Seriously, Amazon… Why Such BIG Boxes?!

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Similar to how we do our Try Me Tuesday posts with product recommendations, I thought it would be also fun to do basically the complete opposite. With that said, I introduce “Waste of Money Wednesday!” 😂 This post will be exactly that – the Hip2Save team will be sharing products that they aren’t happy with, products they feel are a waste of money – basically product UN-recommendations.

Hey There! It’s Sydney – one of Collin’s sidekicks!

If you’re anything like me, then you love ordering things from Amazon! The convenience of being able to get just about ANYTHING in two days is awesome! The only problem with that is I tend to order a lot of stuff that I might not “need” – or that my husband doesn’t think I need. 😬

I often hope my Amazon packages get delivered when he’s not home so I can get rid of the evidence of the treasures I found! But the other day we came home to this huge box from Amazon on our porch. Immediately I got the look; come on ladies you know the look I’m talking about. That look of ‘We already have enough stuff, where in the world are we going to put this?!’

But this time I was just as surprised as he was! All I had remembered ordering from Amazon was some muffin tins – and surely this box couldn’t JUST be muffin tins. I was fooled, though… THIS entire 4 foot box was filled with ONE MUFFIN TIN! YES, really.

Seriously, Amazon?! Those poor trees. 😢 Now I feel bad and wish I would have just spent the extra time and money, and headed to the store to buy this. Not only the trees, but how much money did Amazon waste shipping this HUGE box to me in 2 days?!

Have you ever ordered something from Amazon and had it delivered in a box that was WAY too big (or maybe even too small)?

Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Rachel

    I ordered an instant pot and it arrived in a box that could comfortably fit a plus size adult human body in it. Really? I think that’s a bit overkill. My husband had gotten excited thinking I ordered something big for the family. Sorry, just an instant pot, as great as it is. He and our daughter were not impressed. Not the first time this has happened. I just break the boxes down, store the medium boxes for projects, and toss the others on the burn pile.

  2. ash


    • Bobbie

      Hey, Ash, I have to agree with you. Just recycle it; it’s cardboard, it can be re-used!

  3. tmuk

    Amazon has a really great deal with UPS and FedEx, they hardly pay anything for shipping. It’s all about convenience when your business is this big. Order from eBay instead, the item will be packaged better and you’re helping out a small busiess (in theory, some are big box stores).

    • Elyon

      I ordered from ebay and my packages came from Amazon! Still in huge boxes for a small item. For example a jenga game was in a box that my comforter set could have fit in. And I was confused because I didn’t order from Amazon o ordered from ebay

      • Stephanie

        usually the ones that have stock photos are people who drop ship the ones that usually have their picture of the items are small businesses hth

  4. Haley

    I always chuckle when this happens, but then I get excited because hey! another box to fill to take to the thrift shop! I hate giving up my good, thick, sturdy diaper boxes to take to the thrift shop, but amazon boxes are perfect!

  5. Mel

    At least you got a shipping box! I ordered a pressure cooker (from another site) over the summer and it only came with some thick plastic wrapped around the actual product box. Took the pot out, excited to try my first recipe after reading the instructions and washing all the pieces. I just happened to run my hands around the pot when I noticed a dip. Looked closer, and there was a big ole dent in the side of the pot. Can only assume the box got knocked around (cuz the guys are ohhh so gentle!). Got on the phone with a rep, they apologized. Had to send the pot back and wait almost 2 wks (on backorder) to get another one. This one arrived the same way with plastic around it, but ‘Fragile’ stamped across it. LOL. Good news was the new one arrived undamaged!

  6. Angela

    Yes! I order a small button cell battery package. The batteries were for my car key. It was a pack of 3. Literally the package was smaller than the palm of my hand. It came in a box big enough to hold a basketball. Filled with 8 of those air puffs and my small tiny batteries at the very bottom. Thought that was pretty funny. I thought it would come in a small padded envelope in my mail box. Nope.

    • Angela

      Perk was: I ordered the wrong ones. Went to do the return online and Amazon said “no need to return the item, your refund will be processed shortly”. Guess it made more sense to save the shipping cost and let me keep the money. $3.87

  7. Bonnie

    I got an eraser (yes I ordered an eraser) in a 9×12 box. Really? Honestly, it makes me not want to order from Amazon. Such a waste

    • Jessica

      This made me laugh 😂

  8. Jeni

    An here I thought I was the only one who try’s to beat DH home to get rid of any evidence that I’d been shopping online. Again. That was the best part of the article for me, that, an the look that most of us get for being loyal H2S fans! TY!! 😊

    • Allison

      Ha! I’m a stay at home mom & I always hope packages come during my husband’s day shift at work. I hate seeing the eye roll when he’s at home & ups pulls up 😉

  9. angela

    My subscribe and save comes smashed. They say return it and they will replace it. Then they dont replace it. Why was it smashed bc a case of tuna was packed with fragile items in a lightweight box with no packing and tape that ripped open. 6 customer service sessions later and still not really resolved. Then my future subscribe and saves didnt have the right price discount etc. Almost done with amazon.

    • Helen

      I’ve had things arrived smashed and/or leaking – if it is hazardous to return, they will just replace or refund. I’ve found that calling (by having them call you) works best. It is somewhat hidden how to get there though, but when you find that option, I always go that way wrt contacting their Customer Service

  10. serenity he

    OMG yes…. i hate it every time something comes and i have to toss a bigggggg, gigantic, enormous box away for a little purchase.

  11. Michelle

    We ordered a men’s leather belt…it came in a box that could have had a full size bass guitar in it. It was ridiculous. The belt was hanging in the box, instead of being wrapped up in a tight circle and placed in a box no larger than a shoe box.

  12. HayleyPierce

    I ordered a small metal camping coffee cup for my husband once, and it came in a box that was at least 24”x24” lol

  13. KMHL

    When will Americans quick complaining about every little thing. Making us all sound like we are spoiled rotten brats!
    Come on people!!!
    I’m so thankful for Amazon! So, I ask and beg… please don’t ruin it for me 😁

    • tipaye

      The intent of the original post conveyed her concern for trees and the overall wastefulness. Concern for these issues ARE first-world problems! 🙄

    • Mourrene

      And my first world money paid for it so I want what I paid for and I don’t apologize for that. It’s no where near the same as poverty or other third issues but that’s doesn’t mean it’s not a problem to me. Or that I can’t complain about it.

      • Steve

        Does Amazon advertise its merchandise being packaged with no excess cardboard? No? Sounds like you got what you paid for.

  14. Raea

    I didn’t scroll through all the comments but i have the option on amazon to leave a review/ feedback for the packaging on each delivery. 🙂

  15. Denise

    Amazon isn’t the only culprit, unfortunately. I see this constantly at work with deliveries. A 2×3 inch item is mailed in an 8×10 box! Maybe is the item is small they are afraid that it may get lost.

  16. Amber

    I love Amazon, but my gripe about my Subscribe & Save order is that it comes in a box so large and heavy that it takes me and my son to move it in the house. Like large enough to fit a small refrigerator in, filled with 2 cases of diapers, a case of TP, a case of wipes, toothpaste, shampoo, etc. I always write a review on that. Then the next time it arrives in 5 separate boxes. Guess I can’t win. First world problems, for sure!

  17. Lauren

    I personally wish Amazon had a delayed ship option… sometimes I’ll order something due to it being a great price but its not something I need right away, like a Christmas gift. Wish I could opt to have it shipped at a later date, perhaps once every two weeks, with other similarly non essential items so I’m not unnecessarily wasting packing materials, shipping costs, and especially my poor UPS man’s time!

    • Kimberly

      If you order a Prime eligible item and select the “no rush” shipping option, it won’t ship for a few days. If you happen to order more Prime eligible items sent “no rush” within the next few days, a lot of times Amazon will consolidate some or all of the items into one shipment. I’ve had this happen to me several times. (And because each item is a different order, you still get the no rush incentive for each order, even if they all ship together.)

  18. Sarah

    You can review the packaging for each order. HOPEFULLY Amazon can use that to improve box sizes.

  19. Sandy

    I’m a postmaster with 4 rural carriers who deliver with their own vehicles. You should see them trying to get all the amazon packages to fit in their vehicles for delivery! Our running joke is that if it’s a lightweight box measuring 24″ square, it simply MUST be a gift card. Seriously Amazon, train your packers! Smaller boxes and please- more tape!

  20. Cam

    Big box = big logo = free advertising, right in your own neighborhood.

  21. Bryant

    My cat just LOVES the huge boxes! As soon as the open box hits the floor he jumps inside and claims it as his new home. 🙂

  22. Deb

    Amazon isn’t the only one. I just got one can of hair mousse shipped to Penneys that was in a box big enough for a hair dryer and 4 additional mousse cans. Wasteful. On another note, my electric company keeps trying to get me to go paperless. At the same time, they increased the size of their paper bill to twice the size of the old one. Go figure!

  23. Moody

    I also have experience with Amazon, Walmart, kohls, including store pick-up with bigger boxes.
    I think they know that saving more on damage insurance is logical than size of the box which they have contracted to UPS/FedEx.
    It is more the Shipper who packs and wants to save himself from insurance claims I believe.

  24. L.G.

    I order all the time from them and I have never once gotten anything in a box that was too big. That’s so weird. I recycle cardboard even if it means using it for crafts or dropping it off at the recycling center so it wouldn’t be a big deal to me.

    • a. rich

      Interesting me either I find this surprising and I am a very frequent shopper. My husband did suggest I need to start a side business selling cardboard:)

    • Christina M Pyles

      Wow, really? Do you order often? Maybe it’s the distribution center where you live? Idk, but I order like once a month average and have gotten too many oversized boxes to count over the years…jealous!

  25. sondra216379

    Almost EVERY SINGLE TIME I get anything from amazon!

  26. Elaine

    The only time I have had an issue with Amazon is when they decide to not use a mailing box at all and just slapped a mailing label on the waffle iron I ordered and sent it as it. No surprise it arrived damaged.

  27. Rachel

    Here’s a funny one… I once ordered some canvas totes of all different sizes from Burlington Coat Factory for 2 different rooms. I thought they would put them one inside the other and send them like that and the largest laundry one would be the size of the box. I was so wrong and each one was sent separately even though they came from the same place and each box was oversized. I had to break them down outside it was so much I couldn’t fit them in the living room. It took up the whole porch! I got home and we looked like we were moving lol!

  28. ticklemaddie

    Collin, can you add a feature here where I can “LIKE” the comments? Some are funny, I’m here eating popcorn reading comments. LOL

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Be sure to stay tuned for new features! 😉

  29. Reetreet

    I ordered a tiny crochet hook (smaller than a standard #2 pencil lol) and it came in a box big enough to fit a giant case of water. I almost couldn’t find the hook in all of the air pockets they sent. It wasn’t even fragile. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  30. Susan

    I, too, have giggled at the size of the boxes I’ve received my treasures in, but here’s something out we can all do with those huge boxes from Amazon and other companies… we can fill them with items we are no longer using, print a prepaid label, drop off at UPS or USPS, and they will be shipped to a participating charitable partner through Give Back Box.

  31. Sarah

    Been there done that lol I know they’re just really trying to protect their item (and it works I mean I rarely ever receive damaged items from them and do all the time from other places) but this seriously happens to me all the time and sometimes there are even boxes inside of boxes! I hate to see them waste their money like that and my garage is always full of boxes! Lol

    • Christina

      Mine too, they’re taking over!

  32. jackie esparza

    yes I love amazon but the waste of money on boxes like wow. I got one tiny item the other day forget what it was as been getting alot of stuff to store away for gifts since they were great bargains but like others say it’s terrible. they package well. but come on now. it’s ok we use the bubble wrap and the boxes to repack stuff in. like the way you decided to do this. and I love hip 2 save. and my friends in the group I run are sharing away and learning ways to save money. thanks again

  33. Dillon

    Amazon has a section to provide package feedback and upload photos when things like this happen:

  34. Jae

    Cracking up, YES! We have noticed the human body sized boxes on our porch with just an eye shadow in it LOL. Too funny. The other dilemma is the Subscribe & Save boxes with 3 12/ct beverage items inside, laundry detergent, weighing 100 lbs, then 2 straggling medium sized boxes with an eye pencil and a mascara in each of those separately. Maybe the distribution centers are filled with medical marijuana as well as our purchased items 😀

  35. a. rich

    I am here in Ga and shop on Amazon frequently typically 3 or so deliveries a week for 3+ years now and I have not encountered this problem but I have experienced this with Target.

  36. krystal

    I just had an opposite type problem with my clearance grabs from Wal-Mart, the Barbie cove and monster high arriving with no additional packaging! Just labels on the toy boxes, thankfully I caught the ups driver as he was carrying one up the driveway and the kids were out back otherwise my kids may have seen their Christmas gifts way early! I understand a second box would have been redundant but I may opt for in store pick up next time to avoid this mishap

  37. Tori

    I think I have the answer …….


    Everyone in the neighborhood sees the box saying AMAZON & wonders what you ordered. Then they think of something they need to order and viola! More orders.

  38. candace

    Wal-Mart is WAY worse with this

  39. Sarah

    I had made a purchase from Office Depot or office max back before they merged and anyways I ordered several items and one of the items was a pack of microfiber towels like a pack of 5. They arrived separately in a huge box filled with air bubbles and packing peanuts!

  40. SArah

    I ordered a set of 8 Chicago Bears glasses and they were packed in a box with those thin cardboard cut out slots. Like cardboard divider things. Think thin cardboard like the McDonald’s drink carrier. Absolutely no bubble wrap or packing paper nor bubble wrap. There was a good 4 – 6 inches space between the slots and the top of the box. I have you know these all made it 100 percent in undamaged! Wow it was a Christmas gift and I was in dire need to spill the beans about how they were shipped!

  41. Cindy

    Ha-ha! Glad to see I am not the only one. The big boxes come from other companies also. We have contests to see who can fold the boxes the most creatively so we can fit them into the recycle bin.

  42. Nina

    Amazon makes too much money n pay almost nothing for shipping the quantities that they do probably, so this waste seems highly environmentally irresponsible I always thought so also.

  43. Norma

    Walmart does the same and fills it with air pocket filling and paper.

  44. Carol

    Thank You for bringing this up. I have had so many ridiculous size boxes. It’s amazing Amazon doesn’t care or is oblivious to this. There costs are definitely affected.

  45. Angela Jones

    I get this all the time… it is crazy the waste. Also… I will get one item in one box and one item in the other…. they could save a lot on shipping too… tons of trash

  46. Molly

    My kids and I have made many “houses” from the awesome huge boxes! Some are definitely too huge for my items but at least the boxes get used for a few weeks!

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