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Getting Married? Find Out How to Score FREE Wine Glasses, Engraved Key Chain & More

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Wedding 2

If you’re getting married, you likely know that weddings are expensive. However, there are a lot of ways that you can cut wedding costs and still make your special day one to remember – without burying the budget or sacrificing your style. And, did you know that many retailers offer awesome wedding perks?

1.) Register for Perks & Freebies

Target WeddingDid you know that Target, Macy’s, Bed, Bath, & Beyond and even Amazon offer fantastic perks just for creating a registry – including 10-20% off coupons, complimentary gifts and much more!? Check out these top retail & online stores that offer perks and why you should register with them.

As just one idea of the great perks you can receive, Target offers registrants a set of two FREE Keurig Travel Mugs ($48.98 value) if you receive a Keurig brewer from your registry! OR, if you receive $100 worth of Ninja products from your registry, you’ll get a FREE Ninja Express Chopper ($19.99 value)!

At Crate & Barrel, you’ll even receive a complimentary set of their best-selling stemless wine glasses in an embroidered linen bag as a thank you just for registering with them! How awesome is that!?

2.) Sign Up for Wedding Giveaways

Want to win free stuff for your wedding? Emmaline Bride offers some of the best wedding giveaways, with a new one launching almost every day on their wedding blog! They’ve given away beautiful and high quality wedding veils, shoes, purses, bridesmaid gifts, jewelry, groomsmen gifts, flower girl dresses, aisle decor, wedding favors, invitations, bridesmaid robes, and much, much more.

bridal magazines

3.) Score Free Wedding Catalogs & Magazines

If you’re looking for wedding ideas and inspiration, consider scoring discounted wedding magazine subscriptions from sites like Amazon or DiscountMags (use the code HIP2SAVE to save even more).

Also, you can currently hop on over here to request one free issue subscription to Bridal Guide magazine (no strings attached and you’ll never receive a bill), but note that freebies can change at any tie. Plus, consider signing up for free wedding catalogs from the links below…

Key Chain

4.) Get a FREE Personalized Heart Key Chain

If you have a Things Remembered store nearby, you can also score a coupon for a FREE Personalized Heart Key Chain whenever you sign up for their wedding emails – just print and present the coupon in-store. You’ll even get up to $16 worth of personalization (3 words) completely FREE of charge!

A Few More Money-Saving Tips:

Wedding Invites

1.) Make your own announcements & invitations
  • There are a lot of FREE wedding templates available on the web that will allow you to save a bundle without having to compromise on style and quality. With these 490 free wedding templates, you can completely customize your invitations and add your own text with wedding details. On some invitations, you can even change the font style and text color!
  • Don’t have time to create your own invites? You can also purchase inexpensive invites from Wedding Paper Divas (a Shutterfly partner site) as new subscribers can sign up to receive insider discounts, including $20 off your first $100 purchase.
2.) Don’t get married on a Saturday
  • A Friday wedding will save you thousands on the venue and on your weekday rehearsal dinner. Even better, a Sunday or weekday wedding can be up to $4,000 less on location fees, plus food and beverage minimums will be lower.
3.) Find a venue that is free (or accepts donations)
  • Consider a non-traditional venue for your special day, such as a bed & breakfast, a public park, or a beach that is open to the public. There may not be a lot of privacy, but a park with a gorgeous lake or a bed & breakfast with beautiful landscape may be a nice compromise.
  • Call around to see if there is a venue or church where you are getting married that does not charge to use their location. They may ask for a donation in return for using their facility.

wedding dresses

4.) Purchase a Secondhand Wedding Dress… or Rent It
  • Consider purchasing your wedding dress from an online site such as Nearly Newlywed or Tradesy where they help brides to buy and sell back new, sample and used wedding dresses at a fraction of the price. If you plan ahead, you can also rent white designer dresses from Rent the Runway while paying just a fraction of the retail price.
  • You can also head on over to your local thrift store and scout out what options are available.
  • After your wedding, you can often sell your dress to put a little money back in your pocket.
5.) Be your own DJ (or ask a friend)
  • If your venue has a professional sound system built in, consider creating your own playlist and having a friend be in charge of making sure things run smoothly. You may also be able to hire a graduate student musician to play at your ceremony or cocktail hour as they can be booked for much less than the professional DJ’s.


6.) Have a friend be the photographer
  • Consider asking a friend or family member who may have an eye for photography or know how to use a professional camera to take your wedding photos.
  • If you’re hiring a professional photographer, book him/her for half a day instead of a full day and you’ll dramatically reduce the cost of your photography contract.
  • Look on Craigslist for someone who does photography as a side job or may just be starting their photography business as they often will give price breaks.

wedding cake

7.) Order your cake from the grocery store
  • If you know someone who is great at baking, consider asking them to make your cake. An idea would be to create multiple round cakes decorated in white topped with flowers – then place them on different height cake platters. You can also save big by ordering your cake from your local grocery store versus a high-end bakery, or even consider having a cupcake tower instead.
  • If you’re looking to order from a bakery shop, be sure to call around first as many locations offer free cake tastings or will deduct the price of the cake tasting from your cake purchase.
8.) Don’t serve a sit-down meal (think hors d’oeuvres)
  • To cut staffing costs, consider having a buffet. Depending on the caterer, you could save anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000 per 100 guests, and you often get more food for the amount you pay, compared with a plated dinner.

wedding flowers

9.) Use more greenery or even artificial, silk flowers
  • Be sure to buy in-season flowers with larger blooms or use more greenery to fill in space. You can also repurpose ceremony décor and bouquets on the reception tables! If you’re working with a short time-frame, you can also purchase silk flowers at a fraction of the cost that will look just as pretty and will last for years to come.
10.) Use a Credit Card to Pay for Wedding Purchases
  • If you’re traveling for your honeymoon, using a credit card that offers travel rewards to pay for all wedding-related expenses may be a smart move as long as you’re not taking on more debt than you can afford to pay off. Several credit cards offer rewards like free flights, discounted hotel stays and more. According to this article, the best travel credit card for hotels is the Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card from American Express and the best card for airline miles is the Chase Sapphire Preferred.

Tying the Knot? Congratulations! 🥂

Written by Mary for Hip2Save. Mary is a proud mom to 3 kids in Austin, TX, who thrives off running long distance, bargain shopping, warm weather, a yummy latte…and a little Candy Crush from time to time. She loves quality time with family & friends and sharing great deals with others.

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Comments 37

  1. Sarah

    Oh I love this! I am getting married in 2018 and it’s so hard to save on costs, it’s all so expensive!! Thanks for providing some tips on where I can cut costs that I haven’t thought of!

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      Congrats Sarah! Best of luck to you! 🙂

  2. Sue

    Several married friends have said the one place it’s worth investing for a wedding is in the photographer. I’ve heard this from folks who have great wedding pictures and not-so-great ones. All of them said it’s absolutely worth the cost, even if it’s relatively expensive, because photos are one of the only things that last longer than the day itself.

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      Great tip Sue!

    • Melissa

      THIS. As important as people think it is, 10 years from now no one is going to remember what your wedding colors were or what silly centerpieces you had… but those photos will last a lifetime and be something you can hang on your wall, look at in old age, pass down to your family, etc……… don’t scrimp on that one!

  3. S. Kistler

    This came at the perfect time. I am getting married June 2018 and am having a blast with the planning details.

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      Congrats! Happy wedding planning! 😀

    • An Education In Domestication

      I’m. Also a June 2018 bride!!! It’s so exciting!!!!

      • S. Kistler

        Isn’t it exciting? Our date is the 25th

  4. Annalise

    These are great tips!

    I got married last September on a Friday. While the venue and wedding-specific things weren’t cheaper (only $100 or so for our venue…), the rehearsal dinner saved us a ton, being on a Thursday evening! We did a sports bar type restaurant, and they had burgers and fries on special, as well as draft beer! It was something we didn’t think of but I’m sure helped my in-laws a ton.

    Additionally, we got a Discover IT Miles card as soon as we got engaged and charged everything we could wedding-related (and not! — but be careful, a lot of vendors will charge a ~3% transaction fee for credit card fees) on it to save up for our belated honeymoon (which we plan to take next year). We got 1.5 points and Discover will double all the points you earn on the first year, too.

    I did all my own hand-written signs and a lot of DIY. (I am now a bridesmaid in 2 of my bridesmaids’ weddings, and I am writing all of their hand-lettered items, including seating charts and name cards. Don’t be afraid to utilize your bridesmaids or friends for tasks like these to save money!) — Being all DIY can sometimes look/feel cheap. Check out our wedding here… I don’t think it looked too financially-friendly, myself 🙂

    I planned everything myself, but we did have a day-of coordinator (a gift from my now sister-in-law, as she owns the day-of coordination business!). Definitely something to consider. While people think this is an extra fee (can be around a couple thousand dollars), it may be totally worth it in the long run. Coordinators (and planners) can save you a ton of money by doing things for you before, during, and after your wedding day/weekend.

    Finally, try the website Thumbtack! It’s like Angie’s List, but free and I found AMAZING! We got our photographer, hair/makeup stylist, and videographer on it… I had high standards for all three, but by using Thumbtack, they gave us substantial discounts.

    Good luck to all those planning their weddings! It was a blast. 🙂

    • Annalise

      Oh – one last thing! Try and find a Facebook group in your area for wedding-related items. (In the Indianapolis-area, it’s called “Indy Brides on a Budge.”) People are always trying to sell their used wedding items, like decor, clothes, you name it! You can get stuff super cheap off of these sites, and then re-sell what you don’t want. Your planner/coordinator also may have an option to rent items at a discounted rate.

      • Kylee

        BEAUTIFUL, Annalise!!

      • Sandy

        Beautiful photos! Congratulations!

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      Thanks for all the great tips Analise! And congrats!

  5. Cherie

    Question. My nephew and fiancé just registered at target. They were not given any of these offers. Do they come later? By email or something???

  6. Ashley

    DO NOT HAVE A FRIEND TAKE YOUR PHOTOS!! That does not mean you have to go with the most expensive photographer in town to get good pictures… there is a lot that goes into wedding photos than someone who has a “good eye”. The largest part of wedding photography is the post editing. Be frugal everywhere else, except photography!! Set a realistic price range you are ok with and find a professional who is willing to work within your budget.

    • Francie Vitali Duea

      I am a professional photographer and I just cringed when I saw the comment on Photography!! So happy I ready the comments below the article!! Invest in your memories of the day. Thank you so much of all the support and respect for our trade it is a lot hard work and investment to run a photo business. Thanks Lov4Pictures Photography

    • Katrina

      I agree. I had a friend do ours and then she fell off the planet! It took 3 years for me to get our photos. Luckily there were others at our wedding that got some really nice shots.

  7. Lenny ❤️

    Thank you, I’m getting Married this November

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      You are so welcome Lenny! Happy planning!

  8. JA

    You girlies look so pretty! Does anyone know anywhere that buys bridesmaid or flower girl dresses? I’ve tried several times/ways but it seems no one wants them. I guess I can just donate but I would love to recoup a few bucks on them. Especially since we have hardly spoken since we shelled out $$$ on the wedding! (Family drama)

    • Ashley

      Etsy for flower girl dresses. Look online for places that rent bridesmaids dresses. I know a lot of people who have rented bridesmaids dresses and have all had great experiences.

      • Stefanie

        I believe she is looking to sell hers, not buy

  9. Tina

    I spent an ungodly amount on my wedding even with my thrifty side and I would take it back if I could and spend that money on my mortgage instead. These are great tips. I wish I had not gotten so caught up in all of it but it’s hard not to. At the end of the day, I actually think I would have enjoyed my wedding more if we had just done something small and intimate rather than letting everyone else pressure us into a huge weekend long party.

    • Jess

      That was me. I opted for down payment for our first home instead of a wedding. I’m glad I did. Our house has nearly doubled in value and proved a much better investment. Plus, we had already been together for over ten years.

    • HBee

      I agree. I have been married over 20 years, and I don’t even talk to most of the people that were at my wedding- not for bad reasons, but just life changes. Work harder on the marriage, folks, not the wedding!

    • Joy

      I agree too! It seems that people have forgotten that weddings are about the marriage, not the party. As for all the posts about photography, just because you had a friend or cheap photographer take your photos doesn’t make you less married than someone who paid thousands for high quality photos.

  10. candace

    See if there’s any kind of place that gives a discount for multiple things. Not everyone has Hyvee but they do a 10% discount for doing flowers, catering, and the cake so I’m sure there’s other places like that. Their prices were super reasonable. I also did bottles of wine from a winery at each table instead of doing a keg or bar. The more you buy the less per bottle and we put a picture label of us on there too .We also did water and sodas in galvenized metal tubs that looked cute.

  11. Stef

    I have Things remembered keychain, and the quality is great. As a floral designer, I would say that bridal bouquets are way overpriced. Check your local whole foods store, they have incredible flowers. We used to charge $200 for a simple cali lilies bouquet which includes 10-12 calililies and some baby breath, (it costs $10 at whole foods, they sell all sort of flowers) I’m sure you can do it by yourself. There are thousand youtube tutorials.
    Also, I ordered wedding favors directly from China, it takes one month but they were so cheap and well made. I paid less than a dollar for each metallic heart shaped tin. I order tons of things from that website, I love it.
    You can order invitations from shutterfly once they offer 10 free card for example.
    Also, aliexpress sells bridal dresses for great prices. I wish I buy it from there. 🙁 Check reviews, sizes before you order. Hope it helps.

  12. Ekta

    Free shopping bag code for Shutterfly

  13. Jessica G

    This is a little off topic but my daughter will be having her 15th birthday (Quinceanera) November 2018 it’s not as costly as a wedding but it can get expensive. Anyone have any other money saving tips ? Any tips would be greatly appreciated . Thanks

  14. Maddie

    Thank you for the tips Collin there is just about everything on this site.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You are SO welcome! 😉

  15. Melissa

    DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT ASK A FRIEND TO BE THE PHOTOGRAPHER!!! These are priceless memories and it IS NOT worth the risk, trust me! I had a friend assure me up and down that she would photograph my wedding for free as a wedding gift. I was leery because she was an amateur photographer with no weddings under her belt, but I trusted her so I took her up on the offer. Long story short… she totally blew it, didn’t even make it through the ceremony without her camera battery dying. She had no backup battery. No pictures of those precious memories for us. In between the ceremony and the reception, she sent her husband to the store to get a backup battery… and had the nerve to ask me to pay for it! And the reception photos? Not good! We ended up hiring a real photographer about a week after our wedding, just so we could get all dressed up again to have at least a few portraits taken. Luckily, our venue was so, so understanding (they were horrified about the situation… they even had some staff members stand in with digital cameras so we could at least get SOMETHING for pictures), and they let us come back for the portraits. Bottom line, not only did a lose photos, but I lost a friend too over it. A photographer is money well spent in my opinion…

  16. MS

    NEVER discount your photography a la “your cousin’s friend from college who did photos one time when they were in high school”. Do a lot of research and never settle. Make dozens of inquiries. It is worth it. That being said, do not allow yourself to be fleeced! A quality photographer does not have to be expensive. There is always a balance. And believe in negotiation! It works!

    Your photographer will love you if you ask guests to not use their phones at any time throughout the experience. Not only are guests not truly in the moments with you and loved ones, but they interfere with the photographer’s ability to get priceless moments.

    ALWAYS make quality food a priority. As a bride and a guest of other weddings, what do people always remember years later? THE FOOD! Should you choose to offer wine/beer, as it will increase your costs, please do not make guests pay for it. Please. You can justify it all day long but it still never feels nice for your guests. Awkward surprise. Work with your venue to figure out a deal for in-house or outside supply.

    DON’T skip the hair and makeup trial. If possible, have a second one done by someone else. You would be amazed at the difference in each artist’s interpretation of your ideas. Plus, having a backup is important if something goes wrong.

  17. The New Mrs. rowe

    We just went to Vegas….I wore an evening gown and hubby wore a white dinner jacket tux. We both had been married before and felt that it was appropriate…..

  18. zarryajfaf


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