FIVE Smart Sense Purified Water Bottle 24-Packs Just $11.45 + Earn $11.45 in SYWR Points

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Shop Your Way Rewards Members!

For a limited time, hop on over to where Shop Your Way Rewards Members can earn 100% back in points whenever you spend $10 or more on Smart Sense Health, Beauty, Household or Food products (points awarded the next day and valid for 14 days).

As an idea, consider grabbing FIVE of these Smart Sense Purified Water 16.9 fl oz each 24-Packs priced at $2.29 (reg. $2.99) for a total of $11.45 AND you’ll get back $11.45 in Shop Your Way Rewards Points, essentially making all five packs FREE! Be sure to choose in-store pickup as shipping is not available.

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  1. Vonda Borer

    I didn’t earn any points on this order. Was it maybe because I used points to purchase it? Anybody have info?

    • Danielle

      yes you only get back what you pay out of pocket unfortunately

  2. april

    Great deal too bad my store is closing so no online orders anymore

  3. Gina

    Is this good in store too or online only deal?

    • Kim

      Yes, someone please answer this. Thank you.

    • ginger

      Yes. I just got back from the store. bought $21.49 worth of items and got back the same amount. You can mix and match depends on what your family need. Btw, the points back info on the receipt can be seen before your total amount. It says bonus pts earned. hth

    • Princess

      It’s good in store also. I got 6 of these in store on Sunday and paid $13.74 and got back $13.74 in points.

    • Lisa

      I have done both and gotten my points everytime.

  4. Allyson

    Anyone know if this is available in store?

  5. shirley

    got it, thanks a lot!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome Shirley!

  6. Sue

    Not in stock for 50 miles of my house. Weird I just saw an entire skid for sale the other day…..

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)


  7. Danielle

    yes it is in stores as well. at least the ones that aren’t closing

  8. Suzy

    Got it thanks ! I was able to use points I had so FREE for 5 cases of water !!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Great score Suzy! You’re so welcome!

  9. Natalie Gonzalez

    Thank you sooo much! What a great deal!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)


      • pm

        shout out the kmart shoppers, tomorrow, 1/28 is the last day to work this deal!

  10. Jen

    I just want to make sure I understand this fully….If I buy $15 worth of Smart Sense products, I will get $15 back in points…..and I I were to buy $200 worth of Smart Sense products, I will get $200 back in points, right?? Also, I know that I can’t use points to pay, because, If I do, I won’t earn points, but, is it ok if I use a gift card to pay? Sorry for all the questions, but I want to get some inexpensive twin mattresses for my kids and I’d like to use points to pay. So, I figured that, If I could purchase approximately that much in smart sense products, then I could use my earned points to purchase the mattress. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated!!

    • Angela

      I think I saw that the max was $50.

      • Jen

        Thank you!

    • Kassidy

      Correct on all above and yes you get points paying with gift card

      • Jen

        Thank you!!

    • Deedee

      Yes, using a gift card will still get you the points. I’ve been going all week. Buying $50+ then using the 10 off 50 e-coupon. Paying 4x.xx and getting 4x.xx back in points each time. Using a coupon is fine but do not pay with points.

      • Jen

        Oh my gosh, I didn’t know there was an e-coupon! Thanks so much for answering my questions. I really appreciate it!

      • Jen

        Where can I find the coupon?

        • Princess

          If you’ve downloaded the app there are some there. Click on the savings tab at the bottom of the page and then click coupons once the option comes up. I have about ten of them ranging from $5 off $35, $10 off $50. Just be careful because some are online and in store, and some are in store only. If you don’t have the app then you can go to and log in your account and search coupons. I’ve noticed the app offers me more coupons with a higher value off.

          • Jen

            Thanks so much. I’ll look on the app for sure!!

    • lilkim

      The terms of the offer are online, and it is a maximum of $50 back in points for this offer: Members get 100% in points when you spend $10 or more on Smart Sense Health, Beauty, Household or Food products at KMART. Points awarded the next day and valid for 14 days. Max $50. INSTORE & ONLINE.

      • Jen

        OK, thanks! I know you can make multiple $50 in store transactions, but can you make multiple online $50 transactions?

        • Jackie

          I have made multiple transactions with this deal: $26.41, 60.76, 46.70 and have gotten back all of my points. So I’m not sure the $50 max is right. It also works with Image Essentials products.

          • jeffy

            i read somewhere on there website that it is unlimited amount you can earn. and it goes untill the28th

            • Kay

              There is a NEW max – there use to not be a max but as of 1/13 there is a max of $50 per account – before there was no limit. So if you ordered before 1/13 great! you can still even do the new $50 back but after you hit that you will not get anymore.

    • Sjp

      There is no max. You can play around online to be sure but I’ve done it three times this week, see my post below. If you are planning on buying mattresses, doing this deal is a no brainer. Points expire within 14 days so keep that in mind!

    • renee

      I needed a new dishwasher, I bought 500 dollars of smart sense items, got all the money back in points and bought my dishwasher at Sears using my points.

      • renee

        I just saw on another site that I follow that kmart has changed the terms of this promotion TODAY …..and now the limit is $50.00 back in points

        • Princess

          Thank you Renee I wasn’t aware that they are now capping it at $50.00, I was planning on making a purchase over $50.00 tomorrow. Glad I saw this first.

    • Princess

      Hi Jen, there is no limit. If you spend $200.00 you’ll get $200.00 in points providing you don’t use points to pay because it reduces the amount you get back. I’ve spent and earned a little over $100.00 so far. I’ve gotten grocery, paper products, health items (even cough drops), garbage bags. I would also check for coupons under your shop your way account before purchasing the mattresses. Hopefully there’s a high value coupon that will save you even more. The points earned from this offer expire 14 days after earning them and offer is good until 1-28-17. HTH

      • Jen

        Thank you so so so much!! I really appreciate your help!

    • Melanie

      The max is not $50. I have totally stocked up on everything I can think of that I might need and I have gotten over $300 back in points. Also, I bought my son a twin mattress for $99 and got back $65 in points thanks to the the furniture points deal.

      • Jen

        That’s awesome!! I really hope I can pull off a deal like that. It would be a huge help right now as things are so tight financially.

  11. Natalie Gonzalez

    I did not receive the points πŸ™ … Did anyone have the same issue?

    • Jen

      Did you use points to pay?

    • Lisa

      Did you use points to pay for your order? If you do then you won’t get them in return.

    • Melanie

      It can take up to 24 hours for your points to reflect in your account. If you pick up your order in store, your 24 hours wait won’t begin until you actual pick up the order, not when you pay online.

  12. im

    its only in store?
    you can’t have it ship

    • Jen

      No, you can’t have it shipped. You can order online and pick up in store though.

    • Imran

      No Kmart here it’s 30 minutes away. It’s closing other stores are 1 hr away πŸ™

  13. Lel

    I received my points within a couple hours of picking up order. If you dont see it try logging out n going back in.

  14. Kim

    I’ve done this a few times. Kmart is overpriced for most items but the smart sense brand is reasonable and it has helped stretch out my grocery shopping. You can buy the food items too! I stocked up on smart sense chips, tortillas, cookies etc for the football game this weekend. Just check dates! A lot of items were already at or pass sell by date. Even soda!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks so much for the helpful feedback Kim! Glad to hear you had some awesome scores!

  15. Jackie

    This deal is also working with Image Essentials products. I completed a transaction yesterday and got my points today.

  16. Miranda

    Did they just add this cap of $50? I have done $126 and got all points back. It was and few days ago, so I wonder if they just made a max for it recently.

  17. Rebecca

    What do you guys spend all of your points on? I don’t normally shop there & don’t want to buy over-priced items just to use them, kind of defeats the purpose.

    • Ashley

      I used to get a lot of car stuff like air freshener – wipes, recently got some hand towels and door mats.

  18. Sjp

    I’ve done this deal three times this week and there is no max. I picked up two online orders today, both were about $100 each. I also decided to shop in store and my total was $201 and it took off a $15 coupon and my total got down to around 186 and my receipt indicates that I’m getting back about $177. I’m happy. I’m planning on buying a tv so doing this deal a few times was a no brainer.

  19. me

    this is what it says: Members get 100% in points when you spend $10 or more on Smart Sense Health, Beauty, Household or Food products at KMART. Points awarded the next day and valid for 14 days. Max $50. INSTORE & ONLINE.

    • Sjp

      Oh this must be petty new because I haven’t had issues with purchases over $50 so far. Thanks for sharing the exact language.

  20. j

    will this still work in a store that is closing and can you still redeem points in those stores that are closing?

    • JJ

      Our store in town will be closing in March. I went there the other day and spent $40 and received points back. πŸ™‚ I don’t know if they have changed since then. The only thing with buying, sales are final, so maybe try spending $10 first to make sure it still works before spending another $40 because the max is $50.

  21. Julie Perrault

    I have did this offer about 10 times in the past week. Some on line and some instore. With the points I already purchased a LG microwave and am now planning on purchasing a new stove. I purchased ,many different items from sugar, veg. oil, mustard, vinager, pop, cough drops, bandaids, tampons, sandwich and snack bags, foil, saran wrap, trash bags, etc. Thanks Kmart

  22. Kaylee

    When I checked out and after I paid, it didn’t give me my full amount. My total was around $67 and it said I was getting $50. I asked and was told that people were abusing it with multiple orders and orders over $100 so they put the cap at $50 now. I returned my items at that point because this has been going on for a few weeks now and I finally made it in to a store to purchase and nowhere did it state $50. When I did my return, the cashier up there said that her and her husband did the same deal and bought some very expensive tires 2 weeks ago and didn’t have an issue with the cap and that it was new. The lady that was behind me said that her points all disappeared that were over $50 that she had earned a few days ago and that better use my points today. So I dunno:(

    • Sjp

      Customers can’t abuse it if there’s no cap or limit. I read the fine print when I originally did the deal on Tuesday and there was no mention of either. And if there’s a cap, the system wouldn’t allow the points to be added. They are making up new rules. I’m using up all my points tomorrow.

  23. Lisa

    I just wanted to say thank you Collin. These deals have helped my family tremendously get ahead on things that we use all the time. So thank you again!!!

  24. Cheryl

    My son’s birthday is coming up I. A few weeks. He needs a drill. I looked up the price of the drill at Sears/Kmart. And purchased enough items to earn me points towards the drill. I then purchased the drill for free and was able to stock up o. Freezer bags, paper products, etc.

  25. Kathi

    I have done this deal a couple of times. Now there is a cap of $50. We used all of the points on hubby’s new eyeglasses at Sears today πŸ™‚

  26. Jen

    Anybody have any other suggestions as to items to purchase? So far, I’ve heard: paper products (paper plates, plastic utensils, etc), food, tampons, band aids,…what else??

    • Ericat0605

      Juice, coffee, disinfectant spray & wipes, air fresheners, medicine,dish soap, dishwasher tabs, in wash scent boosters, aluminum foil, & plastic wrap are some other items you can get πŸ™‚

      • Jen

        Thanks. Great ideas!

  27. Jen boucher

    Got a flyer at the store outlining this deal right after the new year. I was in need of a new sewing machine, so I knew I would use points quickly. We headed to our local store last week, bought $180 worth of the smart sense toilet paper, paper towels, bottled water, kcups, storage bags and trash bags (6 months supply). Points arrived next day, I ordered my sewing machine, and it arrived yesterday. I thought it was too good to be true, but the transactions all occurred flawlessly, and with some additional SYW coupons, the sewing machine was a good deal too.

  28. Kari

    I did a $50 purchase last night, went back on to do another one this morning. My points were not on my account, and it no longer gave me the full point value back. (Even though I was under the $50 max on this order) Oh well, that is what I get for procrastinating!

    • Miranda

      It took a full 24 hours for the points to show on my account when I purchased in store.

    • Sjp

      Points take 24 hours to appear. You should get them later on today.

    • Sjp

      Promo runs until the 28th. You aren’t too late.

    • Sjp

      One last important thing to note with this promo, NEVER pay with points.

  29. jane

    I just picked up my 5 cases of water. On the invoice, it says that it was substituted with Niagara water. They never informed me via email nor in person when I picked it up. I think I won’t be getting the points. I’m wasting gas going back and forth. What should I do? πŸ™

    • Sjp

      They were trying to help but unfortunately it doesn’t benefit you. I would return instore and buy something else instore. I was unable to buy the 24 packs online as they were out but I was able to buy the 35 packs. So when you return look for the 35 packs if you need water. I also bought juice in store and a bunch of other goodies. It won’t be a waste of time or gas if you shop in store and score a bunch of goodies.

  30. Shiela

    I bought multiple $50 worth of smart sense products on 1/14, picked up 1/15. I checked my points today and it only gave me $50 bonus pay plus some smaller base points. Did anybody had a similar case? If so, did you get all the full points back?

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