtual) or disposable or prepaid? Not everyone can afford a monthly cell phone bill. They generate “super” tracking cookies so i know they have the technology to track the ipaddress or mac address of the device printing. In my opinion, its due to these “super” cookies which are impossible to remove from apple devices, that has caused my issue. We live in a digital age. Don’t implement new methods like this for verification until you fix the bugs in it you know exist. I suppose for them, they can just keep continuing telling their customers their is nothing they can to do. What are we gonna do other than what we are doing here and rant among other frustrated ppl who are simply trying to save money!

      • Couponer

        Is there any way they can fix this? This happened to me, all of a sudden, and now we can’t print.

  27. Donna

    Republic Wireless phones cannot be verified by because it is set up as a Voip phone number and sees it as a landline number. I was able to verify it on my computer. It’s sent me a text with a verification code so I can print their coupons online.
    So why when I use the app will it not verify this same cell phone number so I’m able to use the apps “digital coupons?”
    This is totally unacceptable.
    There are coupons for generic products such as eggs on their app that I cannot use because their app refuses to text me a verification code to my cell phone.
    When is coupons .com going to fix this glitch?

  28. Deborah

    Like all the other commenters, I also hate this new system. Multiple times, I have entered the verification code I was sent, only to be told that it’s invalid. I request a new code, and am told that it is invalid too. Round and round it goes, never actually letting me print, because every code is somehow invalid. And I have to pay for every useless text message. There’s no point in having a coupon site from which no coupons can actually be printed.

    And why isn’t there an alternate method for delivery of the verification code? Basically, is requiring you to have a cell phone to use their site, which is discriminatory. I’m sure it sounds unbelievable to corporate types, but there are still some people who don’t have a cell phone. Or they may have a basic phone that is just a phone and can’t send/receive texts.

  29. katrina shaffer

    I dont see this working well, most people these days are prepaid, contract phones are to expensive. you are going to have to make it where tracfone and straight talk are supported, your locking quite a lot of people out of getting your coupons.

  30. tim

    First, I will say that this process has excluded me from being a participant and user of the program. I have been unable to print or otherwise access coupons for well over a year because I have no cellular or home phone service. I have opted for an internet based phone service which serves me well enough for basic but essential telephone needs. I have no number and therefore can not receive calls nor can I send or receive text msgs. There are umpteen other ways to contact me from older more traditional methods to internet based ones. I’m not happy about having no cellular phone service but when expenses outstrip income, tough decisions have to be made. Ironically, I’m someone who really needs to save with coupons but because I can’t afford the service necessary to participate in “couponing”, I have effectively been denied access to the system.

  31. Linda

    I hate this!!! Do not receive texts on my phone, have the printer installed and still can’t get them. What a pain, what a disappointment in AND Kellogg’s Family Rewards for requiring this procedure.

  32. Beckie

    I have tried numerous times to print. I enter phone number, get the code, enter it, and then NOTHING. Is there a setting I need to change on my Mac? I haven’t been able to print for a month now.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Oh bummer. Have you tried printing from another browser? If so,maybe try clearing your browser history. Hoping that helps!

      • Jill

        That doesn’t work either, tried it, asks for verification w/new browser even if the computer has the software already.

  33. Crystal

    Tried to enter a number to get a call from customer service to call back to send me a verification code and received an error message. My phone number could not be accepted. I just want to print coupons. Will be contacting the manufacture of the coupon that I wanted to print to let them know my frustration of them using coupons[dot]com to print coupons.

  34. Allen

    I’m Done With – Today I Tried To Print Coupons And My Coupon Printer No Longer Works…. I Cleared Cache And Then I Could No Longer Log In To My Account…. When I Request A New Password To Be Emailed, Their System Takes So Long To Send It – It’s Already Expired By The Time I Click IMMEDIATELY On The Link – Won’t Work… The Only Way Seams To Give Them My Cell Number – OH H3LL NO….!.!

    I Unsubscribed From Their Emails…..

    With No Other Way To Use The Site – I’m Just Not Going To Use It Anymore – EVER….!

    AND – I DON’T Believe For A Second They Would Not Sell Your Phone Number….!

    There’s NO Way I’m Giving My NEW Cell Number To ANY Company – I Had To Change Number Due To All The Scam/Spam Calling On The Old Number….

    Bye Bye…..

  35. tony

    i have iphone xs and a valid phone# from t-mobile and still can not print coupons. i put in my phone# for the text message code but, nothing happens,no validation code no nothing. worthless!

    • IK

      i also have a valid phone – and even though they claim a code has been sent, it never comes. contacted them multiple times – useless. first – was told to try back in 10 days. tried in 20 – nothing. hilarious.

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