Reader Question: How Do YOU Save on Internet Services?

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Check out this question from reader, Mel…

“We are currently having trouble finding a reliable yet affordable internet service and I hoped that other hipsters could help. We do online homeschool and also stream from time to time so we’d love some advice on internet services. Thanks in advance!”

Please share your money-saving tips below!

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  1. Laura

    Live in South Korea. $30 a month for internet and TV. Maybe not everyone can do that though, haha.

  2. doris

    We have internet essential from xfinity…it’s been working really good for us and we pay only $9.95

    • Ns55

      Hi Doris!

      We have Xfinity too and pay more although we have the fastest they provide for residential.. I’m just curious if you could tell me what level you use the internet for. Do you stream? Amazon or Netflix? TIA

      • Norma

        Yes, all that makes a difference. I’m asking the same.

      • kellz

        I had internet essential from Xfinity. You have to qualify, for example, if your child is eligible for free or reduced lunches (I live in Fresno and because our city is very poor in general, ALL 70,000 students qualify for free/reduced lunches no matter how much parents make). However, I ended up canceling and going with a faster speed. My boys would get so frustrated when playing online games with their friends because it was slow. And I felt like it was constantly buffering and cutting out when I was streaming. Maybe others have had a more positive experience though.

      • Casandra

        We have comcast essentials and I believe it’s 10mbps. We stream all the time with no problems. Sometimes on multiple devices and haven’t had any issues!

    • Jenna Law

      What is the speed on that? We were going to do that, but I work from home & we’d be streaming a lot more on multiple devices so I wasn’t sure that would be enough. It ended up being cheaper to just get basic cable & internet package which is $80, with $10 off if signed up for autopay.

  3. Katie

    I have Cox and I make it a point to call in if my price goes up or if I become aware of a competitor pricing being cheaper. If they hear the word “cancel” they are often willing to offer you a better deal.

    • Norma

      I’ve tried that a few times and I haven’t gotten anywhere with it. I’m paying 69.99 for second up from basic.

      • Cherry luva

        Neither has my dad. He’s tried a few times. He pays 100$ for high speed internet, basic cable and because they have a house phone, they cut 10$ off their bill. This is through time warner

        • type1dmom

          Time Warner (at least here in California) recently changed/got bought out by Spectrum and it sucks. Our internet rates were $65/month for 200mbps speeds through a promotion for Time Warner that should have been good for 2 years. But when Spectrum took over they don’t honor Time Warner’s promos and don’t offer any discounts on internet service (only if you bundle their basic cable, internet and home phone -2 of 3 we don’t need and won’t use and the other is too slow). So our cost is fnow $87/month. Spectrum doesn’t offer the speed plan we have but we were grandfathered in. Their plans are either $65 for half the speed we currently have (which is barely fast enough for the amount we use it) or $100 for a 300 mbps speed. IT’s insane and this is our best option in our area. I am not happy.

    • Shannon

      Cox has been terrible for me! They constantly raised our rates and when I tried to cut the cable they charged me a $15 fee just to stop the service even though I still paid for internet. Now I live in a rural area where I have no choices and they force me to pay $25/mth for a land line just to get Internet service. I don’t even have a phone plugged into the jack they make me get. Ok maybe cox wasn’t that bad. Aha.

      • Jen

        Shannon you are so right,mCox is terrible…. I pay $170 and 1/2 my channels don’t come in I pay gor HBO but have never gotten it, every day is different as to what I can get. It takes me an hour for them to trouble shoot and nothing, they raise ur rates every 6 months. Since digital it’s terrible. I switched out 3 boxes, got a different cable, a booster and still crap.

        • Shannon

          Yes I feel your pain! At first I was happy to have cox after at&t screwed us over on rebates that they never gave us but then cox just continually raised rates and still does. They gave us a faulty modem and made us buy a new one because it wasn’t their fault. Ok thanks.

  4. Angela

    I have U-Verse $35 a month. Plenty fast enough for 5 of us streaming at once from time to time.

    • Amanda G

      Same as Angela above.

      • erin

        Does the $35 include the $7 equipment rental charge?

        • Angela

          All I pay is a flat $35 so I guess so. I haven’t paid close attention to the billing details lately.

          • Brittany

            Do you have other services through them? We pay $60 but don’t have any bundles

            • Angela

              No just internet

  5. Jim

    Options will always be limited in most areas, you can go to to search for providers in your area.

    That being said something that many people do if you are in a time warner, now Charter, area is bounce between time warner/ charter and EarthLink if it is in your area. EarthLink uses the time warner network footprint, and you keep all of the same equipment when you bounce between services. You literally only have to make a call to do this and EarthLink will switch you on the same day( assume charter would be same). This allows you to always get the intro rate from each company.

    Satellite is usually a poor choice as they cap your data usage and way overcharge for going over, just like wireless companies. Good luck.

    • Rebecca

      I tried the broadband map link and the page says the last update was in 2014. So not current info. Dang.

    • Bobbie

      At the link it says: “National Broadband Map data is from June 30, 2014 and is no longer being updated.”

  6. Eileen

    I’m grandfathered into a Charter plan that is about$40 a month. Its a slower speed (I think 10 or 12 mps) but enough for two people to be streaming in separate rooms and another to be in the internet. Fastest isn’t always best.

  7. Rios

    We have time Warner Cable, now Spectrum and they went up from $40 to $70. Crazy!

    • Amy

      Same here! Unfortunately we don’t have any many options in the rural area where I live. Wish we did bc I’d switch

  8. Thinn

    I am so glad to see that kind of question because I also want to know it. I line in NH and have to pay $47.99 for 3Mbs download from fairpoints . If somebody live in NH has cheaper internet, please pls pls let me know. Thanks in advance.

  9. Thomas

    Xfinity – Preferred Double Play (TV and Internet) – 120 Mbps max download which has been consistent – Cupertino, CA

    • Thomas

      Whoops – forgot to add the price for both services which is $109.00

  10. pokz

    Keywords–> you cant get everything! and monopoly!… you cant just ask people whats the best ISP so u can sign up with them….its which ISP’s you have in your area offers comcast/xfinity and Verizon FIOS…my parents’ house 10 mins away only offers comcast.

  11. Kris

    Anyone in the Dallas area have a specific recommendation? We will be moving there soon. Thanks

  12. megan

    We have a really great deal on our mobile plan, and unlimited data, so we use our phones for almost everything. In the rare occasion we need to print, do taxes, or actually use the computer, we go to my in-laws. When our Internet cost went up to $80/mo and they wouldn’t lower we cancelled. We are old school and don’t stream a lot, we rent videos from the movie store and our kids play downloaded ipad games that you don’t need WiFi to play. It’s been 3 years now without a home Internet plan and we are all still alive!

    • Karla

      Do you mind sharing who you have your plan through? TIA

  13. Alice

    My husband works for Comcast and although it may be more expensive than other options you do get what you pay for. If you pay for the highest speed internet you are getting a high quality connection and fast speed. It all depends on what is important to you and what is worth your money.

  14. patricia

    We have had centurylink internet since 2006 or so, have been calling them every year for the past several years,when I read somewhere maybe on hip2save that you can negotiate the prices every year. Was paying 20 to 40 last year for 20Mbps special pricing for a few months. Called them when I noticed they had deducted 68$ because our one year deal was over and asked them to credit that amoubt,asked if 40 Mbps was avaikable,asked to waiver the 70$ technician fee,asked for best deal being a long time customer and will be paying 40$ for 40 mbps and the technician said we wont be paying for new modem. He entered in the system that we had a modem ๐Ÿ™‚ even though he gave us a new one.We have netflix,2 smartphones,2 laptops,use maybe up to 2 or 3 at a time.

    • Stephanie

      We have century link too and i love it…we pay $19 for the fastest speed because they keep sending us save $10 coupons and they just add it ontop of each other…the lady said they technically shouldnt but bc i keep getting them it would be considered false advertisement if they didnt honor it!

  15. Ivan

    Only option for us is Timer Warner. Service is good, but they jack up your bill often.

    • katie

      I have time warner. I found going into a store works great. They told me $60 over the phone and it was $37 when i went in to my local time warner store front.

  16. Erin

    My husband and I both have cell phones that we are able to use as wi-fi hotspots. For each phone, we pay $55 a month for unlimited fast speed data from Cricket. We’re able to turn on the wi-fi hotspot feature on our phone and connect our computers, tablet, Wii (for Nextflix) to our phone hot-spots. This way we only pay a phone bill and no internet bill.

    • Brittany

      Whoa… I have cricket too and did not know about this possibility … How do you determine if you can make a hotspot?

    • Craig

      Yes but that route you do have to pay additional $10 per phone to use Cricket hotspot correct? I have a floor plan and it is $10 additional but my lower plan I go over so it would not work on this one LOL

  17. Snowknott

    Mine sucks as toooooo expensive but stuck with it. Charter $65 just for internet!!!!! Crazy!!!

    • Raedev

      Have u told charter u want to switch to another service somewhere else cheaper? I did and now i only pay $55 a month for charter high speed internet. Customer retention ๐Ÿ™‚ = $10 off. atleast for me. It doesnt hurt to try it ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. jen s.

    Only charter spectrum where I live. My internet price just increased though, so I’m not happy. And the days of haggling for lower rates are over, thanks to the monopoly.

  19. Beth

    I’m in the US and I pay $14.99/month for internet through TimeWarner. It works fine for Netflix. We can stream through 2 devices during the day but in the evening it gets clogged, I’m guessing our speed gets impacted by the neighbors’ usage. You can still reliably browse with Netflix running though, just sometimes buffers if two are trying to watch something streaming.

  20. Miranda

    We are in Indiana and pay $40 a month for high speed internet through frontier

  21. Amy

    I live in an apartment complex, and I asked the office I could have the WiFi password. So I pay nothing.

    • Brittany

      Sometimes it pays to ask!

  22. Justin

    I live in Missouri and have mediacom with the ultra high speed plan. I bought my own modem as it saves me each month. I only pay 54.99 a month with a data cap of 1000GB. We stream everything so no cable what so ever. Will never go back to tv.

  23. Sarah

    We have xfinity and pay around $180 for high speed internet and something like 200 cable channels. Thinking of dropping to streaming only, but its almost worth it not to have to deal with Comcast customer service!

    • Sarah

      Try their online chat. I have had pretty successful results with (mostly) pleasant people going that route.

  24. Garfield

    You cannot ask such a generic question. There are many factors to be considered. For example, which are the providers in your area, what type of internet do they offer (dsl, fiber-optic, etc), and most importantly what are you using your internet for. If you use it only to pay bills, read few blogs, check emails, there is no need for the best internet – this is saving right there because you are going with the cheapest tier. However, the more devices you have attached, the more you stream, the more you play online gaming, the faster the internet gets and then you have to choose a provider wisely. For example, not dsl but cable provider. Then there is another thing to consider – how good your wiring is – the crappier (older) – the worse the signal.

    For me personally, our family has a lot of devices, we stream, my child plays games and we have decided that we cannot afford to be cheap on the internet bill. We will be getting rid of DirecTV in a couple of months but all movie/tv alternatives to DirecTV come through streaming. So this means – no cable bill is fine, but internet bill is mandatory.

    Bottom line – tell me you I intended use and your area and I will tell you what’s best for you. I hope all this makes sense.

    Forgot to mention that I know people that use their unlimited cell phone data (thether) to access the internet instead of internet bill. Bit it works for them because they have minimal use.

    • Rebecca

      I agree, this is something you as individual have to research, depending on your area, needs, etc. There is no one solution for cheaper internet for everyone.

    • Craig

      Agree 100%. Thanks for the info on the cell plan. Ive been thinking about abandoning internet at home but im a somewhat heavy user. Mostly streaming, but yeah. ๐Ÿ™

    • Karla

      Do you happen to know which carrier they are using for their unlimited cell phone plans?

  25. Rebecca

    We only have Cox & CenturyLink in our area, and slow CenturyLink at that (like 10mbps). Still, we had it for a few years until we moved a town over & could get Cox. CenturyLink was by far the worst experience, incompetent & horrible customer service. Still trying to charge us for a modem we returned last fall. Everyone I know has had same experience with them. With Cox, we pay $65 (including taxes & fees) for 50mbps & basic cable plus HBO & Starz. We use our own modem. So far, we’re satisfied. We never even use the cable, box isn’t even plugged in lol. It was just the deal we got, cheaper than the internet by itself.

  26. K

    We don’t save on internet. ๐Ÿ™ we have 2 providers in our (rural) area, both satellite and both slow. Instead we use the hot spot from our cellular service. We have 40GB per month and we use all of it every month. Unlimited data is not an option as it would actually be more expensive and they limit your speeds after only 10 or 20 GB. We hope to have mediacom some day. They’ve been adding cable in some rural areas around us, just not our area yet ๐Ÿ™

  27. Gigi

    Once the promotion is over, we cancel and sign up the other person. We just keep doing that every year.

  28. Sarah

    I have Comcast (mostly because that’s pretty much the only thing available in my area), and I get 15mbps (I think) and basic cable (about 15 channels) for a little under $50 a month. It started as a deal with my apartment complex, and they have increased the price twice, but both times I have contacted customer service online and said I was going to need to cancel if I couldn’t keep the same price. The last time, it actually brought the price down a couple dollars. I have also considered switching to unlimited data with my cell phone plan and using my phone as a hotspot and just using that internet, but I need to run the numbers to see if that will really come out better.

  29. Sue

    This is a bummer, just read charter cel is made in 2016, 89 million dollar salary. That is why our cable bills keeps going up. Bill crap

  30. Sue

    Charter CEO that suppose to be

  31. Judy Trac

    MY parent pay mine lol lol

  32. Luv ๐ŸŒบ

    I pay $95 for phone and Internet with Time warner cable (now called Spectrum)in South Texas; that’s including ‘discount’. I called them a couple of days ago to see if my bill can be lowered and they told me that’s the best for the two plans or I can get triple play $29.99 each for phone,Tv, and internet comes to about $115 after tv broadcasting fee, and device fees. How is that cheaper, I don’t need cable service because we have antenna and Netflix & Youtube that works fine for local news, Big Bang theory and Netflix & YouTube on weekend for the kids. I wish I can get something less expensive. ๐ŸŒบ

    • jen s.

      You don’t need the cable company for your phone service, if you’re not in a bundle deal. Switch to Google Voice and save $30/month. I did and it was easier than I thought. Check to see if your landline is able to be used (on google voice website), or just get a new number for free. Then get yourself an obi200 device to attach to your router and main phone… amazon and walmart have it. There is no monthly fee but you should add 911 service for $12/yr. To keep your landline number you need to transfer your number to a wireless carrier first. I used tracfone and it switched over fine to google voice… I was amazed! There is also lots of help on forum.

      • Pat

        I have never had a landline. How much would that cost on top of Google voice? there hasn’t been a landline in my house in 15 years that I know of. I wouldn’t even know who my phone company would be.

        • jen s.

          You can choose a local number through Google voice, free of charge. The obi200 device works directly with google voice, and there is no outside phone line involved, just a telephone and router. Hope that helps, if you want a new land line setup.

  33. Eber

    i pay $24.99 just for internet (no phone or tv) with comcast. i have the performance internet wich gives 25-50Mbps. my trick is: i use my own modem wich takes $10 out from my bill, and i’m enrolled in the autopay with paperless bill (ecobill) wich takes another $5. My home network goes via powerline for ethernet so i can stream in 2 fire sticks 1 ps4 and my pc at the same time with no problem at all. – Chicago, IL.

  34. Beth

    We can only get Comcast and AT&T. We have AT&T lite right now which is SUPER SLOW for $36 a month! For some reason everyone on our street can get Uverse except us and 2 other neighbors. They cannot give us a good reason – just that we can’t get it. Our neighbors that have Comcast pay $70+ a month and have a lot of problems with it. So, for now we either use the hot spots on our phones when it’s too slow b/c everyone is connected at the same time or we use our phones since we have unlimited Youtube and Spotify.

  35. Rhonda

    we used to have Att Uverse but in recent years they charge you the monthly Equipment fee of $6-$7 when before you could buy the equipment outright. After a year or years of this you are leasing older equipment, so that in itself is not worth it to me. Also, ATT bill would also creep up through the year with all taxes and various fees.

    We now use Xfinity and we got our own equipment. We pay a set price monthly, for the 1st year it was 39.99 a month, but now we pay 59.99. No extra fees, the price stays the same. We stream Netflix, and cast tv shows etc regularly. I think we have the lowest speed option which was like the middle level with ATT. When we canceled with ATT they could not offer a better price for the higher speed Xfinity offered. So far we are happy with Xfinity!

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