Happy Friday: Praising Excellent Customer Service

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Sent from reader, Jill:

I recently purchased an item from Eddie Bauer only to find out the next day there was an even better discount code.

The deals and tips on Hip2Save.com have really empowered me. I know about and have a free Shoprunner account because of Hip2Save. I enjoy the Hip2Save community discussions about being fair/couponing with integrity and the tips about reaching out to companies to say that you like/use their product.

So with that inspiration, I reached out to Eddie Bauer to ask them to give me the difference between the discount I used and the one now available – AND THEY DID! They responded very quickly (a couple of hours) and had already credited my account when they responded. To top it off, I received my package that afternoon – so in 1 day rather than the free 2 day shipping through Shoprunner that I had selected.

Thank you Eddie Bauer for your excellent customer service! I’m raving about you as promised. Thank you Hip2save + community! I tell everyone I know about Hip2Save and even some people in the store that I don’t know!


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  1. Clifton

    If you get great customer service ANYWHERE, please mention it to a manager. It can mean the difference in a team member getting a promotion or not.
    Too often all we hear is the negative experience, spread a little goodness in someone’s life who serves the public.

    • Melissa

      I agree. When I have excellent customer service on the phone I ask for the rep’s name and ask to speak to their supervisor to put in a good word for the customer service rep. I’m sure that both the rep and the supervisor’s jobs are dealing primarily with negative issues. It is only appropriate to give praise that is due and hopefully add some positive moments to their work day.

  2. Alley0010

    Eddie Bauer is a great company who has consistently had great customer service and quality products. Glad to hear of your success and kudos to them!

  3. Ellen

    That’s great, never hurts to send an email requesting a price adjustment!

  4. A

    Good customer service is everything! It’s the reason I will wait two days for most things from Amazon instead of driving to the closest big box. And bad customer service. Well, it colors your whole view of a company. Ask me how I feel about Kohl’s right now, lol!

    • monmabla

      Yeah…. I haven’t been too impressed with Kohls lately either. 🙁 I shop {shopped…} so much there too! I’m on the fence with them plus they just don’t have the sales that they used to have.

    • Laura

      Totally agree! I order online only bc I have 2 babies and going to a store is …. chaotic to say the least. Well my item came in, used! It was clear the box was open, parts were missing, i was so disappointed bc it was a gift for hubby. So I called customer service and it was like they could care less. He said I could go return it to my nearest store. I told him that was 40 minutes away, defeats purpose of ordering online so I asked if they could resend it and send me a packing slip to send this one back. Said no. I could send it back and when they received they would send me another. He didn’t understand that I don’t leave the house. Not even to post office. What a hassle would that be toting around two babies just to send a package back that they SHOULD not have sent. Bottom line, I just kept the damn thing and apologized to hubby it looked like I picked up at a yard sale 🙁

      • Laura

        ^^This experience was with Kohls

        • Alyssa

          I would have called back and spoke with another rep. That’s awful.

      • Allyson

        This happened to me recently with kohls. I ordered shoes and when they arrived it was obvious they had been worn. I had to go to the store to exchange them for new shoes. While at the store, an associate told me local stores are now filling some online orders. I can only assume this will lead to quality control issues.

    • Deb

      I hate amazon. Their customer service is the worst. I have so many stories to tell. None good.

  5. Erika

    I had a similar experience last week with thredup.com. I placed an order before I realized I had a 15% off and free shipping code. I emailed them the next day and they credited me the difference. I was so pleased with the rep that helped me. I already love thredup and now I love them even more!

  6. m

    I had terrible customer service from Eddie Bauer in the past to the point that I won’t shop there any more. Sounds like things have improved. Am glad to hear that others have had positive interactions.

    • Susan

      We had a bad experience with Eddie Bauer customer service just this past November when they sent the wrong product. (We ordered a flashlight and received boots.) At first we were told to keep the $70 boots but they didn’t fit anyone in our household and we just wanted the flashlight. Were told the flashlight would be mailed no charge. When my husband received a refund and we never got the flashlight he called again. Were told we needed to return the boots or we would be charged for them and they would send the flashlight. Returned boots, still no flashlight. Called again and told we would have to reorder flashlight and they could not reissue $10 reward until March. Really!? Well he called back March 1st. We finally got the flashlight 4 months after we placed the initial order! It was such a hassle we probably won’t order from them again. Sorry for my venting. Glad others are getting better service:)

      • Angie

        Susan, what a mess! I don’t blame you for not shopping there again! 4 months?!?! You are a patient person!

      • Deb

        We had a similar situation. We were sent 4 shirts none we could use. They sent the flashlight. But we were told online that we could either keep the shirts or take them back to the store to exchange for something we could use because of the inconvenience. We went to the store, they were going to take the shirts and give us nothing. I told the lady i’d just keep them. I gave them to my grandmorher.

  7. Me

    We were at a Taco Bell one time, somewhere you wouldn’t necessarily expect to get exceptional service but the employee taking our order was so nice and went out of his way to make sure we got what we needed. It’s the best customer service my husband and I have ever had. My hubby doesn’t impress easily so he asked to speak to his manager to praise the employee. The manager gave him a card with a hotline to call and asked him to take a survey. Needless to say he did and made sure to mention the employee by name. Sometimes it makes a huge difference when an employee comes up for a raise or promotion.

    • Erin

      We had an exceptional Taco Bell drive through experience as well!! The “taco man” as my son called him gave my son a free freeze sample and was super nice and courteous. He made our day.

  8. Amy

    Eddie Bauer went above and beyond for me awhile back. I had an older zipup hoodie, and the zipper had started to act up. I went to the store to see if it was just me or if they knew of a place I could go to fix it. They offered a full refund for my 5+ year old hoodie. I was amazed at their level of product service.

  9. Mourrene

    If I get good customer service, I try to complete the surveys that come after the encounter and mention the person by name. I’ve had a kazillion problems with my iPhone–I regret the purchase–but the customer service is always good. The last guy was super patient on a call that lasted nearly two hours. He truly wanted to help me and successfully found a workaround solution. I gave him the best score possible.

  10. Jennifer

    I try to always tell someone in management about a positive experience. Too often anymore we focus only on the negative. I had a great online chat experience Kohls. Multiple days…multiple people and they all helped me fix a mess. I appreciated all of them! Thanks Kohls!!!

  11. Stephanie

    We recently flew with Southwest to Disneyland and it was my daughters first time. I called when we returned to commend them on how awesome the staff was with accommodating us and helping with our crying baby. The lady was so nice on the phone and sent us a package with a copy of my daughters ticket, wings, and a $50 gift card! It was amazing!

  12. Karla

    Please don’t forget to compliment the staff at your favorite stores. I recently made a call to CVS to compliment the store manager who has always been so kind. While I was on the phone, they asked if there was anyone else I was pleased with. I proceeded to name the pharmacists who have gone above and beyond to speak whenever they see me in the store or drive through. The pharmacist was so delighted because they told her about my call. Honestly, I have learned a lot from my daughter who makes it a point to compliment people of all ages, whether it be about their clothing, kids, or even their hairstyles. It’s the little things in life that came make all the difference in someone else’s life.

    • Emily

      Love that, I learn every day from my sweet daughter how great it makes people feel when you give them a sincere compliment!

  13. Marissa

    I have really bad social anxiety, but if someone really strikes a chord with me, I will definitely write an email. I just cross my fingers and hope that it’ll get passed down from the corporate level to the individual store.

    • Kylie

      I have social anxiety also and because of it I am taken advantage of many times in stores.I was in sears and they did not put a sign warning of water on the floor due to leaking.Well I fell on the floor and can you believe not one sears associate came to help me.Thank the stars that customers in the store were so kind and came to my aid.Another incident happened in a store I rarely use,Family Dollar.I went in to find gift tags at christmas.An associate told me to move out of the way so I moved to the side.The associate then screamed awful words to me and told me he would throw me to the ground.Two other people witnessed this and I asked to speak to a manager.The manager believed the associate when he denied everything.The manager and associate then told us if we don’t like the store get out.I called six phone numbers and sent e-mails to corporate.Only 1 person responded,his response was “We are not responsible,they are contracted workers and the manager you spoke to is not a manager.But from your discription I know who you are talking about.” No action was taken.The next day I saw both of them outside the store and they threatened me.Family Dollar and Sears are completely unprofessional and disgraceful.

  14. MARY

    I asked for the reimbursement of 10$ at 6pm.com couple days ago.They did too. I received the money in 2 hours.

    • Steph

      I’ve had fantastic service with 6pm! I bought a rather expensive pair of “final sale” wedding shoes and realized the next day that the heels were too tall for my dress. I called to try and cancel my order (expecting them to say they couldn’t do anything) but instead they told me congratulations on getting married and that the shoes had already shipped but they’d credit my account back anyways. When I asked about returning the pricey shoes they said to keep them or donate them to someone who could use them! Best CS experience I’ve ever had!

  15. Chrissie

    I also had a great experience with Eddie Bauer this past Christmas. I had ordered a gift for my mom and had a 30% discount on the jacket. I received the jacket and a week later they were offering 50% off all items. I called customer service and they adjusted the price and credited my credit card almost an additional $40. Awesome customer service!

  16. Becky

    I did receive a check refund in addition to what I paid from LL Bean. The check was for $24.99 and considering I did return the item they did not have to give me the price difference. Kudos!

    • Lauren

      I love LLBean customer service too! I also really like that they don’t play music while you are waiting for a representative on the phone!

  17. Paisley

    I also agree that Eddie Bauer has exceptional customer service! I am getting ready to place an order ((free shipping this weekend y’all!!)) because of a great experience the last time I placed an order!! ❤

    PS :: also agreed with the gals that said Kohls has horrible customer service!! Have not stepped foot in a store in five years due to a bad experience.

  18. cidadams

    I recently ordered a label maker from Staples to pick up in store that I saw in a post on H2S. I got my order confirmation email and about an hour later a confirmation email that my order had been successfully picked up. I replyed to them that I had not picked it up and would they please please look into it. In no time they emailed me that they had found the mistake that was made and had credited me back 20% for my inconvenience. Wasn’t all that inconvenienced but very satisfied with Customer service!

  19. Raedev

    Guys u have inspired me to really take time and see who is giving me great customer service and mention them. This site has alot of really good hearted people to say the least <3

  20. Nina

    I find that customer service more then often all has to do with luck and getting the Right person at the right time versus the company itself. If you catch the wrong person at the wrong time, I find with ANY business then you’re more then likely screwed. If you find the Right person at the right time then you’ll be alright. There are very few businesses I find that have great customer service 100% of the time, regardless of the business. There are Always a few grumpy seeds that ruin it, unfortunately.

  21. MCouzens

    I LOVE Eddie Bauer! They are one of the few remaining clothing companies who turn out quality clothing at reasonable prices. In my opinion.

  22. Traci

    I require tall clothing so I would likely forgive most anything from Eddie Bauer out of necessity. I’ve always had good experiences- even when an order made it to my local post office but never to my house. It was a clearance purchase so unable to reorder but they did credit me and managed whatever lost package claim with the post office.

  23. Patricia Lavenz-Goff

    My worst customer service was when I called about my dryer. It broke down 3 days after the warranty expired. I didn’t expect a miracle but I thought it was worth a shot right. Well the lady on the phone told me that things weren’t meant to last forever. I was amazed that forever is three years now. I don’t buy new dryers anymore. I get the used ones free on freecycle. I have to pay gas to pick it up but so far the last two I got lasted me 10 years and the other one is still running now for 5 years so I am happy.

  24. twizzdmob

    I process surveys for a software support company. They really can mean the difference in a raise, promotion, etc. If no one complained about the bad eggs, we would unknowingly keep them around. If no one praised the good ones, we wouldn’t reward them! Thanks to everyone who takes the time to provide feedback!

  25. Cheryl

    Von Maur has the absolute BEST customer service. I only shop the sale racks! They have the friendliest employees go above and beyond!!!!!!!!!! I have gotten to a point in my life that customer service is my #1 reason to shop at a particular store.

  26. Proudmommaof6(7thOnTheWay)

    Target has terrible customer service. They did nothing for me when a gift arrived late. I had placed my order with plenty of time but the item that arrived was not the one I had ordered. Customer service was called and the replacement order still did not arrive in time when I specifically told the customer service rep that I needed it to arrive by a specific date. Worst customer service ever!

  27. Edy

    My worst experience was a couple of days ago with Zulily! I saw a banner ad on their webpage that if you order today you get free shipping for next 3 days. So I ordered two separate orders. Next morning I saw some shoes I need so went to place an order, but shipping was charged. Called customer service and the man said ” oh let me remove that as you have 3 days free shipping” Great! 5 seconds later he said” no you do not qualify for free shipping” What??? They pick and choose who they think qualifies and you don’t know until you place an order! What kind of a policy is that????? They only offered to remove the shipping charge on the shoes and would not honor the offer they advertised! I canceled all orders and would not order from them again! When I wrote of my experience on their Facebook page, their response was ” thanks for your feedback “. They simply don’t care!!!!!! Such a shady company!

    • Crissy

      I find Zulily has always went above and beyond with customer service. Maybe it was just a bad apple you were working with. I hate that.

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