Netflix Raising Prices of Select Streaming Plans

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Are you a Netflix user? 🍿

Netflix will be increasing monthly prices for select streaming plans, starting in November. Users who currently pay for the standard $9.99 service will be charged $10.99, and the price of the premium plan will go up from $11.99 to $13.99/month. At this time, the basic $7.99 plan will not increase.

These monthly prices are effective now for all new customers who sign up today (after their free 30-day trial).

Starting October 19th, current subscribers will be notified and given at least 30 days notice about the increase if they choose to cancel. The price hikes will begin to go into effect in November but will vary based on each users billing cycles. By December, all Netflix subscribers will be paying the higher price.

If you’re a Netflix user, will you continue to use their services?

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  1. ResseCup

    Yes, I’ll continue with Netflix. It’s just a dollar more, so no biggie, updating budget. Since I have three users, which includes myself, it’s still a good deal.

  2. Moody

    waiting what tmobile deducts…9.99 or 10.99?

    • Angela

      My thought exactly!

    • Maiabella

      Our Netflix account is paid by TMobile, too thanks to Hip2Save! We’ll gladly pay the increase!

      • Felicia

        What does this mean?! T-Mobile pays for your Netflix?

        • Leslie Ramey

          T-Mobile offers free Netflix for some of their customers, it depends on which plan they have.

  3. Karis

    For the amount of solid original content they put out, a price increase isn’t surprising. Also, they haven’t had an increase since 2015 which is better than some streaming services can say. As long as they keep making their selection and original content worth it I’ll stick around. It’ll always be cheaper than cable!

  4. Steph

    We don’t have cable. We only use Netflix and Amazon. So we will continue with their services. It’s not a big increase anyhow.

  5. Jess

    Absolutely! I love Netflix! They could hike the price to $20/month and I’d still be a loyal customer!

    • Randee

      My husband and I said the same thing, they have some amazing shows and movies I won’t mind the price hike

    • Joyce

      Hush Jess – they might hear you and some of us have tight budgets.

      • Hope

        Lol right. To eacg his own, but I am not willing to pay 20 a month.

  6. Kay

    With 5 members in my immediate family. I find it is still a great value. We use Netflix nearly everyday.

  7. Britkneeee

    This is kinda shocking to me since all Disney content will be pulled from netflix soon..

    • Elyse

      I read that Disney will continue to be shown on Netflix through the end of 2019.

  8. KeriB

    We love Netflix and will for sure continue! No cable, so almost everything we watch is on Netflix. In my opinion it’s still a fantastic deal

  9. Kate

    what is Netflix premium?

    • Aleshia

      It is for up to 4 devices

    • Susie

      It does have the 4 devices and also the ultra HD if you are into having the clearest picture possible. It’s only for certain shows/movies that have ultra HD capabilities, but there are quite a few

  10. leah

    I’ve been a Netflix subscriber from the beginning and have long felt we were getting an unbelievable deal. 5 of us are always streaming and it costs next to nothing compared to cable. Plus no commercials. I feel anyone that complains about this is probably just a complainer. If you look at the value, Netflix subscriber’s are still way ahead on value for the buck. I’m happy to pay. I feel it’s worth every penny.

    • Meaghan Primm

      Totally agree

  11. jessica

    Still better and cheaper than cable could ever be

  12. Dee

    I think it’s a nice move on their part that they aren’t raising the cost on the basic option. It’s definitely worth the $1 increase, though, with all the original content they have now. They’ve really improved their offerings in the last couple of years.

  13. NV

    So,… while I won’t cancel and while I think Netflix is a great value, I do get irritated at the increase “because they can.” When demand increases (more cable cutters, more content, etc), they know they can charge more. It’s just how it is. And that, on its own, is frustrating to me. It’s only $1 and definitely not a deal breaker for us, but it’s a 10% increase (that’s how I look at it) and I’m sure their strategy is that they know most people will say, “it’s only a buck.”

    • MA

      Totally agree. Companies know they can charge and will. It is annoying bc it isn’t just a dollar from Netflix. It is a dollar from them and others and 10 cents here and 50 cents there. So do you all really see where your money goes? It adds up. 🙂 Most of us aren’t getting paid more at the same rate. It’s okay but we should watch these consumer price changes.

    • tleeg

      I agree. $1 increase is nothing, bit they do it because they can and they know peolle will pay it…..and dont even get me started with the B.S. Disneyland does with their price gouging. Talk about sticking it in and breaking it off.

      • Dawn

        I hear you on the Disneyland. $4+ for a simple stupid churro??? My husband was embarrassed how I vented last year (not to DL just to my family). We are doing DL so we aren’t getting more crap that we don’t need, and our kids love the memories we make on our trip, but I agree about your comment!

    • Amy

      Simple google search will show you why. They are going further and further into debt to keep creating the original content. They need to raise prices, we’re lucky it’s only a buck…..

  14. Laura

    I’ve been thinking of getting Netflix too. We pay about $200 for cable. But I can’t get rid of it bc I LOVE a lot of shows 😩😩😩 and I can DVr and watch whenever I want.

    • Liz

      Between an antenna, Netflix/Hulu/Amazon, and Sling/DirectTV/PS, you literally can find any show that you currently watch on cable. Cable is totally not worth it. I have Sling, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and an antenna and still watch all the same shows (plus more) that I watched on cable. Sling gives you live tv plus on demand options for almost every channel. You should really consider ditching cable!

    • Garfield

      If you are watching the over the air shows you can still DVR! The easiest and fool-proof way is to buy Tivo OTA dvr and Tivo Mini if you want to have a whole-home experience. And you need antenna. The antennas are cheap. The DVR with lifetime subscription costs $400 but there are often sales and you save about $70. The mini is $150 but you can find it cheaper, however the sales are not too common.

      I did this and I love it! I have 2 DVRs and one mini. They are all connected as a whole-home System. It is nice! I ended up investing $600 after sales). It’s going to take us about 5-6 months to “pay off” the investment (in terms of saved monthly fees) and after that no monthly fees for cable! It’s been a little over a month and I don’t miss it. We also have DirecTV Now that I got a promotional rate of $35 for the go big plan but this is something that my husband watches. So consider a streaming service if there are channels that you can’t live without. Shop around and pick what’s best for you and make sure you look for promotional offers. All streaming providers have them.

      • Amy

        They make little boxes you can use with the antenna for about 30 bucks and record to a usb stick. Nice option!

    • Amy

      This will work well unless you have a big sports fan in your house. We both are and had to go back to cable because we couldn’t handle not watching our games. There isn’t a reasonable offer to get games.

      • Jess

        Have you considered Sling TV for sports? We love football so every year we get Sling during football season and cancel after the Super Bowl.

      • Garfield

        Have you checked out Fubo TV?

  15. jillh

    Where is the deal? Why is this posted?

    • Amy

      To let people know about the increase in price…

      Why are people so annoying 😒

      • coolrocks


    • Daniel

      Hey @jillh – lighten up Francis…or should I say Jill?

  16. Jim

    I saw this earlier and didn’t realize they had a 7.99 1 stream plan. That’s all we need in our house. They actually lost 2 bucks today from me.

    • april

      Same here! We haven’t ever streamed on more than one screen at a time so I went down, too!

      • Diana Foster

        I think you will be giving up HD if you switch to the lowest plan.

  17. Julie

    For me its still a great deal in fact Ididn’t realize there was a premium plan that i will be upgrading too, we have dish but to be honest we watch more netflix i just havn’t been able to make myself give up dish.

  18. tleeg

    I love netix but i just wish they had better new releases. I dont care for the series they have. Dont watch them.

  19. Alese

    We’ll downgrade from premium and just stream in less devices but definitely still keeping Netflix!

  20. ej

    I don’t have Netflix n was wondering if you get live TV or just movies? Would I be able to watch CNN on it? TIA

    • Laurie

      No live – CNN has its own app – but needs a verified cable subscriber to get live CNN – we use my aunts info

  21. Jana

    How does t-mobile get you a discount?

  22. Jen

    I want to cut the cord SO BAD but my husband must have his college football on the SEC Network–is there any way around this?? Help! 😊

    • Bethany

      Get an antenna. We bought ours and get most local channels now. Or there is sling tv that you can get your sports fix on 😉

    • Amy

      I dont know for sure about SEC. We both are huge college football junkies and there really isn’t a way to do it without cable/satellite. We tried and went running back. There are streaming packages but to get what you need you’ll pay about what we pay for cable so I don’t see the point.

    • Jess

      We love college football and sign up for Sling TV every fall and then cancel after the Super Bowl. It’s $20/month and they have the SEC network!
      Gig ‘em Aggies!

  23. Katie

    I don’t mind the increase because the fantastic original content they provide is WELL worth it. If a small increase allows it to continue, then take my money! 😬 Like many others, we also don’t have cable, so we use Netflix all the time. A $1 increase every few years is nothing compared to the gouging our old cable provider, AT&T used to dump on our bill.

  24. Masmics

    We will definitely keep Netflix, the original content alone is worth it! We just finished a free trial of Hulu Live TV, figuring we’d cancel at the end of the week, but we’re hooked. It’s pricey at $40/mo but it includes some automatic DVR and a bunch of channels, both live + with selected episodes on demand. We never figured we’d want to pay more but in our case we’re sure it’s worth the added cost. (And we are cheep, ha ha!).

  25. Masmics

    Oh also, we did try Sling TV (the deal w/the free roku stick) and didn’t even consider keeping it after the trial, as it froze, lagged + crashed multiple times per hour (on our average broadband internet). Expected the same with Hulu Live but it works perfectly. Hope this helps someone!

    • Joy

      Yes, this helped a lot because I too have an average broadband package, and was considering this Sling/Roku package. Do you think it was the Roku stick that made it all lag?

  26. Masmics

    Oops, forgot to say that the cost includes the normal Hulu w/limited commercials plan so it’s $40 instead of the normal Hulu price, not on top of it. I was sure we’d hate it, but no. Shutting up now 😉

  27. Cristine

    I’ll still keep it, prices gotta go up sometime right?

  28. cinamom

    I have been considering dropping Netflix anyway. Not because of the cost increase that will be taking effect or the quality of the streaming, because I think they are the best. But they keep dropping television shows that we really like! My son’s loved watching “Eerie Indiana, Beakman’s World & Psych” which were all really good shows. So as of late, we have been using Netflix less & less. A friend of mine suggested that we get a fire stick because they have a basic one & love it. Anyone else feel the same way about that?

    • Laura

      Yes, Eerie Indiana, loved that show with Goosebumps when it was on Fox Family

  29. Sara

    We have Netflix; however, we rarely watch even turn on the TV. Maybe once a month.

    We will cancel.

  30. Rachel

    We love Netflix and will continue, but I really want to get rid of Cable. The problem is that our internet would be almost as much as our “package” of cable, phone and internet combined. I would love to hear how you all get deals for wireless internet!! 🙂

    • Holli

      I agree. On the wireless internet. I love reading all the comment here. They are all so helpful. Hip2save is my fav site but everyone that makes comment on her site make it even better. Hopefully Collin can make us a post on internet services. So we all can make and read the comments. Thank you all. And I will be keeping Netflix. I use my parents account at my house which they use at there house and the shop too. All on one account. Well worth is. Than I got Hulu at my house and my iPad and also hooked it up to my parents tv. When you share it’s even better. Thank you everyone.

  31. Pat

    So jealous of people that can go without cable. We tried hooking up a digital antenna yesterday and can only tune in one station, pbs.

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