Olive Garden: Never Ending Pasta Bowl ONLY $9.99 – Unlimited Pasta, Breadsticks & Soup/Salad

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For a limited time only, Olive Garden is offering up their Never Ending Pasta Bowl for just $9.99! This offer is available for dine-in only and includes unlimited pasta, breadsticks and soup or salad. AND… you get to choose from several different types of pasta and sauces. Head over here to find an Olive Garden location near you.

Hip Tip from Olive Garden Server: This deal is fantastic for those wanting to save money but it’s not so great for the servers. Guests will sit at a table for 2-3 hours and have several bowls of pasta/salad…. then because the cost is only $10… they leave a $2 tip. So if you partake in this promotion, please consider how many “refills” your server brings you and tip accordingly.

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  1. Kristy

    Love the “hip tip” on the bottom. You guys rock!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks so much for your sweet feedback Kristy! We sure do appreciate it! 😉

    • Bob Venkman

      I appreciate the information about the deal, but that tip comment was unnecessary. 15% is the traditional tip for good servce and 20% is the tip for good service. It doesn’t matter how many times a server needs to go back and forth from my table, that’s the job. Am I supposed to tip 30% or 40% now, because a restaurant offers a good deal? That’s ridiculous and completely negates the deal itself.

  2. April

    Servers can’t complain, when I show up alone and only eat 1 bowl, then leave. Total visit less than 45 minutes. Tipping 10-15 percent. Stop “offering” tip suggestions. It’s my choice to tip according to my experience with you as a server. It’s the servers choice to work in a industry that depend on tips. Tips are nice, stop trying to make people tip.

    • couponer

      I agree with this attitude. A tip should not be expected. And this attitude that we should tip 18-20% has got to go. What happened to 15% as the standard? You will be tipped based on service received. I’m not going to make outlandish demands so I expect my few if any requests to be filled. My drink if I’m paying $2.50+ for tea or soda should not hit empty.

      • Kelly

        Wow, aren’t you a ray of sunshine. Clearly you’ve never waited tables. 20% is the standard because it’s 2017. Tip that or don’t leave your house.

        • SJ

          There is no such thing as “standard”.

          • Bob Venkman

            Yes, there is a “standard” of 15% and it’s been in place for 50+ years. I don’t get the entitlement people feel to more money or a guaranteed tip, regardless of the service offered.

    • Kristy

      That’s so rude.

    • Liz

      I AGREE! I am tired of this entitled attitude when it comes to tipping in just about every industry now days! I don’t get tipped to do my job well! 15% is fair and if service is excellent, I’ll do 20%. This expectation has got to go.

    • Amy

      Why don’t YOU stop telling them what to post on THEIR website.

      This is exactly why I could never work as a server. They don’t make a ton of money and the job isn’t exactly easy. Yes, they choose the job, but some don’t have any other option. People are so rude to them for no reason. I have witnessed waiters/waitresses being screamed at for things they can’t control more times than I can count. I would be fired in all of 5 minutes.

      • R

        I completely agree! We don’t really go out to eat much, but I actually think this is a good tip bc I might have forgotten to take that in to consideration.

    • Kristy

      I know servers who’ve “messed with their customers food” bc they were so rude to them. They can smell the people who are not going to tip them and the rude ones from a mile away. If I were you, I’d not go out to eat. You don’t know what’s been done to your plate.

      • Marie

        One reason I no longer take my family out to sit down restaurants is because servers think this is acceptable behavior. I’ve even heard of servers dropping food on the floor and putting it back on the plate, not because they thought they weren’t going to get a good tip, but just because they could and thought it was funny. No thank you.

      • Joy

        Shame on the ppl you know! That type of server is an even worse person than the lousy tippers!

    • hellfire gainz

      This comment makes no sense. A “server” makes well below minimum wage (well below) because tips fill this void. ALSO, MOST SERVERS have to pay a percentage of their tips to the bus server.

      If you are not tipping, stay home. A tip service is expected eating at an establishment.

      • hongbaabaa

        Servers rely on tips to even make minimum wage, considering that their fixed wage is like 2.50 an hour.

    • Crystal

      Seriously, April?..as someone also in this field I would like to say, you are cheap if you are only tipping 10-15% (that is $1-$1.50) and you should be ashamed to ever tip that small, no mater what your bill is! We rely on tips to survive…It is A LOT of work serving people and cleaning up after them. Some people Don’t understand this and i think tipping suggestions are good to let customers aware. What is wrong with You? 🙁
      I do not work for Olive Garden either, just outraged at this comment.

  3. SHAWN G

    I personally can’t imagine sitting three hours eating pasta bowl after bowl. But that’s just me. I was one of the winners of the unlimited pasta for eight weeks. What would the Olive Garden server suggest for a tip on those trips? I worked in the food service industry before so I know firsthand people under tipping. LOL I think anyone that has worked in that industry has a tendency to over tip. Only because they know firsthand.

    • ann

      They would probably say %20 of what it would’ve cost you, especially if the service was good. Don’t you have to eat there a lot to make it worth it? Wondering if people are happy with that purchase 🙂

    • Marie

      I got one, too. They have the suggested tip on the receipt even though you pay nothing. I get one bowl of pasta; I’m there for 20 minutes. I tipped the 20%. Which was $2. I don’t think that’s unreasonable.

  4. ann

    Can you please help? I’m not finding the buy one take one, Is that over?

      • ann

        Thank you 🙂 When I go to order it looks as though the buy one take one might have been replaced by the all you can eat? Am I doing something wrong?

        • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

          Darn! I am still finding that promo available when clicking through the link in that post. Are you using a mobile device? If not, be sure to check in a different browser. Hope that helps!

          • ann

            okay, thank you! I will try that. Everything works good on your end, it’s just when I go to the Olive Garden site to order I’m not finding it but I will try a different browser. Thank you 🙂

          • ann

            Just to let you know I just called them and it is done 🙁

            • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

              Darn! Thanks for sharing!

    • Kitties

      The Buy One, Take One promo IS over. It may show up fine in Collin’s link above but then dead-ends. Was trying to order last night (Sunday) and offer was blinking, appearing/reappearing, and not letting me add anything to my shopping bag, almost as though I caught them in the middle of taking down the promo. 🙁

      • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

        Bummer! Thanks for the feedback! I am finding that now as well.

  5. Jill

    When we had our Vegas trip last weekend, we were surprised that tip had to be included as we pay!!! Not very pleased considering we didn’t know at first what are they’re going to serve. Ended up eating at BurgerIM which was so delicious and had to taste different varieties of 🍔 for a very reasonable price! You guys should try this place out if there’s anywhere near you.

  6. Vicki

    I never tip. Being a server is their job title and everyone should provide exceptional service regardless of what they do. If they don’t like their pay then they should find a new occupation

    • Jennifer

      I would love to see you survive off $2.13 an hour. At 40 hours a week that comes to less than $4,500 a year. Nobody could ever survive off that amount of pay.

      That is awfully selfish of you to not tip.

      • Lola

        Yes but they choose that profession.

        • Sophia

          I agree with Lola. You cannot blame others for not tipping. I do believe that the government needs to step in and increase pay though. People should have a living wage. If people were paid fairly for their time, the standard of service would increase and there would be less animosity. Things would be better for everyone. It’s unfortunate that people still struggle to keep food on the table and a roof over their head. Why the service industry is seen on a lower tier and paid loads less is ridiculous to me. I’m not saying that they should make as much as a nuclear physicist, but more than what the norm is now would be good. There should be a minimum wage and a maximum wage! End rant.

        • Lel

          I cannot believe all these comments about servers. They make poor hourly wage that factors in and assumes that they are going to be tipped. If you sit at a table for 2 hours vs 1 hour, that could be whole other check that the server missed out on. No one grows up saying I want to be a waitress. People are trying to work at something that fits their schedule and is normally decent wages. It is however a very hard job. I have always said that everyone should waiter at least once on your life. Those of you who think you don’t need to tip should move outside of the country where tipping is not required. Here in the US, unless you have poor service, you need to tip 15 or more( usually 20%). That is common practice and realistic expectation. If that seems to much then you should not be eating out.

          • D

            You should be a cook make less then a server work harder not get tips and have to watch the servers working hard on there phones texting and facebooking. I do I see it all day servers are lazy and don’t care. It’s annoying that they get good tips when the mess everything up because people feel bad for theme they lie and say it’s the kitchens fault. Really. Not all servers deserve 20%.

      • Lo

        If the employee doesn’t make up a certain amount in tips to cover the low wage, the employer has to pay them more per hour. I don’t know how that works. I guess you’d have to report tips

        • Sophia

          That’s what is done in Seattle. The employer pays the difference.

      • Heather

        In California servers have the same minimum wage as other jobs – in my area its $10.50/hr. I tip, but if you’re a giving me horrible service then I won’t. For example, I waited 20 minutes for a server to bring me my check once – because she was talking to co-workers. And that was just the final straw. She didn’t refill our drinks, screwed our order up – when we were the only customers in the restaurant, and was talking loudly to her co-workers about how hung over she was and other unacceptable behaviors that my 4 year old could hear. I worked retail for many years and was complimented on my speed and customer service but I didn’t get tips for that. If you want a tip at a restaurant when you make at least as much as any other unskilled job, provide the service.

        • riss

          I didn’t know that they get paid minimum wage. Since when? I always thought they get paid like $3, so I always give 15% tip, even if the service was mediocre, and 20% for great service. Hmmmmm….

          • riss

            Goodness! I googled it and saw one dated 2015, and servers in Los Angeles were getting paid $9-10 an hour. Where have I been? Time to re-evaluate my tipping $.

            • Xochitl

              I live in California and my brother is a waiter. They make minimum wage plus tips so they make big money. He tells me you should leave 20% for the work they do. I used tp work retail and worked my ass off and never got a tip. So from what i know in ca they get at least minimum wage so I give tip according to how the service was Not what they automatically expect.

          • Heather

            In LA they make $12/hr now and in San Francisco its $13/hr. Granted the cost of living is more there, but for as long as I’ve known, in CA servers have always made at least minimum wage – $10.50 for most of CA right now.

      • D

        Stop now one makes $2.15 an hour!! It’s called the minimum wage law. If you don’t make tips the restaurant has to pay you more to reach $7.25 of whatever is minimum wage. Learn before you post!!!!

    • Erika

      That is unbelievably rude. My sister, a mother to a 3-year-old little boy, is putting herself through college and works as a server. Servers don’t even make minimum wage. I honestly can’t even believe some people feel the servers have a sense of entitlement to a tip. No! They just make $3/hr and serve you hand and foot and run at your beckon call for every thing you want while dining out. If you don’t want to tip a server, perhaps speak to a manager about upping the server’s pay so they can make a decent living too.

      • s

        nooo, the waiter should ask their own boss for a raise, if they are worth keeping they will get it. also, your sister made her own choices to be where she is.

      • D

        Everyone makes minimum wage it’s law learn before you post if your sisters restaurant doesn’t comply then she should find a new place to work. Minimum wage laws are for everyone not just a select few!!! Learn before you post sob stories!

        • nancy

          Maybe you should look into it. The minimum wage doesn’t apply to a select few, including servers. Google is your friend.

    • Angie


  7. Patrice

    Completely off subject post, but I have place cash (2 for $10 off $20 purchase) that expires today if anyone is interested. pittspd12@yahoo.com if interested

    • Patrice

      Place cash has been claimed. Thanks!

  8. Amy

    My son and I did this for lunch and failed miserably. We only managed 1 bowl each! Lol!

    • Lana

      That is the same with us so we never do this deal. In fact we cannot finish the first one. We share the Buy One Take One entrees so it is four meals for us.

      • april c

        Ask for a small portion for the first bowl or u can ask for two different sauces on a large one. I used to be a server therw n many people did that to try different sauces.

    • riss

      I was just gonna say….how much pasta can one eat? Maybe if you’re training for a marathon and need those carbs, lol! While I’ve only been to Olive Garden once (don’t really care about their pasta), if I order pasta in a restaurant, I usually have a to-go box.

    • Kiwi

      I must admit I went ONCE during this, years ago, before kids. I took Tupperware in my bag brought some of the pasta home that way. Then when I said I was done our server got each of us around go box with fresh pasta in it.

  9. Sophia

    Tipping is personal and based on individual experiences. You shouldn’t ever expect a tip, even if you feel you’ve busted your bum fetching a refill or two. Everyone’s standards differ. I’ve never seen anyone yelling at servers, but I’ve seen servers whining about tips from previous patrons. Not cool. With that said, I tip 95% of the times I dine. You’ve really got to exceed expectations. I’m not asking for a bunny to be pulled out of a top hat, but a refill before my glass is emptied when I’m parched will do the trick. Also, percentage based tipping on the total bill is complete BS. If I get shoddy service on a $100 bill, I’m not tipping $$. Tip what you want, according to how your experience is!

    • Frances

      Thanks Sophia… couldn’t agree with you more. Tipping should be at each person’s discretion. Its generally “expected” but good service for that tip is also expected too

  10. Heather

    I don’t really want to jump on the band wagon of this thread but people’s attitudes are insane! I think it’s crazy that people say they don’t tip or shouldn’t be expected to tip! If restaurants start paying even minimum wage (which is almost impossible to live on) the cost of entrees would go up significantly! Service would be horrible and quality all around would go down hill! People “choose” this occupation because tipping is part of it! It’s our culture to tip for these services!

    • Sophia

      If people got paid more, they’d be more at ease as well as happy and service would increase. I don’t mind paying more to help my community. This tipping culture needs to die. Something else needs to be done!

    • Lindsey

      People are literally making me sick over this post. Those that say they don’t tip have NOT been servers before. Yes, they chose this profession, but it is a very respectable profession and very hard work. I paid my own college tuition by being a server on weekends, and that tuition was paid by tips, NOT the hourly $2.XX wage. People are pitiful, you are being waited on and catered to, and those servers are depending on your tips. If you don’t have enough class to dine and tip for that experience, stay home and make bowls and bowls of pasta at your own personal discretion. SMH.

      • Bob Venkman

        In quite a few states, servers now make minimum wage, the exact same pay as the kitchen staff who do not get tips. In CA, they make $11 an hour. Things have changed since you were a server.

    • Jay

      So let me get this straight let say i work at McDonald’s and i go out if the server makes minimum you want me to also tip them and susequently they start making more money than i do easy how is that fair nobody tips me i do my job and i do it well just like they should if you signed up for a minimum wage job or less you live with it there are other jobs no excuses i used to work at a bbq joint sometimes waiters would walk off with $300 in a night easy while i just made $100 for 10hrs of dishes mopping cleaning, clearing tables wheres my tip they just delivered food to the table wooopie

  11. Becky

    I went to Budapest a couple of years ago. Tips are not expected and it is rude to offer one. All of my meals were reasonably priced and yet the servers were receiving a wage they could live on without tips. America could take note.

    • Sophia

      Agree 100%! All of the European countries I’ve visited, you NEVER tip. There are schools that teach you to be a server. You make a good living and it’s treated like a career.

    • riss

      I think only Americans tip. That’s just the way it is. I read somewhere that Americans are ruining it for all other foreigners/tourists when overseas, because now some servers are expecting tips. We’ve been to Europe and lived in Asia and tip is not required or expected, but very much appreciated. Yep, we’re one of those who ruined it for other tourists 😉

  12. Meghan

    Let’s all be nice instead. Thanks Collin and team for posting this deal! 🙂

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re very welcome! 😉

    • maria

      I totally agree. Thanks for posting all these great offers Hip to Save crew!! Personally, I enjoy going out to dinner and tip based on service. You have to remember, jobs aren’t easy to come by (even with degrees), so waiting tables may be the only option some people have. Also, some people truly enjoy serving others.

  13. Leslie

    I agree with tipping at restaurants. If you can’t afford a tip you don’t go out to a restaurant. Servers work hard. Some people think of them as servants not servers. They are trying to pay their bills just like everyone else.
    I don’t agree with tipping at Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks. They are getting minimum wage or more. If you tip them then what next….Mc Donald’s? Burger King? Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts are fast food too.

    • Nancy

      Agree %1000. And for all the people saying they chose to work there. Well you’re choosing to go out to eat to a place that you’re expected to tip. If not stay home and make your own meal.

    • D

      Not all servers deserve tips or good tips I worked with many of them. When someone has to ask a cook to get them a drink refill because their server is no where to be found and probably on is phone somewhere then no please don’t tip that server.

  14. marie

    You know pasta is very inexpensive to make and very filling. I love when Hip2Save posts recipes. Anyone have one for their favorite Olive Garden offering?

  15. Laura

    Thank you so much for all your hard work on keeping on top of all these great deals. I am sorry that people feel the need to bash servers on a post about all you can eat pasta.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome Laura!

  16. Sarah

    Stop being so cheap! You ladies need to worry about bigger things in life than tipping or not. Omg, regardless this is a good deal!

  17. couponer

    This is my honest opinion on the tipping rate. The Bible suggests we should tithe 10% of our earnings to the church. Jesus died for your sins. You the waiter did your job bringing me my food I ordered and paid for and possibly refilled my beverage a time or two. Now please explain to me what entitles you to a 15, 18, or even 20% tip calcualted from the cost of my bill?

    • Nancy

      ?? Umm what? You know were talking about being paid for the job they’re doing right? Most get paid 2.13/hr + tips. I’m sure you get paid at your job for the job you do, it has nothing to do with the bible.

    • s

      I think the only thing here where you can apply the Bible is eating all that pasta 🙁 Gluttony?

    • Kat

      It would be great if that 10 percent tithing actually went to Jesus. Heck, if that were the case I’d tithe even more. At least I know he would use it to help others, whereas the church administration can use any way it wants – bills, salaries, perhaps charity programs, etc. so in the end you may end up paying someone’s salary anyway. Sorry, I’m not trying to be combative, I just don’t see how you can draw a comparison.

  18. linda

    If that profession should be tipped, every profession should be tipped. That is the attitude regarding nearly everything nowadays. I have to deal with rude people and I do not get tipped. And my servo e should be good regardless. Restaurants should be required to pay their help. My son worked at McDonald’s as his first job and everyday he would have stories of the rude customers and people complaining and he did not get tipped for helping them. If you asked someone at Famous Footwear to look for a different sized shoe for you, do you tip them? Nope. It’s crazy that that profession along with a handful of others relies on that or that we should be “required” to do it or be considered rude.

    • Nancy

      Do you get paid 2.13 an hour?

      • linda

        These companies should not be allowed to pay that!!

        • Lindsey

          It’s not a company thing (for the most part), this is standard for waiting tables. Salary is mostly based on tips. Big difference between serving and a tip jar at the local coffee shop.

          • D

            If they don’t get tips they get paid minimum wage!!! So sad people actually post and don’t know what they are talking about!!!!

    • Molly

      I agree with this completely. Everyone works. Every job has ups and downs. I am obligated to “tip” anyone for doing their job.

      • Kayla

        Yes to this!!! ^^^ and in California (and other states im sure) servers make at least minimum wage. It just seems greedy and I hate that our culture makes us feel obligated to tip this profession.

  19. Steph

    No. I’m not obligated to tip anyone. If I come in and order salad, I will tip for the salad. So you gotta refill some drinks every once in awhile🙄 Trust me, there are jobs that are ALOT harder and require no tips at all. Was totally feeling like some OG for lunch, but thanks to the ‘hip tip’ I just saved myself $9.99+tip!!! So thanks!!

  20. Diana

    This is so gross. How many bowls of pasta could u possibly eat.

    • Lindsey

      We can’t possibly be wondering why most of America is obese?!

      • s

        uh oh, be careful or someone is going to say you’re “body shaming” lol Because you can’t possibly become fat by eating 2 bowls of pasta. 😛

  21. Elaine

    Thanks for the great post. I appreciate seeing the information and getting to choose how I spend my money eating out. To comment on the rest of the thread, I would like to hear from servers at high end steak house for example. Is the $40 steak any harder to serve than the OG bowl of pasta? Tipping as a percentage of the total bill sometimes aggravates me. That being said, I always allocate enough budget to account for the type of restaurant where I dine. I don’t punish the server because it is the American way to tip.

  22. Laurie

    Question: How much do guys tip a coffee barista?

    • riss

      Zero. Zilch. Nada.

    • Lindsey

      Maybe the change from my bills, but those professionals are being paid a higher wage than servers in a restaurant.

      • D

        Nope they probably make the same minimum wage as everyone else. Doubt baristas make much more than minimum wage the same that servers make if they don’t make tips.

  23. Frances

    These comments… sooo entertaining …. everyone has their own opinion. I’m all for everyone voicing their opinion. This is my opinion… this “all you can eat pasta” is nightmare for anyone trying to eat healthy. The only “healthy option here is the “unlimited” salad part. Thanks for posting for those who may be interested… & in case anyone is about to get their panties in a bind over my comments … calm down… lol 😂

    • Shellyy

      Lol so true. Entertaining however the mentality of some makes me wonder…

    • Heather

      Lol…salad – what most consider salad is not healthy. Iceberg lettuce = mostly water…very little nutrients. The darker the leaves the more nutritious – think Kale. Salad dressing is high in fat. An OG salad has very little nutrients, as they add very few veggies to it and load it up with dressing. Pasta can be healthy if you don’t go overboard and know a thing or two about nutrition.

  24. HJ

    Great deal if you’re a sumo wrestler, lol! Thanks for the information but endless pasta should not be encouraged by restaurants nor sounds appetizing. How about just eating what we need in appropriate portions?

  25. Nichole

    Lol. Geesh

  26. Amanda

    Why are customers expected to compensate the waitress/waiter for their income with tips if they only make $2+ an hour? Why is the company not paying their employees at least standard minimum wage? I always tip because I know how much they make an hour but I don’t feel that it should be the consumers job to compensate for the employees hourly pay.

    • D

      They do. It’s the law they have to make minimum wage. Servers screw over the company when they don’t declare tips then the restaurant has to pay them more even though they are making plenty in tips. Seen my managers get mad over this too many times not to mention they are Lying to the government too so they don’t have to pay as many taxes.

  27. Jacquay

    Different places have different standards. It is not always up to the establishments. Arizona and Wyoming are work to right states. That means servers do not get paid minimum wage because their TIPS count as their income. Usually they get paid in between 2 to 3 dollars. California pays their servers minimum wage because they are not a work to right state. When I was a server at Applebee’s in California we had to share our tips with the bartender, kitchen and hostess. I really wish people would understand how all this works.

    • je

      Agree. Different states have different laws regarding wages for servers and people need to understand that rather than arguing about whether or not someone should tip or not. In Washington state, servers get paid the state’s minimum wage of $11/hour, so my tips are based on service, not a required 15-20%.

  28. M

    I tip Sonic Carhops. I tip the guys who load my groceries at Kroger.

    And I guess WE as a family tip for other people who feel the need not to tip. Or tip $1 on $50 tab after drinks to go, roll refills, etc. (saw the girl cry over it) Don’t worry, she’s a nurse now. We became FB friends.

  29. Joe Belair

    I was born in 1966. Served tables. Cleared tables. Prepped . Bartended. Tended parking lot. Plenty ok with you give/ what I earn tip whip. The newer generation seems to come to my table. Snotty. Tattooed. Rings in their noses and slanging. They will also be tipped accordingly. Maybe they’ll get a cute little $3 nose piercing

  30. Cj

    Please, remember that if you have an issue with a server, or food, please ask for the manager.
    Issues with a server that is not serving the guests by the standard set by the establishment need to be addressed with their superior.
    Also if your food isn’t to your satisfaction, be courteous and let your server know so you can order something else.
    Again that complaint will be discussed with the head chef.
    My years as a General Manager of a very upscale restaurant in California was a most enjoyable time for me.
    Be polite. Show your appreciation. If you are a nontipper, FYI, servers remember. If you tip a server well on your first dine in, and ask for that server whenever you visit, you will realize the value of experiencing a person, not just someone serving you.
    Thanks for Hip2Sav and all they offer us.

    • Shellyy

      Very very true.

  31. Tracy

    Just an FYI, they charge an additional fee for the meat that you choose in your 10 dollar bowl. For example, my husband ordered angel hair pasta, marinara sauce, and had to pay an extra 4.99 for the shrimp. I ordered spaghetti and I picked the meatballs and that was an extra 2 dollars and change. If you don’t order any meat or shrimp, then it’s just the 10 dollars.

  32. Ashley Royalty

    I ordered two $9.99 meals during dinner hours online (to be picked up in the restaurant for take out). In the coupon ads a while back there was some Olive Garden coupons, and even better they appear to work online. Use “5OFFDIN” coupon code valid for $5 off 2 adult dinner entrees. You end up paying just around $15 + tax for two pastas and two salads with breadsticks. Even better you can bypass having a waiter (for those not wanting to tip). Although I did give the lady $1 for just a few mins of service as she did go above and beyond to make sure the order was correct and everything was in the bag ready to go (extra ranch for the salad, extra parmesan, and silverware/plasticware (haha.).

    • Ashley Royalty

      Also, normally I order the Fettuccine Alfredo, as it is my fav. However, I found the pasta types for this deal included a Whole Grain variety of pasta for their Linguine! To my surprise it tasted even better than the regular pasta! I highly recommend, plus its a healthier option, and also makes it easier to justify eating so many carbs in one setting haha!

  33. Gary

    How long is the Neverending Pasta special running so I can plan when to go.

  34. Stephanie

    So if you start with spaghetti and meatballs and keep getting spaghetti and meatballs…do you keep paying the extra $3 per meal?

  35. Jay

    I wanted to end this conversation servers dont have to be tipped if they dont get minimum wage x hours worked
    The owner has to pay the gap, the owner should already pay them with this archaic from of payment and then no more tips everybody is happy

  36. Zachary Ross

    If I come in there and buy their pasts it then becomes my food and I should therefore be able to do whatever I please with it. Such as sharing it with a friend or taking some to go. It is my food if I am paying for it. If I am eating it it is mine so nobody should be able to tell me what I can and can’t do with my food.

  37. Zachary Ross


  38. Mike

    Milenial servers are the worst too, you have an entire generation raised to think they are all special snowflakes and then tell them to serve someone and they act like its beneath them. Its called work, if you spend half the day chatting or on your phone don’t expect a good tip. As a server, every thing falls on you. If the food is not correct don’t deliver it. If the drinks are empty fill them. Check back and fulfil requests quickly. Its not a complicated, its not easy, but its not complicated.

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