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Bath & Body Works Hand Soaps as Low as $2.50 Each (Regularly up to $11.50)

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Today, November 18th only, Bath & Body Works is offering all Hand Soaps for just $2.50 (regularly up to $11.50) – limit 15 per order. This offer is valid online when you use promo code HIGHFIVE at checkout OR at your local store with no coupon needed.

Other promo codes that are available (only one promo code is allowed per order)…

Don’t forget! If you’re shopping in store, Bath & Body Works will wrap any purchase in clear cellophane with a ribbon at no extra cost to you!

Shipping is $5.99 for orders over $9.99; otherwise, shipping is $9.99 for orders under $9.99.

(Thanks, Tina and Deanna!)

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Comments 118

  1. Jeni

    Can I use my $10 off $30 mailer in store with this sale??

    • Anita

      No those coupons start on the 20th

      • Blickie

        The store accepts coupons 3 days before and 3 days after the dates on the coupon

      • Anna

        Yes you can I used it and got a free lotion with the lotion coupon. Out the door 1.75$ each for soaps!!! 👊

    • Janet

      Yes you can. I used mine yesterday.

    • tres

      not at the stores in az, they said they received an email from corporate and they are not to take them with the handsoaps

      • Jennifer p

        Yes, that’s what I was told too, she suggested I call the 800#, I did, they told me it was up to each store, the manager did let me us the $10/30, I have never had an issue using a cpn on a store deal. Good luck 😃

      • Dreylawn

        The one at Desert Sky let me use my $10off $30.

  2. Amy

    If you shop in store can you use the $10 off coupon that many received in the mail?

    • Liz


  3. Jessica

    Are they any in store coupons to use with this deal?

  4. Liz

    Are the prices going to go any lower closer to Thanksgiving/christmas? Any opnions?

    • danisha

      Not in my experience. I wait for this one day sale every year. Hope this helps.

    • jen

      They come out to $1.76 if you buy 12 and use the 10 off 30 coupon!

      • Emily

        I think it’s only $1.67 with the 10 off 30 coupon!

    • sann

      I’m so glad people talk on here 🙂 Helps me so much! thanks guys (and hip2save)

  5. Sue

    I can’t imagine, but what kind of their hand soap would be normally priced at $11.50?

    • Laura

      my thoughts exactly! they aren’t a quality product to begin with

    • Sandy

      The Bigelow soap was $2.50 too! Reg $14. Picked up the last 3 in my store!!!

  6. Mags

    I hit this sale every year. Fun yet cheap gifts for all my kids teachers, speech therapist and bus drivers. Thanks!

    • Amy

      Yes, online there are even ones with a thank you label

  7. Edy

    I have received in mail 10/30 and free item cpn – yesterday I received in mail free item cpn valid nov 20- dec 24 and 5/20 10/30 or 15/40 valid nov 27- dec 10 / in the past years if you buy a small item nail files , hand sanitizer if you buy just one you get the 10/30 and you can purchase other stuff and you would get another 10/30 and there is a day that you can stack % and 10/30 or 15/40 just getting hand soaps and candles that’s my weakness

  8. L

    My BBW has become extremely strict and only lets you get deals if the 10 off was on the same page or email! If not you can’t combine anymore! Starting to get frustrated with them!

    • Leslie

      That’s how it’s always been here

  9. Ming

    If my coupon starts on 11/20, can i use it today? Thank you

    • CJ

      No but some of the coupons are online. Just Google B&BW on your phone and sites like come up that have them listed, then you just show the coupon with upc to the cashier at check out

    • Princess

      Yes you can. Per BBW’s policy coupons can be used 3 days before start date and 3 days after it expires. HTH

  10. Shelley P

    Awesome!! I have a 10 off 30 dollar purchase coupon so this makes for a sweet deal 😃👍🏻❤️

  11. Edt

    The free item and 10/30 if there on same paper mailer yes you can use together , but the 10/30 that they give out at store you can use on a 10-30 purchase – and there is a % and 10-30 stackable day

    • Cruz

      Hello Hello
      So what is this % off plus coupon day? When does it usually happen?
      I never knew there to be % off plus coupon day!!!! WoW you ladies sure know your stuff and I appreciate all the info/helpful comments as well

  12. Jess

    Most stores are out of the coupons that they hand out so don’t count on getting coupons in your bag.

    • Susan

      Yep! My last 2 in store purchases, I did not get coupons in my bag 🙁

  13. Joy

    Didn’t the 20% in store coupon expire yesterday? Is there another one?

    • Cassandra (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hi Joy! Yes, you are correct. That coupon did expire yesterday. So sorry for any confusion. The post has been updated.

  14. Jessica

    I have $10 off $30 but it starts 11/27
    Will they accept that?

    • Princess

      No, the earliest they will accept it is the 24th (3 days before and 3 days after).

  15. Becky

    Will the candles go on sale again for a great price?

    • Kristy

      yes, usually after black friday

      • Dawn

        Kristy, I heard the candle sale this year is on Saturday, December 2nd. 💗

        • Debby

          Correct it is December 2!!

          I know someone on here mention it is December 9 ….but that’s not right I just spoke to somebody in the store. 😀

  16. Lcoco

    Does anyone know about the ingredients in these. I usually buy Mrs. Meyers or Method. Are they still antibacterial or have they become more natural?

    • Jenn

      They aren’t antibac anymore (they removed the triclosan), but they aren’t natural either.

    • bmturner

      Mine had some purely clean. That are free of sulfates, parabens, dyes, phosphates etc. that’s what I bought

      • Jenn

        Thanks BMTurner, I had no idea about the Purely Clean line! I just went and bought 6 bottles!

  17. Cleob

    20% coupon expired 11/17.

    • kdegroot

      Their coupon policy allows you to use a coupon 3 days before it begins to 3 days after it expires. It’s great! Albeit an odd policy. Not sure why you have an expiration date that isn’t really it’s expiration. 😉

      • jamie10000

        Can you share the coupon policy?

      • Deona

        My store would not let me use the 20% off. They said it was only valid yesterday.

  18. Naomi

    Can someone forward me the email coupon please?


    • Valerie

      Would also love a copy if someone has it to forward. Valeriedean927(at)gmail(dot)com thanks!!

  19. Kelly

    Is there a free shipping code?

    • momof3

      No free shipping code. And they only accept 1 code online anyways, so to get the hand soap deal, you have to enter HIGHFIVE.

  20. Laurie Ward

    can we tell them the code for the 10 off 30 (F1710C1) thats listed above in the store?

  21. Sharol

    Where can I find the coupon policy? I have the email for $10 off $30 that expired on Friday, so I could still use it today if I can find the coupon policy. I just don’t want to go & get turned down. TIA everyone!

  22. bmturner

    I got 12 soaps and one body wash. It was $22. I used a 10 off 30 and free item with purchase coupon.

    • Cassandra (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Sweet! Great score!

  23. Beverly

    Someone, please post link to coupon policy, I do not see it on their website, did not take mine today that starts Nov 20.

  24. cruz

    My BBW said they have never heard of such thing as the 3 days before or 3 days after expiration date

  25. Melissa

    I hurried to use my $10 off $30 in store on the handsoaps and they wouldn’t take it. They said you cannot use any coupons on the soaps. Bummer! I did this deal last year without any problems. I’m located in Arizona. Hopefully you don’t have any problems where you are!

    • Lisa

      My store refused the %off coupon. Said it expired yesterday. They also said they do no accept any coupons from Retail Me Not. Employees said there are no current electronic coupons they will accept.

      • Cassandra (Hip2Save Sidekick)

        So sorry for any confusion, Lisa. That coupon did expire yesterday. The post has been updated.

    • Danisha

      Same! Which store did you go to? I went to the one at San Tan Mall in Gilbert.

      • tres

        same here my sister is at Arrowhead Mall and they told her she couldn’t use it on soaps. i will try Anthem on my way to visit her.

      • Melissa

        Yes, San Tan Mall didn’t take it. I called the store at Superstition Springs and they are taking the coupons, though. Yay!

        • Christine

          Melissa, did San Tan not take a % off coupon or the $10 off $30? Thanks for the info and saving me a trip, lol!

          • Katie

            The one on Stapley and on valvista both accepted coupons. Hope that helps for the future.

    • tres

      same here at Flagstaff mall

    • Vanessa Sharma

      Melissa, I am in AZ too, I had no problems using my $10 off $30 this morning at the Chandler Fashion Center.

      • Melissa

        Good to know! Thanks!

    • Dreylawn

      Desert sky and park west are taking the $10off $30 coupon.

  26. F

    Getting really annoyed with the ads on this website now. There’s a stephen f austin school ad that keeps popping up on every page i visit on this website and starts playing really loudly automatically. This makes me less inclined to visit the page everyday when these ads pop up. I know the website needs the ads to make money, but they are really annoying.

    • Marie

      You can turn your volume off. That helps me a lot. I used to jump out of my seat with some loud ads startling me.

    • Cassandra (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      So sorry to hear that you’re having this issue. Can you please send a screenshot of what you’re seeing to Collin? A link location of the ad would be great to as then she should be able to block it. Thank you.

    • S

      I had to do a complete reset on my computer because of something I picked up here🙁

      • Mamarenie

        So did I. 😭

  27. Stephanie

    Was told the 20% coupon linked above was expired.

    • Cassandra (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      So sorry for any confusion. That coupon has indeed expired. The post has been updated.

  28. redsoxgirl

    I went and bought 12 hand soaps. Used the 10 off of 30 and free personal care item coupons. Got body lotion in addition to the soaps. Great deal. No questions asked about coupons.

    • Cassandra (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Awesome! So happy you were able to stock up on hand soap at a great price!

  29. Tefer2

    I lucked out! I only had one coupon for $10 off $30. Manager was kind enough to let me use the coupon TWICE. So I bought 24 soaps for $42.xx. GREAT DEAL. SA was impressed with my loot!

    • Cassandra (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Wowza! So glad you were able to score such an awesome deal!

  30. Jamie10000

    Thank you all in the comments for sharing that these coupons don’t work! I would have taken 2 kids out in the rain for this!

    • mandee

      It depends on your store. No one’s answer is going to be the one you want. You just have to try.

  31. Michiko

    Does anyone know Bath & Body Works sale schedule for next 6 weeks?

    • riss

      First weekend of December, $8 (or $8.50) candles, unless they change the price.

  32. Tonya

    I’ve never had any problem in Michigan using coupons on these type of sales. I had two $10 off of $30 coupons plus 2 of the free body care items; bought two transactions of 12 soaps each plus some lotion and total was $40 plus tax. $1.67 each!

  33. Pstadnik

    They will not let you use the coupons in Indiana either. ☹️

    • Kali

      Couldn’t use a coupon either…Las Vegas

    • Gracie

      Pstadnik…. where in Indiana???
      Im in Indiana also.

    • couponkay

      I have ALWAYS been able to use a coupon on the 2.50 Soap day in the past. Today, however, my suburban Chicago BBW said that no coupons could be used on the soap. They pointed out that the fine print on the sign says “Cannot be combined with any other offer”. When I said I’d been able to use them in the past, they claimed that there are 5 sales throughout the year where you can’t? They wouldn’t admit this is a new policy. Sounds like we won’t be able to use them on the candle Saturday sake coming up. The cool thing was that the really big Lemoncello soaps were also 2.50 and those are normally $12 – $14.

  34. Jyla

    Tried to use my mailer coupons (10 off 30, and gift wifh purchase) but my store here in Texas won’t let me use them with the hand soaps.

  35. Anna

    Thanks Collin and team! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Cassandra (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re very welcome. 🙂

  36. Edy

    I’m so surprised that they won’t let you all use the 10/30 on this sale at almeda mall in Houston tx they are so helpful , will even tell you thevsales coning up , even will give the selofan bags and tags ribbons free if you ask , and they sell a lot of stuff but not letting you all not use their cpns there losing business , and they will give you cpns in the bag after purchase – and some of this cpns are on eBay – there is a customer that had % off cpns and 10/30 and there is a stackable day , I just don’t remember when it was last year , I bought like $90 dlrs and used 3 10/30 and % off they even handle our sone books with cpns send a email to customer service they want us to shop let them
    Know your concerns

  37. olivia

    I tried using the 20% off in-store code and they would not accept it…..has anyone else had this problem?

    • Cassandra (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Looks like that coupon may have expired. So sorry we didn’t catch that.

    • Andrea

      Yes, I had the same problem. They said coupon expired yesterday and they didn’t let me use it.

  38. Peaches

    Love this sale. Even the Sparkling Limoncello is included and that is regularly $14.50 each. I am one happy camper.

    • Britt

      Glad you could get these at your store. My store said they weren’t included 🙁

  39. Silvy

    Sooo happy with this deal. I bought 12 Bigelow hand soaps that are $14ea reg price and completely sold out online, used $10 off $30 that starts on the 20th but valid today since the 3 day coupon policy and also free item with purchase (got a $13.50 vanilla bean Noel body cream). Paid $21.55 total with tax and receipt said I saved $132.50. This was in OC, CA. Easiest purchase ever and I am obsessed with these hand soaps!

  40. riss

    Paid $21.75 for 12 hand soap and one free body cream using two coupons 🙂 And, I’m ready for the next sale! Just got coupons in the mail a few days ago, same coupons I used today.

  41. hditomaso

    My store accepted my screen shot of the 20% of code that expired yesterday. I got the hand soap for$2 each. Thank you! My store said they do take their coupons three days before and after the dates on them.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Awesome! You’re so welcome!

  42. mandee

    In PA, I was able to grab 12 hand soaps and a body wash for 21$. They encouraged me to use both coupons! Glad I made the time at the last minute!

  43. Fei

    I was able to use $10off$30 to get 12 hand soap for $21 for Christmas. i wants to get more for myself, should i wait when they have the end of clearance sales? is it cheaper at that time?

  44. kara

    Does anyone know when they will have lotions on sale?

    • L

      Lotions where on sale yesterday I believe!

    • ET

      Lotions were on sale last week. Yesterday was shower gel and body wash.

  45. Kim

    My store also let me use the screen shot of the 20% coupon that expired yesterday. I got the hand soaps for 2.00 ea.

  46. natch1234

    I got 12 handsoaps for $20 I used the $10 off $30 on retailmenot. I used it in the store but had no issues that it was an online code. Teacher presents done!!!!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)


  47. MollyMi

    I had a two mailer coupons I was able to use today – one for $10 off $30 and one for $16.50 item or less item free with purchase. Bought 12 soaps and got a big body wash for $20 plus tax. Yay! Though if I’m lucky enough to get these coupons next year and can use them during this sale, I will make sure to get the $14 soaps; I had no idea those ones existed!

  48. Rn3002344555

    Thanks I got some in Decatur Ga and was able to use my $10/$30 q with no issues

  49. Jessica Romero

    So mad about not being able to use my coupons (10/30) “since it was already such a great deal”. Literally what the cashier said to me. If it’s going to be this way for the candle sale, i will not be there. I’ve been a bbw shopper for 5+ years never had this problem. I spend a lot of money there, and if i can’t use the coupons they send me, I’ll take my money else where…..

    • amanda

      Bummer! Ours totally accepts coupons with sales, but I agree, I wouldn’t continue to go either if they stopped accepting them. The only time i make the treck to BBW is when i can use coupons with an awesome sale. When you are getting soaps for $1.60 a piece with coupons, $2.50 just isn’t a good deal anymore!

  50. kate

    i missed the 2.50 sale on soaps. 🙁 Does anyone know when the next decent sale is?

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