Enjoy Your Turkey Dinner… These Stores will be CLOSED Thanksgiving Day 2016

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Stores that will be closed Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has become one of the biggest shopping days of the year. BUT, many stores that have been open on Thanksgiving Day in previous years are opting to remain closed to allow everyone the opportunity to enjoy Thanksgiving festivities with their families. In fact, did you see that The Mall of America recently announced that they will be closed on Thanksgiving this year?

While you can still find incredible deals online on Thanksgiving Day at many of these retailers, we’ve compiled a list of stores that will remain closed on Thanksgiving Day 2016:

Note: Many of these stores do not have an official announcement on their website yet, so keep that in mind as there are possible changes in hours as Thanksgiving approaches.

Written by Danielle for Hip2Save. Danielle is a proud mom to 5 amazing kids in Utah, who lives for coffee and baking. She’s dedicated to balancing her own interests and passions, while encouraging her children to follow their own paths in life.

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  1. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


  2. Pinky

    I want to see Target and some of the other stores that led the wave of being open Thursday decide to close too. Then I think we will see a huge difference in the amount of stores closing.

    • Momof6


  3. Denise

    I applaud each and everyone of these businesses for closing on the Thanksgiving Day. I would like to wish every employee a Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy the day with your family and friends. I will see you on friday!!!!!

  4. Catie

    I am so glad to see so many places doing this. No reason to be open on Thanksgiving. And as you pointed out, there is always the option of online shopping.

    • Judy

      I think any business offering online shopping will have people working….. so if you really object to businesses being open that day, you should refrain from all shopping

      • Cheryl S

        You’re right about online businesses having employees working. My parents work at an Amazon warehouse, and they have to work on Thanksgiving.

        • MissMona

          Yup and anyone in healthcare! ๐Ÿ™„ so sick of people complaining about this!!

          • Laura

            As a healthcare worker, I always felt that I was doing something important (saving lives),which made me feel better when I was missing my family on holidays. I think it would feel different if I had to work at a store so people could shop the sales early. That’s just my 2 cents…

      • visitor3

        I am ok with online shopping the day of a holiday it if it means the workers are technical support staff in another country that does not have the same holidays as the U.S.

  5. Tara

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!! So happy to hear so many stores are thinking of their employees instead of the dollars!

    • Karen

      Many employees WANT to work instead of having the day off. And there are TONS of non-retail jobs where people still need to work on days that are personally or religiously important to them.

      Stores are a business, if they make money by being open they will, if they don’t make money they’ll close. It’s the consumers that dictate it, the stores are strictly foll96wing the money.

      • tleeg

        Amen Karen. Some people WANT to work and get paid time and a half or double pay. People dont realize that.

        • Cheryl Masters

          The store that I work at only has part time people work holidays==No time and a half or double pay!

          • Tara


      • RZ

        Why so angry? People are allowed to disagree with your view…that’s how the Internet works. She did it in a civil way, while you’re typing in all caps and being rude.

  6. Susan

    Glad to see this expanding!

  7. Mike

    I would love to see Best Buy, Walmart and Target all closed on the Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving should be about spending time with family and friends and not waiting in lines at stores to buy stuff we probably don’t even need. Nowadays, a lot of the retailers are doing pre black Friday sales anyway.

    • ResseCup

      Yes, it’s Walmart’s fault as they started the trend of opening up on actual Thanksgiving. It was midnight, then ten, then eight and now it’s six. Truthfully it could just be pushed to Thanksgiving morning and then people will still have plenty of time to spend with family.

      • Yeah.

        In 99% of the US the only day Walmart is closed is Christmas. It has been like that years before they started the Thanksgiving sales 4 years ago.

        They still have employees inside working on xmas too…taking all the Christmas stuff down and setting up all the clearance so all the deal shoppers can get there at 6am 12/26. As long as people will shop there will be places for them to shop. It’s just how it is.

  8. Patty

    Good for them

  9. DeanOC

    You won’t see the bigger stores close until it makes business sense to do so. I was reading an article and very few of these stores are closing out of the goodness of their hearts, they’re doing it because either A. They made more money back when they just did Black Friday or B. They made the exact same amount of money by opening on Thurs as they did on BF so they can now use this as a “good guy” marketing strategy. For example Babies R Us will be closed Thurs but not Toys R Us (they’re owned by the same company!) but in all honesty not many people run out to BRU first thing Thurs when that time can be spent somewhere with bigger deals so they don’t make enough to justify staying open Thurs. Not saying morally it’s right or wrong I just keep seeing people pleading for Target and Walmart to close and as long as people are shopping it won’t happen.

    • Freckle53


    • zelenenki

      Agree with every word! I think these stores would be open if they could earn as much money from it as Target and Walmart.

  10. Amy

    I miss the old Black Friday when my mom, sisters, and I would wake up crazy early and have a goofy fun day ending with breakfast. It’s just not the same now.

    • DeanOC

      I agree! We used to leave our house at like 1am and have breakfast out and plot with ads then be in line at like 4 for the 6am deals. Those were the days! Lol

    • Sarah

      Me too, Amy. I miss the days where the mall would open at 3am. We always planned out our trip and had a great time doing so. Now it doesn’t even feel necessary to go out on black friday. You can get the same (or better) deals online. My sleep schedule thanks me LOL

  11. Shannon

    That’s great! I was out shopping today and they are already playing Christmas music and unloading tons of gift items. It’s all too much. I’m glad the employees of those stores will get to share their time with family!

  12. Destiny

    Makes me so happy to see that. Most retail stores make working those days mandatory or you’re in fear of losing your job. Just not fair when everyone deserves to be with their families.

    • Jean

      I agree. Many retailers require the bulk of their staff to work….there isn’t the volunteer situation that some people seem to think.

  13. Melissa

    Walmart and Target should close as well in my opinion

  14. Katrina

    In Maine all stores have to be closed on major holidays, so even Walmart and Target will be closed here. No Black Friday until midnight. Gives us extra time to plan our trip!!

    • Cortney Cagle

      love working in Maine for this reason!

  15. m

    Some people want to work and some people want to shop on Thanksgiving I think its great if the stores are open. I personally like to go out Thanksgiving and shop so either way works for me I can wait until Friday too ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Amy

    Cost plus World Market is closed too ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. laureen

    Well I work at walgreens and we’re always open. Personally I love working thanksgiving. My mom gets a little crazy (cough a lot cough). I drop my son off to my mother in law or leave him with my husband then when I get off we visit different people and eat. I fill before 4pm there’s nothing to do. But this year will be different since I’m pregnant and this is close to my due date so we’ll see…

  18. Momof5

    As a law enforcement family, and former military family we are used to not having all holidays together. We do what we can and make it work even if that means Santa comes a day early or we eat thanksgiving a week late.

    I can understand why people want the holidays off, but at the end of the day it is what it is. There are always other jobs that are closed on those days. I personally don’t shop those days because either my husband is home and it’s a treat, or I’m home alone with 5 kids.

    • Jennifer

      As a former military brat, a current military wife, and niece of a police officer. I just want to say THANK YOU for your husband’s service and THANK YOU for your service. Sometimes the wives aren’t thanked enough. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Dana

    I have worked the last 14 thanksgivings, as a retail employee. I do understand many have to work but I must say it’s no fun missing a day of just being with my family like it was when I was a kid!! I wish for me that it was like it was when I was kid, everyone closed for holidays and most closed on Sunday.

  20. Pinky

    Just my two cents. Yes there are many necessary jobs where people are needed to work, officers, Doctors etc. I applaud those who sacrifice for us. Retail is not necessary and while trying to celebrate another day is a nice idea those in retail don’t get any part of the holiday off and tend to be schedule the whole weekend Thursday till Sunday and at odd hours. There is no other day to celebrate with extended family often since it cant be put off to the next week.

  21. Amanda

    American Eagle is also closed on Thanksgiving this year.

  22. Janet

    I want to see the Dollar Tree on this list. What could anyone possible need there on Thanksgiving?

  23. Leslie

    I work retail on Thanksgiving day. Many don’t mind that schedule. I know people without big families like working that day for something to do or for people to be with. Usually there is a food spread in the break room. We are also paid time and a half on Thanksgiving night. That is nice. And my store offers the choice of 1 small shift on Thursday and one small shift on Friday. Or one big long shift on Friday if you want Thanksgiving off.

  24. babymair

    I think its great stores close.My husband is a police sergeant in our town. We have not spent a major holiday together in about 10 years . They have mandatory double shift .We just celebrate the next day.or the next few days .I no how hard it is for family not to b together.I just think about how blessed we r .to have each other..

    • Jennifer

      I just want to say Thank you to your husband for servicing his community and thank you to you for supporting your husband and holding down the fort. I know sometimes the wives aren’t thanked enough. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving! ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. @nnabeenana

    It’s time they turn the focus back on family time and not making people feel pressured to give up that time to save money. It’s not right that coporate is a home while retail workers are made to work on these holidays. It looks like some cooperate may actually have a conscious and a heart after all. Kudos to those for closing their store during the holiday.

  26. Jessica Connors

    I am so happy to see stores moving back in the right direction. I wish the big box stores would follow. Stop skipping Thanksgiving!

  27. andee931

    No matter how amazing the deals are, I will not shop on Thanksgiving day. Ever. It’s not fair to those that have to miss spending the day with their families for one more shopping day. Yay for stores being closed on Thanksgiving! ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. jen

    I would love to be off on Thanksgiving. I work for Walmart and don’t think we will ever close the doors for any other holiday other than Christmas. I don’t care about the holiday pay, I would rather spend time with my family and make memories with my kids of me ALWAYS being there. It’s always sad when I have to leave. That does come with the territory of retail though. Just remember to always cherish every moment you have together โค

    • Girl235

      Well Walmart doesn’t have holiday pay anymore so we don’t have to worry about it.

  29. meg

    The stores will continue to stay open as long as people continue to shop. I would never ever no matter what the deal is go shopping on Thanksgiving. Life is short. Children grow up in the blink of an eye. Family is the most important thing. Not shopping.

  30. tleeg

    I dont understand something. Everybody is always complaining about employees working Thanksgiving and spending time with their families and business staying open and employees working….but people dont think of a few things. Maybe the employees WANT to work, maybe they have NO families to spend the nigh with, maybe they WANT the tome on a half pay, or double pay. Anyone ever think of that? I dont always work on holidays but im sure there are people who WANT to work. Im an E.M.T. and sometime have to work holidays. You gonna call the police or nurses and complain they are working?

    • meg

      Comparing working retail to someone who is a dr..nurse..emt..police..fireman is just ridiculous. Smh

      • mgent

        I agree meg. Thanks.
        I work three jobs, two are retail. I have four children to provide for, unfortunately things didnt quite work out for me to be a doctor, lol. But, if they did I think people going into those professions know what is in store. As for retail, this is usually a job, not a desired profession. I work retail because that is what it takes to put food on the table. I would love to be with my family on Thanksgiving and Christmas

      • tleeg

        Of course no one addresses the fact that some people WANT to work on holidays. So before people say “im so glad stores are not open because employees can spend time with families”…. Maybe you should not worry about others and worry about yourselfs more.

        • meg

          Yes I agree some people want to work holidays. And some don’t. Why so angry with your comments? And I for one am not worried about everyone else. My comment was what I think and what I do. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about shopping or working on the holidays. Have a good day

    • Libsmom

      I don’t agree with comparing retail to emergency workers but I WILL say it gets old hearing retail employees complain like the rug gets pulled out from under them each year and they’re shocked they have to work holidays. For years movie theatres and grocery stores were open on holidays and I never heard one person outraged for them. Also I worked retail in college a good 5 years before opening on Thanksgiving became the thing to do and I was STILL asked in the interview portion if I could work holidays. If you said “yes” because you figured it wouldn’t happen I don’t know what to say. I get and understand that a lot of people work retail because they havent given themselves a lot of other choices but at the end of the day retail has always been the most cut throat of any other business and right or wrong it is what it is. If you’re going to work retail/ fast food you’re not going to get nice hours. For what it’s worth I DO shop online Thanksgiving but won’t go in an actual store because I don’t agree with it.

    • JessicaS

      I realize that some want to work on holidays and some want to shop on holidays but my Mom (67 years old) works at Walmart. She is required to work there on Thanksgiving. It is not optional and she can’t ask for the day off. She has 5 children and 23 grandchildren that she wants to be with on Thanksgiving. That is our family’s big holiday as my parents don’t do much for Christmas. Every Thanksgiving she has to leave at 2 pm to go to Walmart, not to save a life or protect people but because she will lose her job if she isn’t there to guard the cheap flat screen tvs. Pathetic!

  31. Lisha

    Luv it!

  32. tleeg

    Its hilarious people think these companies are closing out of the kindness of their hearts..its always about money. They are closing because it isnt worth paying employees holiday pay cause they arent making as much on thanksgiving. Open your eyes.

  33. RZ

    Walmart and Target aren’t ever going to close on holidays…and why should they? What if you run out of diapers or milk on a holiday…is that just too bad for you? Ridiculous. And what about people that work at gas stations/convenience stores, airports, and hotels? Why is nobody outraged that they have to be at work on holidays too?

    Also- why are we assuming that everyone working on Thanksgiving and Christmas even celebrates those holidays in the first place? Not everyone partakes in the holidays that your family chooses to celebrate.

  34. Jenzjemz

    Applebee’s will be closed also:)

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