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Shop & Save BIG at Bed Bath & Beyond with these Money-Saving Secrets

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[Updated January 25th, 2019.] If you’re buying a new home, getting married, or sending your child off to college, it’s likely you’ll be making several trips to your local Bed Bath & Beyond store to purchase bath towels, kitchen items, home decor, and more.

BUT did you know that there are lots of other ways to save besides the infamous blue and white mailer Bed Bath & Beyond coupons? Check out these money-saving secrets to save BIG…

1. Know where to find store coupons.

17 bed bath beyond money saving secrets - a 20% off coupon

There are actually quite a few ways to get those coveted blue and white Bed Bath & Beyond coupons. Where can you find them OR simply get more of these money-saving certificates? Here’s how:

  • Sign Up for Email Newsletters: When you sign up for the Bed Bath & Beyond email newsletter, you’ll receive an in-store coupon within 24 hours for 20% off ANY single item.
  • Sign Up for College Emails: Whenever you sign up for college emails, you’ll instantly get a welcome email with a coupon valid for 20% off your entire purchase (in-store and online) plus free standard shipping whenever you use your .edu email address.
  • Sign Up for Movers Emails: Whenever you sign up for ‘Your Move’, you’ll instantly receive a 20% off your entire purchase coupon, valid in-store OR online!
  • Get Mobile Offers: Head on over here and sign up for mobile offers and you’ll also receive a coupon within 24 hours for 20% off ANY one item, valid in-store OR online.
  • Request Direct Mail: Go here and sign up to receive direct mail coupons and promotions from Bed Bath & Beyond, and you’ll get a 20% off ANY item in-store coupon in your mailbox!
  • Check Your Magazines: You can often find 20% off a single item coupon in various magazines, such as Better Homes and Garden, Real Simple, Seventeen, and more.

2. Don’t throw coupon mailers away!

17 bed bath beyond money saving secrets - 20% off coupon mailer

Although Bed Bath & Beyond coupons have a printed expiration date, these coupons never really expire, and most stores will accept them beyond the expiration date as a courtesy to you. Still, you’ll want to glance at your coupons as some will be reduced to only 10% off after the expiration date.

When redeeming, the best part is that there’s no need to split up your transactions as most stores will allow you to use multiple store coupons per transaction, with a limit of one coupon per item.

That means if you’re buying three items, you can use three 20% off ANY single item coupons (or other applicable coupons) as long as they apply to each purchase. Plus, you can even use these coupons on clearance merchandise, sale items, and occasionally on brands listed in the exclusions as many cashiers do not read the fine print. You cannot use coupons on diapers wipes, formula, or baby food.

3. Forget your coupons? No worries!

17 bed bath beyond money saving secrets - a shopping bag outside of the storefront

If you’ve ever made a purchase but forgot to bring your Bed Bath & Beyond coupons with you, don’t fret because Bed Bath & Beyond will offer a coupon adjustment! Just bring your receipt and coupon into the store within 14 days after your purchase and they’ll give you a refund of the coupon amount.

Keep in mind that if an item was on sale when you purchased it without the coupon, but then is no longer on sale when you bring in the coupon, you’ll only get the discount on the current price.

4. Price match your purchases.

17 bed bath beyond money saving secrets - dish sets on display in the store

Bed Bath & Beyond has a great Price Match Guarantee and even accepts unexpired competitor’s coupons for products also available at those competitors. They will price match any retailer who sells products in both retail stores and online under the same name, as well as Amazon.

When shopping with a Bed Bath & Beyond store coupon (while also looking for a price match), note that they’ll only apply the price match OR the coupon – whichever provides the best discount. According to their price match policy, you may use a manufacturer’s coupon together with a price match.

A handy way to compare prices OR to see if you should ask for a price match instead of using a coupon is to scan products using Amazon’s App. While shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond, just scan the product barcode by clicking on the camera icon within Amazon’s App to see their current selling price.

5. Don’t skip past the health & beauty aisles.

17 bed bath beyond money saving secrets - health and beauty aisles

If your store has a Harmon Face Values department with aisles and aisles of beauty, personal care, and household items, you can actually score some great deals there! Each month, you’ll find a Harmon Savings Booklet at the front of the store or in a basket by the department and it’s filled with coupons.

Even better, be sure to check the endcaps in this department as you may find clearance baskets –AND you can use these coupons on clearance items! However, note that the Harmon coupons cannot be stacked with a Bed, Bath & Beyond store coupon or manufacturer’s coupons.

17 bed bath beyond money saving secrets - savings flyer

Hip Tip: Sign up for the Harmon Face Values email newsletter and you’ll receive a $5 off $20 in-store coupon, valid at Harmon Face Values stores or in the Harmon departments inside Bed Bath & Beyond stores. You’ll receive the coupon in your inbox within 24 hours.

6. Stack the Savings!

17 bed bath beyond money saving secrets - coupon stack

In addition to price matching, you CAN stack unexpired manufacturer’s coupons with Bed Bath & Beyond store coupons! The manufacturer’s coupons must be used for the exact item stated, and you can only use one manufacturer’s coupon for each item purchased.

And, you can even earn cash back by purchasing select items at Bed Bath & Beyond with the Ibotta App! Since Bed Bath & Beyond has a Health & Beauty Department, you can surprisingly score great deals on personal care products, skin care, cosmetics, and more by stacking coupons and rebates!

7. Shop the clearance sections on Monday.

17 bed bath beyond money saving secrets - shop clearance sections

Rumor has it that Bed Bath & Beyond restocks its clearance sections over the weekend, making Monday or Tuesday a prime day to shop those markdowns with your coupons in tow.

The clearance shelves are usually located in the center aisles, at the back of the store, or right as you enter and are marked with yellow stickers. However, be sure to check the end caps facing the outer perimeter of the store (furthest away from the main walkway) for overstock and more clearance.

8. Organize coupons on your phone.

17 bed bath beyond money saving secrets - collin deals on her mobile phone

My Offers is an easy way to organize your paper, email, and text offers into one virtual wallet so you can access and redeem your coupons on the go – in stores and online! My Offers simply links your coupons to your email address, giving you a fast and reliable cloud source for all of your coupons.

To use your offers in-store, simply pull up My Offers by going here on your mobile device or downloading the Bed Bath & Beyond app for iOS or Android. Tap the coupon you would like to use and present the barcode to the cashier at checkout. Easy peasy!

By signing up for My Offers, you’ll be able to add paper coupons for online use by entering the 8 digit MO code OR scanning the barcode found on your coupon. However, please note that if you upload a coupon into your My Offers account, it will not be accessible after the expiration date.

*NOTE: My Offers is shared between Bed Bath & Beyond and buybuy BABY. However, Bed Bath & Beyond and buybuy BABY online and mobile coupons cannot be applied across sites. BUT, the Bed Bath & Beyond site may carry the buybuy BABY product you are looking for. If so, you’ll be able to use any current, eligible Bed Bath & Beyond coupons to purchase a buybuy BABY item.

9. Watch for gift card promotions.

17 bed bath beyond money saving secrets -bed bath beyond gift cards

Be sure to watch for Bed Bath & Beyond gift card promotions! Whenever you purchase qualifying items in-store or online, you’ll receive a Bed Bath & Beyond gift card. You can view the gift card offers on the Bed Bath & Beyond website or watch for promotional tags on eligible items in-store.

Hip Tip: To save even more while shopping, consider buying discounted Bed, Bath & Beyond gift cards first on sites like,, Amazon and even at your local grocery store!

10. Know everything is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

17 bed bath beyond money saving secrets - return policy sign

Bed Bath & Beyond has a pretty generous return policy! If you have the original receipt, you’ll receive a full refund paid to the original form of payment for up to one year after purchase. If you don’t have a receipt and if the purchase was made in the last 365 days, they will try to locate the purchase using any of the following:

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Store or Merchandise Credit Number
  • Gift Card Number
  • Order Number (if applicable)
  • Registry Number (if applicable)
  • Checking Account Number

If they can’t find a record of purchase, they will either complete an exchange for the current selling price minus 20% or provide a merchandise credit for the current selling price minus 20% for the possible use of a coupon.

Hip Tip: If you end up returning an item that you used a coupon on, you can get the same discount applied on the new item you are buying. But, if you don’t want to purchase another item, I’ve been told that you CAN get your coupon back by asking a manager who will print one for you.

11. Check inventory before making a special trip.

17 bed bath beyond money saving secrets - bed bath beyond inventory

Because nobody wants to waste a trip to the store, Bed Bath & Beyond has two great services that can help you to see what’s in stock near you OR even reserve a product and pick it up when convenient.

  • Find in Store: This web tool lets you check to see if a store near you has the product you’re wanting on its shelves before heading out. Just look for the “Find in Store” button on the product page and input your location to see if it’s in stock near you before heading out.
  • Pick Up in Store: This tool allows you to create an online request to hold the item at the store location that has it. Bring your “Pick Up” email and form of payment to the store where you’ll then pay for your item and use any applicable coupons you have.

12. Going away to college? Read this!

17 bed bath beyond money saving secrets - floor pillows

If you’re going away to college, you may want to take advantage of their convenient Moving Solutions service – it’s FREE! Instead of packing up and hauling your stuff across the country or state, just head to your local Bed Bath & Beyond or online and do your shopping.

17 bed bath beyond money saving secrets - getting help from a store team memberYou can have your purchases shipped directly to your school or to the Bed Bath & Beyond store near your campus and pick it up when you get there at no cost to you! While online shoppers pay shipping charges, and this deal is only valid from May-October, but you’ll skip the hassle of toting, or packing and shipping the items yourself. If shipping your order directly to the school, you’ll need to know the date your school begins accepting deliveries and the address of the dorm or central receiving facility.

Contact your local Bed Bath & Beyond store for more details, or watch this video here.

13. Attend FREE in-store events.

17 bed bath beyond money saving secrets - sample kcups before you buy

Bed Bath & Beyond hosts various FREE in-store events where you can get expert help, learn creative tips, receive a special discount, enjoy refreshments, enter drawings, and more! Keep in mind that these events change often and an RSVP is often encouraged. Check out their Events Facebook page here.

14. Register for awesome wedding perks.

17 bed bath beyond money saving secrets - bridal and gift registry showcase

Bed Bath & Beyond offers free personalized announcement cards, complimentary gift packaging in-stores at the self wrap station, and more. Plus, for 90 days after your wedding date, you’re eligible to use a 20% completion discount on both a one-time online purchase and a one-time in-store purchase.

Plus, enroll in their Start-to-Finish incentive program and you’ll receive free gifts when guests purchase items from your registry (i.e. – get 2 free Keurig Travel Mugs when a Keurig Home Brewing System and 2 portion packs are purchased from your registry).

15. Follow them on social media.

17 bed bath beyond money saving secrets - storefront

Be sure to follow Bed Bath & Beyond on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as they have various contests or giveaways throughout the year. For example, this previous Mother’s Day Facebook giveaway offered the chance to win 2 Conair beauty prize packages and 2 $100 Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Cards. Or this Happily Registered Giveaway offered the chance to win a a Keurig Brewer bundle!

Mary ( is a stellar content creator at Hip2Save! She loves spending time with her family, Texas A&M football, running, bargain shopping, Starbucks lattes, and a little Candy Crush from time to time.
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Comments 27

  1. Jane

    I recently purchased a duvet on clearance but didn’t see the matching pillow shams. I went to an associate and they looked it up in the “beyond store.” Lucky me! They had them in stock and on clearance AND I was able to use my multitude of 20% off coupons for each item! Plus they shipped to my house for free!

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      Wow – that’s awesome! 🙂

  2. Vicki

    Bye Bye Baby used to be (I don’t know if it is still) owned by Bed Bath and Beyond. Several years ago, when I had my daughter, I was able to use the Bed Bath coupons at Bye Bye also. I purchased a crib, mattress, diaper carriers, and other necessities. I had enough 20% coupons to save on every item I purchased. I saved about $240.

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      Wow – you saved a ton! Nice job! 🙂
      And yes, they are still owned by Bed Bath & Beyond (as well as Cost Plus World Market, etc) and you are able to use the coupons at either store. Pretty awesome!

      • Victoria W. C.

        So am I able to use the BB&B coupons at the World Market stores too?

        • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

          Unfortunately no 🙁 I asked them about that but it appears you can’t. That would be nice though!

  3. riss

    I didn’t know I could use the $5 off and 20% off on one item. Bummer! Think of all the money I could’ve saved all these years…

    • Sarah

      I didn’t see where they put that in the post. This wasn’t true several years ago when me and my husband worked there. You could use as many coupons as items you had, but not two bed bath and beyond coupons for one item.

      • riss

        Ooops, my bad. I misread the post. I thought she used the $5 off from BBB, but it was a Harmon coupon.

    • Liz

      No you cannot use both in the same item…only 1 coupon per item…but in case u have 2 items totalling up to $15…u can combine the 2 items and use the $5 off $15 on them both,

  4. Babymair

    Thx Collin and hip2save team .I didn’t know any of these hints ,well the expired coupons one that’s all ….keep up the good work.

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      You are most welcome! 🙂

  5. Sarah

    Don’t forget their excellent return policy. The only store close to touching it is kohls.

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      Yes – it is amazing! 🙂

  6. TerriB

    It seems that most items I see online that I would like are not available in any store near me. It would be so nice if they offered free shipping to their stores. As far as I can tell, they only allow you to reserve an item that is already in stock at a local store.

  7. CW

    Got bath set (toothbrush holder, trash can etc) on our wedding registry. It started to disintegrate and I yelled at my new hubby. 19 months later, when buying something from a friend’s wedding registry, I told the store associate about it. She said “oh, you mean the Saturn bath sets!? They are ALL defective! Bring it all back!” !!! Got a $500 credit nearly 2 yrs later… and had to apologize to the hubby. Lol

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      Wow that is amazing LOL!

    • Lo

      Wow! $500 for a bath set

  8. V

    Wow, what an informative post!!! I didn’t know they PM or accept Mq!!! Thank you for this!!!

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      You are so welcome! 😀

  9. A. Gold

    They are starting to check the expiration dates on the 20% off coupons in NY and NJ. If they are a few years old they will not take them.

  10. LovinHim

    You can use BB & B gift cards at affiliate stores – BUy BUY BABY and Christmas Tree Shops 🙂

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  11. getta

    I can use kohl’s coupons here? Are there any rules for what kind or what I can buy using them?

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      Yes, they accept competitor coupons for products that are also available at those competitors! So if you find something at Bed Bath & Beyond that is also sold at Kohl’s, you can use a Kohl’s coupon on that item. Hope that helps!

  12. Gerta

    Don’t forget you can get your SodaStream C02 refills at BBB. You just bring in your used canister and exchange it for a refill canister for $15.00. With your $5 off $15 coupon it’s only $10! Fantastic deal 🙂

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      Awesome! Thanks for the tip Gerta!

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