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My New Favorite Splurge…

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My Stitch Fix Box

Stitch Fix!

If you’re into fashion, enjoy receiving surprises in the mail, and have wiggle room in your budget, this may be your new favorite splurge too!

(NOTE, if you’re not into fashion and/or adding new clothing piece to your wardrobe, but know a friend or family member who is, you can buy Stitch Fix gift cards which would make a really fun and unique Christmas gift idea!)


What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix basically offers a personalized shopping experience WITHOUT leaving home! You simply fill out the Stitch Fix Style Profile and a personal stylists will handpick a selection of five clothing items and accessories unique to your taste, budget and lifestyle.

How Much?

Well, that’s where Stitch Fix is different than other subscription boxes. Once you fill out your profile and select a delivery date from the calendar, your Stylist will select your items and you will be charged a $20 styling fee. HOWEVER, that $20 fee will be applied as a credit toward anything you keep from your shipment.

Stitch Fix Box

The amount you’ll spend on the actual box of clothing will vary based on the following…

  • What budget amounts you select while taking the Style Profile.
  • What you actually decide to keep.
  • If you keep ALL 5 items sent, you’ll get an EXTRA 25% off your entire order! Pretty sweet, and makes for some great savings!

(Keep in mind that according to their website, the average price point is $55 per item, but they do carry a wide variety of prices. When you fill out the Style Profile, you will have the option to tell them how much you’re comfortable paying.)

Important Stuff:

  • You have three days to decide what you’ll purchase and what you’d like to send back.
  • You’re ONLY charged for items you choose to keep when you checkout.
  • Checkout by logging into your account to pay for the items you want to keep.
  • The $20 styling fee will be applied as credit toward any items you purchase.
  • Your $20 styling fee can only be applied to a purchase from your current Fix. It doesn’t roll over to your next shipment and isn’t refunded, so if you don’t like anything from your current box, you’re out $20.
  • If you buy all five items, they’ll give you 25% off the entire purchase!
  • Return the items you don’t want in their prepaid mailer and drop it into any USPS mailbox.
    Stitch Fix clients enjoy free shipping BOTH ways (LOVE that!)
  • They currently carry women’s sizes XS-XXL and 0-16, and men’s sizes XS-XXL. They also offer Maternity clothing! (FYI – They are introducing Plus sizes in Spring 2017. Sign up for their waitlist here.)
  • Unlike other subscription boxes, you do NOT have to sign up for automatic deliveries. Well, not unless you want to! You can elect to receive shipments at a frequency that’s right for you—every 2-3 weeks, every month, every other month or every three months.

Stitch Fix

What I LOVE about Stitch Fix ❤️

Ummm… the fact that a box of surprise clothing and accessories tailored to my style arrive at my doorstep. It’s SO fun! I’m BIG on surprises and love clothing, so it’s a great fit for me.

I think it’s also really neat to get such a personalized shopping experience without leaving home. With that said, it’s REALLY important to take time to fill out your style profile. Be sure to add details about specific colors and styles you like. In addition, they even ask what clothing items you do NOT want to be sent. I actually selected NO dresses (I am more of a jeans gal). I also added a couple of additional notes when filling out mine. One of them being that I LOVE Anthropologie clothing, but don’t often love their prices.

By taking time to give them helpful info, hopefully you’ll be as impressed as I was regarding the goodies in your box.

Stitch Fix

I also LOVE that they include a paper (as pictured above) which shows how to wear the different items in your box.

The 25% off discount if you buy ALL 5 items is definitely a nice perk. If you end up liking 4 items in your box, it usually makes sense to just keep the 5th item (you can always re-gift it).

FREE shipping both ways ROCKS.

I also love that you don’t have to sign up for automatic deliveries and can do a one-time shipment. It’s a really nice option if you’re new to Stitch Fix and just want to try it out with NO commitments.

Finally, I am not a fan of heading to the mall (I literally dread it… especially this time of year). I also don’t do much in-store clothing shopping. Online shopping is a different story. 😉 That’s why I think Stitch Fix is so FUN. It saves me time as someone else is picking finds for me based on my style profile, and I don’t have to leave home. WIN WIN!

Stitch Fix

What I’m NOT Digging about Stitch Fix

It’s NOT cheap. You can get better deals by shopping clearance, using coupons, taking advantage of all the great deals posted on Hip2Save etc.

You will be out the $20 Styling Fee if you don’t like ANY of the 5 items you receive and decide to send them all back.  I would think this rarely happens.

Note from Collin:

I’m sure you all are curious about what I decided to keep from my box. Eek… I ended up keeping it all. 😬 When I first opened the box and tried on everything I didn’t really like two of the items (the black top and the kimono). However, I fell in love with the Skinny Jeans (they fit SO good and feel like butter!), the beautiful necklace, and the grey Henley Top (it’s SO my style, SO soft and one of those items you really have to see in person).

With that said, based on the three items I wanted to keep, it made more sense to just get them all since I’d get the 25% off entire order discount. I am planning to re-gift the black top and kimono. My total for everything was $239.50, so as I mentioned above – NOT cheap. I will say, though, that I love having high quality and unique items in my wardrobe… AND it’s very hard to resist jeans when they fit so well. 😉

If you’ve signed up with Stitch Fix previously, I’d love to hear your experience!

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Comments 63

  1. Liz

    I’ve been getting fixes for about 3 years now & I love it!!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Oh that’s awesome to hear! And I agree, I love it too… it’s really fun getting a surprise box in the mail filled with clothing! 😊

  2. Brianna

    Hi Collin! Was your total before or after the 25% off?

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      The total for everything was $346 before the 25% off… I know. 😱 After the 25% off (which deducted $86.50), my total was $239.50. I will say all that items I was sent seem to be really high quality.

      • Brianna

        Thank you for clarifying for me.

        • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

          You bet! 😊

  3. Sarah

    I have been using Stitch Fix for almost two years. There are definitely pros and cons, but overall I like it, and it’s so nice not to have to make time to shop for myself as a stay at home mom. I’m learning to prefer quality over quantity, although I do still request prices to be as low as possible.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Hi Sarah,

      Glad to hear it! And I am with you on quality OVER quantity.

    • Laura

      Just curious… since you request your total to be low as possible, on average how much do you spend?

      • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

        It equals about $47 per item.

      • Sarah

        It depends…I rarely keep the whole fix, although that would be probably between $200-250 most times. A lot of shirts I get are $54, although I’ve gotten some in the $30-$50 range. Jeans are usually $70+, but I wore the jeans I got from them until they were worn out, so I definitely got my money’s worth.

  4. Sara

    Do you have another picture of the black top? I really like it!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Here’s another one… Black Top

      • Maggie M.

        Funny you said you didn’t like the black top. It is so flattering on you!!

  5. Aliza

    I’ve grown to love and become addicted to Stitch Fix, I did my first fix b/c I found a code for $25 online somewhere. (I had just done Le Tote, loved it, but couldnt justify the price for rentals so needed a new thing to try in its place and found this code :)). I wrote very clear instructions of what I cant wear for religious/modesty reasons. The box I received contained items that were almost entirely not in compliance with my needs. I ended up ‘purchasing’ a scarf so I would get something for the $25 I ‘spent’. The scarf ended up being $3 after the credit, which was a ‘why not’ moment since I could regift or sell, etc. I filled out a post fix survey and indicated that it was clear the stylist had not read what i had asked. I was so pleasantly surprised when they contacted me and apologized and sent me another $20 credit to try it again. I LOVED LOVED LOVED that whole fix, well 4 out of the 5 items in the box ALL of which clearly met my requirements. I bought the box and ended up selling the item i didnt love (a scarf) on ebay (which helped me at least mentally justify spending as much as I did on the other stuff). ((there’s a whole stitch fix re-sell market out there, just type stich fix into ebay or facebook)) I get SO many compliments on the Stitch Fix items! Every. Single. Time. I have another box coming within the week 😉

    • Margaret

      If you specify knee length skirts and tops to the collarbone/elbows, can they really accommodate that, or are you filling in necklines and stuff with shells? That’s always made me hesitate.

      • Aliza

        I specified and they met the requirements. Not the first time. But since then. just be really clear. And let them know immediately if what they send is exactly what you said not to send. They’ll make it right. I was hesitant for the same reason and very upset w the first box (I said no pants and they sent pants (!!)) but they’ve been excellent since and made it right!

  6. Jamie

    I don’t know how people buy clothes online and have much success with it – unless they’re thin and most everything looks good on them! I have a chubby tummy and not everything is flattering on me! When I shop for myself I probably have to take an hour or two and take about 20-30 things into the fitting room with me because only 2-3 of those will actually look good / flattering on me. Only clothing I might consider buying online is something I already own and know fits, like a bra or jeans in the exact same manufacturer and style I already own.

    • Aliza

      That;s the beauty of the service. You give them info on body type, your sizes, you can give measurements in notes if you wanted. They match the items to your body type, etc. It;s important to be as specific as possible. The stylists, at least I feel, are familiar with how to flatter differing body shapes, etc.

      • Sarah

        I had the same hesitation, but they sent me my favorite pair of jeans on the first try. They fit perfectly. Everything doesn’t, but I’ve always found something I liked.

    • Julia


      I would have to tell you that stitch fix does a great job of getting the size right most of the time for me. I am not stick thin but 90 percent of what they have sent me in my normal size has fit really well. And as you get more fixes and give feedback about the clothes they learn more about your fit, style and preferences which leads to even better fitting clothes! I would tell you to give it a try!

    • Sarah

      And I’m not skinny! I started getting fixes when I was losing weight after my first baby, and got them through my second pregnancy and now postpartum again. So my size is ever fluctuating!

    • MommySpendsLess

      Jamie, I’m what most people would consider “thin” (although becoming less so) and I have exactly the same issue with finding clothing that fits – and the same reaction to this kind of deal. I have broad shoulders and small breasts so it’s hard to even find t-shirts and button-down shirts that fit both areas at the same time. Since I don’t have hips to speak of it’s nearly impossible to find dress pants that fit outside of the junior’s department but I’m a professional in my 30’s and I’d love to be able to dress like one.

      I have better luck with dresses, skirts, drape-y blouses and pairing a tank top with a cardigan but I work in a very male dominated industry so pants and button-downs are a much better choice for most work days.

      I couldn’t afford a wardrobe from Stitch but I’d love to find a local body-double who loves shopping.

  7. Jen

    I love my stitch fix! I get mine every three months so I feel like I get a new wardrobe with every season. I Have yet to keep my entire fix, but there is always at least one piece I love and I always get compliments on what I wear. I just discovered they have a men’s version so I signed up my hubby and got a $25 credit!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      That’s awesome to hear Jen! Thanks for the feedback!

  8. Ashley

    I am on box 2 of my stich fix experience and I love it! I agree that it is more costly than what I would normally pay for my clothes, but as you said it is nice to have a couple really nice quality pieces in my wardrobe. My question is how you got jewelry?? The only accessory I get each month is a scarf. So when I don’t want to waste my styling fee I usually just keep the scarf. BTW I kept only the scarf on the first month and the WHOLE BOX my second month which was almost the exact same cost at $230!

    If anyone decides to try it out I would appreciate it if you used my link:

    • Ashley

      Also, check out Gwynnie Bee! This subscription is for plus size ladies (I am a size 12-14 and there are plenty of options!). The difference here is that you wear the items as much as you want, return them or purchase them if you love it. Plus, you go in and pick from their catalog what you want them to send you. Free shipping both ways and First month free! Here is my referral link if anyone wants to check it out!

  9. Sara

    I have been getting stitch fix for about a year. I however, pick and choose when to recieve it, once or twice a season. It is expensive but in my opinion worth it and if you throw in giftcards from holidays, it isnt awful . I also hate the mall and I rarely shop for myself. It is perfect for me.

  10. jiya

    You should start modeling. 🙂 Can you please tell me the size & brand of the jeans? It’s very expensive but maybe I get lucky & find a pair through some deal.

      • jiya


  11. Jessika

    I could never forgive myself if I spent that much on 5 wardrobe pieces 🙁 I cringe at the very thought…

    • Sheila

      I agree! That’s what I spend on myself in an entire year.

    • Pinkie

      Jessika, I agree. What’s the lowest amount that you can pay per item or box?

    • Molly

      My thought exactly! I understand a splurge now and again but I don’t spend $230 in a year!! A little more than a splurge in my book.

      • Kristen

        Hehe yeah I think I might spend $230 in a year on clothes for my family of 4, if you include shoes. My hope is that one day I can be at the point that I could afford a big splurge like this though!

  12. Kim

    I have been using stitch fix for the past couple of months. It is definitely hit or miss, but I love the variety. The good news is that you fill out a detailed profile with height, weight, your size, likes, dislikes etc. Their customer service is fast and very helpful too. I also had a stylist that did not listen to my feedback. I contacted customer service. They replied quickly, waived my next fix fee and shipped out another box that arrived a week later. If anyone is interested in trying please use my referral link Thanks!

  13. Emma

    Agree, it’s expensive but would love to have some quality items. Those who use Stitchfix, could you share what brands of clothing have u gotten? That might help make decisions.:)

    • Misskmb

      The brands I typically get (lower end) are 41 hawthorn, just black, kut from the kloth, skies are blue, market & spruce.

  14. Kimbescz

    I wear a size 18/2X so Stitch Fix didn’t work for me…however I found Dia&Co. which is the same concept and specializes in plus size clothing. The prices are right in line with Stich Fix and the quality of the clothes is amazing. And the great thing is – they pick out clothes I would never have selected for myself, but I love once I see them on. Here is the link to Dia&Co. It’s my referral link, which I would be grateful if you would use — however I am currently 7 months pregnant so sadly I haven’t gotten to use them since this summer when I could still sport non-maternity wear.

  15. Steph

    Fun! I do like this idea! My mom has been asking me what I would like for a holiday gift. Think I’ll mention the Stitch Fix gift card!!;)

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      What a great idea!

  16. Airam

    There is a plus size company called Dia and Co and runs the same way. Only difference that I can see is that you are allowed 5 days before sending back. Also if you find the item prices lower online ( has to be exact color and size) they will adjust their price. I’ll try out stitch fox when they get the plus size line and see how they compare. But here is a link if anyone is interested. Prices are very similar to to what you said about stitch fix.

  17. Casey

    I didn’t like stitch fix. Found the quality to not match the price. Numerous items had deodorant marks on them and then another mark an item had a hole. I have much better luck just going to Nordstrom and shopping sales. I did like Le Tote when I did it. Budget doesn’t allow neither anymore, but both are fun to receive… just always felt bummed after stitch fix and compelled to buy an item due to the styling fee.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Oh bummer 🙁 Sorry to hear that Casey! Thanks so much for sharing your experience!

  18. Ihearthip

    Thanks for this review! I have been wondering about them. I wonder if they have a big selection of classic looking clothes. I’ve given up on trendy because I wouldn’t wear it as long. I think a stitch fix would be a great Christmas gift to ask for!

  19. Lee

    I tried Stitch Fix for 6 months and loved the concept, but their clothes never worked with my petite frame. I am 4’11” and struggle to find jeans. Bought one pair so made it worth it for me. Would love a company that specializes in just petite a.

    • Jenny

      When did you last try it, Lee? They now have petite sizes and I have been sent some awesome jeans!

  20. Misskmb

    Nothing really new to contribute, yes it’s expensive but it is a splurge- I usually do a fix every 4 months. The more you communicate with them, the more accurate the fix although my first one was great and got me hooked. They send me things I would never try on at a store but end up loving. And from someone who hates jeans shopping- this is so the way to go!

  21. Jenny

    Absolutely love Stitch Fix! It wasn’t mentioned in your post, but they have petite sizes. I’ve been sent great on-trend petite clothes that I’ve had a hard time finding in stores. I even include my inseam measurement in my profile. I’ve also found that it is generally more effective to put what you want and NOT what you don’t want in your notes.

    Would love someone to use my referral code! ❤️ Thanks!

  22. Jenny

    I love stitch fix! One point that want mentioned in your post is that they now carry petite sizes. I even put my inseam measurement in my profile. I have had some really awesome on-trend petite items sent to me that I love and couldn’t find anywhere.

    Also, I’ve found it is more helpful to mention what you want in your notes instead of what you don’t want.

    Would love someone to use my referral: Thanks!

  23. Jo

    I just don’t have time to shop as a busy mom and I hate trying on clothes. I love stitch fix. Yes, it’s expensive but I would rather have a few pieces I love in my closet that are good quality. I don’t shop through them for basics or things I can find cheaper. I also love that I get to try things I might not have thought I would like. My first box was ok but my second was better because I followed their advice to make a pinterest page with ideas of items I liked, you also should be thorough in your comments on why you or arent keeping each item and if you find a stylist that is awesome make sure to ask to keep them. I am on my third box with the same stylist and they keep getting better because she’s gotten to “know” me through my pinterest posts and through the feedback I’ve sent. I get boxes every couple of months and I see it as a little treat for myself.

  24. D

    I have gotten several “fixes” and I love them. I have even gotten ones that I sent the whole thing back but they made it right. Quality is Amazing highly recommended!!

  25. Patti

    Thanks for posting this Collin! Introduced by my daughter to SF. I have had some great fixes. Some not so good. Some pieces I kept that didn’t turn out. Others that I kept just because & now LOVE!! (Just like my regular shopping). It’s not a perfect system, but has injected “life” into wardrobe. Not cheap, but overall I believe saved me $’s because I now have a smaller wardrobe that all works together & is fun. And I can do it from home!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Awesome to hear that Patti! You’re so welcome! 🙂

  26. S.ann

    Go read the reviews on Stitch Fix, also there is a blog with a woman opening her box to find her shorts she was charged $68 dollars from Nordstrom had a 24.97 price tag on them!

  27. TrishaB

    I would have to disagree about the quality. Having done it for a a bit, I found the quality is actually not always great. Especially if you choose the lowest price bracket. I have also seen the exact same bands and items at places like TJ Maxx for much cheaper. I was disappointed because it made me try (and actually like) things I wouldn’t necessarily buy on my own. I also found they don’t stick to the price bracket you request a lot of the time, which makes it a bummer when you like the stuff but refuse to pay $52 for a shirt.

  28. Kari Ann

    I’m currently doing Stitch Fix and am on my second box. My first box, I didn’t like anything but my second box, I loved everything. One thing I found strange is that the sweater I got in this month’s box is a sweater from last season (same price and everything!). I questioned them about it (I thought they provided “current trends”) – they just said it was popular so they brought it back. Hmm….
    I do like the service because I have no style and don’t have time to go shopping yet find complete outfits with three kids 🙂 so I think it’s worth the $20 for them to put together outfits for you. If you’re interested in trying, please use my link:
    I’d appreciate it. Thank you.

  29. debbielynne

    I bought a dress at Goodwill last week with a Stitch Fix tag still on it! It was even the half price color of the week. Thanks to whoever donated it.

  30. Sharon

    My first (and only!) box was totally messed up! The clothes didn’t match the cards sent with it (which I think is the nest part) and the clothes didn’t match what I requested them for (a business conference). I purchased something just because otherwise I’d be out $20 , but I deleted my account after (and even when I complained, they just said oh try us again!). Just my 2 cents

  31. heidi

    I have not personally used it, but friends have and when they show me their clothes I always think they are stylish, but the fabrics are cheap. I know a lot about fabrics and I know what wears well and those do not.

  32. Kayla

    I love the concept but not the styling fee. But that could also be because I worked retail for years and really just enjoyed styling people as part of my job. Now I am a Lularoe Fashion Consultant and LOVE doing mystery bags where I put together outfits for my customers! Would you consider a review if I sent you Lularoe clothing? My page is Lularoe Red Barn Boutique

  33. bw1

    I love that kimono! Soo pretty!

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