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Family Finder DNA Ancestry Test Only $56 (Regularly $79)

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Interested in your Ancestry?

Head over to Groupon where you can score this Family Finder DNA Ancestry Test from Family Tree DNA for just $56 (regularly $79) – limit 4 per person and may buy 5 additional as gifts. This test provides advanced interactive tools to help find your DNA matches, trace your lineage through time, and determine family connections.

The following tools are included:
  • myOrigins – a visual mapping tool that provides a detailed ethnic and geographic breakdown of where your ancestors came from
  • ancientOrigins – a feature that maps your deep ancestral origins and migrations, and shows your DNA relation to various ancient European migratory groups
  • Family Matching – an advanced feature that enables users to sort confirmed DNA matches by maternal and paternal lines
  • Chromosome Browser – robust tool for comparing matching segments of DNA (blocks) with your genetic matches

Please note – once you have purchased your Groupon, you will redeem it on the Family Tree DNA site. In addition, you will need to pay $12.95 for shipping which covers shipment of kit from merchant and shipping back to merchant and an additional $1 promotional fee.

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Comments 49

  1. Coco

    Has anyone done this? I so wonder about the accuracy… Unbelievable what ‘can’ be discovered through saliva. I’m a bit skeptical, but it may be that I don’t have a scientific background.

    • Laura

      I have read mixed reviews on this. One post I read, someone sent the same DNA but under different names at different times and received different results. I personally won’t be taking advantage of this offer

      • Ihearthip

        I did it and don’t regret. It actually got me in touch with a 2nd cousin.

    • kylee

      We werent impressed

    • Katie

      The problem with services like this is they’re “fun” – they’re not cleared by the FDA, so there’s no pressure on the companies to be accurate. And they’re not doing gold standard DNA analysis, because that’s expensive. They’re doing quick and dirty stuff, which is why Laura’s heard of people getting different results from the same person – if something’s borderline, the tech just calls it as whatever and moves on. If you’re interested in your DNA, go to your doctor and ask for a Carrier Screening. It’s about $100 without insurance if you work with most of the companies, and it tells you what disorders you are a carrier for. Especially helpful if you’re interested in children in the future (or grandchildren!). My husband carries a gene for dwarfism and I carry a mild form of muscular dystrophy 🙂

    • John

      I’m not so much worried about accuracy, as I am privacy issues.

    • Courtney

      I did it through Ancestry and it was through saliva and my half brother (who found me through the test) came up as my number #1 match. Another person came up as possible 2-3rd cousin and I reached out to them. Their granddad and my granddad were brothers! I have never used this company though.

  2. Jsturner1

    I was wondering if this is as good as ancestry.coms version. Amy thoughts?

    • AG

      I don’t know if we’re allowed to post links here but if you Google there are several comparison articles between the different companies you can read. Hope that helps. 🙂

      • Jsturner1

        Thank you!

    • Shannon

      I initially did my DNA test through Ancestry and uploaded the results on Family Tree DNA for only $19. The findings were almost the same on each except Family Tree DNA showed 18% Eastern European and Ancestry showed less than 1% for the same. I want to say Ancestry is more accurate according to my family tree findings, but I have found distant relatives overseas on Family Tree DNA.

  3. Colleen

    So funny story. A few years ago I wanted to do a DNA test like this to determine my ethnic background. I was adopted as a child so I am not sure of my background. I am a Caucasian, extremely pale-skinned, blue eyed female. I did the swab test, sent it in, got the results, and it said I was 98% Thai. I am a little skeptical to say the least.

    • Karen

      Which company did you use? I’ve been wanting to do this but I’m skeptical…

      • Colleen

        I looked back through my Living Social history – I purchased the deal in 2011 – it was for “ConnectMyDNA.”

        • Monika

          I did the same “connect your DNA” deal and was also disappointed. It came back saying I was from sub-Sahara Africa despite being Scandinavian for many many generations. Something about the mitochondrial DNA or something like that.

    • Jessi

      Hahaha! That’s a fantastic story!

  4. Jeanette

    My coworker found her adopted sister through something like this. I thought that was pretty cool.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      How neat! Thanks for sharing Jeanette!

  5. Valerie L

    I just did this through AncestryDNA and it was pretty accurate, my mom was linked as a parent, a cousin was linked as first cousins and then a few distant cousins were also linked.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Awesome! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  6. Kelly

    I did the Ancestry DNA kit a few years ago and loved it ! So cool ! My uncle had tested my grandparents and they actually show up in my matches as well as a couple cousins that have taken the test . They can’t deny me ! We always thought my grandfather on my other side was more Irish and turns out not really because I was only 2 percent Irish 🍀 so St. Pats is not so exciting anymore 😂 . I’m , Eastern European , Norwegian , Armenian and so much more ! Breaks down percents ! My grandpa that was tested always thought he was German but turns out Norwegian. . I asked for the kit for my birthday . They are expensive but so much fun to find out where your roots come from 🌎

    • Morna

      Well, everybody is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!

      • Christine

        So true! I’m African-American but I’m Irish on St. Patty’s Day! I’m also Mexican on Cinco De Mayo! 🙂

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      So cool! Thanks for sharing Kelly!

  7. Joy

    All of these sites are probably good. I don’t have personal experience with the site above.

    I know that this is a really good company. Legitimate. Having said that, I haven’t had my results done with them before. I did 23&me and was happy. They are mostly general results such as you are this much Irish, etc. But it’s also good to have your DNA findings for health purposes. I paid extra to have them put into raw numbers to show my specialist. That was helpful.

    Here’s another good family history site:

  8. Holly

    Check out Genes for Good on Facebook, it’s through the University of Michigan. If you fill out your history and daily routine for like 2 weeks they will send you a spit test and give you your DNA results for free. I did it, it takes about 12 weeks to get your results but pretty neat

  9. Caution

    Word of caution, there’s a 48 hours story on their website right now about a man being wrongly accused of a crime because his father’s DNA was similar to that at a crime scene and the police found it through an database. The police assumed the dad’s family members somehow were connected to the crime and it took weeks or months to clear the son’s name through crime lab DNA testing. Just be aware this DNA info goes into a public database.

    • So?

      As a victim of an unsolved crime, I look to this as hope. Maybe one day something will turn up to give me closure. If people have nothing to hide, what’s the harm?

    • John

      Privacy is a HUGE concern with these DNA research services. It just seems odd that people are so willing to share this much information about themselves and their family with absolutely no knowledge of what will be done with it – particularly in the future.

  10. Heartmade crafts

    Just an fyi…

    Law enforcement is able to get these tests …DNA results and use them even in a familial match. This is with a warrant, of course…but I thought this was interesting. ANd…they aren’t that accurate so could be inadvertently pointing in the wrong family direction.
    I’M sure there’s more online regarding this.

    • visitor3

      Agreed. If it’s just for curiosity or fun, pass. If there is a medical or legal need to know, go with a reputable scientific private vendor only.

  11. Dana

    I just did 23andme and highly recommend it. I did a lot of research beforehand and all the other companies such as this one weren’t recommended because of accuracy concerns

  12. Wendi Nickel

    I did mine thru Very happy. I knew I was Irish (25%), but didn’t know until I took the test that I was more eastern European (28%). I was always told we were Cherokee decedents, but not a trace was found. Wondering where my family got their dark hair and very dark brown eyes from. I may never know.

    You can also upload your DNA raw data to It only costs $5.00. It will tell you your genetic markers for your health. It even told me I was highly likely to be lactose interolant and I am….Wow

    • Dee

      My fiance was also told there was no Native American in his DNA but that’s one he knew for sure, being fairly close (as in, not back many generations). When I contacted them and expressed disappointment they basically said “oh well” and told me that it’s going to “get more accurate as more people are added to the database”.

  13. Emily

    I know someone who was connected to a daughter she had placed for adoption about 60 years earlier through a DNA test with either ancestry or family search. So neat!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Oh awesome! Thanks for sharing Emily!

  14. Dee

    I got the ancestry dna kit for my fiance for his birthday and we were really disappointed in it. They supposedly tell you “what you are” and it was so ridiculously generic. Plus, there were things he KNEW because we could trace it back and they claimed he wasn’t. Big waste of money. I even contacted ancestry and they were basically like “oh well”.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Bummer! Sorry to hear about that 🙁

    • JODI P

      DNA is kind of confusing because while you’re supposed to get half of your DNA from each parent, you don’t get your parents’ identical DNA from each. If your father is 100% Irish (unlikely but just for example), and your mother is 75% Asian and 25% Native American, your own DNA could be 50% Irish (the half from your dad) and 50% Native American but no Asian at all. Half your DNA is from your mother, but you didn’t get her Asian DNA at all.

      There was a case in NY where a mother applied for welfare for her four kids, but the state charged her with fraud because none of her children had any of her DNA at all. It wasn’t until she had another baby, and a social worker was IN THE DELIVERY room when it happened and a blood test was taken IMMEDIATELY, which showed NO DNA from that mother, that they dropped the charges. Incredibly rare, but none of her kids had any of her DNA.

      • dealgirl

        That’s very interesting. Thanks for sharing, Jodi.

      • Elizabeth

        Well this explains a lot!

  15. JL

    One thing to remember when doing an ancestry kit, is if a region is “missing,” that may just mean it wasn’t passed to you. Your siblings might have gotten it, but you may not have. My great-grandmother was full-blooded Indian, but I don’t have any Indian in my DNA. However, my sister got 9% American Indian. So it doesn’t mean it’s not accurate, it means you had different genes passed down to you.

  16. Yevette

    I did the 23&me and I was very happy with my results and also very accurate. I got an email just the other day that they just got cleared by the FDA.

  17. Ami

    For a longtime I thought this would be a fun experience but I don’t know if I want my DNA out there like that. If I have any relatives I haven’t already met, I survived this long without them and I’ve done just fine. I have several second and third cousins who I didn’t even know about who have immigrated here in recent years and found me on FB through other relatives. My background is Lebanese, Armenian, Cuban and Spaniard and I can trace most of my family back several generations.. not as much the newer generation. I think I like my privacy. Now.. if I could go on that “who do you think you are show?”… that’s another story. 🙂

  18. Tony

    Does anyone know if I can use this to know for sure that I am truly the father?

    • Kelly


  19. gkeller

    I recommend the DNA. I thought it was more than worthwhile. I’ve also been doing some family tree business and that helped confirm some ancestors. Ancestry also has a number of videos about DNA and how it works that are fascinating and easy to understand on their site and on youtube.

  20. Nell

    I also had no Native American show up in my test, although I know I have this heritage. Remember that we each get 50% of each parent’s DNA…things will get lost… It does not mean the tests are inaccurate. 🙂

  21. Kathleen

    I used the 23andme service and am very happy. I got my raw data, which I plugged into various websites/services to get my health & genetic predispositions.

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