Happy Friday: Do You Know About Bed, Bath & Beyond’s Amazing Return Policy?

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Sent from reader, Susan:

I wanted to share my recent experience. Our Ninja Blender just stopped working the other day. No matter what we tried it would not turn on or make noise of any kind. I assumed the motor had burned out and it was time to get a new one. My husband told me to look up the warranty.

Online I found Ninja only covers things for one year. I found the booklet that came with the Ninja and stapled inside was our original receipt. We bought it from Bed Bath & Beyond in June of 2013. I had heard that BB&B will take anything back at any time so my husband called and asked and sure enough they said bring it in! It was the easiest replacement process I have ever done-and they even had to order the one I wanted because it was only offered online. They even applied a 20% coupon because I had used one on the original purchase. It ended up being an even exchange so I didn’t have to pay cent. I just had to wait for it to be shipped to me for free! It came today and I was so excited!

We will be buying all our small appliances from BB&B from now on!


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  1. JAC

    This is so correct. I found this out years ago when I bought a baby bullet there and wanted to buy insurance with it. Thy told me thy didn’t do insurance and I wondered what if it breaks or stops working the worker told me we are Bed Bath and BEYOND!!! And we go beyond for our customers so as long as u have a receipt or the card that you used that I could get a refund otherwise I’d get store credit. There items cost a little more sometimes, but it’s well worth it.

    • Renae

      While they are normally more expensive they do price match too!

      • Anonimous

        Actually they are not, if you compare best buy, Kohls and the macys of the world even target they are about 20 to 40 percent higher in their prices..their sales are our regular prices that’s not even including our coupon.. oh and by the way our hassle free exchanges and returns nobody can beat who we are as a company.

    • Donald

      This is ONE reason why they are heading down a path to non existence. U buy a appliance 4 years ago. U use the heck out of it. U bring it back and get a new one for free. They may or may not get credit for it. U will now buy all your appliances there in which u will do the same thing. Great customer service but no profit for the company.

      • Donald

        Stock is down 40% this year so far. Amazon is swallowing this company up whole. 20%coupons and liberal return policy is killing them. Many companies with trendy products won’t do business with them because of liberal return policy.the spiral will continue for them

      • ****,

        I totally agree with you .. I have seen used toilet brushes being returned after they used it for a year or more .after you use the hell out of something and think you can return it for a brand new one that’s just taking advantage of the policy.

  2. Katie

    How did I not know this?!!! Great post!

  3. Jessica

    This is why I have bought my roomba and dyson there! I was nervous to spend that much money, but they told me if I had any problems to bring it back!

  4. Sarah

    Very true. I used to work there. I advise everyone that is buying an expensive product to buy from them, because the return policy makes it worth it. We only have a bed, bath, and beyond in my area but for our baby products I went in the store and got them to order a baby monitor from the buy, buy, baby store. When the monitor went out, I brought it back to our store and they returned it and ordered a new one for no charge.

  5. Brandy

    Wow! We jus spent nearly $400 on a new vacuum there (Shark… BEST thing ever EVER OWNED!) & I still have my receipt! Locking it away in our file box NOW!

    • Emily

      Shark has a great warranty too! My hose had a hole in it after many years of use. Called and they asked me for the date on the plug. If it was within 5 years from then, the hose was free. They mailed a new one right out.

  6. Tiff

    I think Kohls is one year! I even returned a pair of shoes my dog chewed up…. and a shark vacuum cleaner!

    • Mymy

      Gross.Sounds like you should have ate the cost of those shoes. Took advantage!

      • Laura

        Completely agree. It is reasons like this 👆🏼that that great policies go away. Taking advantage…

      • Lora

        Ok so you’re saying the person with the shoes is taking advantage but it’s ok to return an item after using it 5+ years?

        • Ruthie

          Both sound like they are taking advantage. How is it the store’s responsibility if your dog chewed it up? Or if you used it for 5 years?

          • ******,

            I agree with you

      • Mary

        How rude to shame someone one when they’re just sharing their story.
        Sounds like your taking advantage of the comment section of a post, when you should be taking advantage of manners, consideration of others, or common decency.

  7. Jen

    Do we need a receipt to return items? I received a car seat but I don’t have a receipt since it was a gift.

    • Sarah

      A receipt helps, but they can look it up in their system. The problem with no receipt is most items gets clearanced out relatively quickly

    • Heather

      I think if you don’t have a receipt then they deduct 20% (since you could have used a coupon on it) but still an awesome policy.

    • Heather

      If it’s a car seat is it brand new? You likely wouldn’t need a receipt to return something brand new – it would just be store credit. Otherwise I can’t currently think of why a car seat wouldn’t work anymore.

    • Erin

      My store gave me all kinds of attitude when I wanted to exchange an Oxo can opener that wasn’t working without a receipt. They did it–with lots of huffing and puffing–but I haven’t exchanged anything since and I don’t really shop there much anymore. Who keeps receipts for small ticket items?

  8. Sherry Lewis

    LOVE Bed Bath & Beyond! I have taken back countless things over the years and have NEVER had a problem! Hope they stay in business. Best place to register for weddings too.

    • Alice

      I actually had a horrible registry experience with them this year as well as my friend who recently got married! Thankfully I was able to delete the registry before too many people bought things from it, but BBB added items we didn’t want to our registry – when I asked they insisted we should have fine china (we’re college students with no need or space for it!!). Additionally they have no method of gift tracking like Target does so you can see who purchased which item – I had a gift sent to me from their online store with no name attached and “no way for them to look it up in the system” very frustrating. Love the store, but I can’t stand their wedding registry!

      • Don

        If u want to do your own registry in the store. Tell them u want to start the registry and need no further assistance also request they add no additional items to your registry without your permission

  9. Kathy

    I am wondering the same thing as Jen above. Do I need a receipt to return items? I have a gift that I know came from Bed, Bath & Beyond and it is not the correct item that I wanted. What is their return policy for gifts with no receipt?

    • Kelley

      I bet they’d do an even exchange.

    • Heather

      If it’s a brand new item, they’ll give you store credit! No receipt needed! I did this with several things people got me for my wedding. Then I went and bought what I really wanted.

  10. Kelley

    I’ve returned plenty there without a receipt as long as you have the card you purchased it with. We buy expensive sheets from there and have returned them about 1 time a year because they shred where our feet hit the sheets when we sleep. They never even question us. They exchange them and send us on our way. Also Kohl’s will pretty much take anything back as well. I return bras if the underwire rips the fabric.

    • Mymy


      • Wow

        Lucky for us, there are people who enjoy judging strangers on the internet, when their opinion wasn’t asked for! Must have a lot of spare time.

    • Joe

      Wow lol

  11. Felicia

    I used to like Bed Bath and Beyond until my recent experience with them. They would not let me refund the baby carrier I purchased from them. I told them my baby doesn’t like it and I even had the receipt for it. They said their policy doesn’t allow them to take back used baby item. Well, it wasn’t used, just took the tag out, tried to use it and baby doesn’t like it.
    It’s ridiculous that they take any beaten up crap but they don’t take back a baby item that we tried on due to hygiene issues. The customer service said this word for word ‘well if you tried it on, it means it is used’. Unbelievable.
    They even told us to go to Buy Buy Baby and guess what, no Buy Buy Baby is within 25 miles. They just lose a customer.

    • Sarah

      Sounds like that particular store. I would contact someone higher up until it is resolved. They take back used pillows if a customer doesnt like it. Sounds like an incompetent customer service worker.

    • Judy

      Although buybuybaby is a sister store, it has a different return policy than bedbath&beyond. You wouldn’t buy something at TjMaxx and return it to Home Goods. Buybuybaby has a stricter policy, returns with receipt within 365 days and in brand new condition. Your refund will be in the same method you paid. Without a receipt they deduct 20% from whatever the lowest price on the item and you get a store credit.

    • Judy

      It wasn’t an incompetent customer service worker. It was actually one following the rules. That being said…contact buybuybaby and a district manager in your area (or close to it) will reach out to you and management at your local bedbath and figure out how to help you.

  12. Jennine

    Oh, great reminder! I had some sheets that tore on the seam in the wash last month! I kept the online receipt, now to dig it out 🙂 thank you!

  13. Jen D

    I have had a consistent issue with their Pure Beech modal sheets. They are the softest, most amazing sheets ever but after a year they become threadbare and rip. I’ve bought about 4 pairs over the last 4 years and yes I’m a sucker because I like them so much I will continue to replace them. I’m glad to know about this policy and will definitely be keeping my receipts from the new pairs I recently purchased. I did buy two pairs this time to try and rotate them but at 112 a pop after tax for the king size (that’s even with the 20% off) they aren’t cheap!!! Has anybody tried this with returning sheets before?

    • Sarah

      Yes I returned them after two years! No receipt or anything!

    • Jamia

      I returned sheets recently that were 2.5 years old that had worn holes in fitted sheet. They had a 7 year warranty and I’d kept the insert and receipt.

  14. Monika

    While it’s nice that they have a great return policy … you probably shouldn’t abuse it. I worked at BBB and it was annoying to see people return things 5 years later after it was worn to the bone. It’s gross. I understand not liking something or something not working, but don’t be gross. A shoe your dog chewed probably shouldn’t have been returned anywhere.

    Another thing is Buy Buy Baby is more strict because they can’t sell these things after they have been returned. Baby stuff is different … once you buy a carseat it cannot be resold. It’s very illegal.

    But yes Bed Bath and Beyond has a great return policy … I can see them changing it very soon because people abuse it especially since profits aren’t like they were due to online shopping.

    • Ashley

      I agree with what you said…if it’s not the store’s fault or a product defect it’s definitely abusing their generous policy to return items. If your dog chewed up your shoe that’s a loss you need to chalk up to collateral damage from having a dog. I wouldn’t return a shirt that my toddler used permanent marker or nail polish on…that’s not the retailer’s fault nor should they be expected to take the loss and absorb the cost. That’s just selfish and definitely taking advantage of the policy…which ends up costing all of us in the end (literally and figuratively) when they either have to increase prices to cover the exorbitant losses or changing their policy to make it more strict because of the few who abused it.

      • Monika

        Having sheets for a year and it becoming less soft and unraveling could just mean you aren’t washing them correctly. I felt bad for customer service because the gross crap they had to touch. A lot of the people wore gloves because it was sometimes that gross. Defective is relative I guess, but I don’t think that some things should be returnable after certain amount of time. People were always returning pots (expensive pots) a year or more later which is crazy because it doesn’t take that long to realize you don’t like a pot.

        People don’t realize that As-Is products usually isn’t returned things. It’s displays, so that’s why it’s cheap. It’s not a return. I’ve seen baby stuff as-is, but never a carseat because once it’s open that’s it. Sometimes the business has to take a loss when they damage out items especially if it’s a year later or more. I think in the next 2-3 years we are going to become a 15 day return nation because it’s become ridiculous. The comments on this post is the reason why corporate generosity is going to end. It’s great that they allow returns,but if you have continuous issues with a product or brand maybe you should stop buying it instead of exchanging. IDK maybe it’s me but we feel entitled in a way. In other countries returns aren’t allowed as much. If you bought it you are keeping it.

    • Erin

      Great reminder! I’d feel terrible trying to return used/abused stuff. That certainly helps to explain some of the attitude I’ve seen at customer service in various stores!

    • faith

      Totally agree!!

  15. VBD

    Good to know this Info.

  16. Cw

    I had a wonderfull experience with their wedding registry. We had over $500 of stuff for 2 bathroom sets. It appeared my husband destroyed his in less than 6 months. I wasn’t a happy newlywed as you can imagine. Went to buy a gift for another friend’s wedding and the employee said oh – that entire line was DEFECTIVE, bring it back! This is 14 months later. I got over $500 credit in the store!!!

  17. Carla

    It’s been a few years since I’ve done this, but I broke a plate from my daily dishes set. BBB let me exchange it for a new one. They even told me to bring in each piece of my set (dinner plate, small plate, cup, bowl)-even though only the small plate was broken- and gave me a whole new set off the shelf! I’ve actually done it twice, but it’s been a while.

  18. JA

    Good to know! My husband got a silly “As Seen on TV” item from his sister as a gift. (Lets just say they aren’t close and the gift was more of a joke) the gift receipt is still attached but its been a few months so I figured it was too long to return it. I just put it in the Salvation Army bag but I will take it back now. At least we can buy lunch then!😜

  19. Sarah

    Yes, that’s why we buy almost everything there! Return policy is amazing!!!! They took back our sheets that we had for two years because they were unraveling!!!! They also gave us a brand new toaster oven because my husband burnt the pan and they didn’t sell replacements!!!

  20. Sue

    Do you need the original box? My roomba just quit working.

    • Susan

      We didn’t have the original box and it was no problem☺

  21. Laura

    Great policy to know about! Thanks for letting us know 🙂

  22. Erin

    Wow I’m surprised everyone’s had so much trouble with the sheets! We got our fancy expensive ones for our wedding in 2009, and they still are in perfect shape!

  23. Donald

    Ok if u want to get cash back from gifts that were bought off your registry, any gift receipt u have with those products u can get cash back in hand. They will first try to make u exchange the stuff or offer a store credit. Persist in the cash, they must give it to u if u want it that way

    • Judy

      Don…this is not true. Gifted items are given store credit unless you have a receipt which was paid in cash. Otherwise the refund will go back on the card used for the purchase.

  24. don

    Whenever u r not happy with your refund process u can ask for the district managers phone number this will expedite your return

  25. Michelle

    Anyone watch Broad City? Abbi is like a BB&B spokeswoman ha.

  26. Kay

    Anyone have experience with returning curtains? I bought some a few years ago. They didn’t block the sunlight well so I put them away n bought another set. They’ve been stored away since. No longer have package or receipt. Will they accept a return?

  27. Hilda

    Bed Bath and Beyond does have to follow the return policy of Buy Buy Baby. There are certain stipulations mandated by law about baby item returns. Car seats cannot be returned if not in their original box and unused.

  28. Rebekah J

    Thank you for posting this! Our iron from there just broke a couple of days ago and I went today and got a $100 iron for free! We received the original one 10 years ago for our wedding, but I explained how it had a short in it a few months after we got it and they said they would take care of it. We just had to hold the cord a certain way to make it work.
    I did not have a receipt and it still worked. What a huge blessing! Thank you so much for informing us. I will buy all my appliances here from now on!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Oh wow! You are so welcome! Glad you could score a new one!

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