Are You a Victim of the Target Dollar Spot?

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NOTE FROM COLLIN: Similar to how we do our Try Me Tuesday posts with product recommendations, I thought it would be also fun to do basically the complete opposite. With that said, I introduce “Waste of Money Wednesday!” 😂 This post will be exactly that – the Hip2Save team will be sharing products that they aren’t happy with, products they feel are a waste of money – basically product UN-recommendations.

Hi there! It’s Michelle – one of the Hip2Save Sidekicks!

I have a little tradition I’ve started. It goes like this:

Enter Target, head straight for Target Dollar Spot, put a bunch of useless items in my cart and then happily do my real shopping.

You can likely relate if you’ve been a victim of the Target Dollar Spot. And by victim I mean totally willing shopper who fills up her cart with all of those lovely $1 to $3 items. 😳

The one thing I cannot resist is their magnetic note pads. I have dreams of a little notepad that stays on my fridge so I can update my shopping list as we run out of things.

I keep buying these magnetic shopping lists and they keep breaking within the first week. Somehow the pages get bumped and the whole thing falls apart. Of course I’ll still buy one every time I go into the store because they are always so dang cute, but they just don’t hold up very well.

If I’m being honest my weakness is more than just the magnetic notepads. It’s actually ALL of the stationery items. I try and resist, but the prettiest pencils and the cutest notepads are always waiting for me. And I need it all. 😬

As I was writing this post I went to pull a “few things” I’d bought out of a drawer, and whoops – those few things are actually a lot of things. Most of them are still in the package.

And you’d think that would deter me, however here are a few things I picked up yesterday! So although I get frustrated when my magnetic list pads fall apart, it’s just $1 I’ve wasted and the joy I get from just putting the items in my cart and pushing them around the store is well worth the wasted money. 😉

Did you know that you can now shop for some of these items online too?! This is SO not good.

What’s Your Target Dollar Spot Weakness?

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Comments 99

  1. Tracy

    I hate going to the dollar store and buying like 10 cat toys only for my dogs to rip them apart that same day

  2. Cmontoya33

    YES!!! They have so many cute things.

  3. y

    I feel your pain Michelle. I too love the dollar spot stickers, washi tape, cards, pencils etc etc .

    • Michelle Price

      So hard to resist!

  4. thethinker

    I wait until the season cycles out and the pencils are 90% off for donation purposes. I walk by that section without issue. I purchase a one subject notebook for .04$ every 3 years (school supply clearance) and use it as needed. I do not need or want most things from Target especially that I have to check the prices on everything and price match. Too much of a hassle.

    • Kristy

      Yes I wait for 90% clearance too

    • Merida

      I am too, like you. Have too many things I buy at a discount that I save for when needed.

  5. vmm

    I love the magnetic notepads too…but I’ve never bought them there. I get them at Joanne’s most of the time and have never had one fall apart and for just over a buck, they sometimes come with cute matching magnets…oooh… 😉

    • Michelle Price

      Oh-I’ll have to check those out!!

  6. Heather

    Yes… every. single. time. It’s like a magnet that pulls you in!!

  7. Kristen

    Magnetic list pads are definitely a cute idea! Michaels has some really cute ones that I’ve bought before. When certain ones are “going out of season” they’re clearanced out for only $0.50! So an even better buy than the Dollar Spot! Definitely keep an eye out if you head to Michaels. 🙂

    • Cherry luva

      Yes! My magnetic note pads from Michael’s hold up very well. I gladly overspent on these as they had cherries on them and we’ll, my whole kitchen is decorated in cherry things so it works out. Plus, don’t forget to look up Michael’s when in the store to pull up a coupon!

  8. Bee0619

    I probably spent $100 already on the Target Dollar Spot Christmas items 😬 but I have no regrets!

    • Michelle Price

      I know! I just consider it an entry fee to get into Target!

      • Rachel

        I️ love this. 😂😂😂

      • Emily

        Even if Target had a real cover charge, I’d pay it! 😉 😉 😉

      • Donna

        Entry fee….lol!!!

    • Lexie

      I spent $40 on just dollar spot stuff the other day but it was such good stuff. Lots of stocking stuffers and Christmas decorations. No regrets. I must have gone the day they put them out bc I went back 2 days later and it was all gone.

  9. Nina

    I feel we work too hard for money to waste it on the dollar spot stuff.. unless it’s on clearance..bcus its all worth about 5 cents a piece from China anyway..but yea it’s cute stuff 🙂

    • thethinker

      That is one of the reasons I go past the section. None of the items are stockpile nor need worthy. If I want, I seek quality.

      • Jill

        Totally agree. I would much rather spend my money on other things.

  10. Stephanie

    I love their magnetic notepads. I currently have three on my fridge that often get shuffled around. From different seasons, I’ve never had a problem 🤷‍♀️. But yes that dollar spot that ranges $1-$5 is irresistibly rough, gets me every time.

    • Michelle Price

      Really? And they hold up? Maybe the problem is my family!

      • DealAddict

        I have gotten a lot of those pads over the years & mine very rarely fall apart. I do keep it on the side of the fridge so maybe less bumping & moving?

  11. Rachel

    Guilty. I love the dollar spot.

  12. Alma

    Thanks for writing about this Michelle. I had the same “illness” and the way I cured myself is by either bypassing this section altogether or taking my 5 year old son with me when I go to Target. If we stop by this section, he’s the voice of reason and reminds me I already have all the cute items I’m currently eyeing.

    • Dee

      My 5 year old girl does this too. She has saved me a lot from spending on such things.

  13. Jess

    Dollar tree addict 🤚

    • Lori

      Me too!

    • Whitney

      The Dollar Tree book section is the death of me. I now have books lining the perimeter of my apartment.

    • *Angela-Miles*

      Now that is one place I love Lol. I shop their more than target dollar spot

  14. Sharol

    So true! I just spent $36 yesterday at the dollar spot & I was supposed to go in for a return only!!! 😂😂😂😑😑

    • Michelle Price


  15. jenro89

    I walk right by the dollar spot – just glance at it.

  16. LusMom

    The Thank You notes! Every. time. I use them for work, so I do really use them, but it just sucks you in!

  17. Tera

    I think other people must have better dollar spots than us. Hardly ever does something catch my eye. I’ve even been watching dollar spot haul YouTube videos, but when I look at my store for the same items they’re never there.

    • Whitney

      The Super Target dollar spot is a whole different animal then the not-so-super Target. I’ve noticed every time I go into one.

  18. Jo3mode

    ha ha, yup had that happen

  19. Angela P

    My daughter loves this area. I too have a weakness for paper products. Guilty admission here: I ran into target this morning at 8 am just to see if the dollar spot stationary was on clearance. Others have been finding items, but I haven’t found any discounted items yet. 🙂 That was the only reason I went in the store. I love the dollar spot for inexpensive gifts and toys. 🙂

    • Vivian

      My clearance stuff was in the back by the Halloween stuff… hope that helps you find it

  20. Sara13

    Definitely check out Dollar Tree for magnetic notepads. They’re SUPER sturdy! (Just buy everything else from the Dollar Spot, because who can resist those $1-$3 goodies?)

  21. Amy

    I rarely shop the “dollar spot”, however I love to hit it up when there is a clearance sale. I got a 4 four pack of pencils with rainbow erasers top for .30 and a 12 pack of pencils for .60. This is when I get my donations for my kids school.

  22. JA

    I glance through it but honestly haven’t bought anything from there in a long time. I’ve been actively trying to decrease the amount of stuff we own. Its been a slow process of using up what we have, repurposing, donating and trashing things. And I found that I have a stash of little tablets like that. Mostly freebies. That don’t get used but nobody can find scratch paper. Lol.

  23. FSUGAL

    From early on I have trained my daughter to shop the sale racks first. Never pay full retail price for anything…you CAN get it at some point for less. However, JUST because something is on sale, doesn’t equate to I “need” that. So, when we shop, we always say “Need” or “Want?” Also, my daughter who is 15 (almost 16) has become a smart online shopper. She will watch for sale/clearance, with additional % off, AND free shipping. And we only buy online IF the items can be returned to a local store conveniently OR free return shipping is offered. When she receives gift cards for her b’day or xmas, now she has learned how to get the most for HER money. “Need” or “Want” can make a huge difference in your shopping decisions. 🙂 (And it has been a very long time since I’ve given into the Dollar Spot temptations). Not a “need.”

  24. Julie

    I feel like it’s now the $3 spot – most of the things I find to buy are rarely $1 anymore….

    • Whitney

      Yeah agree. The blanket scarves are $7 (but that didn’t stop me, sadly). Lol

  25. Sarah

    I don’t really bother with the stationary but my weakness is the kids sunglasses that are $1 in the spring and summer. For the past 2 years I buy at least 5 pairs for each of my kids per year (5 year old and 2 year old). They are awesome because both my kids will be about to wear them for several more years and anywhere else kids sunglasses are between $3-$10 a piece. I only buy the designs I like but definitely stock up because at this age my kids loose, scratch, bend, or break most of them.

  26. momo

    I use to beeline for the dollar spot right when we enter the store & do a few rounds in/out of the dollar spot aisles. My dh hates waiting for me, he thinks everything here is junk. I’ve frequented less tho bc the items have not been good & I agree with the earlier post ic a lot of $3(-5?) items. Also I’ve been disappointed with the dollar crap I’ve bought & am too lazy to do return for a few bucks (yes! I’d rather complain about it). Ex: Felt books cut crookedly with missing words, non glowing sticks, dishwasher safe kids food trays but is bubbling! Real bummer for my 2yo.

  27. mindi

    I love the magnetic notepads! I keep one on the fridge and havent had any break in the last couple years ive been buying them.

  28. Stacey

    I was just there today and was like what I miss the $1 and $3 stuff mine is mostly now $5 and $7 and some $10 stuff. A couple of the $1 and $3, I remember when it was truly a dollar spot.

  29. Melissa Rice

    I love their 60 count mini eraser bags for just a dollar. It’s well worth the price and I always give them away as party favors.
    Other stuff Like note pads, washi taped, pencils, crafts I try to buy on seasonal clearance.

  30. Karen

    I hardly get out with friends these day but when I do, we go to Target! My friend LOOOOOOVES the dollar section!! She gets all excited, spends an hour picking out a bunch of stuff … then one by one decides she doesn’t want or need the stuff so she puts it all back. Oh man. Every time I walk in Target, I laugh and skip past that section! LOL!

    • Michelle Price

      That’s hilarious!

    • Happymama

      This. I am just like your friend. The crazy excitement hits and I put all sorts of goodies in my cart. Then the voice of reason kicks in and back to the shelf it goes. LOL!

  31. shirley

    I do not buy things from the dollar spot unless they are on clearance. I stock up during that time for Christmas stocking.

  32. teamdrake2009

    Love the dollar spot and love their magnetic notepads too! Never had an issue with them falling apart.

  33. Mel R.

    My store used to have a pretty big $1 section, but earlier in the year, condensed the area. It’s more like the $3-$5 section, with maybe a few bins of $1 stuff. I roll right on by now!

  34. Staci

    I like to check the Dollar Spot out for stocking stockers. My kids love the tubes of bathtub paint for $1 and also the character socks.

  35. Kay

    I like to get the 60-count mini erasers. I collect them for my girls. We love miniatures. New designs come out every holiday/season so it’s fun to c what’s next. Use them for ABC boxes n favors. Also luv the $3 wooden toy foods that look like Melissa&Doug. So cute. Have gotten house-shaped mini shelves, baskets, all sorts of cute stuff for girls room. If I really like it, I’ll buy full price cause it’ll run out quick. Everything else I buy when 90% off for gifts, prizes, favors.

  36. Laurie

    That’s why they put the dollar spot in the front of the store – it’s like checkout candy – but for adults. I refuse to fall for it!

  37. Nina

    They put it in the front as soon as u enter for a reason. It’s impulse buying.. n they expect people to do just that.

  38. riss

    I must admit I’ve never bought anything at the dollar spot section. I checked it out once or twice in the past and though the stuff are cute, I think they are cheaply made and overpriced.

  39. Heidi N

    I bought a command hook brand clip that I put on the fridge to hold my magnetic note pads that kept falling apart. I’ve also taken a magnet from the back of an old pad and taped it on the back of the new one to reinforce the wimpy original.

  40. Laura

    I love this post 😂

  41. Jill

    I have to force myself not to look at the one spot!

  42. Sue P

    When mine fall apart I resort to using a super strong magnet clip to keep the fun alive 😉

    • Michelle Price

      “to keep the fun alive” 🙂 That’s a great idea!

  43. Rebecca

    I love the notepads too!! Mine also fall apart so I use the magnetic clips at the top of the notepads and they stay up on my fridge perfectly. I included a link so you could see what I am talking about. You can buy a 2 pk at Target for under $4. Check out this item at Target

    • Michelle Price

      That’s a great idea! Thanks!

  44. Christine E Ziebarth

    Love all the “state” branded stuff — my latest buy was a canvas California wine bag. Also I love the $1 magnifying readers, when they have them (not often). I need about 10 readers scattered throughout the house at any given time.

    All the holiday stuff has been truly adorable recently!

  45. Ashley

    Haha oh yes!

    • Sha

      I was in a hurry and instead of going to another store way out the way for a charger for my daughter in the hospital. Luckily it was there. Plus I was able to get some other pass time note pads and flash cards for the grands kids to learn to start basic reading and numbers.

      It was a lot to look through but I found great stuff without going into the main store. I was done and ready to check out.

  46. Mollie

    You could use them for teacher gifts, stocking stuffers. Just an idea.

  47. Dawn

    The only “worthy” item I’ve purchased in the last year in that dollar spot is a $3 little game I can’t remember the name of—but it’s for little kids and it deals with washing underwear! It’s a wel-made game and is really fun—even my 15-year-old daughter doesn’t mind playing it with her 5-year old brother 😝

  48. Kim B

    I just bought my magnetic notepad last night from target 😂🤣 I love them

  49. Kim

    The trees and the string lights at the dollar spot get me every time. Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas – I️ always get $3 themed trees and matching lights😂. I️ love them though, kids do too – and they have lasted over the years. I️ just add to the collection now. I️ justify the purchase as “discount” Smith and Hawken 😊.

  50. Maria

    I was buying a bunch of Christmas stuff and I’m a Muslim—we don’t even celebrate Christmas! Lol!

    • Emily


    • Whitney

      That’s so funny! I’m Jewish but not in a holiday decor way (lol) and I was tempted to buy the Hanukkah stuff they have there now!

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