Have You Tried Zaycon Fresh? Read About My Experience + Score 25% Off Your Order

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Looking for Fresh and high quality meat for your family?

I recently ordered from a unique, farm fresh drive-thru meat market called Zaycon Fresh for the first time, and thought I’d share my experience. I started by placing an order through ZayconFresh.com, and finding my nearest local pick up to score my whopping 40-POUND box of ground beef! 😮

The drive thru experience was very easy.

Just pull up to the Zaycon Fresh truck, and they will place your order in your trunk. I recommend bringing a cooler, bin, or laundry basket to protect your car from any possible leakage, especially if ordering chicken.

If ordering ground beef, it will come in four 10-pound packages of meat, so be prepared to spend some time portioning, re-packaging, and labeling according to your family’s needs.

Another idea, if the thought of 40-pounds of meat is overwhelming, split with a friend or a neighbor!

For Storage:

I simply used a few Ziploc freezer bags to store the meat we’ll eat right away.  For the rest and the majority of the meat, I borrowed a Food Saver vacuum sealer machine from a friend with the hopes of my meat staying fresh longer in the freezer. My kids and hubby made a helpful assembly line, and it turned into a family event. 😃

TIP:  Use a rolling pin to neatly flatten meat inside the bag, then seal it and label.

Now I have a stocked freezer of meat to conveniently grab from- hooray!

Want to give Zacon Fresh a try?

All you Hip2Save readers can save $25 off your first order of $75 or more when you use promo code 25DEAL at checkout! Expired but you can use promo code GET25 for 25% off your first purchase.

As one idea, use this code to score forty pounds of Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts for around $56.70 – that means you’re paying ONLY $1.42 per pound! Wow! Note that selection and pricing may vary depending on your location.

Hip Tip: To quickly search for Chicken Breasts, just head here (after signing up) and select, “search by product” then choose “Chicken”.

Zacon Fresh Deal Idea:

Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts 40 lbs. $1.89/lb. 
Deal Scenario:
Buy 1 Pack Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts 40 lbs. $75.60
Use promo code 25DEAL ($25 off $75) GET25 (25% off)
Final Cost $50.60 $56.70 total – just $1.42 per pound!

Written by Lina for Hip2Save. Lina is a proud mom of 2 kids who loves photography, all holidays, cooking, thrift store makeovers, bargain shopping, and DIY makeovers. Her goal is to create a beautiful life and stylish home on a dime! To see all of Lina’s DIY/Crafts created just for Hip2Save, click here.

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Comments 107

  1. Laura W

    My coworker gets orders from here all the time and praises this place! She absolutely loves it!

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      That’s great – thanks Laura!

      • sann

        Lina, Can you say what the approx price of the 40lbs of beef was? Thank you

        • Tera

          I think this past time it was $3.99/lb. If you sign up and opt in for emails, they send out coupon codes frequently.

        • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

          My total was 86.60 after the discount code for 40 pounds of 80/20. Hope that helps!

  2. Anna

    When we lived in Charleston SC we used this for our chicken- loved getting a bunch of yummy chicken all at once to load the freezer at a great price! It’s not close enough to where we live now but one day it might be again!

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      Thanks for sharing Anna!

  3. Emily W

    I’ve ordered chicken from Zaycon many times and always been pleased.
    Never had a problem with the boxes leaking.

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      That’s great! Thanks for sharing Emily 👍

  4. Liz

    How long is this code good for, I get paid Friday and hope I can use it 😊

    • Lorri

      Yes! I’m wondering how long this code is good for too! I’ll be traveling for the next two weeks, and then I want to try this out.

    • Luanne

      I just used the code and it said August 11

  5. Cloey

    We’ve gotten chicken fritters, bacon, and chicken breasts, and they’ve been excellent! We’ve got lots on order! Can’t wait for the ground beef.

  6. Sue

    I checked the schedule for the next 18 months near me and not once do they offer ground beef and chicken breasts only pop up twice. Don’t get too excited until you check the schedule near you.

    • Becky

      I just picked up my ground beef order today. It shows that there isn’t anything in my area either. But I ordered 6 months ago too. So I think everything comes around a couple times a year. Once you get on a schedule it’s awesome!

    • Annalisa Scamporrino

      I just picked up less than a week ago and I think just like Becky said it takes awhile to show up on the schedule again even though it will be in again before the 18 months. I seem to remember most things going in 6 months schedules.

  7. Susi

    We purchase all our meats from Zaycon! Ground beef, chicken, steak, and the bacon 🥓 is the best you will ever put in your mouth! Highly recommend all of their products. Economical, convenience, and super fresh product!!

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      That’s great! Thanks Susi 👍

  8. Emily

    I’ve been ordering from zaycon for years and have gotten multiple different things. I love the chicken, salmon, and shrimp but have had a horrible experience with the ground turkey that I got a couple months ago. I’ve found bones, cartilage, and even what I’m pretty sure was a ground up beak in it. I would recommend everything but the ground turkey!

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      Oh no! – thanks for your feedback Emily.

    • Susan

      I had the exact same experience with the ground turkey-it was full of chewy tendon pieces. It was so bad I got a refund. That said, their customer service was great & I’ve never had an issue with chicken breasts I’ve gotten from them. Just stay away from the ground turkey!

    • CourtneyAmanda

      😳😳. A beak!!! That will ruin your day.

  9. Susi

    FYI…you will only be able to pick up each product 2-3 times per year so be sure and purchase accordingly. They don’t make rounds with each item very frequently. We buy our products twice a year so getting 80-120 pounds is not uncommon when buying in bulk a few times a year.

  10. amanda

    The salmon from Zaycon is phenomenal and such a killer deal when combined with a 21% off promo. I’ve also ordered their cod and pollock- very good quality and so nice to have a freezer stocked with healthy seafood.

    • Anna

      So the codes are stackable?

    • Jaime

      Do you have the price and quantity for the salmon?

  11. Jennifer

    We did chicken a couple years back & the quality was great. We haven’t bought recently from them only because our local pickup times aren’t convenient. We have a couple freezers for deer meat so some extra chicken wasn’t an issue. 😉 But I’d buy again for sure if the pick ups were more convenient!

  12. Keiva Harrington

    I’ve been dying to get in on this company for awhile, but they wont come to my area:( I have searched over an hour from me in all directions and still nothing! Please come to Southern VT!!!!! We need you!

    • Christine

      Have you heard of or checked out Walden local meats? They’re based out of Burlington, MA. They source and distribute only in New England. They’re all organic – all antibiotic and hormone free. We’ve been getting our meats from them for a year now and couldn’t be more pleased!! They have a fantastic staff as well.

      • Keiva Harrington

        I’ve never heard of them. How are their prices in comparison to zycon? We are a family of 8, so cost is very important when it comes to meat. 6 boys eat a lot!

  13. Frecklelily

    I’m not seeing ground beef as an option…I even looked under “search for product”

    • Becky

      I just picked up my ground beef order today. It shows that there isn’t anything in my area either. But I ordered 6 months ago too. So I think everything comes around a couple times a year. I would check back. They probably just delivered to your area.

  14. Julie

    Are any of their products organic by chance?

    • Becky

      I just searched…no:( I was surprised it came to our area, but nothing is organic.

    • Amy L

      Depending on where you live, check out Southern Foods. The meats and vegetables are delivered to you and are already portioned out. They are chemical free, pesticide free, and hormone free.

      • Reagan

        What is Southern Foods? Do you have a link?

  15. sara

    I just pick up my 40 pounds of ground beef this last weekend and split it up into 2pound bags for the freezer by myself. Took about an hour and a half with clean up. I love it! I also bought chicken brest in early June. Love that as well. I havnt tried anything else, but once you order from them, you get emails weekly with 20-25% deal on something a week. Pick up is only 3 or 4 times a year.

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      Thanks Sara!

    • Laura

      Is the food frozen when you pick it up?

      • Tera

        Some of the foods are frozen, like bacon or ground turkey. Others are fresh, like chicken breasts and ground beef.

        • Laura

          Thank you! So if you let the ground turkey thaw out to split it up in portions, is it okay then to refreeze the meat again?

          • vmat

            yes, its fine. just let it thaw naturally in the fridge, not in micro or something like that.

          • Tera

            When I bought ground turkey it came in 1 lb chubs, so it wasn’t necessary to package in smaller portions.

      • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

        No my ground beef was fresh.

  16. Tiff

    I love our local farm they butcher their own beef. I’m able to make an online order and pick it up nearby every two weeks! If your in Oklahoma look up Destiny Ranch super fresh and super nice people! If you know of a farm that butchers their own chicken I would love to know!

    • Sybol Maria Nicholson

      Please share the web address for this farm & location. I have a recently transplanted friend who’s fresh from chemotherapy & DESPERATELY needs this information. Fresh is ALWAYS best.

  17. Jenn

    We got one order of the chicken breasts so far. I also have an additional order of breasts and one of thighs for upcoming months. I am super impressed. Awesome quality and I love the drive thru service. I never even thought about the box leaking. Our location lays down a huge, thick plastic bag where ever the box is going to be placed in your car. So convenient with kids in the car. I package them with 2-3 breasts in a plastic bag, then lay them flat in the freezer. Half I put with different marinade sauces/seasonings, half I left plain. I will say though, the breasts are HUGE. My husband and I jokingly refer to them as steroid breasts when we are going to cook them. Please note, I have NO idea if they use them or not, I just feel like they are super-chickenly huge compared to what I am used to buying in my local stores.

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      Great! I want to try the chicken next – thanks For sharing Jen 👍

  18. Maureen

    I am very excited to try this!
    Thank you!!

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      Great! Thanks Maureen 😀

    • Becky

      You’re going to love it!! <3

  19. Jestemqt

    Is the frozen stake or salmon just as good as fresh? Does the freezing alter the taste and texture? Does engine know if they add pink slime to their ground beef ?

    • Sara

      If this is local meat directly sourced from farmers, no pink slime.

      I purchase directly form a local farmer and have never once questioned the quality!

    • faith

      Eweee…what’s pink slime?

  20. Jestemqt

    Anyone *

  21. Erin

    I used to buy Zaycon BSCB all the time then they stopped coming to NM at all. I’m so bummed!

  22. Shannon

    Zaycon has been a blessing for our family – I bought a small chest freezer for $150 and we now purchase almost all of our meet from them. It saves me money on the meat and keeps me out of the grocery store! So far, we’ve had their chicken breasts, ground turkey, lean ground beef, pork chops, chuck roast and Italian sausages. The only thing I’ve had to repack are the chicken breasts and the ground beef. For this, a Foodsaver is a must! Everything has been wonderful! They even issue you a refund if the box you pick up is underweight! And, you can volunteer to work at their events for $10/hr Zaycon credit.

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      That’s wonderful – thanks so much for sharing your experience Shannon!

  23. Melissa

    I have been ordering from Zaycon for about 2 years. Very positive experiences. No complaints. It is wonderful to have meat/fish/chicken in the freezer and never have to run to the store for them. Cutting down on trips to the store is a savings right there.

  24. Renee

    Our family has been purchasing from
    Zaycon for four years and have always been pleased. We have purchased chicken, ribeye steaks, ground beef, ham, salmon, shrimp and pork chops. If there is ever a need to buy meat at a grocery store, my foodie husband can tell the difference.

  25. Caroline

    Is this only available in the southern states because I’m having no luck finding an event in Connecticut and surrounding states.

  26. Adam parker

    Been ordering from these guys a few times. They sell everything pre sale and about twice a year. It’s great quality and extra fresh. You need to order 2-4 months ahead but is nice to be able to plan storage space for these bulk orders. Their referral program is great as you can get credits for your ordering as well as get closer pick ups with more people in your area

  27. kat

    I order the chicken breast in the past. The are huge, but I do find myself having to cut a lot off of them. Took me several hours to get all 40 lbs done but was nice to have in the freezer and not have to run to the store.

    • Jenn

      Strange. I have only gotten one order but haven’t had to trim any so far.

    • kat

      I just checked and they will not be delivering the hamburger meat in my area just chicken, salmon, bacon. 🙁

    • Susie

      I too have had to trim a lot, but I just cook the trimmings with some veggies in my crockpot for some fabulous broth. Now, my last order of chicken breasts was hit and miss. One box was totally fine, but the other box had chicken breasts that were bloody, and had weird stab marks in places that chicken breast shouldn’t have stab marks! I happened to take pictures, and did email them to the company, who apologized profusely, and gave us a refund for that whole box. Quality check must’ve missed that particular case, but that was an unusual occurrence. I have ordered from them numerous times, and have always been happy.

      • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

        Thanks for sharing your experience Susie!

  28. Rachel

    This is interesting… I have ordered their ground beef before and it came in 20 – 2 pound packages. Super easy to just throw those in the freezer. I am picking up my second order next week… wonder if it will be packaged like yours above…

    • Tera

      There were a lot of complaints about the 2 lb chubs (about 95% of mine leaked when I thawed them, which means they were not air tight), so they switched back to the 10 lb tubes.

      • emmi

        Agreed! The one time I ordered it and it was the individual ones, the quality of the, meat was terrible. However, zaycon customer service is awesome. I took pictures and emailed them and they gave me a credit for the entire order!

        • Megan Grandemange

          Agreed. We hated the 2lb packages.👎 it’s the only Zaycon item we’ve gotten that we haven’t loved.

  29. dary

    $25.00 off – expires on August 11, 2017

  30. Tera

    The bacon is so delicious. Seriously. Try it.

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      I definitely plan too! Yum

  31. Kris

    Lina, do you have a referral code? I had never heard of Zaycon before this post, and am going to sign up. There is a place to put in a referral code on sign up, and I want to be sure you get credit! Thanks so much!

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      You are so kind! Feel free to use the hip2save link 😀

  32. Cynthia

    The best! Quality is excellent. Pricing is amazing. Don’t hesitate for a second about trying Zaycon. You won’t be sorry. I won’t buy meat anywhere else. Can’t wait to try the salmon coming in November. Oh, and I recomment investing in a FoodSaver. There are always great sales and promos. It will pay for itself in no time flat. RUN!

  33. Danielle

    I had a horrible experience with the chicken breast, I have friends who have been ordering for years and love it. I wanted to can most of mine and they even have a video on how to handle that much meat to be canned, I was so looking forward to it, had everything set up to start right away when I got home. However, when I did get home my box was frozen solid, so I call and e-mailed over the next 2 months of an extremely rude customer service person (not exaggerating) finally got to talk to some else and they refunded my entire purchase. My friends still all order from them but I will now just stick with local.

    • Jenn

      You really asked for a full refund of 40 lbs of meat because it was frozen?! I don’t know much about canning but you couldn’t have just let it thaw first? Seems a little greedy to ask for a full refund just because of that. If the meat was bad, needed crazy trimming or didn’t meet weight I would understand.

      • Shelby

        Yeah, that person is crazy. Who wants canned meat anyway unless preparing for the apocalypse?

        • Molly

          Definitely not crazy! Canning is super easy and excellent way to store meat! Think about it… Ever lost power and a freezer full of meat?! I can venison and never have to worry about the power outages!

  34. dealhousewife

    Is this promo only for first time customers? I’ve used Zaycon before, so I already have an account. It’s hard to spend LESS than $75! lol. No beef near me anytime soon, but looks like that have everything else. I’ve done their ground beef and chicken breasts before. From the comments above, I’d like to try their bacon! 😉 Thanks!

    • Megan Grandemange

      They have a 22% off coupon today that actually makes the bacon cheaper than this deal since it’s costs so much. The code is ANNIVERSARY.

      • dealhousewife

        Thank you!!

      • Kor

        How long is this good ? Is it only for bacon?

  35. Laceeboma

    I ordered ground turkey and had no problems with it! I ONLY buy chicken breasts from zaycon…delicious flavor!

    • Jen

      Thank you for sharing. I have this on order currently and was getting nervous about my order based on the comments above. I have ordered chicken a couple of times but this is my first time to try the ground turkey. Hopefully my experience is similar to yours.

  36. anon

    Is there only a certain day to pick up your item?

    • Happymama

      Yes it shows you the day and time frame to be there.

  37. Happymama

    It’s interesting that the pick-up locations in my area are all churches. Do they receive a portion? Just curious 🙂

    • keiva Harrington

      I highly doubt that the church gets anything. I’d imagine it’s because the church is the only place kind enough to let them use their lot without some insurance sign off or something.

    • 3bettins

      Yes, the church will be gifted a case of whatever item is being delivered that month. That is according to our delivery driver, the lovely Jim.

  38. LM

    I’ve had the beef, chicken, and the bacon and all are delicious. I mean seriously, the bacon is the best bacon I’ve ever had. We’ve had people joke about drinking the drippings it’s that good.

    My parents have gotten the roast and salmon and like it.

  39. Felix gaytan

    Code is only good for new customers… 🙁 Bummer.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Yes, good on your first order.

  40. HoneyNYC

    I’m also dying to try this service but I’m in NYC and they don’t come here. However, I did email them and I was told that perhaps with more interest they might come. So if you’re like me, start emailing!!!

  41. Jo

    Topcashback is offering 15% cash back

  42. Sara

    Seems like a nice idea, but still too rich for my blood. I buy beef when it’s on sale at the grocery story for $0.99 that’s when I stock up. The chicken is a good deal though. I’d just be too afraid to stock up too much. Our freezer stopped working once, it blew a fuse or something. We lost everything in our freezer, since then don’t we stock up a whole ton in case it happens again.

  43. Cristine

    I love zaycon! Been using them for a long time and it’s always great quality. I’ve even mentioned them in my posts here before.

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      That’s great- thanks for sharing 😀

  44. Meg

    I’ve ordered chicken breasts from Zaycon several times, and I ordered ground turkey once. I’ve been pleased with all of it.
    To answer a couple of questions: It’s fresh from the farm just like what your store would be getting. You’re basically bypassing the middle man. They don’t add scary stuff to it, but it is NOT organic, free range etc… (One look at the size of the chicken breasts and you’ll know for sure!). If you know a place where you can get organic meat at this price, I suggest you keep it secret! lol
    Ours was not frozen solid, but it was definitely very cool and packed to stay that way. That’s nice imho because you don’t have to immediately rush to deal with it. I did not find the chicken to require much prep at all. I know some people trim it or whatever, but I just have my husband put some of it in freezer portions with our Food Saver (He’s taken….), and I cook some of it up in our slow cooker and then freeze shredded chicken for recipes.
    I’ve picked up at churches and roller skating rinks! I think they look for places with large, unused parking lots.
    You can earn some extra money by helping out when they deliver (they usually send an email out about those opportunities), and you can earn credit towards their products by referring friends. I think you just have to do what works for your lifestyle. Yes, you can *sometimes* get meats at comparable products out here, but you can’t get that quantity at once, and you’re having to wait on a sale. On the other hand, if you have a small family, and you don’t have a freezer, or if it’s important to you to buy local, grass fed beef etc….then this is not the deal for you. If you have a larger family or like to do freezer meals, or just like to get a good deal all in one shot without having to stalk sales, this is a very good option. It’s basically the only place we buy chicken at this point. Anyway, hope that helps! Sorry I can’t take advantage of this new customer offer because it’s great!

  45. Sophia

    FYI, it’s not organic. They use hormones and antibiotics. Their feed contains GMO as well. I feel uneasy when a chicken breast is greatly larger than my hand. It’s a super deal for those who don’t have issues consuming such products though!

  46. Michelle Murphy

    I just ordered 40 pounds of Chicken Breasts for $50.60! Not only is that a great deal but the sodium is only 90 mg!! That’s almost unheard of in Chicken Breasts. I haven’t been able to find Chicken Breasts for under 190-200 mg for my husband who is on a low sodium diet due to a heart attack.
    Looking forward to the pick-up date to give them a try ♥

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      That is so great!

  47. Mizz Mo

    Too bad they “grain finish” their beef – grains make cows sick and completely undoes all the good of grass feeding cows – but it does fatten them up. You’re better off finding a local farmer that is honest and feeds their cows grass from start to finish.

  48. hippie2save

    Do they have organic or hormone free meat?

  49. hippie2save

    Never mind I see my answer. Thank you.

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