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Is Starbucks Discreetly Raising Prices?

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Starbucks lovers, you may need to grab some extra coins from the change jar! ☕️

Rumor has it that Starbucks has discreetly raised the prices on select sizes of drip coffee, espresso drinks, cookies, and bacon Gouda breakfast sandwiches by 10% this past week. Thanks to the excitement surrounding the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte, you may not have noticed this change.

With this increase, Starbucks mochas and lattes (including the Pumpkin Spice Latte ) may soon cost 10¢ to 30¢ more at select locations and the bacon Gouda breakfast sandwich could range from $3.45 to $4.95 depending on your location. Additionally, Starbucks-brand cookies may increase by about 30¢ each. See the articles here and here for more information.

Have you noticed this price increase at your store? 😱
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  1. Dana

    Already crazy expensive. Soon enough we will be paying $10 for a cup of coffee.

    • Katherine

      Sadly, as long as there are customers willing to pay the expensive prices daily, Starbucks will continue increasing their prices.

      • Kay

        Katherine I was literally going to type the same sentiment.

        • Katherine

          Great minds 😉 Imagine a “Starbucks Blackout Day” where no one buys Starbucks for one day? It’s happened with Gas prices and Energy prices… but the lines to Starbucks the next day would be crazy long from everyone having withdrawals LOL 😀

      • couponer

        And that is exactly the problem. If people continue to pay it they will continue to charge it. Speak with your wallets. Dunkin Donuts is as good or better for much less.

        • mel

          What do you order at Dunkin Donuts? I have only been once but I found it hard to find something to order, the menu was confusing. It’s been a while so it may have changed. I felt like I could only order plain coffee- even though I’ve heard they have lots of flavors. We just moved and I’m no longer 5 minutes away from Starbucks, so I may have to be a Dunkin drinker now.

          • Daniela

            I would play with their app, as if you are going to order a mobile pick up. There you will see all their flavors. They have blueberry, French vanilla, coconut, seasonal flavors, etc. some are sugar free, others are extra sweet. I love their blueberry iced coffee with cream and Splenda. I am not a fan of their Cold Brew. Too bitter. Wawa wins that business.

          • A.Rich

            Mel funny I am a loyal Dunkin customer and I find Starbucks confusing….To answer your ? I think you can order most anything you want though macchattios, espresso, iced or hot coffee and they have plenty of flavors to choose from. I like thier seasonal ones right now they have pumpkin spice and salted caramel yum! Hope this helps

            • mel

              Thank you both!!

          • couponer

            Large dark roast iced coffee with cream + sugar. I don’t like any flavorings in my coffee. Like suggested by another, download the app and you can play around with it and see the menu that way. I like their cold brew coffee as well.

        • Jen

          I’m a pretty loyal Starbucks customer. My mom asked me to get her an iced tea at Dunkin’ Donuts and it was almost $3! My coffee is $2 and it bring me so much happiness! So I guess it just depends on what you get at Starbucks but I think they get a bad rap for being expensive.

          • A.Rich

            Jen what do you get at Starbucks a sample 😀but seriously I have never spent less than $4 for a tall.

            • Masmics

              When I go to Starbucks (my favorite is NW local Dutch Brothers), I get a tall house coffee for @$2. Iced in the summer. When I visit small towns I occasionally get charged extra for almond milk as creamer, but ordinarily it’s just free (with stevia or splenda) at the condiment bar. I don’t need the extra sugar (or chemicals) and it’s guilt-free!

            • Daniela

              I usually get double shot of espresso over ice with a flavor shot of toffee nut. Less than $2.45. Ask for a grande cup and add your own milk or cream at the sugar station.

            • Leigh

              Masmics, it’s company policy that they don’t charge for under 4 oz of cold milk. Any type of cold milk. So if they charge you $0.60 for almond or soy, keep your receipt and call customer service. Also vanilla and caramel flavor syrups are free in iced coffees, but not in hot coffee.

              It’s usually cheaper for me to get a tall pike and add a shot for $0.80 than it is to get a latte. Under $3 for a tall and then whatever milk I want on the side, as long as it’s under 4oz. Starbucks doesn’t have to break the bank. I’m surprised so many smart shoppers here don’t shop smart at Starbucks!

            • Jen

              Leigh- thank you for the tips!!!

    • riss

      Right?! And you called it- we will still pay $10 ( ok, maybe not all of us;) Oh, for the love of Starbucks!

    • Jen D

      But it’s partially inflation. That is a constant we can always expect. A cup of coffee used to cost 10 cents way back in the day….Although I do believe Starbucks is pretty overpriced, $2.xx for a plain coffee really isn’t horrible.

    • Kat L

      So It wasnt my imagination that I spent more on I paid more for my Iced Caramel Macchiato last week! 🙁 So sad. I need to start learning how to make my own.

  2. Michelle

    I don’t see why everybody likes Starbucks. Every time I have tried it the coffee is terrible. I prefer the Coffee Beanery. Much better coffee and better prices.

    • Alexcia

      I think it’s because they’re the biggest corporate all around coffee joint in most areas

    • Denise

      That’s soo funny I think there coffee is terrible also. I know I will catch heat but I love McDonald’s coffee

      • Freckle53

        I much prefer McDonald’s coffee to Starbucks. I find it bitter and it has a burnt aftertaste. I am a straight up coffee with cream and sugar girl though. Dunkin once put vanilla creamer in my coffee and I gagged. It smelled like cake batter (which I love when it’s actual cake batter) and tasted gross. Dunkin is my favorite to go coffee. I live in an area without a single Starbucks for like an hour each way.

        • Amy

          That is funny. I live in an area with 5 starbucks within a 5 min walk of one another. And not a single dunkin doughnuts. I hate coffee I think it is gross. But this post is very entertaining.

    • Anne

      Dunn Brothers or a local shop that treats every customer with respect and the employees don’t write nasty stuff on the cups. I really don’t know why people go to Starbucks–the coffee is pathetic.

    • Mumm

      SBC is so much better. Starbucks for us tastes like over roasted,burnt coffee. I know that’s a common theme,I’ve seen many other comments saying the same. My sister and sister in law are all about Starbucks 🙂 . Oh and We live close to Seattle.

    • Tolu

      Sentiments shared. Gross and complete waste of money. Quik Trip is much cheaper and tastes waaaaaay better.

  3. Rosa

    My husband mentioned it yesterday. He was really upset. The barista actually pointed it out at first and apologized profusely for the 20 cent increase to a regular cup of coffee. Now it is over $2 a cup just for just regular coffee!! I do not go to Starbucks because I do not drink coffee and I think their prices are way to high anyways (for tea and stuff) but he is a Starbucks addict. He is seriously considering making a big change and not going to Starbucks anymore. I can’t say I am not pleased because this will hopefully save us some money in the long run:)

    • Krio

      I see the frustration, however even at 7/11 it is $2.25 for regular coffee. I think the only way to get it cheaper is to make it at home.

    • Dee

      We bought a ninja coffee system last Christmas on sale. It’s been the best thing we ever did. We always stopped at Starbucks but the ninja makes an amazing cup of coffee. Follow the recipes provided for lattes and other espresso drinks. I promise you will never go back!

      • Jarnett

        I couldn’t agree more! I received a ninja two years ago for Christmas and it makes the best coffee! I buy Starbucks beans and Torani syrup and make my “starbucks” at home!

      • Nico's Mom

        Yes! I just got a Ninja two weeks ago. Best investment ever!

      • Karen

        I’m just curious which model of ninja is this? I wanna take a look at it. I love coffee and I always make it at home 🙂

  4. Melissa

    Love Starbucks, but I love my hard earned money the most😃😃😃. So goodbye starbucks.

  5. Nels

    Hmm I think you meant “discreetly” 🙂

    • Beth McMeekin

      I’m glad there’s another spelling/grammar nerd here. I was going to say the same.

    • Mable

      Hmm And I think you forgot your punctuation. There is a period at the end of a sentence 😀 Just sayin’.

      • s

        Just saying, sayin’ is not a word.

    • Amy

      I guess I missed where someone spelled discreetly wrong, or used it incorrectly.

  6. Lisa

    Fluffy coffee will break a budget super fast. It just adds up. It should be the first thing to go for anyone who cares about finances. There are sooooo many home options these days, I guess I don’t get why people want junk ( sugar) when they can save $ making a yummy sugar free option at home. Trim Healthy Mama has lots of options. Save your waistline and your budget and make fluffy coffee an occasional treat.

    • Rosi

      I agree Lisa! I moved away from coffee completely by 1st switching to making it at home & now, I just drink tea. But! I take full advantage of reward challenges …I maximize what I’m getting when I spend there if it goes towards free rewards. Today bkfast on Starbucks! Birthday reward & a star earned reward redeemed. It felt like a million 💵 2 start off my bday wknd that way. Otherwise I cannot justify spending double the 💲4 what I can do at home.

    • Kathleen

      I agree, we save a Ton of money making our own cold brew coffee at home. We just use a french press!

    • Holly

      I wanted to share a couple of articles here, not to be argumentative or difficult, but because they (and the sentiment in them) have been really helpful to me in “not sweating the small stuff” and making myself miserable with guilt over a cup of coffee or other small treat.

      I absolutely understand that Starbucks isn’t for everyone and agree that it’s expensive; however, for some people it’s just that one little chosen “Treat Yo’Self” luxury that helps make the rest of the time we spend chasing the “big wins” a little more bearable. For others it might be a mani/pedi (also something you can do at home) or a glass of wine with friends (also something you can do at home), but there’s just that little extra sparkle of occasionally giving yourself “the real thing.”

      As with most of the things featured on Hip2Save, if you’re smart about it, you can even get the occasional latte at a discount, through the combination of Groupon, Starbucks Rewards, and gift card reload promotions. Hip2Save has been a huge help for me being able to treat myself with Starbucks once a month to reward myself for knocking out “big wins” like reaching savings goals and paying off student loan debts.

      The gist of these articles is that, despite what some economists might tell us, allowing yourself a small indulgence now and then isn’t what’s keeping you from being rich and it’s not what’s keeping people in debt, either. Avocado toast isn’t the reason millennials can’t afford houses, either.

      We deprive ourselves and feel guilty for enjoying things because it’s not what we think we “should” do, so we tend to fret over a $4 cup of coffee. But then we often don’t have the same sense of intensity and focus for financial decisions that can reap MUCH larger rewards.

      I’d rather focus on the BIG wins and get more bang for my buck, then allow myself a cup of Starbucks if I like. 🙂

      • Mel

        Thank You Holly for your excellent post! I was trying to type up something similar, but it wouldn’t come together. As much as I save through deal hunting, I like that I can ‘indulge’ on Starbucks a few times month. To help me out, I cash out my rebate apps (like Ibotta, Savingstar) or survey/point sites and get a $5 or $10 Starbucks eGC. And of course, take advantage whenever Collin posts those buy $10, get $10 bonus offers or when you buy 3 products, get $5 eGC throughout the year (and other promos). And don’t forget Target CW offers (if your store has a Starbucks)!!
        And I really don’t see the point of this post. All retailers ‘discreetly’ raise prices! Do they have to make a mandatory announcement every time a gallon or milk or bottle of shampoo goes up??

      • Amy

        Your funny. Who gets manicure and pedicures? Who drinks wine? Who drinks coffee? Who has time for that stuff? If people need to treat themselves go out in the back yard and run around and play with their kids for a treat. Try and do cart wheels, play with driveway chalk, look for 4 leaf clovers, sit and watch the cloud animals. That is a true treat, and most of the stuff I listed are free.

        • Holly

          Gee, I hope you’re kidding — at least a little. 🙂

          Who drinks coffee? Well, Collin, for one, is a pretty big fan of it. LOL!

          Who has time for that stuff? People for whom those things are important. We all make time for those things that matter to us, whether that’s a cup of coffee or a few minutes to gaze up at the clouds. We’ve made time to read through and write these comments on this post, so presumably we both have at least a little free time in our lives. 🙂

          So, there’s no need to judge or condescend just because someone else may not enjoy the same things as you. Not everyone has kids or even a backyard, so their interests may differ. There’s nothing at all wrong with that, just as there’s nothing wrong with your chosen treats, either. Do what makes you happy, which can’t possibly be worrying about someone else’s cup of coffee. 🙂

        • Nancygaye

          Who drinks wine? Lololol! 🍷

    • Deb

      Lisa, fellow THM’er here – love my trim coffee options!!

  7. Eve

    I think you mean discreetly.

  8. Amy

    People are really complaining about a 10% increase in price when they pay an absurd amount of money for a cup of coffee to begin with 😂

    • Rosa

      Not all comments are complaints

      • Amy

        Never said they were

  9. Christina

    If it makes anyone feel better, they do offer really great benefits to their employees. And not just corporate. There is an education benefit that’s quite generous and others. Just food for thought. 😀

    • Rosi

      Thx 4 the reminder! It actually does ease the pain 4 me 🙂

    • Nono F

      Was thinking the same thing…I worked at Starbucks years ago, and they were really good to their employees as far as health benefits, education and lifting employees up. When I go to Starbucks for a treat now, I always remind myself this 🙂

  10. Seren

    Maybe it’s to make up for the loss they are experiencing. Since they publicly announced they do not support our veterans or troops we choose to no longer purchase anything from them as have many others. I do miss it ALOT but got to support our country and the men and women who fight so hard to keep our freedoms…

    • Steph

      This is one of the oldest rumors dating back to 2004! I suggest reading up on it to see the actual story regarding their stance on the military.

      • Laurie

        Exactly! I am sooo sick of that story!

    • Dee

      I’ve searched far and wide to find Starbucks’ public announcement that they don’t support our veterans or troops, but can’t find anything from them. When did they say this and why would they say something so seemingly unpatriotic? We’re a military family, and are under the impression that Starbucks not only supports our country and military, but readily hires veterans. Thank you.

    • coolrocks

      Wow .. seriously???

    • Rebecca

      Starbucks actually has military stores, where they only hire veterans, spouses, active duty, etc. They are opening more each year. They opened the first one in my town several years ago & just opened another nearby. They also send coffee to deployed members. I may prefer Dunkin Donuts over Starbucks, but it isn’t because they don’t support our troops, they definitely do.

  11. SC

    I personally don’t like to spend money on coffee or salad. I can make that at home myself. I bought the ninja coffee bar system. It makes a perfect coffee.

  12. Qgirlfriend

    I was just drinking my chai latte this morning and thinking “what exactly do they put in this…it’s SO good!”
    It’s a minor price increase…won’t change my buying habits. 🙂

  13. Daniela

    I used a reward today to get a PSL latte with an extra shot of espresso. $7.45! Ack. Latte at DD is $4 and McD is $2. So yeah McD it is.

    • Dara

      I tried the McDonald’s PSL yesterday and it was pretty darn good…and, yes, only $2 for a small! That price is available until the end of the year, and includes many specialty coffee drinks, hot and iced, and even shakes for you non-coffee drinkers. I have to admit, I’ve been hitting Mickey D’s over my beloved Starbucks quite a lot lately.

      • Sarah

        If you go to MD’s you need to get the app. There are soooo many great deals on there especially if you get their coffee. They have deals all the time where you can get a free medium Mccafe item with any purchase. I’ll get a medium frappe for myself and a large regular coffee for my husband all for $1. No one else can beat that deal!

  14. spi_cy13

    It’s completely asinine! I went to my local Starbucks two days ago and paid $4.05 plus tax (=$4.42) for a SHORT (8 oz.) pumpkin spice chai tea latte! 55.25 cents per ounce for a cup of tea and milk!? 🙁

  15. Jenn

    For those that like the pumpkin spice drinks, Einstein Bagels has an amazing pumpkin latte! It blows the Starbucks pumpkin spice latte out of the water!

  16. Hannah

    McD’s just expanded their McCafe menu and I read that they’re installing $12,000 espresso machines in all their restaurants serving McCafe drinks. Can’t beat a $2 latte!

    • Daniela

      Oooh awesome! Also McD app has a deal, buy 5 get 1 free.

      • Laurie

        Yup! McD is the best for coffee!

    • Sarah

      If you go to MD’s you need to get the app. There are soooo many great deals on there especially if you get their coffee. They have deals all the time where you can get a free medium Mccafe item with any purchase. I’ll get a medium frappe for myself and a large regular coffee for my husband all for $1. No one else can beat that deal!

  17. Kel

    I LOVE Starbucks! #noshameinmygame

    • riss

      I like local coffee shop, but for (almost) the same amount of $$, plus stars towards rewards, I’d go to where it’s consistently good. I love me some caramel frap and caramel macchiato!

  18. Samantha

    Heads up, Panera Bread did the same thing 😔 for our family, we usually paid around $28-30 for our meal, but the last time we went, our total was just over $40 even though we always order the exact same thing! My husband called customer service to inquire, and they said they raised the prices… I’m so bummed because I love Panera, but I don’t think their meals are worth that much for the “category” restaurant I would put Panera

  19. Adriana

    This is why I don’t drink sbux coffee often, but when I do I use or other discount site to save when I do go 🙂

  20. Melissa

    I work at Starbucks and in defense, we brew coffee every 30 minutes whether it is almost empty or full so customers are always getting super fresh coffee. Freshness in all items is very important from the whipped cream to the mocha syrup.

    • frank

      You might brew the coffee every 30 minutes but the beans are ground months in advance!
      Starbucks coffee is bitter and tastes worse than dirty bath water IMHO.

      • Melissa

        I’m not sure where you’ve seen that Frank but we grind our beans right before brewing

        • frank

          Yes..right out of the bag of beans that’s been stored in a warehouse for months.
          Point is coffee is not as fresh as your competition.

  21. thehenrydthoreau

    The money spent on Starbucks coffee could help people climb out of their debts. With these hurricanes pummeling the east coast and the wild fires pummeling the west, I think such money would be better spent elsewhere. I find it amazing how people enslave themselves sometimes.

    • *Angela-Miles*

      I agree after tracking my out of the house food and drink spending last year. I’ve saved alot more money this year not stopping and get random stuff from drives thrus and such this year.

    • ET

      There is a difference between getting it a few times a year or even once a month vs. daily. The advice of cutting that out of your budget is targeting people who go to Starbucks daily.

    • Holly

      You know, the same argument could be made about time spent writing comments like these on blog posts.

      Instead of typing judgmental comments about what other people do with their money, you could be volunteering. Your time could be better spent elsewhere (as, yes, of course, could mine).

      Perhaps, though, you enjoy interacting with people via Internet comments. Perhaps you’ve already contributed to hurricane and wildfire relief and feel you’re now entitled to enjoy a bit of your own time?

      Well, perhaps some people simply enjoy Starbucks coffee or similar treats. It doesn’t mean they’re slaves or that they somehow don’t care about their neighbors any more than you wasting your time on the Internet means those things!

      Perhaps some of those same Starbucks-drinkin’ people are even Red Cross volunteers and EMS personnel who are doing far more to help than either of these silly blog comments will. 😛

  22. angeld001

    Whatever you do, do not order a pumpkin cheesecake frapp from Starbucks. Here is why: a small one was about $6 due to adding pumps of several different items which are charged at $.50-$.60 each. The total yesterday for one small pumpkin cheesecake frapp and a small bag of gummy pandas? $10. I usually don’t frequent Starbucks but that seems a lot for a small drink.

  23. Anne

    Howard Schultz the CEO of Starsucks is the 595th richest person in the US &has a net worth of almost 3 BILLION. That’s a good reason to not support his company. Were they not in the news last year for taking away peoples “stars”, forcing people to buy more before they would get a reward and now price increases. NO THANKS, Mr Schultz.

    • Dee

      Interesting logic. Warren Buffett is far richer than Mr. Schultz. Does this mean that we should avoid all products and services from his company, Berkshire Hathaway, as well? If so, don’t buy GEICO auto insurance, Dairy Queen treats, Duracell batteries, and probably a hundred other items. I don’t have the time to research the corporate ownership interests of the other 594 people who are richer than Howard Schultz, but I suspect it would dearly impact yours and my purchases to a huge degree.

      • Sam

        Gotta start somewhere & Starbucks is in the negative news too much. Are they still in court with a class action for under filling their beverage cups?

    • Michelle

      So being successful equals being boycotted? Yeah, that’s logical. No, I can’t go to that Dr, he makes too much money? Really? On the stars issue, 1. There’s always been a disclaimer that the program could be changed at any time 2. People already buying the more expensive drinks get rewards faster 3. They don’t have to offer rewards, including the free birthday drink at all. On the class action issue: anyone suing over an ounce or two of coffee is just looking for something to sue over. If you don’t like it, just don’t go there. Don’t go repeatedly and then sue over it.

  24. serenity he

    My favorite place is still peets. The bacon and gouda in my area is already 3.75. I usually don’t go to sbux unless they have special deals.

  25. Ashley G

    Ugh! Don’t even get me started on the app and star rewards; I’m having to contact customer service at least once a week to get things corrected! I’m so tired of the “technical glitches” and poor customer service response that I’m just using up my rewards and deleting the app. However, stuck in a medical waiting room and Sbux is the only option right now. I just got the most delicious pour over with a pump of pumpkin sauce! Great flavor with quite a calorie savings (though the “sauce” is still filled with horrible junk I know). Baby steps I guess!

  26. Cami

    That stinks! Everything is going up, except salaries (at least around here). But in light of it all, I feel kind of ridiculous to say anything as there are people in this world who don’t even have access to clean drinking water.

  27. Laurie

    It blows my mind that every drive thru is always packed with customers. The cost to eat out for any drive thru is around $10-12. I like to travel so I will save my money for that.

  28. Beth

    I got a free drink today because of the deal last week of buy one and get a free one later. If it hadn’t been “free” my venti PSL with an extra shot would have been $6.52! I can get an entire pizza at Aldi for $4.99!

  29. Michelle

    I think it’s funny that it’s most likely the same “livable wage” fighters that complain about the price of things. Starbucks is a company that is known for treating their employees very well with above minimum hourly wages, insurance, vacation, education reimbursement and still allows them to receive tips on top of everything! All that stuff costs $$$.

    • Amy

      Sounds like employees are being paid pretty well. Probably a good time to remove that silly tip jar from the counter.

      • Abby

        Exactly what I was thinking Amy! I don’t mind tipping for most food service places, but I see it as pointless when employees are already paid a very fair wage.

      • Michelle

        For the record, I don’t ever tip. To me, if it’s a job earning minimum wage or above it is not a tip worthy job. I do tip 10% on to go items where I know a sever had to participate in the transaction. They aren’t doing a full service, so I tip half of what I normally would because they only make like $2.45 an hr and have to stop their regular tables to grab and bag my food, silverware and condiments. My point was that in addition to there fair pay and other benefit, Starbucks allows and even encourages through the app tips.

  30. *Angela-Miles*

    I don’t drink coffee. But my mother does and she LOVES McDonald’s coffee. Can’t beat their price either, I pick it up often for her. Just thought I’d share so others might try it 🙂 . Oh and after adding up finances of my eating out habit. I figured up that I was spending over $1300 a year on meals out of the house/lunch break meals, that average around $5 to $6 dollars a meal. I made it a goal to cut back and save that money for more vacations to take. Tracking small spending really does add up in the end.

  31. Christine

    I think the bigger issue is that the middle class hasn’t had a decent pay raise in a long time and yet our expenses continue to go up, despite economic stories in the media about deflationary trends in pricing. I think things stayed really cheap during the recession but now prices are going up, but it’s sneaky.

    The middle class is undoubtedly being squeezed. That’s why car loans are now 7-8 years long, so that people still have the illusion that they can afford them.

    The sneaky price creep has been happening for awhile now. For example, I think Taco Bell’s large drink shrunk awhile ago. P&G changed the package sizing on Tide and Gain too. Much of the smaller sizes were designed to get people over the hump in between paydays during the recession. The grocery stores here in Phoenix have all changed their policies and good grocery sales with coupons happen 3-4x per year instead of 10-20.

    I have personally noticed that my expenses have gone up — especially car insurance and cell phone service — and I’ve been making decisions about what to change based on priorities.

    As far as Starbucks, a price increase of thirty to forty cents won’t change my decision to visit. However, I also don’t spend a lot of money on beauty treatments or bad habits. It comes down to priorities, IMO.

  32. L.G.

    My Duncan Donuts is terrible. You can go and order a flavored coffee and get a plain one with a little milk. They never get my order right so I don’t deal with them. The cashiers are always spacey. I always get A+ customer service at Starbucks and I don’t mind paying an extra 10 cents for that (and helping veterans and students). That being said I don’t go every day like some people do. I also get their Via coffee in the grocery store which works out to $1 a cup and I still get points towards free items at Starbucks in store.

  33. Mea

    Raise the price all you like Sbux because we have not shopped your stores in years. Do they still offer overpriced, bitter coffee served by rude overpaid employees?

    • mel

      Well, like any retail store, there are bound to be good AND bad. I absolutely love my Target Starbucks Baristas. They are always so helpful and cheerful. All the other locations, I order ahead for p/u so I don’t have to deal with rude peeps!

  34. Coffee Lover

    McDonald’s coffee…hands down the best in my opinion! I am a black coffee drinker, so it has to taste great. It has a bold flavor but not bitter like Starbucks. I drink it daily and couldn’t be happier with my choice. I’ve also tried their new espresso drinks…Caramel Macchiato, Vanilla Cappuccino, Iced Mocha, etc. and they’re delicious too!

  35. Gail

    Tim Horton’s rules!!

  36. Amber

    I’ll never forget the time my husband and I were drinking our Starbucks at a park and these two older gentlemen totally roasted us. They were like, “The guy who started Starbucks lives in a multi-million dollar mansion nearby! Can’t believe you pay that much for coffee but he’s enjoying it!” lol – that didn’t stop us from still getting it occasionally but I think the older generations think we’re nuts. 🙂

  37. Rebecca

    I’m an iced coffee girl & Dunkin Donuts has the best I’ve found. Their Dark roast option makes it perfect, never watery. All their syrups are good (and free!) and they frequently have coupons. I don’t know about their regular coffee but every iced drink I’ve tried at McDonald’s has been absolutely horrible. For Starbucks, we usually only go when they have specials(like b1g1 frapps), my kids think it’s a fun treat. And even then it’s using a gift card I got 50% off. 10-30¢ realistically isn’t going to stop me from getting anything I really want, but then again I’m not a daily purchaser.

    • Amber

      I love Dunkin’ iced coffee, too. Cream and sugar – 1 extra sugar! Plus I think their sizes are larger than Sbux.

      • Rebecca

        I agree!

  38. josie

    I buy Starbucks gift cards from Groupon (and other places) when you can pay $5 for a $10 gift card. (Another great reason to follow Hip2Save!) So I consider every drink I get to be half off and that takes the sting out of it a little. I also do Starbucks rewards and get a free drink here and there and a free one on my birthday, so when you average it all out it’s fairly affordable. So my $4.15 Grande Nonfat Toffeenut Latter is really only around $2.

  39. J P

    Instead of raising their darn prices, why don’t they do something nice and help out some hurricane victims.

  40. Sari

    Stop spending my hard earned cash at Starbucks few years ago. Prefer local coffee roaster or just make at home. Try to support the local businesses whenever possible.

  41. holly

    I gave up on all coffee joints a year ago!! Maybe you’ll find me in Peets or Starbucks 4 times a YEAR. But it has always blown my mind of the extra charge for soy milk. I’ll stick with my home coffee and energy drinks (i know, i know: energy drinks are bad!).

  42. Kristy

    Confirms my decision to make coffee at home😉


    Why dont we start supporting the smaller coffee shops instead of a corporate company who is only interested in profit.

  44. Laura

    I don’t think the price increase is discrete at all or maybe just because I notice everytime something goes up a few pennies. I go to Starbucks maybe twice a month and that’s only because they have Frappuccinos otherwise I will get a medium iced coffee at McDonald’s and pay only a dollar and it tastes a lot better than the coffee at Starbucks.

  45. Tina9222

    People, keep drinking what makes you happy!! Spend what you must this should not interfere with anyone. Everyone else keep living your life as you choose…Go on now!

  46. Mom24boyz

    Love my Starbucks! Worth every penny! All you haters can hate 😊 McDonalds coffee is disgusting!

  47. Sue P

    Has anyone else noticed a total decline in contacting customer service at Starbucks? They used to get back to you within 48 tops. Recently it has taken over two weeks to try to resolve and issue because CS didn’t respond to emails for over a week, twice. I’m keeping after them because the issue that started the contact was bad enough to warrant compensation. I have spoken to reps who have claimed to add compensation $ to my account only for it not to show up and not to show up again when I called to inquire. They used to make things right in a timely fashion. Right now, I’m enjoying any size iced tea or coffee at Dunkin’ for $1.50 instead.

    • Rebecca

      Yes! I used to get responses within 24 hours, 48 at the most. Recently it took a week & a half to get my issue resolved.

  48. jeff landes

    The best thing that I have been doing now is asking for a grande coffee in a venti cup then i’m not wasting money by telling them to leave room for milk!

  49. Shannon

    Does no one brew their own coffee anymore? We do and take a cup to go. My hubby drinks about a million cups a day and always black, yuck. But easy to make lol.

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