Shutterfly: $10 Off $10+ Purchase AND Stackable 25% Off = HOT Buy on Photo Magnets

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Shutterfly Magnets Through May 7th, hop on over to where you can score $10 off any purchase of $10+ when you enter the promo code SAVE10 at checkout. Even sweeter, you can also score an extra 25% off your order with the code 25OFF2017 at checkout. Note that the 25% off discount will be taken off your total AFTER the the code SAVE10 is applied.

Shipping will vary depending on what you choose to purchase.

Consider This Deal Idea:

Magnet Set of 4 Individual 2×2 inch Magnets $7.50 each (regularly $14.99) 
Buy 2 = $15
Enter the promo code SAVE10 – will deduct $10
Enter the promo code 25OFF2017 – will deduct $1.25 
Shipping is $5.74
Final cost $9.49 shipped – just $4.75 per set of FOUR magnets!
That makes each custom magnet just $1.19 shipped right to your home!

Score a Great Deal on Custom Mother’s Day Cards This Way….
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Comments 99

  1. Daniibeth

    I have about 100 of these on my fridge! LOVE them!!

    • JES

      Me too!

    • Erica (Silly Sidekick)

      Awesome.. they are definitely super cute!

  2. Julie

    I made 4 Mother’s Day cards.. Cost me $1.69 Shipped!

    • Erica (Silly Sidekick)

      What a great idea Julie!

    • 5pink1blue

      What cards did you find? I couldn’t find 4 to use promo codes on.

  3. Lisa

    I got the free bookmarker last week. They are great for a little surprise gift for a friend. They are only $2.69 for 3 after the codes above plus shipping.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Sweet! Thanks for sharing Lisa!

  4. eyez

    Here’s a free red box movie code…rent any dvd & get your first night free expires 5/7 @ 11:59PM RJVP9P2R . comment when used

    • Denise

      Thank you SOOO much! I rented La La Land ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Sara

    I have Shutterfly $20/$20, Shuterfly free 8×8 photo book OR $20/$20 (let’s you choose one and doesn’t expire untill fall).
    If anyone is interested in trading for any Kohl’s cash/rewards or JCPenney $10/$10 coupon, please let me know. My email is masila2015 at
    Thank you!

    Their magnets are great btw!

  6. Denise

    I have 3 free Shutterfly codes:
    Free set of coasters: KHAA-BKCG-JPRY-TYVM2Z
    $20 off $20 or more: KHAB-92RP-YEJH-A8AUYV
    16×20 print OR 5×8 notebook: PG3T-E2RR-EX06-A3DGUK

    • Julie B.

      Thank you for the promo code $20 off $20. I’m ordering a picture charm !

    • Yelik01

      These have been used

  7. Rey

    Looking for shutterfly monopoly magnet , or reusable bag codes, calling cards, the knot notebook, placemat, etc
    I have shutterfly 20 off (Kelloggs, Ibotta), 12 thank you cards/bag, 8×8 and 8×11 book

    • Shimmeri

      i have the magnet and the reuseable bag, looking to trade for anything not photo and baby

  8. Cathy

    Darn, the codes above were used already. If anyone else has one for the 16×20 print or notebook could you please email it to me at I’ve been looking for one of those. Thanks.

    • Jessica

      Are you still looking for a code? I have one I can email you if you still need one

  9. Kristi

    When my son was going into kindergarten, he was a little nervous about it. So I took a picture of his future teacher at kindergarten round up. Then I put the picture on our refrigerator all summer, so that by the time August rolled around, he felt more comfortable with her because he had seen her every day. Maybe use that idea for a magnet? Happy Friday everyone!

    • Lydia

      Great idea!

    • Luna

      Nice idea!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      What a great idea Kristi!

  10. Alison C.

    I have a couple extra photo book codes (P&G exp 5/31, PinchMe exp 9/30) that I’d be willing to trade for other free books or free items. Please email if interested ๐Ÿ˜Š

  11. Sam

    Codes from Monopoly. Please reply when used:
    Free 4.5×5 magnet: AL2D-0HVV-N3TP-8HXMJA and AL2D-DC79-XYTN-48GZS5
    Free shopping bag codes: AL2C-FUBN-M87X-KRC2AB, AL2C-96HM-HWMR-KZ1278, AL2C-FPVJ-AKDS-6U0WCW, AL2C-DYZN-B6YX-BJ3SDG

    • PDX to OGG Mama

      Wow, thank you! I used a magnet and shopping bag!! I’ve been playing Monopoly just for the Shutterfly codes and so far nothing. Have a great day, thank you again!!

    • jenkay517

      Thank you for your generosity ๐Ÿ™‚ I just wanted to let everyone know that all of the codes have been used. I didn’t want people to try all of the codes like I did and not have any success.

      • Rebecca

        Thank you for posting. I was just going to try each one.

  12. Mommyof5

    I have a couple 40% off whole purchase at shutterfly also have a notebook from p&g looking for shutterfly 16×20 or 8×11 book. Email me if interested in trading Mommycoupon05 at

  13. Anna

    Does anyone know if our orders will be here for Mother’s Day? Thank u!

    • Rebecca

      I couldn’t guarantee it, but my orders usually come in sooner than they estimate. I have been amazed at how fast some are shipped. It does depend on what you order and where it ships from.

  14. Nisha

    I have a free 16 x 20 print I would like to swap for a free shipping code. Please email

  15. Nisha

    I have a free 16 x 20 print and (2) 8 x 8 photo books. Wanting to trade for a free shipping code. Email TIA.

  16. jenkay517

    Anyone have any free coasters or monopoly codes they are not going to use? I could certainly use some. I don’t have anything to trade currently, but I promise to pay it forward. TIA!

  17. Lizz

    101 4×6 prints: AL2E-F3YD-U71W-SBYS9X. Please post if used.

    • Alison C.

      someone used this already

  18. Mona

    Shutterfly $20/$20 codes. Please comment when used:
    KEB5-CEK8-MXJK-UTGRMT from Kelloggs, HT2B-F8SZ-Z6VT-3FWYZJ from Hearst, GM2Q-F5Z4-CZF7-5R442Y from Gymboree,
    BCA8-F4CE-EWFD-4M025J from Babycenter

    • chelsie

      tried but all have been used.

    • Julie

      I used the Gymboree. Thanks!

  19. Alison C.

    I also have $20 off codes from Kellogg’s & Similac. Would trade for other $20 codes, free book, or other free item.

  20. Michelle

    Using the code from Hearst, Thank you Mona!

  21. Gaby

    Looking for monopoly magnet and bag codes if anyone has an extra codes I would appreciate it

  22. Mommyof5

    Off topic: I have a free cleaning product up to $5 at staples looking to trade for kohls cash. Email to trade Mommycoupon05 at

  23. brooke

    $20 off shutterfly code from Gymboree…GM2Q-42M2-RCHF-G6EC6N

    • Julie B.

      already used !

  24. Jana

    I have 8×11 photo book code it’s a promos not a dollar, I would like to trade for small amounts GC Amazon or Starbucks or khols cash
    Email jhrbi87 (at)gmail(dot)com

  25. Mommyof5

    8×8 photobook KH99-3X0C-EKC8-VAB1VD , KH99-08N5-B6CY-2TWRBP notebook PG3T-E04G-4JTE-BNSG8F , PG3T-3GU3-2YMV-5SK980 , PG3T-1WEP-TFZ6-5J8PRU , $20 off IB2D-9VFH-642J-2BE546 comment when used

  26. Julie B.

    use code PG3T-1WEP-TFZ6-5J8PRU

    • Julie B.

      Thank you !

      • Mommyof5

        No problem. God bless you

  27. Mia

    Mommyof5 codes all used unfortunately not everyone typed their comments here. Anyone has 100 photos free code? Thanks in advance.

    • Mommyof5

      Thank you for letting us know. God bless you. Hopefully you find what you need.

    • Priscilla Behrens

      Mia, Do you still need the free photos code? I have one from Monopoly. Email me at if you’d like it.

      • Alison C.

        Does anyone else have a free prints code? I need to print photos for my baby’s 1st birthday coming up, so I’d REALLY appreciate it! ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜

      • Priscilla Behrens

        Mia, did you get the free prints code? I haven’t seen an email from you so will send to Alison if you don’t need it.

        • Alison C.

          If Mia has one, I’m still in need! Thank you!!!

        • Priscilla Behrens

          Mia, I’m going to send it to Alison since I haven’t heard back from you. Sorry….

  28. Lisa

    Drives me bonkers when people use codes and don’t have the decency to let the masses know.
    I’ve got a few codes (not sure which they are as I’ve been off the grid for a few weeks). If someone wants one, I can check back if you’ll leave your email and I can send it to you. I know one is the choice of 16 x 20 print or the notebook.

      • Jstbeachy

        Hello Lisa
        I’m interested in a code
        I also have Joann’s photo book or Coke caps to trade if anyone is interested~
        Thx U!

      • Lisa

        Sent, Alison.

    • Ub

      Hi Lisa. I would love to use one of your codes. Please email me
      Thanks and have a good day

      • Lisa

        Sent, Ub.

        • Ub

          Thank you so much Lisa!

    • Mommyof5

      Hey Lisa i need free coasters, reasuable bag, prints, magnets, cards anything you have free i can use i would love to have. Mommycoupon05 at

    • Steph-B

      If no one has requested your 16×20 code I would be truly grateful! Thank you!

  29. Rey

    Looking for monopoly games magnet or reusable bag codes.
    I have a $3 VUDU credit code to trade with or other shutterfly codes (20 off, 12 thank you cards).
    Please email me if you have one to share or trade

    • Shimmeri

      i emailed you again, sorry for the delay…

  30. Mommyof5

    I have a free notebook or 16×20 print from P&G if anyone has a free item they would like to trade email me Mommycoupon05 at

  31. Sam

    I have jcp $10/10 mailer coupon need free shipping code or Kohl’s cash
    Email samy0613@

  32. Candy72

    I made some cute bookmarks for our teachers!

  33. Lucinda

    I received a $40 off $100 under armour code today in my email. I’d like to trade it for $10 off $10 at jcp or kohls cash. Also interested in a $10 off any purchase llbean.

  34. sophia

    Here’s 20 off 20 shutterfly, exp 6/27 gymboree: GM2Q-D0YM-CCAE-34PNYZ
    free 16×20 print or notebook, exp 5/31 pg : PG3T-2UKD-953J-P9M9WR
    20 off $20, exp 6/30, ibotta, IB2D-1PPY-CHA7-B0TCKW
    20 off 20, exp 5/31, kellogg: KEB5-70U5-4PRD-3APWHM


    • Sarah

      Used KEB4…… thanks!!!!

    • Stacey

      Someone used both GM2Q and IB2D already.
      Thanks for offering them

  35. vanessa

    Does anyone have a spare 16×20 print to trade that they got from P&G. I have a free shutterfly 8×8 photo book (I got the code from Kohls) or $20 off shutterfly purchase ( I got the code from Macys). My email is

    • vanessa

      Please ignore the comment above. I got a code. Thanks Sana

  36. Lucinda

    I have a $40 off $100 under armour coupon for trade. I’d like to trade for kohls cash, jcp $10 off $10 or an llbean $10 off any purchase

  37. Jessica

    I have a couple of codes I won’t be using and i hate to see them go to waste, so help yourself. Just please post when used ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy!

    8×8 Photo Book- PG3S-437Z-41RC-RMY9CK Exp 05/31
    $20- KEB5-93F5-GR8B-U9H3WD Exp 06/27
    $20- GM2Q-FB29-361J-6W9MPP Exp 06/27

    • Stacey

      Just used KEB5-93F5-GR8B-U9H3WD – Thank you SO much!

    • AP

      Used GM2Q-FB29-361J-6W9MPP. Thanks!

  38. Nikki

    P&g:PG3S-4F9W-S4XB-FU096M 8*8 photo book exp-may31.

    • Chelsea

      Used this! Thanks!

  39. Nikki

    Gymboree 20$ off code: GM2Q-DDXR-HUFT-N1BU84 exp-June 27

    • Smith

      Someone already used this one ..

  40. Mary

    Thank yo so much for this post. I have been waiting for a photo magnet deal.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You are so welcome Mary!

  41. Bea

    Slightly off topic, but speaking of the Monopoly game: does anyone want codes for Let Life Bloom ($5 x2) and/or Rouxbe cooking school online course (x3)?

    • Shel

      Bea: I would be interested in one of the cooking school codes if they are still available. stay 405 at gmail dot com (no spaces) That is very kind of you; thank you so much ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Bea

        Sent you one. Enjoy!

  42. Candice

    Looking for a Shutterfly book 8×8 code. Please
    My son is so excited to get his all about me book

    • Nisha

      Sent you one! ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. Laura

    Didn’t use any, but just want to say THANK YOU to the people who give away the codes they won’t be using ๐Ÿ™‚ so nice of you!!

  44. bdt159

    Looking for an 8×8 photo book code to put my daughter’s one-year photos together for her great grandma! Any help would be appreciated!

  45. Shimmeri

    I have a bunch of monopoly shutterfly codes up for trade, please email me shimmeri.itworks

  46. Lucinda

    I have a $40 off $100 under armour code to trade. Interested in $10 off $10 jcp, kohls cash or a $10 off any purchase llbean.

  47. Kelly

    Has anyone had a metal print made? I’m looking for vibrant color. Thanks for any feedback.

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