Bath & Body Works: Hand Soaps Only $2.75 Each (Reg. $6.50) – In-store & Online

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Bath & Body WorksBath & Body Works Fans!

Today only, Bath & Body Works is offering their awesome Hand Soaps for only $2.75 each (regularly $6.50), both online and in-store with a maximum of 15 per customer! If you’re shopping online, be sure to enter the promo code SUDSY at checkout! Note that shipping is a flat-rat of $5.99.

Note that if you are shopping in-store, the sale price will reflected at checkout. And, if you have any coupons on hand, be sure to bring them in with you for further savings!

Hand Soap

If you’re planning to shop online, you can also use the following promo codes, but note that you can only use one promo code per transaction, so use the one that works best for you.

  • FA164329 = $10 off $30 purchase (exp. 12/24)
  • F164913 = Free item up to $13 value with $10 purchase (exp. 12/24)
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Comments 93

  1. dani

    so you need to use promo code on-line but you don’t need any code if you purchase at store. just 2.75 each. if you purchase at the store, you can use the $10 off 30 coupon then. correct.

    • kelly

      where do you get the store coupon for $10 off of $30?

      • Melloddie

        I got a little pamphlet with a few coupons, with one of which being the 10/30, from my in store purchase last time.

    • Christy

      Following… I was wondering the same thing!!!!

    • Erica (Silly Sidekick)

      Hey all! That is correct… if you are shopping in-store, the sale price will reflected at checkout! No coupon is needed.

  2. Rachel

    Wondering if you need the code in store. If not, I could just a coupon and get them even cheaper.

    • Krystal

      You do not need to use the code in the store

    • Erica (Silly Sidekick)

      Yes, if you have any coupons on hand, you will be able to use them since you do not need a coupon to get this sale price!

  3. Christine

    I’m wondering the same thing ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Erica (Silly Sidekick)

      Hey Christine!

      If you have any coupons on hand, you will be able to use them since you do not need a coupon to get this sale price!

  4. Pharmchick

    They always include the code for online shopping so you can get the in store price online but you can’t combine with coupons. It’s always cheaper to go in store if it’s convenient to go ad you have additional coupons.

  5. Melissa Lewis

    Got some Christmas done!! Thank you!!!

    • Erica (Silly Sidekick)

      Awesome! You’re so welcome!

  6. Kelly

    Of course I just threw my coupons out. Does anyone have a link to a printable $10 off of $30? I am at basketball games and can’t search. Thank you!

    • Ktenny

      Try RetailMeNot. Sometimes you can just show them your phone coupon

    • Jaina

      • sammy

        im not seeing any current coupons on there. am i missing something?

  7. Edy

    In store there giving a pamphlet but , you have to make a purchase first buy a hand sanitizer something cheap $1 items at that time you will get a pamphlet with a 10/30 and a 20/50 and you can buy 11 hand soaps with the 10/30 and pay after discounting the $1.84 per soap and if you have the 20/50 do 15 hand soaps and something that’s 8.75 to get you to the 50 dlrs since limit on soaps is 15 but then again you may find a nice cashier that will allow 18 soaps and that’s 50 dlrs

    • Bluewatergirl

      That’s 1 LONG sentence…..

  8. Holly

    They are always such stinkers about their sales, it’d nice able to use both promo code online like you can in stores, or at least have free in store pick up. We don’t have one really close but I do get to town about once a week where they do have one but it’s never when they have good sales.

  9. Jenn

    The $10 off 30 on retail me not say expired 12/8 when sent to my phone, but nothing on the printed coupon. Are these still working?

  10. Jennifer

    I was able to scan coupon from my phone no trouble.

    • sammy

      would u be able to send me the coupon as well?

  11. Christi

    They take coupons 3 days before and 3 days after the valid dates. There is a coupon in email that expired Dec 8, should be able to use it.

    • livingartphoto

      Thanks for the information! I love that! Is there anyway you could forward that email to me? jennygillins@hotmail.comy


    • Sharee

      I would appreciate a copy of the $10/$30 coupon from email, if you are sharing.

      • Christi

        Sent it to both of you! Enjoy!

        • aggie02

          I would love an email with it as well. Thank you!!!

        • Christi

          Email me if you need the 10 off 30$
          It expired 12/8 but the do accept coupons 3 days after expiration. Of course you may run into a cashier that won’t honor it, but I’ve never had a problem.

  12. rn30032

    Headed to mall shortly

    It’s so much better to buy in store…and it’s cheaper

  13. Jill

    Hi! RetailMeNot has 10/30 coupon but it’s a paste and copied one & checkout. Will they accept this @ store? Thanks for all the help.

    • sara

      I want to know the same thing too Thanks….

      • Lana

        I tried and mine wouldn’t let me.

      • CJ

        Clicked on link- no in store coupons available

        • Bobbi

          I checked on my phone, and the link won’t work for me on mobile. It goes straight to the coupon on my computer though.

          • Bobbi

            Nevermind, I think the coupon expired on the 8th.

  14. Shannon

    Can you combine Promocodes online? I put in sudsy for the soap discount and then tried to do $10 off $30 with some other items in my cart. But it wouldn’t allow it.

    • Amanda

      No, one promo code allowed online. It’s better to buy them in-store if you have a coupon

  15. nelly

    If I have a free item (for up to $13) and the item is over $13 will they let me use the coupon and charge the difference? I want to buy some soaps and then get a candle for “free” but the candle is $15.50

    • Callie

      No, it’s usually a lotion, gel, etc. You can’t pay the difference. ๐Ÿ™

      • nelly

        Thanks, well that’s annoying lol.

    • Deb

      You can’t use it on a three wick candle because it’s sticker price is $22.50. The free item coupon must be used for a items original sticker price. Doesn’t matter if it is on sale.

  16. Keri50

    Has anyone gone this morning and used a coupon yet? The email I got this morning says no additional discounts. They don’t normally say that so I am wondering if we can really use our coupons?

    • L

      Yes, I used a $10 off 30 purchase in store for the soaps.

  17. Edy

    I tried using the $13 and paid difference and not allowed ! I was allowed to buy the candle that’s 12.50 !

    • Deb

      Yes single wick candles are included within the free item requirement.

  18. Missy

    Can someone explain what’s so good about these soaps? Are some people just major Bath & Body Works fans? I purchased some of these last year with a gift card I was given and just wondered if I’m missing something i.e. these soaps last longer or are a better value that comparable soaps. Please excuse my ignorance. Thanks for your help!

    • Lel

      Yes people go crazy for this stuff. Its popularity makes for good gifts. The soaps are good if you get them on sale. Not worth it at full price. They have nice scents and I find the foaming soaps last longer others. The fragrances are nice and have lasting power too.

    • katie

      They just smell really good, that is the only reason I pay more for them.

    • Missy

      Thanks for helping clear that up for me!

    • Tamara

      Only at a crazy good price do i buy them. For $2 give or take a bottle, it is just like buying any other handsoap. There are certains scents that i really like. I also give them to my kids teachers or mail man. Plus if you pick a scent that is not liked, the person can always trade it.

    • F

      I just really like some of their scents and foaming soaps in general. I don’t know if they last longer than other soaps, but I usually stock up for the year at this time, so at less than $2 per bottle, its cheaper for me than buying soap else where.

  19. Shannon

    I’m a BBW newbie. I have $15/40 and Free item w/ $10 purchase. If i get 15 soaps do i still need to get items worth $10 or the 15 soaps enough to cover for free items?Thanks.

    • Angie

      If the two coupons are together, then you can use both at the same time without having to buy an extra item to redeem your free item coupon.

  20. Edy

    The free item has a value! If it’s a free item value at $13 then you can get a 12.50 candle or anything that’s not a sale item ! If you have a free candle value at 22.50 then get the $15.50 candle sale now , but only cpns and free item cpns that are attached or came in the same book in mail are accepted together ! Because , I tried using a free item cpn with a 10/30 that was given at store and they won’t allowed ! So, yesterday since everything was $5 I bought a sleeve for the body spray and got to use the free cpn for candle 12.50 value!

  21. Lel

    My store would not let me get a 3 wick candle as the free item when the 3 wicks were on sale below $13.

    • lili

      It has to be original price below $13,not sales item.

  22. Shannon

    Thanks Edy for a quick response. I will get soaps & candle then as u mentioned above. I see your name and Mel always to the rescue all the time to help newbies. ๐Ÿ’—Hip2save.

  23. L

    Thanks H2Save! 1.84 each soap in store after using my 10 off 30 purchase. Happy Holidays! I also received a new coupon for future purchase. 10 off 30 or 20 off 50.

  24. Rachel

    Anyone tried the frosted coconut snowball scent?

    • Lana

      Picked it up in store…smells delicious!!

    • Lel

      That one smells nice not too muchcoconut smell

  25. TG2010

    In line now. Anyone have a 10 off 30 coupon they could email me??
    TIA!! โค๏ธ

  26. Amy D

    Scored these for $1.66 a piece!!! I bought 15@ $2.75 ea. and a lotion for $9.00 to bring my total just over $50. Used a $20 off $50 coupon and spent a total of $32.07 for 15 soaps and the lotion!!! Was in and out in under a half hour ๐Ÿ‘Œ

    • Alicia

      Where did you get the $20/$50 coupon?

      • Veronica

        I just bought handsoaps at store and that was a coupon they just gave me. 10 off 30 or 20 off 50. They must have started giving these coupons out this week. I went last week when Candles were on sale and got a 10 of 30 coupon. That’s what I used today.

  27. Brenda

    How many would I need to buy in store to use $10 off $30 coupon?

    • Kamaya


  28. zoe

    Can anyone please tell me if 5$ before any coupon is a good price for a fragrance mist? . Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Rebecca


  29. F

    If you have the coupons they sent in the mail, you can get 15 soaps, and a medium candle or lotion ($12.50) and use the 15 off 40 and free item with $10 purchase to get everything for around $26 plus tax.

  30. Jean

    It’s kind of weird…whenever I leave this store looking to “cash in” on good deals and coupons, I ALWAYS leave a bit stunned…like I’ve been taken! Does anyone else feel the same way?? ):

    • sammy

      did u have a bad experience ๐Ÿ™

    • Lel

      Yes, I was overcome with a little insanity during candle sale

    • ML

      Just got home from there and yes…felt the same.

      Now debating whether to return everything or not ๐Ÿ™

    • Lisa

      The candle sale left me feeling anxious, stressed and tired. I had my 16 y.o. daughter with me and we waited an hr. outside of store to get in. Once we were in store my daughter immediately got on the checkout line which was 2 lines outside the store. Spent under 10 mins. to figure out which candle I could smell and get too. LOL! Got back on the line and spent another hr. I called corporate to complain about it cause it was insane! How can you enjoy shopping in there when lines are literally wrapped around displays which you can get to items. I would have liked to get the hand soaps but refuse to put myself thru that again.

  31. Bonez

    I have two $10 off $30 or $20 off $50 codes and three 20% off your online order codes. If you’d like one, send me an email letting me know which one you’d like and I’ll give them up.

    • Minka

      Can you please send me 10 off 30? I just emailed you. Thanks

  32. sammy

    i went today and they let me use the 20 percent coupon thats on retailmenot even though it expired yesterday. was only hoping to buy a few so got it for 2.30 each (including tax)

  33. Shannon

    I went in this morning and bought 15 hand soaps and a body gel. I used the $15 off of 40 coupon plus the free item with $10 purchased and paid 26.25 (not including tax). That made each hand soap1.75. Excellent teacher gifts!!

  34. star

    I have a coupon that takes $5 off $20, or $10 off $30, or $15 off $40 your online purchase. Expires 12/11/16; one-time use. I’m looking to trade it for Amazon gc or Vudu credit.

    email ecostar11 [at] g m a i l .com

    Will reply to this post when claimed.

  35. ann

    i forgot my coupon when i went in store today and i asked if they had a coupon and the cashier used one she had on my order of 10 off 30. And she gave me another coupon!! that was pretty nice i think, some other places are pretty stingy with that.

  36. Kayleigh

    My store let me use the online coupon for $10 off $30 from Retail Me Not! Got 11 soaps for just over $20

  37. lemonsarebetterthanoranges

    Me too! I told the clerk I needed a coupon and she just gave me one and then another with the 11 soaps I bought. So happy!

  38. Amy

    I got 15 soaps, used 15/40 and paid 26.25 plus tax. I asked for 15 wraps and ribbons, and she said “absolutely! A woman just before you asked me to wrap 45 soaps for her!” And she did it too. I would never ask to even have 15 wrapped for me!

  39. Edy

    I missed the candle sale this yr and the soap today ! Only because, I have a tear in my knee, and can’t walk too far , but, I did go yesterday ๐Ÿ˜But, today, I told myself that I can always go buy some another day ! 2 yrs ago, I had a masectomity and histerectomity at this time of sale and my friend went in to help me because, I love their candles and Like to have some in case my sister in law comes to my house with a extra guest on Christmas ๐Ÿ˜ณ, Or a birthday gift ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ! How bless we are to save so much and be here ,

  40. Edy

    Maybe they need to have a cabdle sale more often !!!๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ

  41. Hailey

    The candles are 15.50 today, still not bad!!! Definitely wasn’t as crowded today either.

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