Find Out What Is Coming In The Mail Before It’s Delivered (Now Available Nationwide)

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Tired of waiting around on the mail to see what is coming?

Earlier this year, I mentioned that the United States Postal Service launched a new service called Informed Delivery that allows residents to view scans of their mail that is due to be delivered each day!

And I am happy to report that this free service now appears to be available nationwide!

If you want to take advantage of this free service, you’ll receive black and white scans of your actual letter-sized mail pieces via email each morning – note that flat-sized pieces such as catalogues or magazines may be added in the future.

To sign up, simply go here and enter your zip code to see if Informed Delivery is available in your area. Then log in to your My USPS account (or sign up if you don’t have one) and click the boxes to opt in.

On the fence? Check Out These Reader Comments!

I signed up for this about 2 weeks ago, and I love it!

This may be kind of useful. Iowa winters are usually pretty cold, and my mailbox is four houses away in one of those “cluster mailboxes.” (I know, 4 houses is sooooo far. LOL) Now I will know which days are worth making a trip down the hill.

I live in a high rise building and on Saturdays it’s really annoying to go all the way down to the lobby just to open an empty mailbox. First world, lazy American problem, but this will solve it.

I’ve had this for a month. My email usually comes around 7:30am but sometimes I get it around 9:39am. When you don’t get an email, it means either no mail or it’s a magazine, catalog or large package. I thought it was pretty neat in the beginning, but it does kinda take the joy and surprise out of opening the mailbox and seeing what’s there. I have skipped going to the mailbox a couple times when I know it’s nothing but junk in there. It has notified me a little early about tax documents and important items I was waiting on. Overall, I like it.

There is a link in the notification email that you can click and let the post office know if you didn’t receive a letter. This should really help a lot of people.

Being a mail carrier myself, I think this could benefit more then we realize. Those who run businesses, get monthly checks, etc. This service can tell you when to keep an eye on your box, scammers, and thieves, are constantly hitting up mail boxes and taking anything inside!

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Comments 80

  1. Savvysaver

    Although a lot of people feel like this is pointless, I’m actually enjoying it especially when I’m expecting a check or something important. I can decide whether I need to go home for lunch or not!

    • Stevmon

      Does this show “junk mail” also?

      • Shelby

        Yes, at least “junk” addressed directly to you. My mail for yesterday was a coupon for Tires Plus. Not sure yet about flyers addressed to Postal Patron, etc.

        • Stevmon

          Thank you!

      • Savvysaver

        I’m not sure. This is my first week using it, but I know it only shows letter-sized mail. I think it’s hassle free. You just open up the email and voila there it is! If you have over 10 items you’ll have to login to your account to view the rest.

        • Stevmon

          Thank you!

      • Bryan

        Yea, anything that’s is the size of a postcard or a standard envelope or smaller. But since I signed up, I’ve really been enjoying this service. Especially with important mail.

      • jlgclassof2000

        I think it depends on how it is classified when it is sent. So far it looks like stuff that would be addressed to current resident does not get scanned & emailed to you.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Awesome! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  2. Judy

    I’m sure it helps some but only if you are interested and want to click on each thing. Finding that too time consuming to want to bother,

    • Amy

      I can see each scanned item in my email message. No clicking on each thing required.

    • RZ

      You are confusing this with something else. There’s no clicking on anything involved- you just get an email w/ scanned images of your postal mail. Nothing time-consuming about looking at pictures lol

    • snokoc

      We always get the wrong mail and have to put it back in the mailbox, so this will help me know that I’m getting my mail and it’s not going to the neighbors. I got someones tax info and I actually put a note on it that it was delivered to the wrong house and took it to the post office. Not only that shortly before that our neighbor brought over my lab results (medical info) and a check also went to the neighbors. I hope we get our mail when the mailman does that but that is why I am going to be watching this closer now.

  3. Dee

    I just signed up! Thanks!

    • Erica (Silly Sidekick)

      Awesome! You’re so welcome!

  4. melloddie

    PM2C-6N2U-F0TX-H2WF1V shutterfly 8×8 photo book exp 9/30/17

    • KB

      Used- just in time for Mother’s Day order I was placing today! Thanks for being so generous, Melloddie!

  5. Kidsallgone

    I just registered and am eligible. I checked to see if I had anything and it said none for today, yesterday, or Wednesday but I KNOW I have mail and a package waiting for me. So I am confused. I only have a PO Box. So no clue why it’s saying I have none. Anyone?

    • KB

      This also happened to me…took a few days for it to kick in! Works great now and I have a PO box as well!

      • Katie

        Thanks for sharing! I have a PO Box and I have to walk 15mn to get there since I don’t drive. This is will be a total game changer for me!

      • Amanda

        Thats KB for this reply. Same thing happened to me so good to know there is a lagtime before it starts to work. I will have to be patient!

    • K

      This happened to me too. We live in a rural area so it might not be available here yet even though it says it is available and allowed me to enroll.

    • jlgclassof2000

      It takes awhile to kick in. I was super confused the 1st week or so til the usps emails started coming with the scanned pics as they should. Give it a week, maybe 2

  6. Heather

    Excited to try this out and see how it works!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Glad to hear it! 😉

  7. marlenemarie89

    It shows a picture of letters(including junk letters) , but not flyers or packages, takes 24 hours until it starts than emails daily pictures of what’s coming in the mail. I like it

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks for the feedback! Glad to hear you have liked it!

  8. Cami

    Is there an app to use with this? Or just the website

  9. bonita

    Apparently not available for business.
    “As a business user you are not eligible to participate in the Informed Delivery program. If you want to participate, please create a new USPS account and register as a personal user.”

  10. Lindsey

    This doesn’t help my online shopping addiction and keeping it from my husband since I am the one getting the mail 😂

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)


  11. Katie

    I’m excited to try this out. I also recently signed up for a free ups member service. I added a tracking number to the app for updates on a package. A few days later I had a notification that another package I was unaware of was on it’s way to my house and I was able to keep an eye out for it at the appropriate time. It must have pulled my address from the system. Very helpful!

  12. Mona

    Signed up and if I have done everything correctly it will be great. Like someone else posted if I have a check or something important coming I will head home to make sure it arrives. We have a lot of screw ups with mail in our neighborhood so this will help me. Thanks a million for posting this I never would have been aware of its existence.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome Mona!

  13. AP

    It’s not pointless to those who have to drive to their mailbox. Granted, it’s only a few houses down, but now I can only stop a few times a week if there nothing urgent isn’t there. Also good for record keeping, there’s a paper trail of when you received a particular piece of mail. I read emails as they come into my iPhone anyway, so I’ll know whether I need to drive down to the mailbox after work.

  14. ashley

    My zip still isn’t eligible.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Darn! Hopefully it will be soon!

  15. AP

    Collin, is it just me, or does your hubby look an awful lot like your mailman?

    • Meghan

      I totallllllllly thought the same thing!! haha

      • AP

        I only notice because I’d just looked at the vacation pics. 🙂

  16. Seren

    Signed up, thanks

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome!

  17. Deanna Gestner

    Ugh .. went through the sign up ..and my address isn’t eligible just yet. I guess there is hope that someday it will be. 🙂

  18. TWL

    I have been using this feature for several months. This is great service the USPS is providing as you are able to see if anything important is arriving a particular day. In these days of mail theft and fraud, this is great service to have in the event you had a check or credit card sent to you only to be stolen by a thief. By using this service you will be able to know ahead of time that you are receiving a “valuable” document. Thank you USPS

  19. Rachel

    Any idea what the online identity verification is? That’s my hold up. :-/

    • Lisa

      Mine was just online questions about where I lived and I was verified. I felt it was too easy and a great way for a criminal to have access to what’s in my mail so they can scoop up a check or something. It actually was so easy to set up it frightened me. Technology can be a double edge sword!!!! For that reason alone I’m glad I can track what’s in my mailbox now.

    • Laurie

      Same here, I get this page asking some info about ssn and banking info. Is anyone else getting this?

      • Rachel

        I’m not getting that. I’m just getting that I haven’t verified my identity and I can try again later–there was no spot that I was asked to verify anything. It also said that I could verify in person at the post office.

        • Rebecca

          That’s what I got too. No questions to verify, just telling me it can’t. Not sure what to do.

        • Lisa

          It wasn’t exactly straight forward. Originally I thought they were sending a code in the mail for verification since it said that. I logged out and then logged back in. I went to the verification button and decided to just hit it. When I did that it asked me a series of questions about my previous addresses. I had moved a number of times so it asked to verify certain things from a list of choices. You could check one item or multiple gor each question. I had 6 questions? Do t remember exactly.

          • Rebecca

            Thanks, I’ll take a look tomorrow. I have moved several times as well so maybe that’s it.

      • Lisa

        I didn’t have provide ssn or banking! I would never answer those questions….that’s really odd! Mine were simpler questions about previous living addresses. IDK m, maybe cause I moved a bunch of times they could verify that way????

  20. Suzanne

    It’s available in my area, but not to business owners which makes no sense lol

  21. Lisa

    Thank you. I’m trying it out at home. I was thinking this might be a great tool for elderly parents. For me to personally track what my parents are getting. They have fallen for sending money thinking it was a certain organization but it was different — names are very close and once you send a donation you get a ton more junk in the mail that becomes overwhelming for my 90+ parents to sort.

    • Adrian

      Wow! You have a lot of parents. I only have 2.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome Lisa!

  22. Jennifer

    I have had it for a few weeks now and ours is highly inaccurate. There is either way more mail in our box than the email shows (even letter sized items), or things are missing. Not sure if it is the carrier or the scanners fault, but I have not had faith in our mail people where I am anyway so this just solidifies my valid questioning.

    • Jennifer

      … and I know you need to sign in to see more than 10 items. that is not the case here, the email shows maybe 1-3 items.

    • Heather

      I’ve had a couple things that were not in the email show up (Victoria secret coupons namely) but mostly junk mail. I also did not receive an important item that was the only item in my email one day – I reported it on the website and it said they’d be sending it to the postal inspector. If you’re missing mail regularly report it! That’s what this is for.

  23. jaclynn esparza

    we just got it in our area in florida. I love it now when I am out of town. I know what is there

  24. snokoc

    Do people actually drive to mailboxes that are in their neighborhood? Gosh, my husband and I walk our dog 4 miles or so every single night. I guess I understand the influx of health problems in this country. For your own sake walk people! It’s good for you!

    • snokoc

      Also Take Your Kids With You! It’s so good for them. We go in ice (with chains for our shoes) 95 degree weather, you name it. I haven’t been overweight one day in my life and yes, I have had health issues (no thyroid) but I move as long as my legs let me.

      • Angie

        You walk 4 miles with chains on your shoes in icy weather? Lmao 😂

        • snokoc

          We live up on a hiil and if I want to go outside in the winter that is the only way I don’t fall. plus I run several miles day even in bad weather.

    • Rebecca

      That’s great that you’re able to do so, but not everyone is. Maybe they’re elderly, have health problems, just don’t want to brave the elements, or have a P.O.Box they have to drive across town to. I wouldn’t be so quick to judge or assume everyone is lazy. As a 29 year old very healthy looking person with MS, I will say you never know what someone else is facing.

      • Rebecca

        Wow, you are a piece of work.

        • Snekoc

          You should do what you want, I wouldn’t be happy unless I was pushing myself hard but i guess everyone is different.
          I’m not try to offend you and I’m sorry you have to deal with that illness and wish the best for you.

  25. Amy

    I signed up for this awhile ago and it has been very helpful. In our neighborhood criminals have been targeting the community mailboxes by popping them open with a crowbar (which destroys them.) It took 8 MONTHS (no exaggeration) for the USPS to replace our box so I was driving to the main USPS branch several times a week to pick up our mail. This service let me know when I needed to go and when I could wait. I love it!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Great to hear how helpful it has been for you Amy! Thanks for the great review!

  26. Jen

    The link isn’t working for me; just says the site can’t be reached.

    • Kristin

      I am having the same problem…

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      It appears to be working for me now as I click through if you wanted to try again. If still having issues, be sure to check in a different browser. Or if using a mobile device, be sure to hop on a desktop if possible. Hope this helps!

  27. Questioning

    It all seems all good but sort of sad too. Try having surprises for a mom, dad, child, or even yourself and now people even in your own family can figure out everything. Sometimes it feels like information overload and a little OCD if we check everyday unless we are looking for a specific item. People can break into our email accounts as well.Exciting, yes, to a point but on the other hand annoying if a child uses it to harass you about hearing from relatives they don’t like or ordering surprises at holidays. Do you really think our parents want their grown children spying on them…aunts, uncles too?? What about divorced couples??? Cousins, grandparents etc?? This can just as easily be used for a negative purpose as well so we must be discerning and careful that not all technology is good technology. Remember the books Brave New World and 1984? This might not be a paper trail but it is still an electronic trail. Maybe we need to keep some things simplified…just thinking.

    • Savvysaver

      Well, I think if they know your address, they can easily go into the mailbox and see what’s in it and open it anyway. Yes, it’s a crime, but misusing the electronic system is as well. If it doesn’t work for you, then simply don’t use it. If you find it useful, use it. To each is own! Today, I received my notification and had an important document delivered. Upon checking my mail at home, the item was not in my box. I contacted my neighbor and it was in his. If this system was not in place, it may have been next week before I received my mail. So, once again, to each is own!

      • Heather

        Report it! Some mail carriers are sloppy and need to be more careful. We have one mail carrier that I have to repeatedly report because he refuses to deliver packages or certified mail to our door. Instead he will leave a pickup notice or leave a package with the main office but not leave us a note letting us know it’s there. He wont even put small packages in our box. I have one package from September that still shows out for delivery. He never bothered to scan the package out when he left it in the office. I only found out it was there when I went to pay my rent.

  28. Super shopper

    Good thinking… Yeah. It is super convenient for my children to check on me through the email. They might live 100 miles away and could never pick up my mail but they could accidentally run across a surprise or a situation I’m trying to resolve through the mail right from their computer. I like the idea of being able to confirm my mail deliveries, but I’ve lived this long without it so yes, life simplified, does seem better. Nice to have some reflective thinking. Relatives are people we care about and love but they can annoy us. Annoying us isn’t illegal. That’s for sure.

  29. AnnieL.

    I might be the only one that is not interested in signing up but if it helps other people that’s great. I just don’t have the need to know that bad, and I love the surprises my mom and sister send me randomly in the mail. I love opening the box and laughing or smiling like a big Goober at their odds an ends Lol 🙂 . My daily walk to my box is actually a little destresser for me, some nice alone time 🙂 .

    • Laura

      Same here 🙂

    • Heather

      This doesn’t tell you about packages. Only letters. It’s meant mostly to prevent mail and identity theft. I constantly am missing mail that I know is coming. Also my mom lives in another city and her mail is always being stolen despite having a locked mailbox, so this allows her to see if she is dealing with theft again. A friend of mine also recently had her mail stolen and found in a town 30 minutes away. Someone she knew had stolen other mail, got her ssn and opened numerous credit accounts in her name and then stole the evidence when the cards arrived. Luckily they were caught with the cards. She would have been able to see what was going on if she signed up for this service.

  30. Tammy

    I think if you have neumorus people living with you how do you get it so that the person who sign up with it can only see what they are getting not what everyone else in the house is giving.

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