So HOT! FREE $15 Gap eGift Card w/ ANY Purchase + Free Shipping on ALL Orders

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Through September 30th,,, and are offering up a FREE $15 Gap eGift Card when you make ANY purchase and use Visa Checkout as the payment method. Note, there is a limit of one offer per customer and your FREE Gap eGift Card will be sent to the email you provide during checkout. Head here for more information.

Having issues finding VISA Checkout?! 🤔

If you’re having issues finding Visa Checkout, make sure that you are NOT logged in to your Gap account. If you are, sign out and you should then see the Visa Checkout offer available.

Please notemy sister and sidekick tested this offer 5 days ago and just received her FREE $15 eGift Card today, September 20th. So your eGift card will NOT arrive right away. Also, she ordered the following inexpensive socks and qualified for the eGift card. SO AWESOME!

Even better, is offering up free shipping on ANY order when you use the code FREE4FALL at checkout. Consider this deal idea…

Buy Kid’s Socks $1.99 – $2
Use the code FREE4FALL – free shipping
Pay with VISA Checkout
Final Cost $1.99 shipped AND Get a FREE $15 Gap eGift Card!

Keep in mind that VISA Checkout allows you to pay with a VISA, Mastercard, Discover card or any major credit or debit card! Awesome!

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Comments 188

  1. Kim

    I can get on to Visa Checkout, enter my information and then it brings me back to the GAP screen as if I did not log in at all to Visa checkout. It’s so bizarre!

    • Kay

      Try a different browser? My Chrome was doing the same thing, but then i tried from Internet Explorer and it worked just fine

  2. krystal

    Im having the same problem as Kim 🙁

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Darn! Are you able to try a different browser?

  3. Lisa

    Strange, it doesn’t seem to want to allow you to use Visa checkout if you have a Gap card. I am not logged it, however, once I got to the checkout, clicked on Visa checkout, and logged in under that, it seemed to recognize my name, email, and address, and still keeps pulling in my Gap card info, even though I am not logged in. (I’m not logged in, but it is still showing the $10 in rewards I have.) Bummer!

    • Reya

      Try removing your cookies and saved-form information. I use a program called CCcleaner to do this, but you can also do it other ways. And then make sure everything is guest. If anything, then use a throw away email and register for a new visa checkout account if it is still pulling in your info.

    • Thomas

      I second Reya on this one. I had to clear out my cookies as the website was recognizing my prior browsing history. CCcleaner is free and works great with clearing out this tracking history.

    • Riya

      You just have to open a new incognito window (chrome) or private window(internet explorer) , and proceed .DOn’t need to clear cookies

  4. Pat Goff

    Well this was my first time. It went smoothly but I hope I get the gift card.

    Maybe if you use a different brouser then it will not have you in history so you might be able to use it.

  5. elenak1

    I just made a purchase and have not received my egift card, does it take long?
    Can I contact any one

    • Lisa

      If you read the note on the post, it states you don’t get it right away. Takes a few days.

      • nationalnerdcom

        Ok thank you! Just wondering how long it took peeps to get theirs. Thanks

        • Denise

          Mine took a few days; it came the day before my item was delivered.

  6. LB

    Everything worked as suggested. Logged out of my account, went thru Ebates, re-added the items, selected Visa checkout – used codes MORE (for 20%) and FREE4FALL (free shipping). Thank you so much!

  7. Alicat

    I’m using the FREE4FALL and its saying my order does not qualify. Wondering if they put a minimum on this deal?

    • Amanda

      I just did it and it worked just fine for me on $2 socks!

    • Amanda B.

      The free shipping code only works for

  8. Darcy

    Thank you so much!!! I’m looking forward to getting the gift card… This was really easy!!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re very welcome Darcy!

  9. Sun

    I did this deal on 09/17, got my e-gift card on 09/20. By the way, I paid part of it with gift card, and paid the balance with Visa Check Out, it did not seem to affect my e-gift.

  10. Kim V

    Where it says My Cards, is anyone adding a new card? After I leave Visa checkout, it brings me back the payment screen but says Add new card.

  11. Christy W

    Does it work at GAP Factory?

    • Denise

      I believe it is only Gap, not Gap Factory.

  12. Jeni

    I first received an email from Visa Checkout telling me about this promo so I have no doubt it’s legit and we’ll all receive our gift cards!
    We love you H2S, your by far my most used app on my phone!! 😉

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks for the kind comment Jeni! Glad to hear you are enjoying the app! 😉

  13. coby

    not working for me..tried chrome and explorer..used my banana rep card it says invalid discover card? Used my visa virtual card # (we never use actual cc numbers online) it says invalid..oh well..

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Bummer! Maybe wait a moment and heck back again Or clear your browser history. Hope this helps!

    • Mel

      You have to select VISA Checkout from the Gap checkout screen, which will open up a new tab. If you have a Visa Checkout acct, sign in and select a card for payment. Otherwise you will have to make an acct and add a credit card (can be visa, mc, discover, amex. Not a store charge card). I’m really not sure if you can add a visa virtual card. I think it has to be from a physical card.
      After you’ve selected the card for payment, it will close out and you’ll be back on Gap checkout to complete your transaction.

  14. Susan

    Just did this. Bought the $2 socks and also used code MORE to bring them to $1.66 shipped. Does anyone know if there’s an expiration on when you have to spend the $15 eGift card? Thanks hip team!

    • Stacey Vinson

      Thanks for the tip! I did the same after reading your comment 🙂

  15. Nancy

    Just tried on Chrome and Safari, wouldn’t take the FREE4FALL code.

    • Cathy

      I had the same experience.

      • Crystal

        Me too!! I’ve tried three browsers with no success. The code “more” does work but not the one for free shipping!

    • Tara

      Same here. Tried on my phone and computer and nothing happens when I enter the code.

  16. Jane

    FREE4FALL code isn’t working for me on Chrome and Firefox 🙁

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Bummer! Thanks for letting us know!

    • tres

      I just used on chrome and had no problems using code more for 20% off and free4fall for free checkout; I also used ebates.
      visacheckout is visible when you first go to your cart; log into your account and checkout that way!

  17. ALMA

    lamentablemente en mi estado AZ no he podido hacer mi pedido pues no me acepta el codigo para envio gratis ( me cobra $7) por envio 🙁 solo me agarra el codigo MORE

  18. Alma

    bueno pues hice una llamada al 1877 755 9348 ahi se encargaron de quitarme los $7 dlls del envio 🙂 a mi solo me funcionaba en codigo MORE y el FREE4FALL ya me lo quitaron por telefono. muchas gracias COLLINS 🙂

  19. Tarri

    I think I messed up on this yesterday, I went through the VisaCheckout Website and click on the Gap and went from there, and did not see the VisaCheckout Button. 🙁 If I don’t get the egc, I will return my purchase. I tried to reorder today but the free4all code is not working even after clearing cookies.

  20. diana

    The code Free4Fall is not working. Also there seems to be having a glitch with the visa checkout, it doesn’t work. Keep saying I can’t update my acct. If you buy through ibotta it’s 5% cash back. If anyone needs to sign up please use my referral code is uetjq thank you, you can get $5.00 after your 1st purchase rebate.

    • Mrs. K

      do you know when we get the ibotta $5 bonus in our accounts? Do we have to wait the 45 days like the 5% back? Thanks

  21. Stephanie

    Just an update- I couldn’t get FREE4FALL to work online but I called them and they reimbursed me for the shipping. I was also able to use Visa Checkout for the giftcard and the code MORE for 20%off. Hope this helps!

  22. Marianna

    After fooling with this last night for more than half an hour I went to another coupon site and read the comments to see if others were having the same problem as me….as it turns out there is a glitch on visa checkout that requires u to have something on the address line 2….it can be apt number suite etc….I put my address on line one and put the word house on line 2 then went through the gap website and voila didn’t have to enter my credit card or anything like it was doing before….think the error message I was getting was something about that my visa checkout cc number couldn’t be updated but it was not an option when paying….code FREE4All wasn’t working either but as soon as I put something under address line 2 on the visa checkout page everything went smoothly….hope I have saved some a lot of time and frustration lol

    • dealsgal

      Thank you so much!!Worked perfect after filling the address line 2 !!

    • Mel

      That’s so crazy! I placed my order last night with no issues. I don’t have anything in the 2nd line of the address section on Visa c/o. I told my sister about this offer when I talked to her earlier. She called me back on her lunch break and said it kept giving her an error. Thanks to your post, I told her to try putting a dot or single letter in the 2nd line, and sure enough, she was able to place her order after that!!

      • Alondra Lopez


  23. Allison

    The free-shipping code WILL work, sort of! You have to call and tell them you’re NOT in Canada, they’ll adjust the shipping and refund it to your account. Apparently, the Canadian promotion expired yesterday BUT its still valid in the US until the end of September! (according to the front page of, where the banner runs across the page under the third row of photographs)(under the man in the Sherpa lined denim jacket). 🙂

    • Soon2BeMamaof2

      Yes! I just called, and they said that they are working on getting the promo code up and working again – but they don’t have an ETA. She told me to place my order and then waived the shipping fee for me while we were still on the phone.

  24. Alitle

    The code FREE4FALL just worked for me.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Yay! it is working for me again now as well! Thanks for the heads up!

  25. Katy

    So I placed the order and paid through Visa Checkout – will I get some kind of notification saying I got the gap gift card or just wait until it comes through email in a few days? I thought maybe i’d get an email saying I qualified for it or something…

  26. coco

    I ordered T-shirts for my daughter. Used MORE and FREE4FALL to get 20% off and a free shipping!!
    Plus I went through Top Cash and earned 4% cash back! Fingers cross to receive the $15 gift card!!

  27. natalie

    I’m at checkout and i don’t see a Visa checkout option.Am i the only one having this problem?

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Hi there! Be sure you are not logged in to your Gap account in order to see the Visa Checkout option. 🙂

      • natalie

        I got it to work.Thank you so much!

  28. Janet

    Worked like a charm both codes and visa checkout by not logging into account like aforementioned. UPromise is 7% back

  29. Stephanie

    Used both “FREE4FALL” (free shipping) and code “MORE” (20% off) at on my order w/ VISA checkout! Socks for only $1.70! Fingers crossed the $15 gift card goes through without a hitch!

  30. Melissa C

    So awesome, I got the free shipping and promo code ‘MORE’ to work. I also had a $10 reward from being a Gap insider and taking surveys so I got a cute shirt and skirt for $13 shipped, and will get a $15 reward back!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

  31. Ash

    Has anyone checked their online bank statement and did anyone get a fraudulent charge from “ 866-452-5108 866-452-5108 Wa 1”? I’m wonder if the fraudulent charge on my account is coming from using VISA Checkout?

    • LC

      My CC info got stolen right after this purchase!! Luckily they caught it. 800 to Kohl’s and another 700 to another site!

  32. Angel

    I don’t see the visacheckout option when I login …
    How can I use it?

    • Angel

      and I sign out then use visa checkout , don’t know how to sign in????
      (so I did sign in and paid it..)
      It showed “My VISA” <—- this mean "visa checkout" ?

      I don't use this payment often, so…I don't really know that…

    • JeNjEn

      Sign out of your Gap account. Head to checkout and you should see the Visa Checkout option. I had the same problem when I was logged into my Gap account. Hope this helps!

  33. Kim M.

    Does this not work with Visa Prepaid cards, that’s what I use for online shopping and it keeps telling me something is wrong with my card information.?

  34. Heather B.

    Has anyone received their gift card yet? I received info that my order shipped, but no gift card yet.

    • roxy

      I placed an order on the 20th and still no gift card. I noticed others received it in 3 days. I will be contacting them.

      • Jenny

        Same with me. My order was shipped and haven’t received any gift card. What did they tell you guys when you contacted them?

      • Natalie

        Please update on what they said. I ordered on the 21st and haven’t received a gift card either.

        • Natalie

          Just got mine

    • priscilla

      Got my order today (placed on 9/22) but still no gift card. For those that got theirs, what did the email look like? What address was it from? Just don’t want to miss it.

      • priscilla

        Got my giftcard today 9/28.

  35. Heather B.

    roxy, please let us know what they tell you! I still haven’t received mine. Thanks!

    • Roxy

      I received mine today!

    • Jessica

      I placed my order on September 20th, received it on the 23rd and as of yesterday i still didn’t get the email with the e-gift card so i started to worry since it had been 5 days, but sure enough it came this morning!!! So don’t stress if it doesn’t come within 5 days😉

  36. Jess

    Placed my order on 9/21, item shipped 9/25, no gift card yet 🙁

    • Jessica

      Mine took 6 days to receive it! Hang in there😉

  37. Sarah

    I placed my order on the 21st, shipped on the 22nd and no gift card for me either. Hmmm…

  38. Amanda Casali

    I placed my order on Sept 20 and it shipped 9/21 and I just now received my $15 Egift card

  39. Janice

    I just received my $15 e-gc. Order placed on the 20th and shipped on the 21st

  40. roxy

    Just a heads up, the free shipping code is working again and it can be combined with code MORE for an extra 10% off.

  41. Stephanie

    I placed my order on the 21st, received my order today and I still do NOT have my gift card 🙁 Seems like this kind of stuff is always happening to me. I sent customer service an email, I hope they respond soon.

    • Lisa

      I placed my order the same day as you and haven’t received the egc either.

  42. Jen Eagar

    Received my order today and my gift card, YES!!! Thanks for all you do to help me save $$$!!!

  43. April

    I ordered on 9/20 and never received my gift card. I have contacted GAP twice, visa checkout once and now cashstar with no answers other than to contact someone else (that I have already contacted). I feel I’m getting the run around. Anyone else having luck? I don’t know what else to do. Guess I won’t get the gc.

    • Lisa

      I got the same run around. Gap has nothing to do with the egiftcard and told me to contact Visa. Visa checkout has nothing to do with the egiftcard and told me to contact Gap. So frustrating!

  44. Aditi

    When does the $15 egift card expire? I know generally gcs don’t expire but since it’s a promotional one, so wanted to check with you guys

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