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What it’s REALLY like to Work for Hip2Save

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HOT! Getting Toasty! Lukewarm Starting To Melt Ice Ice Baby
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Want a small glimpse behind the scenes here at

A few weeks ago, our team gathered together from all over the country at Collin’s lake house on our Hip2Save retreat for some fun team building, and to focus on our common goal of creating the highest quality content for our readers!

Here are some of my favorite Hip2Save retreat highlights!
Hip2Save Team Building

Although we communicate daily online, some of us had not met in person, so completing some silly ice breakers was fun! Getting to know everyone in person was such a major highlight for me!

Collin and Bryn’s mom, Susan, helped us do this crazy game where you transfer life savers from one to another using just toothpicks. So hilarious! We laughed so hard.

Inspiring Guest Speaker

Courtney Brown, owner of Cents of Style, stopped by to share her inspiring story and gave us encouragement surrounding the development of our own team’s goals and mission statement.

She also brought some beautiful fall accessories to share and taught us a few different ways to wear and style scarves! Yippee!

Collin and Courtney also did a live video together on Facebook – WATCH HERE.

Craft Time

One night we took a break from work and completed this fun and easy coffee mug craft using dollar store mugs (Yes, these LARGE mugs were just a buck!), oil based Sharpie markers, and vinyl cut outs as a stencil. I cut the vinyl stickers ahead of time using my Cricut machine and brought them with me.

In order to get the oil based Sharpie to stay, first let them dry overnight, then I recommend baking in the oven at 200 degrees for 2 hours. I thought this article was helpful on the topic of Sharpie Mugs.

Keep in mind, regular Sharpie markers will rub off, so use oil based ones or ceramic markers and hand wash only.

Lets EAT!

Feeding a large group can be intimidating but it doesn’t have to be complicated! We took turns cooking simple yet delicious dinners. I baked a couple pans of Hamburger Sliders in the oven and everyone dished up their own with desired toppings. Get the easy recipe HERE.

If you love buffalo chicken favors, then you’ll love this low carb Keto Buffalo Chicken Soup recipe. It’s tangy & cheesy, but has a rich creamy texture and broth. We all LOVED it!

Who doesn’t love spaghetti and meatballs? Some of the girls made these delicious low carb Parmesan Keto Meatballs one night along with roasted spaghetti squash, regular pasta (for those eatin’ the carbs) and fresh salad on the side. It was SO DELICIOUS!

Lots of Bonding & Laughs

In case you’re wondering, Collin, and her sister, Bryn, are just as fun and genuine in person as they are online! We all had the best time taking walks, sharing about life in general, drinking lots of coffee (and I mean LOTS!), and laughing until we cried!Β  Some of us may have arrived as co-workers, but definitely left as friends. (Sounds cheesy, but it’s so true!)Β 

I know I can speak for the entire Hip2Save team – we have the BEST jobs EVER!

Many of us work remotely from home all over the U.S. and are extremely grateful for this opportunity. More importantly, we are ALL passionate about our individual roles at Hip2Save and hope to continue inspiring YOU to save money through sharing all the best deals, frugal tips, budget-friendly recipes and much more!

On a personal note: It was such an inspiring experience to be around extremely smart, talented, funny women all week, and was truly something that I’ll personally never forget.

Stay tuned for many wonderful things happening here at Hip2Save in the future! Go team! πŸ™Œ

Written by Lina for Hip2Save. Lina is a proud mom of 2 kids who loves photography, all holidays, cooking, thrift store makeovers, bargain shopping, and DIY makeovers. Her goal is to create a beautiful life and stylish home on a dime! To see all of Lina’s DIY/Crafts created just for Hip2Save, click here.

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Comments 176

  1. Danielle

    That’s awesome! Way to go team!!

  2. Rose

    How Awesome! Thanks Hip2Save for everything You guys do πŸ™‚

    • Lina D

      Thanks for reading Rose!

  3. Kate

    Awww, how awesome! I had no idea what a village it takes to run this site! How would we apply if we wanted to be a part of the team?

  4. Becky

    This was awesome. Thanks for sharing!! I appreciate everything the Hip2Save team does to help me save money!! ❀

    • Lina D

      THANKS Becky! We appreciate you also!

  5. bremoeller

    Awe what a fun experience. Makes me want to be apart of the Hip2Save team. Thank you for all you do. πŸ˜€

    • Lina D

      Thanks! I love my team members!

  6. Sarah

    Looks fun! I can’t help but notice that your staff is not a very diverse group. Have you considered gaining the viewpoints of more backgrounds, cultures, and people to improve upon what you have to offer to your Hip2Save readers?

    • Holly

      Eye roll.

      • capecodbudgetmom

        Haha! This comment is everything

      • s

        Holly ditto

      • Tina

        Double Eyeroll. Please reference Collins video(s) of how she came to start the business and her heart towards all “kinds” of people. Her heart oozes with love and she goes above and beyond for people on this site!

        • Amy

          Double eye roll from me too!

    • Kristi

      Wow, really Sarah!? You sound like a reporter questioning someone in politics. Collin & her team do an amazing job as it is! This is a blog, and a very helpful one at that! Glad the Hip2Save crew had a great time. Thank you for all you ladies do!

      • Lina D

        Thanks Kristi!

    • Lina D

      Hi Sarah- I happen to be Hispanic and this isn’t our entire team- we have other minorities. With that said, I assure you we ALL come from different walks of life! <3 Have a great day!

      • anna

        We Love You! You are doing an amazing job and you all are very composed even amidst controversy in some of these comments, and that is hard to find these days! Thank You!!

        • Lina D

          Thanks Anna! I appreciate your nice comment. πŸ˜€

    • Christine

      BRAVO SARAH! Such a fresh perspective!!

      • T

        If by “fresh” you mean the same as the prevailing diversity is required motto than you are correct. I love how those preaching non-judgement are the first to harshly (and often prematurely) judge. Add my eye-roll to the others…

    • Mel

      How do you know they’re not diverse? This comment….sigh. Really??

      • Jenn

        Agreed Mel. I feel like she just assumed there was no diversity instead of taking into account that probably not every H2S team member could make the retreat.

    • Tara

      This is really a pretty judgemental comment in itself. You assume this team is all not diverse just from how they look? It’s a small team and they do a fantastic job. Maybe you could go start a site and then you can hire who ever you’d like.

    • misti

      Oh gosh you have to be kidding. Eye rolling over here. Love hip to save

    • Maori

      This is the new racism. If you’re white, you’re out: cliche, unoriginal, unhip. —But all kinds of racism are wrong.

    • Donna

      Triple eye roll from me….unreal

    • A

      I am really disturbed by the follow up comments to this. This comment was completely innocuous and was mildly suggesting to take the diversity of our nation’s population into account, as most growing companies in America are doing. It’s nothing to roll your eyes about and I’m venturing to say that none of the people who posted such nonsense have ever had to worry about diversity or inclusion. It’s good business and it makes financial sense too if you look at the studies. Diversity of age, gender, race, ethnicity, etc. means you reach a broader audience and people see themselves represented. In the area where I live, some of the most serious couponers are women of color. I’m dismayed by the lack of response to this other than the very brief one provided.

      • Mel

        What’s with all the eye rolls?

        I honestly had the same question seeing the photos.
        Especially since this is a gathering of staff from different states.

  7. Nadia

    Your doing amazing job, thank you

    • Lina D

      Ah that was sweet. THANKS Nadia!

  8. Jennifer

    this is great love it. I think being apart of your team would be fun! If you ever have an opening…..

  9. gary

    Thx h2s. I hope lina cooked !! Guaranteed good eats !!

    • Collin (Mrs. HIP)

      Yes, lots of good eats! Lina ROCKS in the kitchen! πŸ‘Œ

    • Lina D

      Thanks Gary!

  10. Dolly


    • Collin (Mrs. HIP)


  11. Laura

    Thank you for sharing this, looks like such a fun job and a fun group, too! Thanks to all of you for this awesome site. It truly allows me and my family to live a better life! ❀

    • Lina D

      Thanks for the sweet comment Laura!

  12. Kristin

    Amazing to have such wonderful co-workers. Truly blessed. Great job ladies!!! πŸ’š

    • Lina D

      Yes I feel blessed everyday! Thanks for reading Kristin!

  13. ET

    Thanks for all the work your team does! I would love to apply if you have openings!

  14. PDX To OGG Mama

    Is it silly to think that for the longest time I thought Collin was doing this all by herself? And raising a family too? Awesome work ladies! My family and I have benefited from your deal posts! Christmas? Done! Gift closet? Done! Keto buffalo soup? Done!!

    • Lina D

      Thanks so much for reading Hip2Save! <3

    • Amy

      I thought that too! I was wondering how she was constantly posting and doing anything else!

    • AP

      I’m glad she showed this side. In the past, if people give the slightest constructive feedback, people go nuts about how “she doesn’t have to do this for us!!!” etc because they think she’s sitting at home sipping coffee and blogging for fun. I’ve always assumed this was a business. I appreciate you all, H2S team!

  15. Tam

    What a team thanks for all you do!! You guys rock. Had no idea hip2save employees so many people.

    • Lina D

      I agree! Thanks Tam!

    • Gezelle Moore

      I thought the same….hee. 😁

  16. Summer

    I had no idea there were so many of you! Fun

    • Lina D

      It was so fun!

  17. Tiff

    Very nice!!! Your team is wonderful!! Thank you:)

    • Lina D

      THANKS for reading Tiff!

  18. Missy Mister

    I can’t thank you ladies enough. I have saved so much money and time using your APP. Keep up the good work. You ALL rock!

    • Lina D

      THANKS for your support Missy!

  19. Lenore

    Years ago when I first started couponing, 6 years as a matter of fact, I was looking for any kind of help I could find, so like all people looking for anything I googled! A list of coupon site names came up and was near the bottom of the list, I went through a sites and finally came to Colin’s site and I truly loved the name even though I have never been hip, but I was willing to try, so I clicked in and I have been clicking in on this site everyday since, I love it! Your site has made me laugh, sometimes cry, it has saved me countless amounts of money, it has helped me solve the question every woman struggles with, WHAT AM I GOING TO COOK FOR SUPPER!!!! It has helped me score great gifts for Christmas and birthdays, tips on crafts, school lunch, home decorating, and given me a smile when I needed it. I miss Ma, but I love how you honor her and I know you must sometimes pinch yourself and think how did I do all of this? I think it was your boundless energy, love and joy and I think you were helping your family without realizing how many thousands upon thousands you were helping also! Thank you, Colin and Hip2Save gals, you are a blessing to us all!

    • Lina D

      Thanks for your sweet comment and support through the years! We enjoyed some Ma videos at the retreat! She is missed and loved! <3

    • Jiggi

      Oh Lenore, you put my thoughts in writing. Just as you, I started searching for couponing site and tumbled upon this site. I have stuck with this and couple of other since. (I stopped following some as they did not keep up with their commitment of regular posting). Wow Collin, you have evolved into an enterprise. We have to remember an important part of your team, your grandma who was such an inspiration to you and your blog. Keep up the good work ladies. Thank you for saving me money and time.

    • Mandy

      Lenore said it so well about the whole H2S team and just the love that you all share. And thanks to the readers who share there kind words to one another I’m so proud to be a follower of H2S !

      • Lina D

        I agree we have the BEST readers <3

  20. Shelley P

    How wonderful and fun! Thanks for sharing! It’s nice to see all the great ladies that make Hip2Save such a success πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸ»β€οΈ I appreciate all that you do! Thank you!

    • Lina D

      Ah thanks so much!

  21. Laura

    This would be a dream job, going out and spotting deals 😍

  22. Jac

    Great work ladies!

  23. Laura

    Love this post! What a fun way to bond with your team. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Bamachic80

    What I wouldn’t do if this site didn’t exist, so grateful for you gals!! I see a Roll Tide elephant sweatshirt on someone!! Keep it up, found all kinds of goodies here!!!

  25. AP

    Thank you for sharing this with us. Sending love and thanks to the entire h2S team!!

    • Lina D

      Yay! Thanks for stopping by!!

  26. serenity he

    I like to turn in my resume haha… looks fun and thanks for sharing.

  27. Theresa

    #dreamjob #wheredoisubmitmyresume πŸ™‚

  28. Amy

    TOO cute! Thank you for all y’alls hard work and the super happy post! πŸ™‚

    • Lina D

      πŸ™‚ THANKS AMY!

  29. Ana

    Thanks for the awesome job you all do!

    • Lina D

      Thanks for reading Ana!

  30. KB

    I’m so thankful for all of you and all that you do!

  31. Ann

    I just wanted to thank each of you for an awesome site. I have saved so much money with y’all’s hard work. The group looks like such a terrific work family with fun times.

    • Lina D

      Thanks for the sweet comment! I’m grateful for our work family daily! πŸ™‚

  32. Jasmin

    Thank you so much for what you all do! I check the app everyday for new and excited deals.

    • Lina D

      We appreciate it Jasmine! πŸ™‚

  33. Alison Matalanis

    Such an amazing site! I love Hip2Save and all of your employees!

    • Lina D

      Thanks Alison!

  34. Kir

    Thanks to the team for all you do!! You rock!

    • Lina D

      Thanks Kir!

  35. Lydia

    That is a great post and informative! I had no idea it was a team effort. Lucky for us because y’all find the best deals. Thank you! btw – Collin’s lake house in Northern CA?

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re very welcome! My lake house is in Idaho!

  36. Lisa

    I can’t say enough about the Hip2Save. You all have honestly changed mine and my families life. Thank you so much for all you do!!!

    • Lina D

      Oh I love your comment. Thanks for sharing!

  37. Len

    Good to know who’s behind the scenes of such great deals post after post. Thank you to all of you and God bless!

    • Lina D

      Great! Thanks for reading Len!

  38. Jo

    That’s amazing. I know that Collin has helps, but never imagined you guys come from all over the country. Thought she had a corporate office in her hometown. Thank you so much, ladies for your hard work, always giving us the best deals and tips.

  39. Susan

    Looks like a great time! Thank you all for all you do – I share your posts with family and friends and we all love saving money and getting great deals.

  40. Kristen Pia

    Wow! What an awesome company and team! I wish I worked for Hip2save.

  41. Laurie

    I don’t have a cricut machine – so now the pressure is on H2S!!! Mass produce the mugs! I guarantee you – they will sell

    • Lina D

      Ha I agree! πŸ™‚

  42. Stefanie

    Thank you for all you do, much appreciated!!

  43. bbc

    When I looked up your website net worth my jaw dropped – hip2save is worth $2 Million!! Wow, what a lucrative company, way to go h2s, I always knew it was a business but I didn’t know just how big it was. Thank you for all you do πŸ™‚ What an awesome company!!

    • S


  44. momo

    I really love how closeknit the H2S team is, also how kind (most) H2S follwers are. Collin, I would love to see more of your interior decor, even just these little peeks inside your home looks gorgeous! Very clean, chic, and cozy! Some areas of interest to include: styling tips, paint colors/palettes you chose&why/paint finishes, table setting for events/holidays, diy projects youve done on your walls/in your home. I am sure many other followers would also love this;-)

    • S

      I love decor stuff too & I think I remember her posting once that her sister is a professional designer or decorator. Also, she has posted home tours in the past. I’m not sure how, but you could search under her videos and maybe find them, I think.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks so much for the kind words and feedback! Stay tuned…

    • Lo

      Yes!! I need to see more of that lake house!!!

      • Lina D

        It’s so pretty. Collin has amazing style 😍

  45. Dana K

    Love that you put amazing deals all in one place! Congratulations to you for making a great company to work for! Let me know if you need an insider in the northwest suburbs of Chicago πŸ™‚

  46. Mel

    This team rocks!!

    • Lina D

      YES! I agree – thanks Mel!

  47. Jeannet

    Thanks everyone for the amazing deals, love the site!!!

    • Lina D

      Thanks for sharing! We appreciate you.

  48. Holly

    Looks super fun!! Thank you all so much for your wonderful job!!

  49. beth pitt

    Know wonder this site is the best! Great group of ladies makes for a great company! Thanks for everything you do! I’d be lost without you;)

    • Lina D

      I agree. My teammates are the best out there!

  50. Joanna

    Sarah, I think your question was polite and respectful and it saddens me that people responded to you with an eye roll. I am Caucasian myself and that was one of the first things I noticed when I looked at the pictures of all the ladies who work for Hip2Save. It doesn’t mean the work done isn’t amazing and appreciated. The question was if Colin had thought about taking other perspectives too (and hiring some of those diverse women.)

    • Tara

      Disagree. What are you looking for here? Different skin colors? The comment assumes Collin hasn’t hired a diverse team. How can you assume that from a few pictures? Perhaps some of the team are single Moms, lesbians or disabled… just a few examples.

    • Amy

      Eye roll for you too!! πŸ™„

      • Delanda Jo

        Grow up!!!

    • Delanda Jo

      There was nothing wrong with Sarah’s comment. She threw it out there and Lina answered. But these grown immature women with their ***eye rolls*** smh.

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