LEGOLAND: FREE Child Ticket with Adult Ticket Purchase ($107 Value)

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Planning a trip to LEGOLAND?

Through June 30th, 2017 online (or December 31st, 2017 at the ticket booth), LEGOLAND is offering up a FREE Child Ticket (up to $107 value) with a Full-Price Adult Ticket Purchase when you use promo code 169907 at checkout.

Legoland Park HopperThis offer is valid for LEGOLAND in California, Florida or LEGOLAND Discovery Centers and can even be used on Hopper tickets! Head here for more information.

Check out these recent reader comments about LEGOLAND:

We just returned from a trip to Legoland, Fl. We used the B1G1 tickets with no problem. I did have to check out separately for each use. I also had to use three different cards (3 adults/3 kids). We got there before it opened and it was smooth sailing. Head to the back for the roller coasters and driving school. ***Rain policy…Legoland will not refund if it rains BUT they will give free return tickets for up to 2 years. Stop at guest services. (We know this personally since there was a tropical storm and rained for over four hours while we were there! I have more advice if anyone needs it!

We go to Legoland, FL every year. My kids, 5 & 6, love it more than Magic Kingdom!

We were at Legoland CA in early June and it was great! Kids had fun, parents had fun, staff was friendly, not crowded at all, and weather was perfect at around 70-75 F. I had such a bad experience at Disney last year with awful crowds, horrid heat, and crazy parking, but two thumbs up for Legoland! Our 1 year old was free to enter. So we ended up paying an entrance fee of about $217 for 2 adults, 2 kids and a 1 yr old. My advice is get there early, take comfy shoes, take lots of pics, and grab a free Lego magazine for the kids from the Lego “factory”.

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  1. Sara

    Does anyone know the best way to get Legoland year passes? We live close to the one in California.

    • Elen

      I’m not sure if it’s still available but we got our season passes from They were $97 I think per pass. Pass includes the water park and their aquarium.

  2. Maria

    Thank you !! Would love to see an in depth post on lego land tips! There are so many posts about Disney.. lego land seems like a good alternative for a family vacation.

    • Nicole

      Me too! We are going for the first time in July and I would love to hear some reviews and past experiences! 🙂

      • Ashley

        We went in February with three kids (9, 5, and 4). We weren’t impressed- lots of stuff was closed or not working. We watched someone get stuck on a ride for over 15 minutes because the lap bar wouldn’t release. The employees seemed woefully under-trained.

        My husband said he’d rather do Disney in the middle of summer than go back to Lego Land.

        • Kristy

          Some family friends of ours went last week and they said the same thing. Lots of rides not working, very under staffed. When they complained they were offered tickets to come back another day but it was the last day of their trip. They said the water park was ok but still lots of rides not working. For $100 per adult, It didn’t sound like it was worth the frustration.

      • karen

        We went in january. It was not too crowded. We went one day and stayed overnight at the legoland hotel. We wish we would have done 2 days at legoland. I have a 5 and 2 year old. They both really enjoyed it. 2 year old loved the little kid area because she could so everything. She was upset when she couldn’t ride things with her big brother. Take a stroller because your little ones will have tired legs. Definetly eat the apple fries near the carousel. We had to go back for seconds.

      • MommySpendsLess

        Florida resident – we live about 25 minutes from Disney, about 40 min from Legoland. We’ve had annual passes to Disney several times and I just chaperoned a field trip to Legoland. To me they’re completely different experiences. Disney can be awful if you go when it’s hot and crowded and parking/trams/monorails can make it seem like a production but the theming, magic and customer service make it a special event. By comparison Legoland felt like a themed carnival. The rides – at least the ones we went on – were basic. Several rides were down at least part of the day. The customer service was about equal to Walmart’s. There were actual carnival style games all over and one of the attendents started trying to negotiate with me like at an actual carnival. The plus is that there was nearly no wait for anything and the food and souvineers are reasonably priced for a theme park. I would go again with my daughter, just to experience it without a group and check out some of the things we missed but as a local activity (like a trip to thr park or thr zoo) not a countdown the days experience. All the kids 7-8yo) hated the driving school – the cars barely crept along and it was the one event with a bit of a wait. The apple fries are pretty good and kids in my group liked trading the mini figures. The indoor shooting ride was pretty fun too.

      • Tracey

        Me and my 6 year old son went to the FL one last summer for a mommy and son day, and we both had a blast! He enjoyed the rides and I loved watching him drive around in one of those lego cars! That was my favorite part. Watching him obey all the stop signs in all as the other kids were just zippin by! It was too cute! I think I found a Groupon deal that was at $65 per ticket and that included the Lego park and water park.

    • Firegirl202

      We went to Lego land in Florida in February. It was a good time to go not crowded at all. I was not impressed with it either as others have commented. I would say 5,6,7 years old it is perfect for. Kids older and younger would get bored easily. There is little kid sections but not enough to spend a day doing. And the older children would probably get bored of the rides. They aren’t very thrilling. There is a couple 3D and 4D rides that are interesting. The water show was the best part of it. I would definitely recommend watching the shows. Overall I wasn’t that impressed and would never pay full price for a ticket.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome Maria! Thanks for the suggestion! I will pass that along to the team! 😉

    • Edyie Slone

      Taking our 5 and 7 year old girls to Legoland next week in Florida. Will we be able to use the BOGO promo code at the ticket gate there?

  3. Rose

    Do You have to use different payment or can u just make seperate transactions with same payment method?

  4. Tarise Brown

    Hi, is there an expiration on the promo code???0

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      It is valid through June 30th, 2017 online or December 31st, 2017 at the ticket booth. 🙂

      • Laura

        Just used today 11/3/17 and it’s still valid online!

  5. Sarah

    You can always get this free child coupon on their magazine.

  6. Martha

    Anybody been to the one in Kansas City? Planning a trip there in a few weeks.

    • Shannon

      I have been there in the winter. It was pretty good and not too crowded. We went in the afternoon to avoid crowds. My kids had fun. The parking garage is insane. We had a stroller and could not find the elevator.

  7. Rachael

    My family went to Legoland, California in December and had a blast! My boys are 7 and 4 and it was perfect for them. They could ride almost every ride and they have lots of building/playground areas. We stayed at the Legoland Hotel. The rooms are themed, we had a Pirate room. When you check in they give you clues for a scavenger hunt to unlock the safe in your room that is filled with candy coins and Legos for the kids to take home. The lobby has play areas. Everything was geared for kids! We went to Disneyland last year, and all of us had more fun at Legoland and it was so much cheaper!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      How fun! Thanks so much for sharing your experience Rachael!

  8. angela

    Hi, I’m just looking for some advice. We are going to Disney in August and I have a 13, 11, and 9 year old. Will my 13 year old enjoy this? Or is that based more for younger kids?

    • Raedev

      Go u won’t regret it. It was my favorite part of our vacation last yr. Atleast I hope u don’t regret it. I think your kid will have fun. I had fun and I’m 28. Lol

  9. Raedev

    Lego land rocks! I loved the mini fig trading. Most people just gave my kids the mini figs on their name badges . We got like 4 or 5 that day. Lego chima ride was awesome where u squirt your opponents I was laughing so hard. 😛

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Awesome to hear that! Thanks for the feedback!

  10. Le

    Would love to see a post about saving money at Lego land!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks for the feedback! I will definitely pass this along to the team!

    • kayti

      Bring your own food. It’s expensive there even in comparison to Disney World. We spent almost double just trying to buy off of their cheaper menu than we did at Disney.

      • Jamie

        Legoland California doesn’t allow you to bring your own food into the park, except for special diets

  11. Ty

    If I buy this then do we have to go to Legoland this year or how long would it be good for?

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Hi there! As you go through the purchase process, you will be able to select the date you would like to visit. Hope this helps!

  12. Nicole

    Do we have to print the page out to use it at the ticket booth or will they just automatically apply it to our purchase?

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You can use the discount code online or at the ticket booth. You can always print out or bookmark the offer page on your mobile device to have something in hand to show them. Hope this helps!

  13. Corina T

    We love legoland , I renewed my merlin passes again this year , when you renew 4 passes you get a free stay at the hotel 👌🏻
    We go at least twice a month it’s like 35 min drive from home

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Sweet! Sounds like a ton of fun! Thanks for sharing!

  14. sfl87

    Well im waiting to park so far for 40 mins. Disney would have moved these cars in mins. Hope its worth it on the inside my son is a big lego fan. If your a Florida teachers you can get a free annual pass.

  15. Nichole

    Kroger has buy one get one free for LEGOLAND Discovery Center Michigan
    It’s somewhere between $18.50 and $24 Value I believe.

  16. Adriann Barrett

    Costco Also has $110 A year passfor Universal Studios

  17. Dawn

    We took in a day at lego land while also doing Disneyland and a beach day. This was by far the most boring and not “fun” day after the Disney atmosphere and fast passes. Kids ranging from 5-14 and they only liked the city creations (which were weathered and some broken) and the Star Wars section where they could play with Legos (and they can freakin do that at home!) 2 unimpressive roller coasters had 1.5 hours wait time EACH , and these were in boring chained lines that wrapped around each other! We won’t do legoland again! Do the San Diego zoo or universal studios if you want another venue to visit!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Oh bummer! Sorry to hear about that! Thanks so much for sharing your experience!

  18. Indhu

    We went couple of years back and my kids enjoyed , we are going again this summer so any tips on saving would help

  19. Angela

    Has anyone been to the one in dallas texas

    • kanna

      Yes! It’s good..but not as big as others. Try to go when the outdoor area is open- then i think it would really be worth it!

  20. BEustace

    The LegoLand Discovery Center in Plymouth Meeting, PA isn’t listed. 🙁 Bummer. Possibly bc they just opened a couple weeks ago. It would’ve been a nice treat.

  21. Le

    We went last May to the one in California. It seemed to be a pretty good time. It wasn’t super hot. We would have love to spend one more day there. Our little people were a little too young, but it was still ok. Our little guys were 2 and 4. I think 5 is a great age for the rides. Our little guy was just like an inch or two too short. the crowds are better than Disneylands craziness.

    • carol

      Went last year my son was 2, didnt really enjoy it. Legoland would be perfect for 5 year olds.

  22. Deal Dawg

    My family went last fall. Perfect time to go with cooler wx and no crowds. My kids, 11 & 5, had a blast! We skip Disney.

  23. Tina

    My husband and I are empty nesters. I’ve been told that Legoland will not let adults in without kids. Is this true? We’ve been there when my kids were small, but haven’t been back in years. I would like to go, but we no longer have little ones and no grandchildren yet.

    • KK

      LegoLand Discovery Centers host Adult-Only Nights in my area! I suggest to call and inquire. HTH!

  24. Dam

    Just got back from legoland ca. My kids love this Park,6,4,2, they prefer it to Disney. My kids like to do all the play areas which they would be able to do at a regular park but they also do ninjago ride and 4 other rides and by 6 it’s time to go which is good for the drive back. You can go to the aquarium which has some interactive things and the water park is perfect for the little

  25. Kelly Thomas

    I do not see the promo code to enter the code. I got all the way to the credit card point and pay now. Does anyone have a screenshot box to enter the code? What am I missing?

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      When in your “cart”, head to the top tabs and click on “Promotional Code”, and a small box will pop up for you to enter the code. Hope this helps!

  26. Suzanne H

    We went to Legoland, FL in September last year. We all loved it; even the adults! We had 2 kids and 3 adults so I used 2 of the B1G1 for 2 adults and 2 kids then bought the last adult ticket through Costco (SO much cheaper). No one could believe the great deal we got on admission!

  27. Kiki

    Too bad the Arizona location is unable to use this promotion.

  28. Mimoza dimodugno

    Can you show them this coupon to the ticket booth? I am looking to use it online and it says sold out. Thanks

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Hmm, I am still finding it to be valid as I click through. Here are the details: “Coupon can be redeemed at any LEGOLAND® ticket booth until 12/31/2017, or online on the following pages until 6/30/2017” Hope this helps!

  29. Shekira

    Hi i was womdering do the promo deal work even on a holiday such as the 4th of july? I also noticed the park closing later at 9, do they offer a special firework show or something?

  30. Jacqueline

    Do I have to print my tickets or I can show to them on my phone?

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You may want to call your location to see if they will honor it on your phone.

  31. Catherine

    I already buy the tickets, but no email confirmation to print tickets, please let me know what can I do, my kids wait to go this weekend. Thank you

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Hi there! Be sure to check the other folders of your email! Hope this helps!

  32. Laura Humphrey

    have hopper coupon for Kids get in free with adult purchase, says one free-one day child hopper, i didnt notice a one day only ticket, they say one day-second day free. for the adult ticket
    …am i allowed to use the coupon and receive the second day free for the kid tickets ?

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Hmm, maybe call your local park to see how they might honor that. Hope this helps!

  33. lorena montenegro

    i cannot see where you enter the coupon code online. Can anyone help? i am trying to purchase for Park/Waterpark combo at Legoland Florida. Are there specific packages that it applied to only? I only see the options to go to enter my credit card. Thanks!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Hi there! Here is how I found where to enter the promo code – When in your “cart”, head to the top tabs and click on “Promotional Code”, and a small box will pop up for you to enter the code. Hoping this helps!

  34. Jen

    Went last year in July to the California one it’s was great! Groupon had a free kids ticket deal. Free parking they allowed us to bring in our own water which save us like $20+ because waters like $6 per bottle or was busy but not to crazy going again this year and going to do the water park as well

  35. Valerie

    We are planning on going on January of 2018, any news of a coupon for then?

  36. Bridget

    Just found this link to 1-DAY LEGOLAND FLORIDA ADMISSION – KIDS GO FREE! for $73

    Has anyone used it? We have 2 adults, 5yr old and a 2yr old….

    Any other tips or suggestions? Looking for hotel recommendations too:)


    • Wen

      Do you know if the Kids go free deals include the waterpark or only park option?

  37. Melissa

    Are there any specials/deals/promo codes right now?? We are looking to go jan12-15 or Jan 19-21 for my daughters bday but I’d realy like to find a deal!!Thanks!

  38. Aysegul ike

    Hi, I have this coupon good they August 2018 and wish to use it. Legoland adult 1 day ticket on website says “2nd day is free” and coupon says 1 adult ticket gets you 1 child for free. Then, will the child ticket get 2nd day free, too? Any ideas where to seek confirmation?

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