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Have You Purchased Hyland’s Homeopathic Children’s Products? READ THIS!

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Have you purchased Hyland’s homeopathic children’s products?

If you purchased Hyland’s homeopathic products for babies or children between March 8, 2008 and March 30, 2017, you may be entitled to a refund from the Hyland’s class action settlement. This settlement includes several Hyland’s Cold and Cough, Teething, and Earache products; head here to see a complete list!

How to your get money back:

If you purchased covered products between March 8, 2008 and March 30, 2017 and you have a receipt, you can receive a full refund with proof of purchase. If you do not have proof of purchase, you can still file a claim and get a refund of the suggested price for up to two products purchased. Go here to file a claim through June 28th!

What is this lawsuit about?

Hyland’s has been accused of falsely representing that its homeopathic products “provide fast, safe and effective relief from cold and flu symptoms” as Hyland’s homeopathic products contain highly diluted concentrations of the ingredients listed as active ingredients. Hyland’s denies any wrongdoing but has agreed to settle the homeopathic products class action lawsuit to avoid the expense litigation.

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  1. Lisa

    Off topic: did anyone ever receive a refund for the Johnson and Johnson Lavender lotions and bath wash?

  2. emmi

    Thanks for posting this. I used to buy these products when my kids were younger because they had a nighttime cough syrup for kids! Of course that was 2010 and 2012 so I have no receipts…lol

    • rebecca

      but you don’t need a receipt to get suggested purchase price back for 2 products. you can still file for those.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome! You can still file a claim and get a refund of the suggested price for up to two products purchased! Hope this helps!

  3. Raedev

    I’ve bought these and totally think they weren’t worth a dang lol hope i got my $$ back . Thanks again 🙂 I bought the baby & regular kids cough syrup

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome!

  4. Betty

    I can’t in good conscience apply for this because without their teething drops by daughter and would not have survived.

    • Amy

      No kidding! Those are the best.

    • Marie

      I used the teething drops for all of my kids, oldest is 8 youngest are 2 year old twins. The tablets I felt worked great!

    • Nancy

      I love Highlands! I used their products with all seven of my kids with great results. No problems at all!

    • StephB

      I totally agree, Betty! I LOVED the teething tablets when my daughter (now 7) was teething. They worked AMAZING!! I was very disappointed to not be able to find them anywhere with my son. Found another brand that didn’t seem to work as well. Wish they still sold them as I’m pregnant now with my third baby.

      • Sarah

        Try an amber teething necklace. I used tablets with my two oldest, but once I heard about issues with them I looked for alternative remedies and came across the necklaces. Just make sure you get one with real amber.

      • Maryann

        My Daughter is now. Twentytwo. I used yhe teething tablets. And she became very sick. Heart problems. They used belladonna in this. Product. Look it up. I am glad your kids are ok.

    • Heather C

      Amen to that, Betty!

    • Jenni

      Agreed! I used for both kids. No issues. I don’t need to be greedy.

    • Lisa Peek

      Totally agree Betty. I use the cold and cough products for my kids who are too young for cough medicine and they wouldn’t sleep a lot of nights without it due to allergies. I can’t ask for money from this suit when I don’t agree with it.

    • Vivi

      Ditto to everything you said…I used them with my son (also now 7) and they were a lifesaver! I was super bummed to not be able to give them to my 7 month old son who has been “teething” since 3 months. I can’t find anything to help soothe him.

  5. Katie D.

    I loved the teething tablets and so did my friends—I only used half of the recommended dosage though bc the rumors were starting to swirl even when you were still able to buy it

  6. Keila

    My nephew had seizures after his mom gave him one of their teething products. He was rushed to ER via ambulance. I warn everyone I can against their products.

    • Anna

      I was looking for the teething pills for my son. They are no longer sold in the UNited States!! They worked so well with my first and now I’m at a loss about what to buy instead

      • Carmen

        I actually found boxes and boxes of them at our local surplus store! Maybe check around in your town for a surplus store and hopefully they’ll have them. Good luck!! 🙂

    • Happymamma

      Oh poor thing! Sorry to hear about your nephew. Something told me not to try them for my second baby. My older child has Epilepsy and just didn’t know he risks of those tablets. I hope the company reached out to your family about the seriousness of the matter. Hope your nephew is doing better!

  7. Melissa P.

    I have difficulty with this lawsuit because parents use it during teeth which teething itself can cause a spike in temperature which can cause febrile seizures. So how can they say for sure if it was the product or the teething causing seizures?

    • Sarah


    • C

      Teething will never cause a temp high enough to induce a febrile seizure.

      • Melissa P.

        Because it is not necessarily the temp but how quickly it rises that causes seizures, teething can cause febrile seizures. I’ve seen it in patients of mine.

    • Dee

      There’s belladonna in the unregulated, untested tablets. Belladonna is one of the most toxic plants available. It could very well cause the seizures.

  8. Leavesbegintofall

    I would never file nor collect on these. They worked amazingly for us.

  9. Christine

    Love this brand! Starting to feel like natural brands attacked lately… 7th generation, GTS kombucha…
    I will not be filing for any of these. Keep in mind — fraud to falsely file.

    • Christina

      Seventh Generation was bought out by Unilever to capitalize on the good name they developed but they started changing formulas. A lot of good companies who want to do right and use good ingredients have been bought out by the big guys in the past few years.😔

  10. Amber

    I’m so sad to see all of the attacks in natural remedies. Hylands clearly states they are homeopathic. Homeopathic remedies are always diluted and it shows the dilution on the label (60x, 80x etc). If you don’t believe in homeopathic remedies don’t buy them.

    • Happymama

      I’ve been studying homeopathic medicine textbooks lately. One of the main principles of homepathy is the more you dilute it, the stronger/more potent/more effective it gets. Honestly, it makes no sense to me but the textbooks are very clear on that principal.

  11. LS

    I’ve bought several hylands products for my kids. Not sure if they helped them, but I don’t have receipts and I’m not sure I’ll file.

  12. Veronica

    I’ve ised their products in the past and will continue to use them. They have actually worked for me as well as my kids.

  13. Nancy

    I love Hyland’s teething tablets and most of their other product so I just can’t apply for this even though all my kids were born in this time frame which is when I’ve purchased all their products.

  14. Danielle

    I use the ear drops for my children and just purchased more last week and love them! I completely support this brand and will continue to buy this as long as they are available.

  15. Maori

    This is ridiculous– homeopathic remedies are by nature highly diluted. If you don’t believe in them, don’t buy them! I will definitely not file and it upsets me to see these health conscious companies under attack.

    • Emily

      Yes this seems so ridiculous. I can’t in good conscience file a claim from this company.

      • Momof7

        Agree! Fda\ and drug companies want money and that is it! Tylenol should be off the market but…

        • Jess

          You are completely entitled to your opinion but the FDA is the Food and Drug Administration, which is a federal agency. This agency does not make any money from drug sales. Furthermore, drug companies only make money from items they sell. Lastly, Tylenol is safe for those without liver problems in amounts up to 3,000mg daily.

          Homeopathy is not scientifically based. Like Maori said, “If you don’t believe in them…” Homeopathy requires blind belief, much like religion. Science does not require belief because facts are on its side.

          Please, use science and not blind belief.

          • Christina

            Though the agency itself does not make money off drug sales many FDA advisors who have voting approval for drugs have been shown to have conflicts of interest and DO make money from the approval of drugs.

            • Jess

              Fair enough. Perhaps that’s what Momof7 meant.

              I do think it important, however, to point out that scientific studies have shown homeopathic products to contain such small amounts of active ingredients to be completely ineffective. The reason homeopathic products are under fire is not because of FDA advisors wanting more money but because the science shows that homeopathic products are useless.

  16. Miranda

    I actually went out looking for Hyland’s teething tablets TODAY after using a sample that I received from a Walmart baby box. They seemed to help my little one and I couldn’t figure out why no one had them. So funny!

  17. paula

    Their cold and cough medicine is the ONLY one my kids will take without a fuse and it works. We call it the bear medicine. I will not be participating in this suit so hopefully they wont have to file bankruptcy and no longer sell my kids fav,lol.

  18. Wana

    The teething tablets were amazing, they helped my son a lot when he was a baby (now he’s 7).
    The ear ache drops – the best I’ve ever used. I still have them and will recommend to everyone. It saved so many trips to the dr when he complained of ear ache. Even his pediatrician told me to use them at the first sign and see her if the pain continues… but never did :).
    It is clear, someone is bothered by the homeopathic medicine and comes up with all these lies… I will always support and buy Hyland’s products!

  19. Rhoda

    Their products are great! Just my opinion ” I don’t trust the FDA”

  20. SJ

    I LOVE hylands!!! My kiddo had a lip and tongue tie correction procedure at 9 days old…homeopathic meds were all he could have at such a young age!!! Not filing for the settlement…

  21. Stephanie

    I found their products 4 years ago when my youngest was born and I was so glad to find them!!! Finally a homeopathic medicine with so much better ingredients than the regular stuff without it costing too much. No more artificial colors and crazy amounts of sugar added. I have some of their products that we are still using. I will not participate in this since if I had to do it again, I would still buy hylands!

  22. Dee

    Pseudoscience garbage. I bought the ear drops for my daughter once by accident. She cried the rest of our road trip. I was furious when I realized I was essentially putting water drops in her ear.This company is selling snake oil.

    • RZ

      Seriously! It’s disturbing to see how many people these days buy right into this “natural” products hype and reject science entirely. Just because it’s natural doesn’t make it safe or effective- cyanide is natural too, and water is a “chemical”. “If you don’t believe in it, then just don’t buy it!”…lol that’s not how it works. Hyland’s isn’t being targeted by Big Pharma (or whatever the latest bogeyman is)…this lawsuit is solely the result of a company making bogus claims that their products will treat certain things, w/o having any scientific evidence to support those claims. Their teething tablets have been recalled a few times before too, after a dozen children died from taking them.

      I’m glad that Hyland’s is being sued…hopefully someday their products will be discontinued entirely and this will be a lesson to all of these other “homeopathic” brands trying to make $$$ off of naive and gullible parents and people that are skeptical of science. If you’re going to be skeptical, then at least be sure to extend that to all of these pseudoscientific, “natural” food and drug products too.

  23. Lori

    Their earache drops are the BOMB! So, I don’t know what the folks in this lawsuit know that I don’t, but I can attest to the earache remedy being very effective!

    • Momof7

      I agree. Only thing that really helped my daughter with her last bad infection until she could be seen. We use it for allergy earache, too.

  24. Laura

    We love and have all of Highlands little melting tabs!! Tiny cold, nighttime tiny cold tabs, teething tabs, calming tabs… they are all super duper!! My little man loves them!!

  25. faith

    I loved their products And used/use them with my kids!! No complaints here!!

  26. Momof7

    The fda\drug companies can’tmake money off Hylands, and similar companies, products. So they arrive to shut them down. Hylands is a widely popular one, too. It’s really unfortunate how it works out This way. I love Hylands and really wish I had more teething tablets.

  27. Kais mommy

    This is true!! And very sad they have already succeeded at shutting down a lot of natural/ homeopathic companies! It’s a shame because a lot of their products work so effectively!

  28. Brandi

    We love Hylands! I was lucky enough to have a couple of bottles before the recall but were out now and my son still has a few teeth to go.
    Their children’s allergy pills are the best ever! I can’t file, no way.

  29. Georgia

    As a business owner I ask you to reconsider before filing for this class action lawsuit. Did you use Hylands at all? Were you unhappy with results? Or are you looking at it as free money? Good companies are hard to find. These class action lawsuits can eliminate good companies. Rise above the lawsuit bandwagon which makes it so hard to run a business in the USA.

    • Dee

      I bought the ear drops by accident. Unfortunately, it was right on the shelf next to the other over the counter meds. it did nothing to help my daughter’s ear ache. Of course it didn’t! It’s a little bottle of water. You can bet your booty I’m joining the class action lawsuit. Hylands should “rise above” and admit that they are selling a bogus product. That’s why there’s a lawsuit in the first place; they are making unsubstantiated claims about the effectiveness of their products and taking people’s money. I believe in and support businesses, but not ones that lie and deceive.

  30. Jaime

    Thank you for posting these class action notices.

    I wonder if all these people complaining about them have some sort of ulterior motive.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome!

  31. Jamie

    LOVE Hylands… most people complaining seem to not understand homeopathics at all. *insert eye roll here*
    Will NOT be filing for the suit. Hope Hylands survives through this. Looks like there are a lot of other supporters out there as well! 🙂

  32. Rebecca Hilton

    The image you have for the Mucus & Cold Relief I don’t believe is part of the settlement

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks for the heads up! Just updated the image!

  33. Raedev

    I just looked up the definition of homeopathy. It basically says every treatment is catered to the individual. So if hylands is homeopathic, Why are they making one type of medicine for so many individuals when the definition I read said, it’s different for everyone? In just curious since I really don’t know what homeopathy is and I’m genuinely curious. 🙂

  34. Judy Trac

    i threw away my claim number

  35. tina

    Did anyone ever get their money back, I sent these claims in a long time ago and it’s already almost june..never received anything.

  36. Ashley

    I got a check yesterday from this!

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