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It’s Bragging Time! What have been your BEST Black Friday Buys? Share NOW!

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Although I do not normally condone bragging, this is one of those rare times where I am asking you to please BRAG, BRAG, BRAG! I’ve received many emails from readers who were very excited to share the awesome deals and bargains they snagged at Black Friday sales both online and in-store. On the flip side, I have received many emails from readers who are searching for the best deals and looking for tips and tricks. So… this is where you come into play!

If you have a great deal or bargain that you’ve snagged today, please share it below. If you are looking for a specific item or deal, please mention it below and hopefully, another Hip2Save reader will come to the rescue! Let’s help each other out… that’s what Hip2Save is all about!

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  1. Ashley

    Shopped at a local store that gets sell-off from some really nice stores. Got two 8x 10 Anthropologie rugs and a 4 x 6 Pottery Barn rug for $375 total!!

  2. Meghan

    I was excited to get the last 4 pack Contigo travel mugs at my Walmart this morning for only $19! A steal considering one is $15 there. I have two that I LOVE! Plan on stuffing them with free $5 or $10 Starbucks cards that I earn with Shopkick throughout the year. May or may not be using them as Xmas gifts…we shall see. 🙂

  3. Amanda

    ACE Hardware has 50% any item under $30. I was able to get the 20oz Yeti for $15!! I was able to purchase more than one in an additional transaction. WooHoo!

  4. Allison

    I was able to get my son a pair of Sorell boots from Dick’s for $83, regular $135. Yay!

  5. candace

    Used my $5 off Disney movie coupons on the deals. $2.99 Zootopia, $5 finding dory, and $5 beauty and the beast blu rays. Did the Walmart instant pot which has only been on sale one other time this year (not that low). Had husbands employee discount and a forgotten gift card and paid $27.

  6. Kara0930

    Online shopped today. Bought several comforters at Kmart for $9.99 each.

  7. Leslie

    We are awaiting our first little bundle of joy and my one splurge is the Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner found at Wal-Mart. I checked yesterday and this morning but did not see any change in price until 5 minutes ago, when it went on sale for $99.99. This chair retails for $457.20, so a total savings of $357.21- I nearly went into labor when I saw this!!!

    • smarcek

      Thank you for this!! I just went and nabbed one too! Expecting in June and was hoping I’d find a good deal on a rocking chair.

      • joyanne edgerley

        I would just like to say congrats to you both! children are blessings. I will keep you in my thoughts and wish you well on y’alls deliveries!

    • Barbara

      Leslie and Smarcek – please let me know if you receive your orders from Walmart for the posted price $99. My daughter ordered one after I read your posts and within half an hour the price changed to over $300. I’m certain it was a price glitch as numerous furniture items were listed for $99, a leather sofa and loveseat, for example.

      Thank you! And let’s hope they are delivered!!

      • Sherry

        I ordered one of the chairs above and just received an email that my order was cancelled due to a pricing error. Bummer!!!! Did this happen to anyone else?

        • Barbara

          Hi Sherry – our order was also cancelled. 🙁

          • smarcek

            My order was also cancelled but they did send a $25 gift card to apologize.

  8. cindy

    59$ instant pot 7 in 1 from amazon. $99 artic king freezer from walmart. Thanks for all you do – I have learned so much and saved so much because of H2S!

  9. Rita

    Got the last galaxy print 3DS XL for my daughter for $199. Every other place selling them has them for $250+

  10. Hill

    Thrift store today-$1 clothes! Vintage suede skirt, Ann Taylor, really awesome high end clothes!

  11. nancy

    Did anyone else get the email from Sherpani handbags that said “buy 1 get 2 free” and there was a link in
    the email? I just tried it and scored 3 tote/backpacks for $36! (including shipping). I can’t wait to get them!

  12. Katherine

    My daughter got a $100 off of $100 at JCPennys! She got 3 tank tops, 2 tshirts, 1 zip up hoodie, 3pr of jeans and a 3 tier sticky note set. Paid $2 oop! I got the $10 off $10 and got my younger daughter black leggings and a white top free.

    • kylee

      Congrats-were they giving out coupons again today?

  13. Missy Alford

    HELP!! Looking for a good deal on a Amazon Echo not the dot. Anyone have thoughts about the Google Home? Deals on either??? Thanks!!

    • gee

      A lot of reviews prefer the google home over the echo. I purchased the google home for my DH =]

  14. Brenda H

    Not a Black Friday deal. Actually better. Went to Children’s Place to check out their deals. Happen to have a 20% off your purchase coupon if you use your children’s place credit card. Found some denim shorts retailed at $19.96 in the clearance rack marked down to $2.99. All clearance was an additional 60% off. So I ended up paying $0.96 cents for these shorts!!!

  15. Cortney

    I bought 2 iPhone 7’s (installment billing) and got $500 in Target gift cards!

  16. Dee

    I saved $1425.40 at Bath & Body Works last night. I got over 88 items, including 8 vip tote bags for $301.20. With coupon stacking along with buy 3 get 3 sale, I used 20-$10 off $30 coupons, a 20% off coupon and 2 coupons for free items. I bought 36 pairs of shea infused socks for the homeless and the rest are gifts!

    • Dara

      So kind of you to make purchases for the homeless. Happy holidays to you!

      • Dee

        Thank you Dara. It is my way to give back for the many blessings that I have received throughout the year!

  17. Samantha

    Incoco (nail wraps) has 30% off any purchase under $100 or 40% off any purchase over $100. These wraps are AMAZING! Each pack is typically $8 or $9. I scored 17 packs for $86! Guess who will have fabulous, hassle-free nails all year?!

  18. Dayna

    Between my mom and I standing in line to be the first XX number of people in line at various stores, we were able to get $340 in gift cards!
    My proudest purchase was getting two very nice lamps for 20 bucks each, normally $150 each at Ashley Furniture!

  19. Kristen

    Half off a family membership for a year to our local community center! Saved $360!

  20. Kasi

    $199.00 Samsung 60″ tv.

    • Angela

      Wow. Congrats. May I ask where?

      • Kasi


  21. Valerie

    Went to free shipping and also found out I had 17.99 in surprise points 🙂 2 free shirts

  22. Carrie

    My 2 brags were both from Collin:

    Best Buy $39.99 Bose in ear headphones
    Amazon $99 Lego Millennium Falcon back on Monday.
    And I found a basketball hoop for half price on Walmart with free shipping.

  23. Kate

    Congrats, that’s awesome!

  24. tleeg

    Im just stoked i got the Pie Face Showdown for $15

  25. Katie

    Two of the New 3ds Mario editions!!! I kept refreshing the Walmart page when they went live Wednesday night. I was super excited. 🙂
    Also got a 40in. Tv for $150 & a 55in teddy bear for $20. <3

  26. Melissa

    So I got the deal of the century but still ended up without the item I needed, lol. I tried to order the Kitchenaid Stand Mixer from Kohl’s for $280 on Monday. I selected my color and in store pickup at my local store and added $20 in stocking stuffer items to get to $300 so I could get $90 in Kohl’s cash (and of course was using Ebates for my 9% rebate). I ordered, got my Kohl’s cash and then got the email that said my order was canceled since the mixer was out of stock, but I got to keep my Kohl’s cash. So Tuesday I tried ordering again from a different store; same thing happened, I got no mixer but got to keep the Kohl’s cash. So last night, I tried again from yet another store (along with my 11% eBates) and had it happened again! So now I have $270 in Kohl’s cash but no mixer!

    • Brittany Dunlap

      I think you win lol! That is awesome!

    • t

      Lol. Thats great! U win for sure.

  27. laurie

    I was able to score Beats 3 Solo wireless 2 pairs at $99 each. Reg price was $300/piece. This was at Gordmans. I was the 8th person in line and they only have about 40 pairs. I grabbed my 2 and then a cart and went to the back of the store to get away from everyone in fear someone would steal them from my cart. Used my large purse to cover them up and did a bunch more shopping. I also had an extra 20% of my entire purchase. Biggest score
    i have ever gotten.

  28. saavymom

    $100 off Louisville Slugger LXT Hyper at Play It Again Sports! This is a new and used store, so you’re able to turn in used equipment for store credit too!

  29. Nichole

    I got a Coach purse originally $350 marked down and then they had 40% off and the 50% that total which took the purse down to $68!!

    • ali

      may i ask where? thanks

      • Nichole

        The Coach store at the outlet mall by me

        • Ali

          Thank you. Great savings! I always wanted one maybe next year lol

  30. t

    The new MONA Disney Princess doll for free. 9$ at JcPenny had a coupon for 10 off of 10!

  31. Jess

    $199 32GB iPad mini 2, 50% off Xbox one games, $28 TOMS booties, $26 baby Uggs, $60 Kate Spade wallet, and multiple deals on clothes for my girls.
    Luckily I bought a hatchimal in October so I avoided that mess.

    • denise

      nice deal on ipad mini2, where can i find one@that price??

      • Jess

        Denise, I ordered it from Walmart.

  32. Jessica

    I bought the tree from Sears, did in store pick up and it looked like crap at the store on display. It is beautiful set up at my house, though. Well worth the $40.

  33. Sandra

    My husband & myself live in Texas. The K-Mart store in Lawton, OK (45 minutes from us) is going out-of-business.
    We were able to find toys for some of our grandchildren. They also have a half off half clothing store. Lots & Lots
    of marked downed clothes there as well for grandkids! Plus we splurged on ourselves! Happy Holidays everyone!

  34. Aforg

    I’m hoping my order doesn’t get cancelled but I found a Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Water Slide for $99 at Walmart from a third party seller. It’s regularly over $400 so if this was a mistake I’ll understand. I also used PayPal in case it was a too good to be true deal 🙂

    • Barbara

      Aforg, please let me know if your order gets cancelled. If you saw my reply to a post above we also had some $99 items that seemed too good to be true. I, unfortunately, used my credit card and not PayPal so I’m hoping if anything happens at all they’ll just cancel the order.

      • Sherry

        My order got cancelled 🙁

  35. Rachel:-)

    I got a Roku stick so now I can finally be cable free!! It was originally 40.00 sale price 25.00 among other stuff… 🙂

  36. Jacqueline

    Arrived at OfficeMax at 10AM to see if any of the 9.99 Brother MFC printers were still available. Got one, along with Duracell battery 16 pks.

  37. Allan

    I got a pair of ray ban polarized sunglasses at Macy’s (Reg. $200)
    They had a -30% off
    Plus -20% for getting credit with them
    And -$50 gift card from using the Shopkick app and scanning stuff like crazy this past year.
    Making them $62 !!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Mohita

    Door buster comforter deals from Macy’s- list price $40. Door buster price $10. Had plenti rewards – final cost .60!
    So happy to pass it on to someone in need 😀

  39. SCS

    My best deal was on Dog food! Fromm, an excellent brand, had their buy one get a 5lb bag free coupon if u are signed up for their emails (valid Black Friday and Saturday only). We purchased 2x 30lb bags of food, 1x 5lb bag and 2 bags of Fromm dog treats.
    1. Used their BOGO coupon,
    2. I had collected the UPCs from the Fromm dog food bags (when u get 12 UPCs, you get a bag free). This meant a 30lb bag for free for us!
    3. I had gotten 3 manufacturers coupons for $2 off any size bag and the lady at the counter stacked all of them! I’ve never had that happen!
    We spent $65.30 with tax for a total of 65lbs of Fromm dog food + treats and saved $70.80. May not seem like a good deal for people that buy other brands but for Fromm, this is an amazing deal. By far the best deal we have gotten on Fromm dog food in the 6+ years we have owned our dog. 🐶❤️

  40. ali

    I got Via Spiga Wool Coat for $103 was $400, Cosmetics for $72 was $250, 34 towels for grandma for $101 and saved $297! (Thanks Collin) and few smaller items like clothing and Shoes. I spend $379 total and saved $775!!!!!!!!!!! Pretty grateful for all the blessing and didnt have to leave house this year 🙂

  41. roserich

    Looking for a great deal on patio furniture…anyone know where I can get a deal now?

  42. Holly

    Today was half price on almost everything at Goodwill. I had finally given up on real Christmas trees, and got an 8 ft. artificial tree with lights for $15.00. Also got several mugs to stuff with cocoa, tea and candy for needy senior citizens.

  43. Benita

    Has anyone seen deals for the iphone6 without installment plan? Or does anyone recommend a site for good refurbished iPhones?

  44. Laura Landphair

    I bought a new Dell all-in-one computer for the family. It was regularly $549 marked down to $429 for black friday and Dell has 12% ebates cash back and I scored $66 meaning it ended up being $373!

  45. Laura

    We need a new Mac laptop. Does anyone know of a deal on that? 🙂

  46. $savingmom

    So far got a 20″ bike for my son for $38. A 24 piece pyrex set for $14. A $250 Hammock with stand for my husband for $59. Fleece pajama pants for $4. A three piece stainless steal trash can set for $18. That’s pretty much it because now I’m broke. lol

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