I Will NEVER Again Buy A Wanna-Be Roomba Vacuum

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Similar to how we do our Try Me Tuesday posts with product recommendations, I thought it would be also fun to do basically the complete opposite. With that said, I introduce “Waste of Money Wednesday!” 😂 This post will be exactly that – the Hip2Save team will be sharing products that they aren’t happy with, products they feel are a waste of money – basically product UN-recommendations.

Hey there! It’s Michelle, one of Collin’s sidekicks!

Have you ever really convinced someone, such as your husband, how bad you REALLY needed something and how much easier it would make your life… only for them to give in and agree and then the thing turned out to flop? Yeah. Same. 😫

I have 4 kids and my niece living with us along with 2 dogs and a cat. I was fairly certain that I had achieved the level of crazy/busy/mom status to ‘deserve’ a vacuum that did the work for me. I really wanted my husband to gift me with a Roomba for Christmas, but he was not getting all of my VERY obvious hints (guys are like that sometimes).  Well, I ended up using some Christmas money I had and decided to go the inexpensive route and buy an off-brand Roomba, an ILife instead.

That was a BIG mistake!

I was SO excited to get this out of the box and sit back on my couch and watch this little Minion roam my floors and collect everything the day had accumulated.  Well, that was not the case…

Instead I had to follow it around and keep it from falling down the stairs, then lift it up over the threshold between the hardwood floor and the carpet. Isn’t it supposed to be able to go from room to room and hard floor to carpet? Yeah, not this one.

After following it around and ‘helping’ it from room to room, I then had to get it un-stuck from under the table and kitchen bar stools and keep it from sucking up the cat’s tail and phone chargers.  All with my husband standing in the doorway watching and finding this all very entertaining. 🙄

Let’s just say the first 10 minutes of what I thought was going to be dreamy, was more exercise than I have done all year. Not what I had planned.

Well, I continued to give it a chance since I had spent my precious Christmas money on this and kept hoping it would all of a sudden kick in to super-cleaning-mode and make my life easier. That did not happen.  After about 6 months of giving it more and more chances, I finally gave up… admitted that this was going to be more work than not,  and got rid of it. 😢

So what about you? Do you have a Roomba?  Are they really as amazing as everyone says? What about another brand?

Oh and one more thing… why did this vacuum come with gloves? I have never understood that part. 🤔

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  1. Lindsey

    1) I love Hip2Save!!
    2) I loooove my iRobot Roomba!

    • Michelle - (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      1) We ❤️ Lindsey
      2) We ❤️ Lindsey! 😘

  2. Traci

    I guess I’m the only one who was disappointed in my roomba- admittedly it was over 10 years ago but maybe I need to look into it again. Ours wouldn’t fully get itself back onto its docking station and the battery ran down in 6-9 months in a home with a dog and cat but no kids. Just not worth the money for us.

  3. jen

    My roomba is senile! I love it and would buy one again. I use it sooo much. But that thing seriously is crazy. I feel like it’s programmed to try to only clean under a chair that it gets stuck under, and it just keeps trying and trying and ignores the rest of the room. I wish it was programmed to move on but it’s not.

    • Michelle - (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Jen oh this made me laugh! Sounds like what what probably happen to me! 😂

  4. Jen D

    I actually have a slightly different iLife robot vacuum and we have been pretty happy with ours! It does sometimes get stuck in tight spots like under the dining table in the chair leg prison, lol, but overall it works pretty well for us! We also don’t have stairs or multiple floors though. But it can climb up on the rugs with no problem. Also, instead of riding it, my cat likes to mess with it 🙁 lol

  5. Ashley

    I loooovvveeee my Roomba. Got it on a H2S deal last Black Friday. I still haven’t seen as great of a deal since then, so if you are thinking about it, check Kohl’s on Black Friday!

    • Jenny Lattimore

      Can u tell me how much u got it for n what model?

  6. liz

    I have an IRobot Roomba 960, I had a 680 before. HUGE difference between models. I love mine. I named it Rita. Rita cleans my floors every day before I get home, she finds dirt, kitty litter, hair, and the occasional odd ball item left on the floor. She will sometimes get stuck on the side of my reclining couch, but it’s not too bad, I just redirect her and press the clean button and off she goes. She cleans laminate flooring, tile, and carpet, no problems getting over the transitions. Yes I paid a pretty penny for her, but she’s AMAZING. I would totally purchase again. Replacement parts – spin brush, filter, and rubber rollers are also super affordable on amazon.

    I had seen YouTube videos of cats riding around on the Roombas, I had hoped one of my 3 would have, they have been around the Roomba since they were kittens, but no such luck, they’re terrified of Rita. Probably doesn’t help much that she’s sucked up some of their toys.

    • Kathryn

      I named my Roomba, too! He is Spaulding the Butler, and he is amazing! It’s so nice to come home to clean floors after work!

  7. Bonnie

    I love my Roomba! I have 3 boys – 4, 2, & 4 months. I love not worrying about not having time to daily sweep my wood floors!

  8. Amy Knowlton

    They add accessories so that other sellers won’t come on the listing (if you bought from Amazon). Unfortunately, they usually use cheap accessories that have nothing to do with the item at hand.

  9. Hellomoto

    I actually talk people into buying a DeeboM80 ($160 on sale) absolutely love it. I used to have a roomba and it’s got its pros and cons. Better at carpet and picking up larger objects. Cons pricier, louder, harder to maintain.

  10. Darlene Symons

    We love love love our Roomba!! We named ours Harvey. Even the dogs have learned to accept him as a part of the family. Of course, they were the primary motivation to purchase one. Works great!!!!!!!!

  11. Dipti

    I LOVE my Roomba! I put her to work every morning. one big complaint is she’s loud, but she’s gental to the cabinets. my Bobi’ s sensor was lower and het kept jamming into my cabinets and scuffed them up a bit. she’s now in charge of the living room. I like her for non kitchen cleaning.

    • Michelle - (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      This is cracking me up how many people name their Roombas! 🤣

  12. Frances

    I have a Roomba and I looove my Roomba!!! I wouldn’t say it totally replaces a good old fashioned vacuuming but it certainly works for the “in between” vacuuming. Also I purchased ours at Costco and they have a fabulous return policy!

    • AliciaE777

      Costco really does have the best return policy Keurig for two and a half years and broke and they still take it back give me a gift card for what I paid I was able to buy the newer model and still had $100 left over to buy extra stuff

  13. Amy

    Can’t speak highly enough about my Roomba. I run it everyday while I am at work and love coming home to a clean house!!!

  14. Heather

    I think the gloves are included to protect your hands after getting so frustrated with the thing that you beat the living $#!+ out of it!!! 😂

    • Michelle - (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Heather! I think you are absolutely right!! 😂

  15. Kacilia

    I too had wanted a Roomba, but couldn’t excuse the cost… I searched and read every review before I finally purchased a DEEBOT. I paid just under $200 near Black Friday. What I received I was quickly frustrated with. It just didn’t work. I reached out to the company who responded with.. An upgraded replacement. (Within a reasonable time frame, and no additional cost) I was skeptical due to my original experience but thought it’s worth trying… I love my new one. It goes from room to room carpet to tile without issue. It fills up (I have animals) and is easy to clean. Now it’s been almost a year and I have not had to replace anything, I use it daily and believe I got a good one!

    • Kacilia

      It’s a M82 and I just looked it’s currently $200 on Amazon.4 stars with 184 reviews. I appriciate that the company wanted to make sure I had a good experience and… When it dies, I’ll get another. 😁

  16. Amy

    I’ve had an iLife for about a year and a half and I love it! Only a few pieces of furniture were a problem for it and I solved that by putting little furniture felt pads on the legs of a few end tables. That raised them just enough that it didn’t get stuck underneath any more. We have hardwood floors and area rugs, cork tile floors in some of the bedrooms, ceramic tile in our bathrooms. 4 kids, 2 cats and my son has a service dog that sheds terribly and I have to clean the floors daily. My brother and sis in law have a roomba and a scooba and have not been pleased with them so I went with an iLife instead. I wouldn’t say that it replaces vacuuming entirely, but it cuts down on me vaccuming “by hand” daily to a couple times a week. Before I got the iLife my floors honestly needed vaccuming almost twice a day. I would not recommend dark, smooth hardwoods in a busy household like ours. The only 2 things I dislike about it is that we have enough debris that the collection cup fills fairly quickly (but so does my brother’s roomba) and I wouldn’t mind having the room sensors/barriers sometimes. I like mine so much we affectionately named it! I’m so sorry that you didn’t like yours.

  17. Alyssa

    I love my roomba maybe one you got not as good because is an off brand

  18. Marilynn

    I really like my Roomba however, it is Always getting stuck under something. I have to keep a watch on it ever few minutes. I also have a problem with the water going from one tank to the other. But in general, it’s a nice machine.

  19. bob

    i have a roomba and love it. It picks up
    more stuff than i thought imaginable. it doesnt go down stairs or get stuck under the table or chairs. my only gripe is that it can get stuck under couches and there isn’t a tracking or beeping locator to find it. it can also be loud. i like to turn it on and leave, usually my room is clean when i get home.

  20. Sara

    We have 5 vacuum roombas and one scrubber roomba.

    We have 9 people (7 kids under 11) and a dog – 4 of us are females with long hair.

    Our roombas need constant cleaning out (legos, hairballs, fruit snacks, gum), but they keep working so we can focus on the things that matter! ❤️

    • Michelle - (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Oh my goodness Sara! You DO need 5 Roombas! 😳

  21. PJ

    I love the idea of “Waste of Money Wednesday” Thank you.

    • Michelle - (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks PJ! They are fun. 😊

  22. Matt

    I love my roomba 980!! Does a fantastic job and I can monitor it over wifi . You’re supposed to lift up your chairs etc before it runs… much like you would do when you vacuum ☺️

  23. Kristin LaJeunesse

    I made the exact same mistake. I was pretty happy with it for about a week but then it started sucking (and not in the way it was made to). Last straw was it went off the stairs to the basement, tumbled down into pieces and i was so pissed I left it there for about 2 months. Now I have an actual roomba and I feel stupid knowing I spent money on this garbage novelty after seeing what the real thing can do. *sigh*

    • Michelle - (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Oh Kristin this made me laugh! I can see myself doing this exact thing! Well now I’m sure I need a Roomba! Thanks for the heads up!

    • Luna

      Lol left it there for two months, oh boy oh boi! Love the comments and h2s p

  24. SC

    I used to have a Neato. Loved it. Unfortunately it broke down about a year and half ago. I will purchase another one in the near future.

  25. Kati

    I have a bObi Pet (I don’t have a pet, but I do shed a lot and my son is always tracking in grass and stuff). I got it on Overstock about a year and a half ago, and I love it. It was listed for 329, but I used a coupon code to get it down to 296… and then before I completed my purchase, I went over to GiftCard Granny and found out that ebay had $100 overstock gift cards listed for $85 each. So I ended up spending $255. It works very well. I never programed it, as it’s hard to say when or if things will be picked up off the floor or not. And due to our living room being sunken, I have to pick it up and place it in the living room. Ive also walked it upstairs to do the bedrooms. My son (almost 4) has always been scared of it. He thinks it’s going after him. But he’s starting to convert. “I love bObi, but I like when bObi stay in his spot (charging station). But he does clean my floors when I sleep. But he stays in his spot when I’m awake.” The company says bObi is a girl, as the original bOb is a boy, but I’m not going to correct the kid lol. Although it’s funny that it’s “his floor” when he speaks of the living room 8)

  26. Emily

    My Roomba is named Rosie (a la the Jetsons) and I wish I had the one that can be programmed to automatically start. Mine gets stuck under all of our dining furniture, our couch and sometimes our cabinets. I find it annoying but am secretly plotting new dining room set (ours was a hand-me-down set) and you better believe that I will measure the bottom for roomba clearance. My next couch will go to the ground for many reasons (mostly to end the game of fishing tennis balls out from under it) and will solve that problem too. All that being said, I love it. I find that i am happier about it when i start it and leave the house. When i get back, I can see the difference but do not have to watch or hear her struggle with the obstacles.

  27. Suzanne H

    I did the same thing – used my Xmas money + some to buy a Neato several years ago. It worked okay for about a month and then never worked again. We even spent another $90 on a new battery b/c customer service assured us that’s what we needed. I wish I’d spent that $350ish on a Roomba! 🙁

  28. Ann

    I have the ILIFE Robot A4s vacuum cleaner. Sometimes it gets stuck (under the treadmill) and sucking the cable charger from any phone. Before using the Robot I check all areas to verify that any cables were left on the floor. We are 4 (adults) in the house plus a big dog. And I love my robot, collecting pet hair so well and dust! It’s a really simple Robot, it does not ever return to the station, or it gets stuck in some places. But it only cost 149.99 on offer (AMAZON). For me it is an excellent investment. The floor of my house has no carpets, it’s hard floor.

  29. Fran

    I have had 3 roombas worn 1 out and given 2 to my daughters. Loved all but the last, aseries650. The brain died so it would wind down in the middle.pf cleaning and not doc, Roomba wanted over $200. For a new brain, no deal I told them. Bought a Samsung powerbot on woot for $400. Much more powerful than the roombas and Bluetooth too. It is aggravating in that I often find it stopped other than it’s dock. Base needs to be plugged in close to computer router for blue tooth.Aggravating to set up on the cell phone too. Filters are expensive so don’t drop it in the big trash can if you are too short to retrieve it.

  30. Laura

    I have a similar story, but with a roomba. My friends kept saying it was great, so much of a time saver etc…I got one for xmas last year and really wanted to love it, but hate it, it’s easier to just vacuum in my opinion. I realized what the problem was, it was my house layout, not the vacuum. My friends have brand new great open concept homes that are new, no transition from room to room, no throw rugs, etc. While I have a ranch house built in the 50’s and while the main portion of the house is open it has hard transitions and I’m constantly following it around to move it, and kick it to start going again (it gets stuck on my baseboards, how weird is that?). So, my two cents are, see if you can borrow a robot vacuum from a friend to see if it works for your home before you spend your money on one.

  31. Ginny

    I have a Roomba (named Charlie) and a Deebot (named Christian).

    Pros and cons to each but I love them BOTH!

  32. Ruthie

    I have a neato brand robot vacuum (named Robbie). I like it although it does tend to get stuck behind furniture and the battery doesn’t last as long as I would like. Don’t know if the roomba is any better.

  33. Denise Graff

    I love the Eufy its an off brand and I LOVE IT! Use it everyday! on each level it blows my mind how much it picks up! I also own a cleaning business and can say most clients that have the roomba love them! I paid $212 shipped for what I consider to be the same thing as a roomba.

  34. Tina

    I am so glad you posted this. I have always wondered how it really worked and thought about getting one. Now I know I will keep my shark which I love and vacuum with some exercise along the way.

  35. Becky

    I have a rainbow Vacuum and have never found a vacuum that does better on allergies and suction. You will NEVER need to buy another vacuum, if you own a rainbow.

  36. Erin

    I love my DEEBOT. I got it for $149 and it’s amazing…and life changing. Our dog hair problem is SO much better. I don’t have to sweep the floors. Truly amazing!

  37. Kim J Eames

    Sincerely ladies THANK YOU ALL for your comments on this post as well as the ORIGINAL post from Michelle!!!! It has been an informative, and yet funny way to find out about these different kinds of self vaccumers!!
    I have been VERY INTERESTED in one for a VERY long time as I have 5 cats in my home!!!! I thank you for saving me the pain & heartache of buying a Roomba as they are quite spendy and I live on disability so THAT would alone would make it even worse!!!! So THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! I’ll be doing my research on some of the others that were noted!!
    Take care ALL!!!! Michelle you keep this page going as I just LOVE it!!!!💜💙💚💛💜💙💚💛

  38. Stacey

    We have a different model iLife and I LOVE IT!! It goes from carpet to rug to hardwood to carpet to tile without any issues. Doesn’t get stuck under chairs or fall down the stairs at all. It’s great!! I want another one for upstairs.

  39. Donna Lindner

    I really like my “Roomba”, her name is Hazel. Only problem is my son puts the collection cup in, backwards.
    What a mess!

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