Not Home?! Amazon Key Delivers Packages INSIDE Your Home – Yes, They Open The Door!

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Don’t Like Having Packages Sit on Your Front Porch?

Would you be interested in having packages delivered INSIDE your front door when you’re not home? 😳 As an Amazon Prime member, now you can ensure that your packages are delivered safely, which is especially important with the amount of packages that you may start getting around the holidays!

Now Amazon Key lets Prime Members schedule permanent access to your home for family members or allows you to give temporary access to recurring visitors – like dog walkers, house cleaners, or out-of-town guests! You’ll be notified any time your guest locks or unlocks your door. Whoa!

BUT, would you want a complete stranger walking inside your home and checking out your decor, family photos and even your dirty house (gasp!), while placing packages inside your home for you?
If this sounds appealing to you, Amazon Key is for YOU!

Amazon Key is exclusively for Prime members in select cities and surrounding areas. To get started, you’ll need to purchase the Amazon Key In-Home Kit, starting at $249.99. The kit includes: the Amazon Cloud Cam (Key Edition) indoor security camera and a compatible smart lock from Kwikset or Yale.

Then, whenever you’re shopping on Amazon, just select “FREE in-home delivery” at checkout. On delivery day, they’ll notify you just before the delivery and Amazon will authorize the delivery and unlock your door. You can watch the delivery live in the Amazon Key App or see a video of it later. They’ll notify you once the delivery is complete and your door is re-locked.

Would YOU use Amazon Key?
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Comments 109

  1. Tracy

    Uh, no

    • Momof3

      My thoughts as well.

    • Neva

      Exact words I was gonna type

    • Gina

      No way stay OUT

  2. ohiogirl

    A little too creepy for me…

  3. Mirela

    Nope! Just don’t feel like having strangers in my home. I believe Walmart is trying to do same thing

  4. LeAnn K

    Has it really come to this?? 😮

  5. Leslie

    This sounds insane, sure give someone you don’t know your key. I won’t even consider an alarm system because I don’t trust those companies.

  6. Amy

    You have to get video monitoring and they record the person in your home. You also have to change the code every single time. I get packages every week all year long and have never once had a package stolen. I guess I don’t understand why this would be useful due to that. Also, I’d have to change it every week. How in the world would I ever remember it?

    • Jennifer

      Since Amazon is hiring these people, they would have the id of all the people who work for them. It’s not like they won’t see

  7. Katrina

    My dog goes bananas when the “PMS man” as my 2 year old calls him pulls into the driveway. I can’t imagine the reaction if he opened the door…

    • LeAnn K

      That would be worth watching the recording!!!!! Lol.
      Or I could see someone’s pet escaping…

    • Metronoma

      LMAO! Too funny 😀

    • Heather C

      Love it- the MA man! Yeah, my Yorkie would’ve waaaaaay too defensive

    • Beth

      Hahaha! That’s hilarious! My 4 year old calls him the “PAS man.”

    • sann

      I’d have to up my insurance, pretty sure my dog would bite them.

  8. JB

    Yeah- definitely a no for me!

  9. Amy

    Is this real life?

  10. Andrea

    That’s a hard NOPE! Not a chance. They hire pretty much anyone in an unmarked car even to deliver.

  11. Andrea

    I think it would be better if they would supply you with an locking Amazon delivery box to put on the side of your house or something. Like the old milk delivery boxes lol.

    • Metronoma

      I like that idea!

    • Nell


    • Leslie Ramey

      Yes, I was just thinking this. It would make more sense

  12. hipsaver2

    Heck no!

  13. Nicole

    I say no now…BUT…I’m in the burbs. It was not long ago when I lived in the city and was asking my neighbors to take in any packages I had for fear they wouldn’t be there when I got home from work…so maybe that population is who they are trying to reach???

    • Rm

      But you know your neighbor though

  14. sophie

    Doesn’t sound good to me.

  15. Me

    Um, NO, no, and No. And then when your dog runs out the front door or they don’t lock the door, or heaven forbid, something from your house is missing. Um, no frigging way. I think that’s insane.

  16. Carmen

    I’m interested! You are notified when Amazon arrives and the camera starts recording. You can watch the entire thing from your phone. It’s definitely worth looking in to.

    • Chantel

      Am I the only one who caught that they install a camera in your house? Really, do you want Amazon to have the ability to record inside the privacy of your home whenever they feel like it? Yeah, convenience is not worth this. It is like something from Black Mirror.

  17. Kelly

    It sounds like a special Bluetooth lock that can only be unlocked by temporarily authorized mobile devices, and Amazon is kind of protecting themselves with the indoor and outdoor security cameras so a home owner can’t come back and say the delivery person stole something or worse. I mean, it’s not a horrible idea for the same people that regularly use Uber… you know, hopping in a stranger’s car and trusting something bad won’t happen. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  18. Doc

    Thats gonna be a no for me dawg

    • Jessica


  19. Niki

    I’m a housekeeper and I’m in other people’s homes all the time. That part doesn’t scare me. What really creeps me out of the video camera. Now Amazon gets to watch you and listen to you with Alexa. Big Brother, please order toilet paper

    • May N

      Straight from 1984, Comrade.

  20. Kitkat

    Packages gets stolen where I live; so this would be worth looking into!

  21. kim

    Absolute No

  22. Pauline

    Absolutely not! I would rather get them to place it in my Porch Box outside my house and get them to lock it instead, there’s so many “safer” alternative out there

  23. Amy

    All the nopes that ever noped.

    • Sarah


  24. Caryn

    I would never consider this. I’d rather risk having my package stolen than the items I already have in my house!

    Also, what if you just got out of the shower or are in another private situation and someone just opens your door?!?

  25. Tolu

    Creepy! On the porch is just fine

  26. haveAniceDay

    I would love this if I had a locked porch or sunroom and just make sure my door to the house had a different lock. I just had the problem of a package that the postal service said it had delivered but I never received it this week 🙁

    • Pauline

      You can actually order a porch box with a padlock and a sign that says “please put package in the box and lock it”. So you leave the empty box it unlocked then the delivery person can put your package inside and manually lock it. Or if you’re handy, you could go to home depot and get material to build your own box 🙂

      • DealGetterRN

        Totally love this! Except our postal service was caught on camera throwing packages to your door… he’d probably be offended & drop kick my boxes into the container

        • Imsofrugal


  27. Leigh

    No. if my package gets lost or stolen, amazon can just replace it.

  28. Lolie

    Don’t think so! Just as crazy as Walmart wanting to deliver groceries.

  29. MaK88

    Nope I want my dog to bark like an alarm at unexpected people trying to open my door, not learn to greet them as delivery people.

  30. Aally

    i with you guys , no thank you.

  31. Bryn

    So is this just the regular UPS guy/gal doing the delivering? I wonder how THEY feel about this. If it were me I wouldn’t want the liability, even with the cameras!

  32. Anita

    I laughed when Walmart said it would do in home delivery since they obviously don’t have enough employees to work as cashiers IN the store, and now this!
    NONE of my amazon prime packages get delivered to my home, they pass them off to the postal service then I get a notice in my cluster box mailbox informing me there is a package at the post office.
    I get this notice usually a day after the “two day shipping” deadline and have to take time off work to go get the packages. Two day shipping is a joke, I sometimes have to wait another couple days to get to the post office, so I receive my items usually in 5-6 days.
    I’d gladly let them deliver inside my home, we have plenty of cameras and insurance!

    • Bryn

      Anita I have this happen all the time too!! It definitely affected the amount of Amazon shopping I do. At our old house in the country the mail carrier would always bring my packages to the door. At our house here just outside of town, the mail lady never leaves them, just the slip (though she will walk them up to our neighbors doors, and we meet her at the box every single day possible!). Drives me nuts and defeats the purpose. If we get the “substitute” carrier he will leave them. But not our main lady.

      • Anita

        It bothers me the most that UPS hands off the packages to the USPS in the first place.
        It is not 2 day shipping with UPS as promised with my prime membership if I have to get in car and go retrieve the package.
        My gas, time off work and then my patience with the long line at the post office.
        My prime membership is up in December and I’m not sure I want to resubscribe due to this.
        It really is bothersome around the holidays when I do a lot of on line shopping and a lot of in line waiting at the PO

      • stacey

        Mail carrier here 🙂 Do you happen to have a dog on your property? Call your local p.o. and talk to the postmaster/supervisor. They can confront and ask why the carrier is leaving notice and not attempting at the door. Or next time you go into the p.o. talk to the supervisor. Some carriers have a legitimate reason for leaving notice, even if the customer doesn’t understand, and some carriers are just lazy and need called out on it, lol! Hope you can get some answers.

        • Wren

          Good advice, Stacey!

        • Bryn

          Stacey, yeah we have brought it up with the postmaster. They basically said it is up to the carrier where they want to get out or not. (She doesn’t even bother making ANY attempt though! Like honking at the very least! And here we seriously arrange our days around being able to meet her at the box like 98% of the time). Our neighbors have dogs…and she gets out at their house. *roll eyes*. Again, all the other carriers will bring a package to our step if we aren’t home, just not her. Usually she is chatting on her cell phone as she goes by too. We seriously think she fills out our little slip before she even comes to our house.

          • GiulianasMom

            My usps lady is terrible like that. I live in a condo so our mailbox is on one spot & you have to drive up to the door of you have a package. My neighbors are always handing me opened mail anonymously & on Christmas last year she ruined a glass ornament my Mother made & sent me so I called & complained to ghe supervisor. I believe she got suspended because for a few months we had the same guy but she is back. I would go over the supervisor & go so far to write a bad review. They don’t want to look bad because of a bad apple, someone will help.

            As far as the Amazon I have never had a problem with 2 day shipping because a separate Amazon delivery driver delivers my packages. I would just say it’s not completely their fault.

          • Stacey

            Wow…im sorry you’ve had such a bad experience with USPS. It’s part of our job to deliver parcels to the door, unless there is a specific reason we can’t ( like dogs, unsafe driveway, etc.) You deserve an explanation, and I would try to talk to someoone higher then the postmaster since they didn’t seem much better…horrible customer service in my opinion.

    • Shannon

      Is your mailbox smaller? This happens to my mother a lot because she has a small box and a long unpaved driveway that wouldn’t be easy for the mail truck. I keep telling her to buy a bigger mailbox. 🙄 I live in a rural area but my driveway is paved. I’m lucky to have a sweet older mailman that brings it to my door every time. When I lived in the suburbs the lady would just shove packages in the box and broke my mailbox. 😑

  33. Mark

    I wonder how police all over the country feel about Amazon selling legalized robbery courtesy of Amazon. Maybe the national media should look into this.

    • Mark

      my last email should read house robbery, (in my opinion)

  34. Laura

    We have way too many animals that could get out or leave us wide open for a lawsuit 😜. I have to be careful though, we have had packages stolen off our porch before. It stinks 😞

  35. Ronzo

    So you have to pay $250 for it, so packages don’t get stolen that amazon is responsible for anyway.

  36. DealGetterRN

    $250?!? That’s a bit pricey. I’m trying to save money (I get you ‘save’ money if you don’t have to rebuy what may be stolen by risking to leave it out front). Would rather have them have my garage code to put it in there & lock it up.

  37. riss

    Uh, no. Nope. Negatory. This is just like the Wal-Mart home delivery posted here a few weeks ago. That’s just el creep-o.

  38. ANNalynn

    SCary is all that I can describe

  39. ds

    Wow I would not want a stranger being able to do that!

  40. Mourrene

    Oh…so this is a real thing?! I laughed because I thought it was a joke. Um no. I get packages all the time that are not stolen. I do like the idea of the porch box though because carriers leave packages directly in front of the door instead of to the side so they are not visible from the street.

  41. Daniela

    Who let the dog out?! Amazon Key Key Key. (Dancing)

    • Tori

      ❤️ IT! Now for the ear worm……lol.

  42. CherryBlossom

    Big NOPE to that, with all my love for Amazon.

  43. keeah


  44. Becca

    No thanks!

  45. MissesK

    Any delivery guy that gets within a foot of our door would be saying nope. Our dog would not be having that nonsense!

  46. Jenn

    We have a similar lock (without the cameras so far lol) – it works with a digital “key” that Amazon (or you) grant to the delivery person, and it’s a one-time use. Ours can do one-time or recurring (like a family member or our cleaning lady). The delivery person doesn’t have a physical key and supposedly can’t enter after the one time because the digital “key” is deactivated. The lock itself is a great idea, love the video features. I wouldn’t feel comfortable with a random delivery person opening my door though – it took me several visits before I let my cleaning lady in when I’m not home. If you’re worried about packages being stolen, check out the Amazon Lockers – secure lockers at various places around town (one by me is at a 7-11). You can have packages delivered to them.

    Regarding the delayed packages and mail carriers’ refusal to deliver, that’s not an Amazon issue, that’s a USPS issue. I’d suggest finding your local post office’s direct number (not easy, but once you have it you’re set) and contact them with your complaints. I’ve actually had good luck with mine whenever I have issues. The toll-free national number doesn’t work, you have to talk to your local postmaster.

  47. Sha

    Well twice in a matter of less than 7 days Amazon has delivered the same neighbors packages to my address. I’m sure they took a pic showing the delivery. Big as day on their mailbox and front brick is the street number.

    However, I get the most packages, so if we both had delivery would they come in my house unexpectedly????

    Now I know where my list packages are going to other neighbors probably that don’t know who I am possibly. Strange but something to think about…

    • daltonjsmom

      Yep, same problem with’s 2-day shipping handled through FEDEX. My “neighbor” 1+ miles away has gotten my last 2 packages. I called FEDEX, but they can’t make their drivers deliver to my house properly without an actual package number apparently. So until I am expecting a package again and have its number, there is no way to ask the driver to deliver my future packages to the right place, even though this is a very small community and the driver probably knows us.

  48. leah

    For those that it works for, I’m happy they have this option. If they’re comfortable with it, power to them.
    As for me, my delivery people are all exceptional. They put all of my packages inside of my sun porch.

    • Angela V.

      I agree with you Leah. I receive packages on almost a daily basis and have never had any problems. The postal and UPS delivery guys are awesome, and leave the packages on the porch next to the house.

    • Wren

      Yep, I was going to say our delivery people have always been exceptional! At our last home they were great; we recently moved to a whole new area and UPS, FedEx and USPS are great. We get deliveries all the time.

  49. Joloie

    Lol my parents/siblings dont even have my home key, let alone its a totally stranger

  50. Jb

    I would not be on board with this. However, I run a pool service company and you’d be shocked at the number of people that tell us “just tell the tech to go in the back door, it’s unlocked and no ones home”. Uhhhh no, not happening.

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