Target Shoppers! Cartwheel Offers Moving to Target App + Check Out These Upcoming Features

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Heads up all you Target shoppers!

In an effort to make it easier for your to shop at your local store, Target will be moving Cartwheel offers into the main Target app this summer – in fact, you can already access Cartwheel deals with the Target app. This move will allow you to have just one place to map out store trips, snag Cartwheel deals on in-store purchases, swipe through the weekly ad, make online purchases and more.

Check out these upcoming features!

The Target app’s store map will soon show you your location as you shop and highlight Cartwheel deals nearby – love that! And Target plans to add mobile payment for Target REDcard holders soon so payment can be made with just an easy scan of the app at checkout.

Check out this article for more details.

(Thanks, Ben!)

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  1. Nikole

    Will this get rid of the current cartwheel app?

    • Bryn (Sister Sidekick)

      Yes, I believe that Target plans to eliminate the Cartwheel app by the end of the summer.

  2. Nicole

    I should just sign my paycheck over to target each month! Cut out the middle man!! :-p

    • Jenn

      I feel the same way! 😂

    • Jessica (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      LOL 😛

  3. Christi Schiffer

    Thank goodness! Cartwheel app is so annoying!

  4. Jer

    I usually have such a good time shopping at target most of the employees are great. I went yesterday and the cashier was so nasty to me, I don’t every want to coupon there again she had me in tears before I left.

    • Lk

      I love Target too, but coupons are becoming a pain. I go when they open and only self checkout is available. The assistant has to verify each coupon which defeats the purpose of self check. And the last 2 times the self check froze up and eventually they rang me up at a register so it took at least15 minutes to get out. What a pain!

      • Mel

        My SCO used to be just scan and go. I guess too many people were abusing it, so now when you use coupons, they have to come over and verify. If it’s one or two, I’ll go through, but any more than that and I wait in line!

    • Ana

      I had an experience like that at one Target too, with a manager. I stopped going to that particular store for some time, but I’ve since been back. That person is gone and I’ve never had problems again.

    • Bryant

      Sorry to hear, I hope you reported the cashier. If not, it’s not too late to forward an email to corporate. Sounds like a former Walmart worker. I can’t say I’ve ever had a horrible experience at Target.

    • Me

      Oh Wow! Did you talk to yo a manager? That is so wrong you should call the 800 # and tell them about this. Once that happend to me and I ask this cashier for her name then walk to Customer service and request to talk yo a manager i explain what had happend with this cashier and gave her the name and pointed to the register she was at and to my surprise manager said “I dont have any employe with that name ” so this stupid cashier not only treat me nasty she gave me a different name, too bad for her i didnt go home to call Customer service ,I did talk to her manager first and then I was thinking to call the 800# but manager was so nice to me and apologize about 100 times (not kidding) after that now every employee wear a badge with their name on

    • anna

      You should call the manager today, don’t let them treat you bad. We have 2 targets in our town and one is great and the other has 2 cashiers that are super angry about coupons. They literally won’t scan them and act like they don’t work. When I say type it in I can tell the way she does she isn’t getting the numbers right. It all started the time when Collin posted the $40 worth of dog treats for free and now she watches me like I’m stealing. I haven’t gone to that Target for a while but I always think I shoiuld just go to customer service because I’ve always been treated really well when I do that.

    • Amanda R

      I know the pain. I had a CSM tell me I was an inconvenience because I had a price match and some groceries. She did the price match but refused anything else explaining why I was being an inconvenience to her. Everything she was saying really had nothing to do with any of it. I ended up telling a manager and then called corporate. I havent seen her there since. Ive had a lot of bad experiences at Target with their cashiers. You are not alone in this.

    • Kimberly (Stylish Sidekick)

      Oh no. I’m so sorry to hear that Jer! 🙁

  5. Winnie

    We used to live in North East Ohio, targets were awesome. We shopped there 2-3 times per week. Now that we moved to Charlotte NC. They are just aweful. Cashiers are hostile towards couponer and customer services are terrible too. We only go to target once or twice a month

    • peepslob

      That’s sad. That sounds like my experiences with Walmart. My Target is wonderful.

      • Allison 💙

        Charlotte is a special place….. I live about an hour away and I avoid the entire city like the plague!

  6. Jess

    Thanks for letting me know, I got the new target app and it’s so nice to have everything together. Thank you!

    • Bryn (Sister Sidekick)

      You are so welcome! 🙂

  7. Heather C

    Wow, I feel so sorry for all of you having couponing problems. I guess I should consider myself lucky. I hope it gets better. Don’t give up because people don’t often know what they are doing. God bless you

  8. pdljump

    I am afraid with it switching over. I have seen it in the app for awhile but still used my cartwheel app, so today I was checking it out and it says my savings was $10.07, which is my husbands acct we think. So I logged out and tried creating acct with the same email as cartwheel and now it does not show any savings. I like to see my total savings since starting the app and not want to start over. I have things in the cartwheel app added and then I go to the target app and says to add it, but yet when I click add it brings to cartwheel and its there. More or less I do not want to lose my total savings of $1400+ rant over

    • Melinda

      I feel the same way. I had over $2500 saved and now that total will be gone. Not that it makes a difference but I do like to see the amount.

  9. Kristin

    I used to love Target. But now anytime I try to use a printable coupon, it rarely scans, which leads to hostility from the cashiers and/or managers. And it never works in my favor.. I don’t even bother going there with printable coupons anymore.

  10. SmartShopper

    My two cents about a change I don’t like with the new Cartwheel being on the Target app: What I noticed about Cartwheel being in the Target app is this: In the “old” Cartwheel app (the one that will be going away) you can search for an item in the app by clicking on the hour glass at the top of the app (once logged in). Now, on the Target app, you have to be on the Target home page on the app, click on the hourglass search button, and then select Cartwheel to search for an item on Cartwheel. This is a lot of steps to take to search on Cartwheel.

  11. Another Michelle

    This is interesting… Did anyone else notice that the Target app only has one and a half stars in the App Store whereas the Cartwheel app has four stars?

  12. Liezl

    Glad to know, I just deleted my cartwheel app…tyvm!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome!

  13. Tash

    Sounds cool – but I signed up with Cartwheel thru my Facebook and that’s not compatible with the target app, yet.

  14. Lisa

    I kind of wish they left the cartwheel alone because now it will be more headaches with my old phone.I am limited to the amount of apps on my phone.

    • AnnieL.

      I get where you are coming from :-/ . my phone is full and I love the old app

  15. Tracy

    Will they be offering free Wi-fi in the stores now, too? My Target gets such horrible reception the further into the store I go there is no way this will work. More than once I’ve had to walk to the front doors to use the Cartwheel app.

    • Rosanne Lopez

      I love cartwheel! Hanford, California target gets great Wi Fi service. So i guess ill be updating to new app soon.

    • Jennifer

      I’ve never been to a Target that doesn’t offer free wi-fi. I’m pretty positive they all do and have for awhile.

    • AP

      Yes, every target I go to has free wifi. I have the same problem with my dollar general. As soon as I step in the door I lose signal. Can’t even talk in the phone, calls drop! So I feel your pain.

  16. Em

    I am a cashier at Target. I treat everybody with respect. I smile too and give stickers. I make small talk. There are some cashiers who are rude about coupons but I am not one of them. In fact the more the better. I get paid by the hour. For every bad apple there are some good cashiers. I run self check out a lot and do my best to verify quickly. The reason it makes us do this is because last week, a woman came into target with about 45 of the same coupons at self checkout. Many were false reproductions of a coupon, misspelled, expired. And there is a limit 4 per transaction of same coupon. So for 23 mins she held up self check out in broken English, insisting to the manager they were real coupons. I am fair and honest but when the coupon is misspelled and expiration is missing a bunch of letters…that is coupon fraud. Sorry for the rant. Please bear with us. We are only human and just the lowest paid on the totem pole.

    • Sharonl

      Thank you, Em for being one of the great cashiers! I switched over from Walmart before having my kids & shop at Target exclusively now. I didn’t know Target handed out stickers until a couple months ago when the cashier offered my two toddlers stickers. My oldest is 4. This is very, very sad because I’ve been shopping there exclusively since while I was pregnant with my 4 year old. It’s only happened once so far!!!
      I didn’t start couponing until I discovered this site 2 years ago. I don’t normally use more than 6 or 8 coupons at once, just because it’s never happened that way before, so I understand why 45 coupons at once, through self checkout would raise a huge, red flag. It is sad though when you try to use 4 similar coupons & get treated like a criminal. This has happened to me for the diaper deals to get the GCs by meeting a $100 purchase amount. Although I haven’t had TERRIBLE experiences, like some of the H2Savers on this site have shared, I have encountered many inconvenient incidents where the cashiers were uncooperative with coupons because they didn’t scan correctly. On the whole, I love my Target because the CS has always been super helpful & our store still accepts printed coupons.
      I understand that being a cashier is hard work, doesn’t offer a lot of recognition & customers can sometimes be mean, rude or crabby. That withstanding, I appreciate the kindness that you bestow on your customers. Keep up the great work! Your time will come when all your hard work & efforts will be recognized by your managers & customers alike. You just might be the saving grace for those customers that were planning to quit shopping at Target & were lucky enough to pass through your lane. 😊

  17. Dawn

    Thanks Bryn and Collin for the update on the cartwheel app being available on the Target app. It’s a change that we will need to get used to making if we want to keep on saving big money. Lately, I have been avoiding Target, because on each visit one of my coupon deals won’t scan. Yesterday, it was the Beauty $5 Target GC. I purchased 3 items-1hair care and 2 skin care products which totaled over $23. The cartwheel coupon beeped as a “did not qualify” for the coupon. As we know, cashiers are very limited in what they can do. The cashier and manager, who was called over, were very nice. However, they accidentally deleted my entire purchases, which included 4 bags worth of groceries, etc. Everything had to be rescanned and the manager ended up taking $5 off my total. This was terrific, however I felt awful holding up the line. I had even offered to go to Customer Service to purchase the three items in question, just to get the line moving. I felt bad although the waiting customers were trying to be helpful too. Big breath. 💗

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome Dawn! Sorry to hear your last shopping trip was a bit stressful! But super glad everyone was helpful! 😉

  18. Nick

    will the cartwheel offers and other cartwheel things still be accessible from the cartwheel website?

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      No, It looks like you will need to switch to the Target app.

  19. Lauren

    Anyone know how this will affect perks??

    • Ashley

      There is no perks area on the Target app currently. I’ve heard rumor that perks is going away because there was so much fraud, but I’m not sure.

      • Heather

        😭But my perks, my beautiful perks! The one app I use constantly (except FB of course)

      • anna

        What are perks? Have I not been using my app right?

    • Valerie

      I was wondering the same thing. I love my Perks! I hope it doesn’t go away.

  20. AnnieL.

    Not thrilled :-/ love the regular cartwheel app!! Hope you will still be able to see the offers on the website. And on another note, just this past Friday I did a coupon deal, only used two coupons at target but the cashier acted like she wasn’t going to take them because they wouldn’t scan. I said they are an exact match to the items, and if they won’t work I’ll take them to Walmart to use. She then searched thru my bags looking for the items I bought Lol…like she just didn’t look them up on the register and see that I got the right one. Whatever. She did put them thru after I said I was going to take my coupons to Walmart.

  21. Niki

    I downloaded the target app and deleted the cartwheel but I recently just deleted the target and re downloaded the cartwheel. I prefer it perhaps it’s my phone but I didn’t like how on the target cartwheel I could check highest value cartwheel like I can on the regular cartwheel app. I felt like the target app was also laggy even with the wifi I can get in the store.

  22. Rachel

    How do I see my Cartwheel list on the Target app?

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Be sure to keep checking the app for when the switch is completed.

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