Shutterfly Custom Address Labels Set ONLY $2.99 Shipped

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Mailing Christmas Cards or Need Gift Tags? 🎄

Today, November 30th only, head over to where you can score a 24-Count Set of Custom Address Labels for FREE when you use promo code LABELS at checkout – limit one per customer. All you’ll have to pay is just $2.99 to have this custom set shipped to your door!

Choose from pre-designed styles or customize your address labels with a picture! Be sure to browse around and pick your favorite style.

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  1. Emily

    Does anyone know if they ever do free item codes for the dog tags? Or what would be the best way to get one cheap/free? Thank you! I am also looking for any codes that may not be used – I have a brother on a 2 year lds mission and this will be his first Christmas away. Would like to send him some fun things! If you have a code that you won’t be using I would love it! Junogreenie at gmail dot com

    • Kelsey

      It’s LDS, not armed forces. He doesn’t need dog tags.

      • Beth

        ? Nice nice?

  2. Katrina

    If anyone has any extra ornament codes they won’t be using I would be forever grateful!

  3. PiratePrincessMommy

    The code APPDEAL will give you three freebies today: labels, reusable shopping bag and art print

    • PiratePrincessMommy

      A reusable bag and 2 sets of address labels are $12.87 shipped for me with the codes LABELS and APPDEAL

    • Kylie

      Thank you!

    • Amy

      Thanks! I used LABELS and APPDEAL and got 2 sets of labels for $4.28 shipped.

    • Andy

      Thank you!!

  4. sara

    I have a 25 off any order (does not include shipping) if someone wants to trade something.
    Saraschwehr at gmail dot com

  5. Allison

    Got some thanks! I use these address labels for my ebay business, I just put “Thank you” and a link to my store ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Andrea

      This is a great idea! I just made some for my Tupperware business.

    • Tiffany

      Ladies, a handy little tip! I also use these for business labels. Today I put a quantity of 4 in my cart and only paid $3.18. The shipping consistently stayed at $1.99 and it took one of the $20 credits I had in my account and used it. If you have $25, $30 or more offers in your account, it will use those. Try it! Totally worth stocking up when shipping stays that low!

  6. Tammy

    If anyone has a free shipping code they aren’t going to use, I would greatly appreciate it. Please email me at tlojunk at Thanks in advance!!

  7. Lydia

    To the girls that recommended making Santa tags last time THANK YOU !!!! ๐Ÿ‘ 24 tags (for each kid) is enough to get me through till they quit believing ๐Ÿคฃ

  8. Brie

    I just used a free shipping code, free calendar code, and a $25 off code to get an 8×8 book, calendar, and magnet for $2.12 shipped! Hoping another free calendar code comes out soon!!

    • Just passing through


    • Elvira

      What was the calendar code? One time use?

  9. Kylie

    I have 2 $25 codes for Shutterfly and $10 off a purchase exp dec 24 for Victoria Secret to trade.

  10. Naomi

    Unrelated to address labels, but a Shutterfly question: are all their deals promo code deals? Does the price ever come down on items without a code? I have a $20 off code and a free shipping code Iโ€™d like to use, but I want to use it at the best possible time. Should I wait for prices to drop on items or just use it now because all deals need a promo code and my $20 off canโ€™t be combined with anything but free shipping.
    Thanks. Hope my question makes sense.

    • Emily

      You may be able to combine it with free item codes – can’t remember if they can be combined with the $ off coupons but it would be worth a try to use the appdeal code to see if you could get those free items shipped free as well. Or wait to use the free shipping until you get some free item codes for the things you want and use those in place of the $20 off if they can’t be combined.

    • Torie

      Naomi. Sometimes there are sake prices on the site that don’t need a code. You can combine your free shipping and $ off with any other promo item you can find. So like the ones listed here LABELS and APPDEAL would be free too with your free shipping. So the best time to use it is when Shutterfly offers a freebie that you’re interested in before your other codes expire.

    • Niya

      Hi, I want to make a ceramic tile and a photo cube for my kids. So I am constantly watching those two for the prices. The prices are changing between two prices – $26.50 and 34.99. As I want to use the $25 off, I have to watch till it comes to $26+. I don’t know about the other items prices. Hope this helps.

  11. Rosey

    I๏ธ have a free 8×8 book code that expires today if someone needs it…let me know

  12. Melissa

    Enter this code for the $25 credit: TZ72-5BXU-5JKF-6F7D8H
    Enter this code for the luggage tag: TZ73-5BX2-TSNW-F46V5A

    • KP

      Thanks for the $25 credit – used!

    • Emily

      Luggage tag was already used. Hope I am fast enough next time! Thanks for posting.

    • Rosey

      Great sent you an email.

  13. Peavey

    Hello! I am seeking any $ off or free calendar codes….maybe one that expires today that you will not be using? I need to order two gift calendars and am hoping to use a code for a deal. Thanks & Blessings to you if you are willing to share! pavelkabowhunter at gmail dot com

  14. lily


    Free labels for new customers from my joann email

  15. Jojo

    I have placemat code from Chick-fil-A
    Expiring today
    Iโ€™m looking for another shutterfly codes ( free shipping , ornaments ….)
    small amount GC or pampers or coke codes
    Email me if youโ€™re interested

  16. Abby

    If anyone can use!
    $25 off code
    Free Ornament

    • Thankful

      Used the $25 off code – many thanks!

  17. Melissa

    Does anyone have a calendar code to trade? I๏ธ have pampers codes. Or amc large drink voucher. Email me

  18. Maria

    Thanks Lily….I tried the code but I think for new customer only. Have a nice day.

  19. Melissa

    Does anyone have a calendar code to trade? I๏ธ have pamper codes or free large drink voucher to amc. Email me

  20. Stephanie

    I have a couple $25 off cards and 1 $20 credit off anything I would trade for a coke cake or 2 ๐Ÿ™‚ loflinlove at yahoo dot com

  21. Charlene Heil

    Looking for a free calendar code and free shipping code if anyone has some they aren’t using. I make a calendar with pics from my 3 adopted special needs kiddos for grand parents and great grandparents every year and need to get some ordered! Merry Christmas.

    • cindy bischoff

      Do you still need a calendar code? I have one and I’m not looking for any trade I’m just wanting to help someone

      • Charlene Heil

        Yes I am Cindy. I’d love it, here’s my email address cmbswimmer@gmail dot com

  22. Lo

    Looking for free shipping code (not from kellogg or pampers). Will trade for old navy supercash $20 off $50 purchase. L2munn at Yahoo dot com

  23. Ashley

    Love these!!! Hoping a free calendar code comes out soon, so I can order next year’s calendar.

    • Elvira

      Me too! Sad I missed the free calendar in mid-November.

  24. Ygoz

    I have for trade $25/$25 from tiny prints, $25 holiday cards plus free shipping from DM and from KFR. Looking for Amazon, Target or kolhs cash. Please email me if interested at yolanda_gonzalez at hotmail dot com
    thank you!

  25. pebipebi

    I’m looking for free photo book code and free shipping code if anyone not using. Appreciate your kindness in this holiday spirit! Email pebi_pebi at yahoo dot com

  26. Sarah

    Love these labels!!

  27. Erin

    Thanks! I always use these for labels for my homemade vanilla extract and soaps!

    • Elvira

      Thatโ€™s such a great idea!

  28. Sarah Ann

    I need a free ornament code or a $20 or $25 off code please. I have a free shipping code and $25 off cards to trade. Thanks!

    • Mike

      Email sent

    • Dee

      Hi Sarah Ann! I sent you an email about the trade.

    • Sarah Ann

      Traded with someone. Thanks!

  29. Sara

    Does anyone have a free shipping code (with no minimum) for shutterfly? I already have the $25 off Shutterfly. I have a $20 off $40 Holiday Reward Victoria Secret Code that started today and can be used through Dec. 15. Email me at Thanks!

    • Sara

      I no longer need the code. Thank you!

  30. CBass

    If anyone has a free shipping code they are not using, I would really appreciate it! I have a free placemat and 100 free 4×4 prints that I would be happy to trade (but they expire tonight!) Please e-mail me at Thank you!

    • Angelica

      If no one claims the placemat. I would love the code. I unfortunately have nothing to give but 25 off shutterfly and 25 off tiny prints. email me at Aguilar_jelly08@yahoo dot com

  31. Lsloan

    I have a free book code to trade for a $ off code for cards. Email is lsloan84 at yahoo dot com

    • SB

      Hi, I just sent you an email ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Diana

    Rcvd another $25 off shutterfly order from mom 365! :))

  33. Janice

    I have Shutterfly $25 off anything Looking for Eddie Bauer certificate. Email mrsrainey10@gmail

  34. Nimi

    I have 2 x $25 off holiday cards & 2ร— $25 off anything shutterfly codes to trade
    Please make your offers at

  35. Stevmon4

    Ordered graduation return labels.
    Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. P

    I have shutterfly $25 off holiday cards and free economy shipping on holiday cards (from toysrus ) codes. Looking for eddie bauer, coke codes.

    • Sabren Abbas

      I would love to trade for the shipping code

    • GM

      Will the shipping work only on the cards or will it work on anything? And how many coke codes are you wanting for that?

  37. Sabren Abbas

    I have like 10 of the 25 shutterfly codes if you want to trade for anything

  38. Rey

    Looking for tiny prints $50 off code or free shipping, I have Victoria Secret $20 off $40 code to trade
    Looking for luggage tag, notebook, coasters, calendar code, I have 8×8 book or $25 off code to trade
    Please if you have any of this codes to share or trade, email me to, thanks

  39. Gail

    They do free everything just wait

  40. Maria

    Hello! GM. Shipping works with everything. You can use as many code you like but sone codes cannot be combined.

    • GM

      Awesome thank you!

  41. DeeA

    $25 off $25 from Barnes and Noble BN2M-3C7M-N0WA-O2MX6Y

    • Jpatterson

      Used. Thank you!!

  42. SAN

    How do you find out if a photobook code is a dollar off code? I want to combine with 25 off code. Please help.

    • Ashley

      I am pretty sure that all photo books from companies are a dollar off code. My mom bought the $5 groupon for the shutterfly photo book and it let her use it with a $25 off code!

      • SAN

        Thank you so much!

  43. Jenny

    Hi, I am looking to trade codes. I have the Gymboree $25 Holiday Cards, Baby Center $25 holiday cards and P & G $25 Holiday Cards. I’m looking for just about anything, free shipping, ornament, placemat, luggage tag calendar… I haven’t used any codes from Kohls, Chic fil A or Barnes and Noble, didn’t know those were companies that partnered with Shutterfly! My email is schm1326 at umn dot edu Thanks!

  44. Alyssa

    I ordered these last year and was disappointed in the quality of the printing. It was grainy and hard to read. Previously I had gotten labels from Tiny Prints (through a hip2save deal), which were so nice, so these were a let down. Next time, I’ll wait for another Tiny Prints deal.

  45. Amy

    I’m really kicking myself for not using my free shipping code when they had the memory game and cards for free. Does anyone remember if they did good free offers leading up to Christmas last year? I’m trying to wait for something similar to those to be free again but I’m scared I’ll end up waiting for nothing

  46. Maria

    Labels now are really good quality. Compared to last year labels.

  47. Kassidy

    I have $25 off codes from AMC for Shutterfly – trying to find a free shipping code!! Please email me โ˜บ๏ธ๐ŸŽ„

  48. Mommyof5

    Off subject does anyone have any old navy cash they will not be using. I would appreciate if you send it to me. Thank you in advance. Mommycoupon05 at

  49. hologram87

    I just got 2 sets of labels using LABELS and APPDEAL! One set as family address labels, and one set as a thank you label from my Etsy store!

  50. Del

    Hi! I have a $25 Shutterfly code to make personalized cards and gifts.

    I am seeking 10 Coke product codes in exchange.

    Email me at

    Thanks and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

  51. Angelica

    Have 25 off shutterfly, free ornament, 25 off tiny prints . Need a placemat promo code for shutterfly. email me at aguilar_jelly08@ yahoo dot com if interested in trading

  52. Ub

    If anyone has an extra Tiny Prints $50 off or luggage tag code willing to share with me, I’d really appreciate it, please email me to, thanks

  53. LisaK

    Not sure if it’s still Active but A few weeks ago someone had posted a link to where you were able to put in your email and get a feee calendar code immediately i. I was able to combine that code with the free calendar code they offered thru shutterfly for grandparents (and a shoprite code, kohls code, etc) to get a bunch of things. I think the code was good till Jan 2018? Anyway worth searching. Someone posted the link in Nov on the thurs/Friday before thanksgiving. I can’t seem to find it when I search the Internet or looked on the chegg site but I didn’t spend a lot of time.

      • KP

        Sorry, LisaK – I read the name below yours. Great testimony from Angelica, though! =)

      • ticklemaddie

        Lol. Didn’t see your message before I posted mine ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • KK

        Thanks so much!! This is why H2S is THE BEST SITE for learning about deals! The commenters here are so helpful ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Amy

      Hey awesome. Thank you so much!

      • Amy

        I don’t know how but I just tried to redeem the one I got and it said it had already been used. Bummer

    • Beth

      Thank you for posting this! It’s just what I needed. ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. Angelica

    I want to thank Hip2Save so much for all the deals that they bring everyday. I always have the urge to check their deals every little while. Last year around this time I was struggling so much. I was homeless and was living in my car with my one year old due to a domestic violence issue. Now I am in a much better state than I was previously. If it wasn’t for Hip2Save I wouldn’t have been able to trade all these codes for shutterfly. I have only had Hip2Save for about 7 months now and I’m glad I have been following up on all the deals. Because of Hip2Save, I saved 147.37 on SHUTTERFLY. and only paid out of pocket .30 cents. Thank you for what you do! And thank you also to all those honest people that actually do trade and not leave people hanging. KEEP ON SAVING ๐Ÿ˜Š!

    • Tonya

      What a great story. Thanks for sharing. So much good we can all do in the world. I’m so glad your life is filled with goodness. God bless and Merry Christmas.

  55. JW

    Hi, does anyone have any free photo book codes they will not be using? I have given (not traded) many codes in the past. I have a $25 off code to trade! Thank you and Merry Christmas! Please email me:

  56. Kristen

    Free placemat BCBQ0MTZA3DUR9RWD0 expires 12/6 Enjoy !

    • Angelica

      already redeemed ๐Ÿ™

    • GlammourMommy

      Used but thanks anyway

  57. Sofia

    Does anybody have a photobook to spare? I have a $25 tinyprints code to trade.

    • Rey

      I have a 8×8 book code to trade for coke caps, if you are interested email me to

  58. GlammourMommy

    Looking for any Shutterfly free ITEM or shipping codes!
    I have $25 off $25 to Shutterfly
    American Girl 20% off
    Gymboree 20% off
    Crazy8 20% off
    $20 off $40 to VS
    And more to trade

  59. Shelly

    Shutterfly Promo Code for free shopping bag, coasters or magnet


    • Shelly

      The code I shared is expiring today

      • Sarah

        Someone has already used it

  60. Rose

    I am looking for a free ornament, free prints, notebook from Shutterfly and/or $50 off $50 from TinyPrints. Open to others.

    I have the following to trade:
    20% off Gymboree
    20% off Crazy 8
    $25 off Shutterfly
    Free shipping code from Shutterfly

    Email me to trade-

    Grateful to all the generous Hip2Save readers who go out of their way to help each other!

  61. Courtney

    Looking for the Tiny Prints $50 off of $50 code if your not going to use it. PLEASE email me at qtknee329 at yahoo dot com Merry Christmas

  62. Patti

    Hi! I have a Shutterfly code for $25 off holiday cards. I’m looking to trade for a free calendar from Shutterfly. Please email me at pattil24@hotmail.

  63. Mommyof5

    In need of a 8×8 photo book. If you has one and would love to share. Email me please mommycoupon05 at gmail. Com

  64. Lydia

    I have four Shutterfly coupons for free coasters , bag, or magnet any size (expires today) and three coupons for $25 off $25 at tiny prints . Looking for trades for amazon . Email me at

    • Lydia

      All gone now !

  65. April

    Hello, I have codes for free 5×8 notebook, metal ornaments, 101 4×6 prints or address labels, and $25 off. Will trade any 2 for free shipping code. Please email me at

  66. SAN

    I have a calendar code from Burlington and a couple of photobook codes from destination maternity expiring today. Looking to trade with shopping bag, placement or other code. No dollar off code. Please email sanatauseef at gmail dot com

  67. Trisha

    Here is a $50 off $50 for Tiny Prints:


    • Krista M

      Thank you so much, Trisha! Happy Holidays ๐Ÿ™‚

  68. qtknee329

    PLEASE could someone share the 50 off 50 Tiny Prints code with me I am NEVER FAST enough to get them from here. Email me at qtknee329 at yahoo dot com thanks and Merry Christmas

  69. Jennifer

    I have a Shutterfly promo code for free shopping bag, coasters or magnet if anyone wants it. Expires today. My email is

    • Ub

      Email sent, thanks

  70. Tromeo712

    Free 8×8 book code exp today KHAK-5TZX-8JKJ-9ZJAYV

    • jen

      used thanks!

  71. deb

    Just noticed I have a shutterfly code that expires tonight at 11:59 pm pacific. $20 off $20, enter promo code at
    Hope someone is able to use it

  72. April

    I have $25 off holiday cards and many $25 off of anything. Also have free large drinks at AMC. right now many things are up to 50% off so a good time to buy. Looking for free shipping code, coke points,

  73. Lydia

    Still have three $25 off$25 from tiny prints. Looking for amazon, Starbucks, Barnes and noble, or coke codes. Email me at

  74. HappyHolidays!

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Last night I placed 2 order and saved over $300 and only paid 2 out of pocket. Thank you for everything Collin and Team!

    • Olivia

      How did you only spend $2 out of pocket? Did you have a free shipping coupon also?

      • Olivia

        I love Shutterfly for my Christmas pictures but it always ends up being more than I want to spend for pictures because if I have a coupon I still have to pay for shipping and the more you buy the more the shipping increases. The staple groupon deal is always great every year but I really like Shutterfly the best. I am never fast enough to get codes here and I haven’t received any codes this year from Kohls etc (even though I bought tons of stuff this year)

  75. Mary Jane

    I have two free AMC tickets, will trade for two free shipping codes for shutter fly.

  76. Charlene Heil

    I’m looking for a free calendar or shipping code if anyone has one they won’t be using.

  77. Britt

    If anyone has $20 off for shutterfly that they won’t be using, I could put it to good use! โ˜บ Thanks!!

  78. DoberMom

    I missed out on the LABELS deal..said it was expired for the address labels, but I found a code for KOHLSLABELS by web searching promo codes for shutterfly and it worked! Brought my total price down (including shipping) to $3.05!-for one set of 24 address labels ๐Ÿ™‚ looks to be that this Kohl’s code for shutterfly will expire 12\7\17

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