Sears: KitchenAid 5-Quart Stand Mixer Only $79.98 Shipped (Reg. $249.99) + $10 Shop Your Way Points

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This is such a HOT price, so act fast if interested! 🔥

Hurry on over to where you can score this KitchenAid 5-Quart Stand Mixer with Glass Bowl for only $79.98 shipped (regularly $249.99). Even sweeter, Shop Your Way Members will score $10 back in points (may vary by member). After taking the points into consideration, it’s like grabbing this for only $69.98!

AND – This stand mixer includes a 5-quart bowl, wire whisk, dough hook and flex edge beater!

SCORE_THIS_DEAL_HERE(Thanks, Ashley!) 

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  1. Sam

    I ordered yesterday for store pickup but didnt recieve any emails notifiying me of availablity…. Should I call customer service?

  2. Ashley57

    I just got a refund from paypal. No notice yet from Sears…but I think orders are getting cancelled.

    • Ashley57

      Wait I bought two and the refund is only for one…interesting.

      • Ashley57

        Yep, I just looked with Sears. Looks like one was cancelled and one I am still getting, for now.

        • ash

          does it say processing or did you get a confirmation email?

          • Ashley57

            It just says “processing” and that it will arrived on 1/18. We will see.

  3. Jen

    Bad news guys, just checked my order status on the sears site and the order has been cancelled. I was afraid this might happen as I remember once purchasing a garbage can from sears at a great price and they did the very same thing. I’m hoping that they might have just made a mistake on my individual transaction OR they sold more than they had available as being the reason & some of you might still get theirs. Good luck guys. =(

    • ash

      did you order only one? i never got a confirmation email and now i’m worried. sorry yours got cancelled.

      • Jen

        No. I ordered 2. I had gotten a confirmation email as well.They had even set a delivery date for the 13th (Friday). They never even bothered to email me about the cancellation…..and still haven’t. I only saw it was cancelled because I was frequently checking the order status on the site. It was my first shop your way purchase. Highly disappointed. Chatted with a customer rep on the website, and was told that they were out of stock. I call BS on that claim. It’s obvious someone made a mistake on the pricing. (Maybe they meant to put a “1” before the 79.98) & they just didn’t want to go through with the orders. They did finally refund me this morning though.

    • Sam

      My order is still processing for store pickup. Doubt it will go through.

  4. JHorn

    My order was cancelled after having been reconfirmed and processed for pick up. Sears absolutely doesn’t care about this mess at all.

  5. JHorn

    Oh and they charged my card anyway.

    • Sam

      Oh no πŸ™

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Darn! Were you able to contact them for a refund?

      • MaryAnn

        I contacted them directly, as my order was supposed to be here 1/13. The customer service rep said it is processing, which I already knew, and I would get an email update when it is ready. I checked my email when I got off the phone and I received an email notification cancelling my order and are issuing a refund. They could have told when I was on the phone and I am very dissappointed in their lack of communication.

  6. NavyMom

    I got a confirmation email right after I ordered. I just checked the status and it still says processing with a delivery date of Jan 18. I did order as soon as it was posted, though.

    • weezer

      I ordered within a minute of the posting, so I’m hoping it goes through. I have the confirmation email and order status still says processing…delivery date of Jan 13. (store pickup)

  7. Amy

    Has anyone actually received there order? Or even seen it go from processing to shipped?

    • Megan Espinoza

      I was wondering the same thing. Mine has been stuck in “Processing” since I placed the order. Sears has been horrible to deal with. Not a soul there can tell me what is going on with the order. I am not hopeful at this point that I will receive this mixer:(

  8. sandy

    Mine is still processing too so I’m wondering the same thing.

  9. Leah

    I just did an online chat, and they said my order (which still says “Processing”) is fine and should be delivered by Jan. 16. Here’s hoping! πŸ™‚

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Good! Thanks for the update Leah!

    • Jen

      Really do hope you and ot hers get theirs, but my advice is don’t put too much faith on it. My guess at this point is that it was a mistake in pricing…..either that or they really did just sell more than they had available & cancelled the excess orders. Either way, good luck.

    • Amy

      I chatted with someone a couple of days ago and they said the same thing. Then the next day they canceled my order.

  10. Meg

    They charged my card today, so fingers crossed!

  11. weezer

    I spoke with online chat this morning and asked if I was going to be able to pick up my order today, the scheduled day of pick up. He said my order is confirmed and I will receive my ready for pickup email by this evening. Still keeping my fingers crossed!

  12. Gerta

    FYI on all KitchenAid Mixers. I bought one from Target over Black Friday weekend. The unit was too heavy and getting the bowl on the stand was very difficult (it was the Professional 5 Series with the lift bowl). Long story short I returned it to Target.

    Went online to look at other KitchenAid options and noticed many complaints about 1) the one year warranty and 2) KitchenAid units are now being manufactured by Whirlpool and many units break down after a year, leaving you with a VERY expensive paperweight.

    I’ve decided in the meantime to go with a high quality hand mixer by OXO. It’s got great reviews on Amazon & Bed Bath & Beyond (a better price there with the 20% off coupon!!)

  13. sandy

    Did anybody actually get theirs yet?

    • Heather

      Mine was supposed to be available for pick up and customer service nor the store has any updates on my order status.

  14. Heather

    I ordered as soon as this deal was posted. My card was charged the next day. Customer service nor the store I did pick up for can give me any updates and it’s status is still processing. I’m giving it until Monday before I cancel and ask for a refund.

    • weezer

      Well, the order they ASSURED me would be able to be picked up on the 13th…’s not there. At 6:30 pm yesterday, a rep told me that it was at the store and just needed “to be scanned in” before I received pickup email. The email never came and I called again this morning. Now they are saying that they issued me a refund and there was never a tracking number for my order, so there’s no way they would’ve been able to tell if it ever got to the store. The local store will not pick up the phone at all. Yesterday I was getting US based customer service from their complaint line….today they are transferring me to India. I asked for a supervisor who just now told me “there’s no way to know what’s going on without a tracking number. Just give us more time” I told him that a few minutes ago the rep told me I was issued a refund….”that’s NOT true, ma’am….please be patient” UGH. No wonder they are dying a slow death. This is the worst customer service I’ve ever dealt with.

      • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

        Oh bummer! Hoping this is resolved for you soon! πŸ™

  15. Caitlin

    Yea I bought right when posted as well, my credit card was charged on the 12th, and my order still says processing. I spoke with sears chat this morning, and all they told me was that it would arrive by the 18th, but has not shipped yet…

    • weezer

      Same here…ordered within a minute of posting. Got my confirmation email. My card was charged on the 12th. Why would they charge our cards 3 days after ordering if they didn’t have tracking info and it wasn’t shipped?? Makes no sense.

      • forbidinjustice

        Made an account here just to confirm that the same thing happened to me. Order placed quickly, card charged on the 12th, order still says Processing. The chat agents keep assuring me of a ton of things that they have no idea of and they say they put it on expedited status and they’ll let me know something within “3-5 business days”, which is Sears’ timeframe for everything (usually resulting in no action at all.) A couple people on Slickdeals reported a cancellation. Maybe the fact that it still says “Processing” bodes well.

    • MaryAnn

      I ordered, my card was charged 1/10. I contacted the local store multiple times over the weekend and couldn’t get a straight answer. Today I contacted them directly via phone and spoke to someone in India, as my order was supposed to be here 1/13. The customer service rep said it is processing, which I already knew, and I would get an email update when it is ready. I checked my email when I got off the phone and I received an email notification cancelling my order and a refund was issued. They could have told when I was on the phone and I am very dissappointed in their lack of communication.

  16. Kristine

    My order was just cancelled. So bummed.

  17. katie

    Cancelled here as well.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Bummer! Sorry to hear that Katie! πŸ™

  18. Kim

    I also ordered within a minute of posting…… card chrged and a delivery date of 1/18…..just got an email they canceled it. Reason being “out of stock”. Just wondering why it took them 7 days to realize it was out of stock?

  19. Stephanie Calhoun

    I just got cancelled today as well. My anticipated delivery date was 1/13.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)


  20. May

    I was so excited…and got cancelled…. πŸ™
    I just need to think I didn’t need to spend extra money and use for something else.
    Oh well.. At least I got $10 points back when I purchased so I really hope they don’t take those $10 worth of points back from my account!

  21. Leah

    Mine was cancelled today, too. So disappointed in their customer service. πŸ™

  22. Vicky V

    The orders were cancelled due to the price. They say it is an error AFTER I found the item in stock and they refused to sell it to me at the price I purchased last week. Here is a copy of my transcript with the rep…

    I double checked with my order processing team and see that the order was cancelled due to promotional pricing error and according to the sears policy if there is a pricing error then we can cancel the order.

    I will not be shopping at Sears or Kmart any longer!!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Oh bummer! Thanks for the feedback Vicky!

  23. Shawn

    Mine was just cancelled. They charge my card 4 days Ago. Here is the kicker! I called Sears a nice rep named Beth saw the order was cancelled, Then looked into Sears’s inventory and said they have a lot of them. She said the order was already cancelled but that she could reorder it. I asked if it would be at the same price. She said yes. However, she could not find the Mixer on there website so she could not do it. I spoke to Drew the supervisor. He gave the run around that it was not in stock on “Sears online”, so he could not do anything. I asked if he saw the same inventory at Beth. He said he could not look it up that way. So basically we all were conned. I will be watching to see if they put it back on there website later. If they do I will be calling again! I’m really tempted to call the Attorney General for my state. I thing they committed fraud saying it was out of stock, yet in stock ans not honoring the pricing that they listed and charged.

    • Vicky V

      I already re-ordered it and paid the new price of $199.99. As soon as it “ships”, I am going to make them price match it. I have already filed a complaint with my Attorney General. Not for the price but for telling me it is “out of stock” when it is clearly “in stock” since I was able to order at $199 but only if I paid the higher price. If they don’t give me a refund, I will return it. It’s worth a shot anyway…

      • Vicky V

        My mixer arrived at my house when I paid $199 on the same day that I was told my order was cancelled because it was out of stock. Now I am fighting with them to give me a refund that will match the sale price I originally purchased it for. It was definitely a “bait and switch”. It was not out of stock but they cancelled due to a pricing error. Well, I have an email that states it was “out of stock” and was not due to a pricing error so I am sticking to my guns and will demand a refund to match my price. I am working with corporate on it now….

  24. Adrienne

    Just received my email that my order was cancelled. I knew it was too good to be true but had my fingers crossed just in case…

  25. KK

    My order was just cancelled as well guys!!! : ( Went on direct chat with Sears who informed me the item is out of stock and had to be cancelled. Well, I checked the mixer on the Sears website and it IS AVAILABLE for sale at the price of $199.99 at 4:39pm EST for delivery or pick up on 1/19. I sent the current selling link to the Sears online agent who adamantly tells me item is gone ( IT ISNT). Once I kept sending them current links, the agent changed tunes and said the system is still updating so if I do reorder the $199 mixer may get cancelled as well and they WILL NOT price match last week. Definitely think Sears is so shady for this one. UGH.

  26. Shannon

    Just got an email that mine was canceled and the money refunded such BS!!

  27. Laura Drury

    I just received a cancellation email right after I chatted with customer service, with them telling me that it would ship out of the local warehouse and would receive it tomorrow. No wonder the company is tanking.

  28. Jennifer Hutcheson

    I received the same cancellation email yesterday! I chatted with a customer service rep and they just kept repeating how sorry they were that this happened! So annoyed!

  29. Kelsey

    So disappointed! I got my cancellation email today saying it was “out of stock”.(After two reps ASSURED me that I would get it & it wouldn’t get cancelled). I chatted with a rep today who told me it was out of stock, so it was cancelled. I then asked him if I found it in store, if they would price match. He told me that the employees in store would be more than happy to help me. After asking a few more questions, he finally confessed that it was a pricing error. Sears totally lied! TWICE. To my face! What a joke. They are a truly terrible company. Now let’s just hope the refund is easy and I never have to talk to anyone there again.

  30. Retta

    I got a cancellation message today, too πŸ˜” Oh well!

  31. forbidinjustice

    Once everyone’s orders got cancelled yesterday, the mixer came back in stock @ $199.99, then went out of stock again today. I’m wondering if some people’s orders actually began to get filled, either per their original order or as a customer service gesture.

  32. Ginny

    I received email stating that they cancelled they order. I had received email that order was processing on Jan 9th. I paid with PayPal and my cc was charged on Jan 9th and today is now Jan 17th and I still have not received a refund. I chatted with a customer service rep who stated they it is out of stock. I asked him then why does it state “temporarily unavailable”. He couldn’t give me a straight answer and said that he could give me a 10% discount on future purchase. I said NO THANK YOU. Then after a few minutes he states that I could purchase same product at $199.99. I asked why it was all of a sudden available. Again, no straight answer. They LIED that it was out of stock. I rather them just admit that it was pricing error instead of giving a BS story. They lost a customer due to lying. False advertising and pissed that they charged my card since 8 days ago. I should charge them interest. Still have not received a refund.

  33. Caitlin

    So I did call sears this morning, and after like 30 mins, they said that I could wait for my refund to be issued, and if I still wanted the mixer, I could call and order again and they will honor the price I paid before, because it IS still in stock lol. Or I could have reordered it again TODAY for the same price, but I didn’t trust doing that until I get my refund first! So she put a note in my order saying to honor the $79.99 price…..I don’t know if I should even try again!

  34. Ashley57

    Mine hasn’t been shipped or cancelled…it was suppose to arrive today. Not sure what to do.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Hmm, maybe try contacting them to check on the status of your order.

      • Ashley57

        I just chatted with sears and he didn’t immediately cancel. He said that it was escalated to a customer care team and they will get back to me. They also gave me 5% off my next order coupon. I guess I will wait a few days to hear more.

        • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

          Oh good! Thanks for the update!

          • Ashley

            I got an e-mail that they were still looking into my order today. Interested to see what happens. Has not been cancelled or shipped.

            • forbidinjustice

              I got that same e-mail. It was followed by a cancellation a couple days later. The mixer came back in stock once last week but out of stock again now. I think they’re trying everything they can not to ship any of the orders without a fight, but my theory is that many people got their prices honoured… which resulted in the mixer going back out of stock within 2 days or so.

            • Ashley57

              Mine was finally cancelled today. Oh well.

  35. Ali

    My order was cancelled after “processing” for 7 days and they say refunding the purchase price can take 5-7 more days. Terrible service from such a big company..will not be soon forgotten!

  36. Irene

    BAIT AND SWITCH FOR ME. I ordered two. They charged my credit card and sent me an email that the order was processing and shipping on 1/18/17.
    I call on the 18th to get a tracking number because I did not receice them. I was then told, the order was cancelled the day after I ordered them because they were out of stock. I never received an email cancelling the order. If you haven’t received your mixer, please call to get your money back. I was on hold for 1 hour and 46 min to get my $170. credited to my card. I understand that these things might happen. However, a cancellation email should have been sent and a credit should have been issued. They offfered me a 20% discount off a list price. They only had in stock $499.00. even when the are afvertising stock on the lower priced items. THIS was the bait and switch for me. I am not in a hurry to buy these, so I passed. Also, ALL online orders are handled differently than the store. ALL Online customer service are handled oversea. They read off a script that had nothing to do with getting your credit issued to your card. It will be escalated to A Case Manager who does the same thing. I asked for American Customer service and they left me on hold. This first call overseas took an hour. I called the local store on my cell while I was on hold. The store Customer Service Rep. kindly did a conference call with me and the overseas case mgr. After 46 min and much frustration on her part with them, I got a credit. Knowledge is power. I will not order anything online from Sears again. Terrible Customer Service. Tgey should take lessons from Zulilly. Who has excellent customer service in my opinion.

  37. Gerta

    I didn’t order this Kitchenaid from Sears. However, I recently used my Shop Your Way points to order some socks with in-store pickup. My local store opens at 11 am. The manager didn’t unlock the front door until almost 10 minutes after the hour. Then it took much longer to find my online order because the machine was down.

    Sent an email to their manager complaining but no word (this was over a week ago!) No wonder Sears is going down the tubes. AWFUL customer service. I’m DONE with Sears!

  38. Sandy

    How long did it take to get your refunds???

    • forbidinjustice

      I got the cancellation e-mail Monday morning, refund came on Friday afternoon. 3-5 business day is the chat agent’s estimate, but the guy on the phone said 7-10 business days.

  39. Jessica

    Nonsense!! It is in stock. Was told was a pricing issue and that was why my order was cancelled. They said to call back next week and could reorder but with no guarantee that would get same price. I told her that was false advertising and that I wanted her to notate my call and my request to repurchase next week at same price i paid. She claims she made notes. I will be contacting corporate ceo if this is not resolved in my favor.

    • Jessica

      And sadly this is not my first ceo level complaint with sears. πŸ™

    • forbidinjustice

      It does show it’s in stock, but the chat agents say it’s showing OUT of stock in the system and that it will show that message when you proceed thru cart. They’re wrong. It will let you order… but I have a feeling it will just get cancelled. Basically, they’re still selling out-of-stock items on their website. I’ve fought with them for 2-3 hours about this. I have chat transcripts promising me a price of $63.22 when it’s restocked. They are going back on their promise. I have threatened to contact the AG and also to go public about it. They offered me as much as $70 discount off the current $199.99 price (red version). Sears has completely failed from a customer service and ethics standpoint. I hope you have the strength and wherewithal to fight ’em because that’s what it’ll take to get the price honoured, I’m pretty sure.

      • Vicky V

        I received my mixer that I re-ordered at $199 on the same day that I got the email that said it was out of stock. It was in stock the whole time!!!

        • Vicky V

          Now I am working to get my refund for the difference in price!

          • forbidinjustice

            Any progress? I imagine once they’ve already pocketed your $199, getting a partial refund would be more difficult than getting them to honour a new order at the original price.

            • Vicky V

              So far I’ve only been offered $30 in points!!! That is nothing compared to the $120 difference in price. I am working with the corporate office now so I’m still working on it. Otherwise, I will just return the mixer and wait for a better sale. I am definitely not paying $199 for the mixer I originally tried to purchase for $79.99. I would rather give the $199 to Best Buy, Macy’s or Kohl’s when they have a sale if I am going to pay full price. I don’t consider $30 in Sears points any type of refund. I’ll keep you all posted if I make any progress.

            • forbidinjustice

              Yeah, $30 is meager. I noticed how they like to refund in points and keep as much cash as possible. I had an update on my experience with Sears. It’s at the bottom of this thread’s comments. My mixer will be here Wednesday but I only got them down to $109.99, and that was after 3-4 hours of fighting. They’ll continue hide behind the “it was a price mistake; we have no obligation to you as stated in our policy.”

            • Vicky V

              Did you only speak to supervisors in the chat? I asked for a supervisor and they told me there were none available to speak with me so I had to go to corporate and threaten a BBB complaint just to get the $30 point offer. It’s not near enough for me to keep it. I am fighting this fight.

            • forbidinjustice

              I spoke first to 2 (different) chat agents, both of whom promised to honour the price. Days later, I guess it was “known” as a price mistake so everyone changed their tone. All they did was offer 10% off. Enough fighting and a supervisor takes over every time. I fought hard with them to get $50 off. After threatening a complaint to the AG, he eventually upped it to $70. It took a lot more to get the $90 off that I settled with. I don’t believe they would have gone any lower. There’s almost always a floor supervisor to speak to. They (as well as the chat agents) lie a lot about the discretion they do/don’t have. I have many transcripts that directly contradict one another.

  40. jen

    Has anyone received their refund? I got an email saying my order was canceled and my refund was initiated. I still have not received my refund and I’m on the phone with customer service now and they said my order isn’t canceled I have wait for the mixer to come back in stock. They are telling me I am just confused over the email. I find it hard to be confused with the words: the order was canceled and refund is initiated and it will be back to my method of payment in 5-7 business days.

    • Ali

      I still have no refund. contacted them 3 times now..every time they say a few more days.

  41. Caitlin

    I got my refund a few days ago

  42. sandy

    Still no refund. Mine was cancelled on the 17th. They keep telling me I should get a refund soon. Is this normal???

  43. forbidinjustice

    My mixer shipped today. Unfortunately, it’s not as exciting as it sounds. I’ve been fighting the good fight solely with chat agents (and their supervisors) for almost 2 weeks now. After getting irate listening to their inconsistencies (they lie often), the supervisor offered me $50-off as a “one-time exception”. When my order was cancelled originally, I was promised a *price* of $70.24 on chat and was told I could drop surprise points on top of it, then my base points… so no, a $50 ‘refund’ wasn’t acceptable to me. After about 2 hours of back-and-forth and me offering to contact the AG about their unethical bait-and-switch (not to mention holding people’s refunds for weeks at a time), he upped the discount to $70. I refused. A couple supervisors later, I got the price of $109.99. Since I had $101 in points, I accepted. He said no further coupons and no surprise point redemption allowed.

    I ordered the next morning. She told me “you cannot use your base points on this purchase.” (Seriously? haha) After literally 5 seconds of arguing, she let me use my points AND my surprise points available. So out-of-pocket, I got the mixer for about $4.00.

    I say this all to say… it IS possible to get a good compromise on the price, but I hope you have the wherewithal to fight them. They don’t really like to budge and they will lie whenever possible. Make them check FIRST to see that the mixer is available in the system before you order. Sears has had the item “in stock” on their site in the last 2 weeks when it, in fact, was not even in the system or discoverable by item number!

    Also, don’t be fooled into accepting an offer of “Place the order and we will issue a partial refund.” They will refund not to your credit card, but to your SYW points FIRST, then credit card… so you may come out-of-pocket more than you think. Let THEM place the order, discount applied first (unless you don’t mind having your SYW points refunded instead of $$.)

    So there’s my experience.

  44. sandy

    I had to file a claim with Paypal. Sears keeps telling me two more days and your money should be in your account everytime I contact them and it never is. Anybody else dealing with this? I hope I get my card credited.

    • Jess

      Yes! I called Sears and they said my money had been refunded on 1/17. Nothing. I filed a dispute with Paypal a few weeks ago and am still waiting. It is so frustrating!

      • sahampton

        I paid with PayPal too and I had trouble getting my refund. I almost filed a dispute with PayPal, but I decided to contact Sears one more time. I did a live chat and told them I have not received my refund. I got an email the day after saying that PayPal rejected the refund so they cut a paper check. That was on 1/31 and I finally got the check today! Over one month since the original order.

      • jen

        I paid with paypal also. I almost filed a complaint with paypal, but contacted Sears one more time. After about 30 minutes of arguing with them, they finally agreed to send me a paper check. Of course, that was an additional 10 business day. I finally got the check on the 9th business day. It took over a month from the original order to get my refund. Sears has lost my business! They have been rude, they have lied, they have procrastinated, and didn’t hold up their end of the deal. I will not purchase anything from them anymore and will warn others of my experience.

        • Jessica

          Omg Jenn me too. I had to contact customer service 6 times. 5 of those times was to get the refund. Their customer service sucks. They lied 2x saying they issued a refund to my paypal. They told me it was my job to deal with paypal. They told me they could not contact their corporate office to log my complaint I had to. They told me they would issue me a full refund by paper check and then sent me an email saying refund would only be 58.00. They then said oops was a typo and actually said “my bad” in their email. MY BAD I WILL NEVER SHOP AT SEARS OR KMART. THEY CAN KEEP THEIR SHADY BUSINESS FOR SOMEONE ELSE.

          • Sandy

            I will never shop with them again! Finally got a check in the mail after filing a complaint with PayPal . They said my PayPal would not accept the refund . It was nothing but a headache.

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